Where can I find Medifast recipes for English and French foods that were cooked in themid-1700s?

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First question I have is Where can I find Medifast recipes for English and French foods that were cooked in themid-1700s? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. Well today was my endoscopy with my surgeon....My Dr. was held up in the operating room, so one of his partners did the procedure.... I was concerned they might find something like an ulcer, or irritation or any number of things....

HOWEVER... they found stomach polyps....lots of them.... evidently they are unusal..found in only 1% of the population, and effectively rule out gastric bypass as an operation of choice..

The surgeon expects them to be benign, but we have to await the biopsy results. He went over my options, but is recommending gastric sleeve. I am dissappointed because I know very little about gastic sleeves....If they did the bypass, they would have to remove the stomach anyway because the polyps could not be accessed after the bypass..

Well...I am grateful for the endoscopy....that is why they do them after all.... and I am praying that the Dr is correct that they are benign......

So now I need to do a speed course in gastric sleeve, rearrange my classes of RNY to gastric sleeve....and get over my dissappointment..

Thanks for letting me share....liz..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Hang in there! At least they found them before the procedure was done. It could have ended badly. I'll be praying!..

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I wanted the sleeve initially but my insurance didn't cover it at the time, I think it's a great option, personally. I would have preferred to have had that done. Do your.


, read a lot, and I think you'll find that you'll be happy with that choice. I believe someone else here on the board recently had a sleeve done too, hopefully they'll see this thread and speak out..


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Less2Love had the sleeve done. Now Lizzie, how many polyps are we.


About here? When I had my endoscopy pre-op my surgeon found about 10 in my stomach. She removed them, did biopsies on them, and moved forward with RNY. Have you asked if there is any other reason they are hesitant to do the bypass?..

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There were more then twenty polyps .....The Dr said that if they removed them, they would most likely grow back, and they would be unable to monitor them....I guess it depends on what kind of polyp it is...The DR suggested I google stomach polyps....I just did....some, not all can become cancerous with age....the final decision has not been made...the recommendation is sleeve.... They are a big practice that have done over 4000 wls between the three partners, so I am relying on their opinions pretty heavily..

If the did the bypass the would recommend removing the stomach......

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, whatever course they choose, works for you! I would have hated to began this journey, then told no along the way!..

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Not to panic, this may have been the beginning of your miracle. Focus on the polyps first, and then the choice about.


Not to worry about the sleeve, it is remarkably successful, and more so everyday..

One of the reasons I was adamant on the Sleeve, is because my father died of stomach cancer. I mimic him genetically, and there would have been no way to do a thorough scanning of the entire gastric area with GBS. Removing 80% of the target area was not a bad deal, especially the part were CA is most likely to develop..

No big differences with the.


You need preop from GBS. Almost all the support you get with the sleeve is mixed group with GBS and sometimes the band group..

Those of us on the board can help you with the rest. One day at a time...

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Thank you Less.....I knew you were sleeve, but did not know why..... it only makes sense to me to get rid of most of the stomach and be able to monitor what is left.......

This was just totally unexpected...but might explain why my stomach burns after I eat..... had no clue......

Doc said if I was his daugther, wife, the realized ly age and said mother (hee hee hee)...he would recommend the sleeve....and it sounds like the smart thing to do.... just was not expecting it......

My mind was set on RNY....I just need to reset it and move forward....

Yes, it is the beginning of many miracles.......

Thanks for the support, you made me cry ....... liz..

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Hi Lizzie,.

I had the gastric sleeve procedure in March and am doing very well. The weight loss is a bit slower as compared to GBS, but has the same success rate over the long haul including the amount of weight that can be lost. I feel really good about my decision and would not change it for the world. One of the great things about it is that I have never had dumping syndrome (vomiting), have only had very minor hair loss and had no complications at all.. Just had my 6 month follow up and the only issue was that I was a bit low on.


..which is very easy to fix. I would focus on the fact that you can actually have a weight loss procedure and one that is a good option for many people. Please feel free to add me as a friend and ask any questions that you may have about the procedure, etc..

Take care :)..

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Less2Luv is so right this is the beginning of your miracle. Hopefully they're all benign, but no matter what, how great to find out now, instead of when the situation gets worse. And I've also heard great things about the sleeve, and my dr. says the malabsorption from the RNY really doesn't play a big component in the weight loss. Good luck!..

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