Where can I find Medifast recipes for birthday cakes, for 1 year olds?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Where can I find Medifast recipes for birthday cakes, for 1 year olds? Looking forward for any answer. Another question on my mind: So winter is quickly approching here in my neck of the woods and so my outdoor hiking/exercising is going to have to stop. Everyone says join a gym, and I know I have to. The problem is I am so self concious that I am terrified of.

Going to the gym.

I hate being the fat girl, when everyone else around is built, and skinny. Do any of you have the same fears about the gym? If so, some ideas of how to get past that and go would be appreciated...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Cross country skiing? Snow shoe trekking? Aren't there winter alternatives that keep you outdoors sometime?.

As far as the gym, don't you think everyone had a first day at the gym? Become a regular, and soon you'll start getting comments about your progress..

DO NOT join a social, schmoosy gym, go where they are serious!.

My best success in the ten years I was a gym rat was.


, especially step. Never did spinning, but will soon. Also Zumba,.


So many opportunities. How about.



Tai Chi.

? It's your world and those other people get to live there to!..

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I just act like I'm the only one there and ignore everyone around me. I'm there for me, not to impress anyone, I already have someone at home waiting for me. Steve has a good suggestion about going early when it's not that crowded. I go in the evening after work cause I'm not a morning person. :D.


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I am looking for.

Tai chi.

In my area, but haven't found any classes, that's why I decided to go with.



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I swore I would never step foot in to a gym b/c of your same fears. I have always saw myself as the "biggest" person in the room and starting comparing myself to others. That is a stigma that you quickly have to get rid off otherwise it will always plague you and make you self-conscious..

You did this for your health. I joined a coed gym and to my surprise people were very friendly. Everyone seemed to mine their business and I not once received any snares or looks from anyone. It was all in my head. If you do decide to join a gym and want to.


Feeling uncomfortable grab your ipod, crank on the.


, and go. Time will fly and by the time you realize it you have gotten a great workout in..

I personally havent tried it but.


Is dedicated to solely women and there are quite a few centers around. Its not your typical gym it's geared more toward woman. If you still are uncomfortable of doing the gym thing and have enough space at home you can also try workout dvd's at home. I started with Walk Away the Pounds and have transitioned in to the miles. I also do the stepper at home (Im only 2 weeks out of.


So cant do that right now). My all time favorite is Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (.

Strength training.

) and Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser dvd (Front Side, Back Side, and Cardio)..

It doesnt matter what you do as long as you are comfortable and getting your.



Best wishes..


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Get a friend to go with you....enjoy her comapanionship and encouragement and ignore everyone else. I know alone it seems daunting, with a won't even notice other people....liz..

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That kind of thinking kept me out the gym for years...really it was just another excuse not to.


For me. I had many of them..

However, I had to go to the gym for the insurance requirement for 6 months. The best thing ever to happen for me. First, everybody was there for the same thing and I was not the only overweight person there. Secondly, people were real nice and would help out if you look stupidly at a machine and didn't have a clue how to use And finally, if you stay long enough you will make friends, who thought the same way you did. We do recognize that look of misplacement when see it in another.

What ever you do, don't let ANYTHING stop you from your goal of losing weight and a healthy lifestyle...

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Thanks everyone! In my head I know everything you said is 100% true. That was exactly the A$$ kicking I needed! You guys are awesome!..

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And Aly,.

I too, have those same issues...but then I kick my own booty, and realise that everyone is there for a reason...whether they are there to be on the prowl for a booty call, there to tone up, there to keep the shape they are already in, or to lose like we are there for. Besides, when I have my kick-ass.


Going on in my i-pod, and the burns start in my thighs and glutes, and other places, everyone else is forgotten! :).

You have a great go get em attitude, and will be fine!..

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I joined the YMCA and since it's family oriented you don't see much of the "prowlers" so if you could find something like that would probably help. My husband and I were very nervous of other people staring at us and now we are very comfortable...

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So winter is quickly approching here in my neck of the woods and so my outdoor hiking/exercising is going to have to stop. Everyone says join a gym, and I know I have to. The problem is I am so self concious that I am terrified of.

Going to the gym.

I hate being the fat girl, when everyone else around is built, and skinny. Do any of you have the same fears about the gym? If so, some ideas of how to get past that and go would be appreciated...

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I personally hate the gym and go.






Whatever the weather. If it is too cold to bike outside I put my bike on a trainer and put a spin DVD in the DVD player and ride along the beach, or in the mountains or wherever I want to be! I also have several Leslie Sansone DVD's that I love. Just get out and get active and stay active that is the key! If you don't like being out in the cold and don't do the working out at home, then join a gym that is not a "meat market" Stay away from the cutsey ones, go to a.


, the Y, Planet Fitness!.

Good Luck!.



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I agree with Krista, you aren't there for anyone but YOU! You're going through this process for better health and a better life. Part of that is.


And there's nothing more confidence building than.


To be who you are in a group of people. I go after many years now and I love my time. I meditate while doing my workout in the pool (which I absolutely love) and I'm friendly with women who are friendly with me. There's nothing wrong with a friendly smile and focusing on why you are there. I also use the time to dream about travels and other things. You can make it what you want it to be because you deserve it!!!! MaryM..

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I am totally in the same boat I get such axiety so my hubby got on craigslist and found me an Ellipitial for a good price and I got a few weights at Walmart and workout at home while watching tv and honestly having the tv on helps me forget the workout good luck..

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Ally. Thanks so much for the post..zll the folks on here voice most of my questiobs too...yours in particular. I am weak on the.


Scene. I had knee replacement several years back and my weight and self image kept me from making it a success. This new journey..gbp..has reved up my engines..and I'm gonna make this work. I offer the mall and grocery store walkers as a cold weather suggestion. I am trying to get a group together to walk at church in the parking lot..I will keep you posted how that goes. Good luck...

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If you like.


And have a bike, you can buy a piece of equipment (Canadian Tire carries it here, likely bike shops do there) that allows you to ride your bike as a stationary..

It's cheap and uses existing equipment...

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Last year I walked all winter long. I would just dress for the weather. I tried the gym but didn't like it, so I just would continue my.


The gym I went to had a ladies room, I would go around 9 p.m. and I was lucky, I would have it to myself or have just one other person there and it was open until 11 p.m...

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Eat a burrito before you go then release all that gas we can clear the room in a heartbeat,lol. Just kidding how about.



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I had the same fears. I didn't want to join a gym, nor did I even want to walk around my neighborhood. Getting started is the hardest part. Once I started, I realized nobody cared about what I look like. Most people seem to be there to.


, get in and out. Good luck. I know you can do this!..

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Obonke, THat is exactly what I have! A trainer for my bike! Got it at a local bike shop that a friend of ours owns. YOu put the wheel in this thing that keeps it from actually moving and get on your own bike and ride. Then put in a spin DVD and it works opposite of real life.


For hills on the DVD you shift into a harder gear to make it tougher, and then downshift to a lower gear to make it easier. I love it! They are available in the US too! ANd gets me miles logged onto my bike!.


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Hi there.

You should feel so proud of yourself for wanting to make the changes in your life you as much right to attend any gym you want to with out thinking that orher people are judging you. the main reason for gym to the gym is tone and get fit and everybody is not perfect we all have things we dont like about ourselfs. please any takeway your thunder..

Go and be proundbest of luck Suzanne..

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Id rather have a lifetime of atheletes foot than go to a gym. I cant stand the smell or the ppl AT ALL. And what is with the outfits these homos wear? LOL Yup id rather bounce on my rebounder using my stupid dumbells. Good god the last time I was in a gym I sat in the corner and ppl watched until I ran out of compassion and prayers for the vain idiots..

Fitness is one thing, arogance is an entire differnet issue of the soul..

Jus sayin.


There are 1000001 options other than a smelly, dirty, sweaty gym with ppl of the same making! LOL.

How do you think I really feel bout this issue?..

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I live in Upstate NY...the winters here are pretty brutal. I am looking forward to trying some winter activities! Getting snow shoes and cross country skis! What about sleigh riding..not much excercise on the way down but the truck back up the hill is good excercise!.

Also, if you have a.


In your area, join! All women..all sizes, ages, etc. You will be welcomed!..

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The hardest step for me is the first one outdoors when it is cold....sooooo I just put together some fast and favorite songs and dance like I am competing in ".


With the Stars" lol. Dance continually for 30 min and you have done a great workout!..

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I never really thought about the "winter activities" as I have always been too fat top enjoy them. I just may try some cross country skiing this year since we get quite a bit of snow here..

@ Lu...LMFAO! I swear, I would love to sit down and have a chat with you (add a nice gladd of vodka and Id be set). I can't get enough of your sense of.



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