Where can I find the Valerie bertinelli purple monokini in the Nutrisystem commercial?

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Quick question... Where can I find the Valerie bertinelli purple monokini in the Nutrisystem commercial? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question... 56 days in and 33lbs lighter!! Feeling better than I've felt in years!!.

Taking the kids to Disney this month so I'm a little worried about going off the reservation for a week but I guess I'll just have to be careful about what I eat..

Any ideas on how to get thru that week without a monster gain?.

Peace all!!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Water! Drink lot's of water! You might need to take out a Home Equity Line of Credit to pay for bottled water at Disney, but in the end it will be worth it! You will be walking and Standing a lot so that should help also!..

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Congrats! I just got back from a short trip with my family and just made sure that the hotel had a fridge and microwave in the room. I took a bunch of Nutrisystem food, and took a trip to the grocery for a few add-in's when we got there. It actually worked very well, and by making sure that I never got hungry I wasn't.


Tempted by all the bad for me food that was around. Got home and actually dropped a couple more LB's..

Good luck!.





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Very cool!.

I'm just starting back and looking forward to the "honeymoon" pound a dayish loss. I lost 100# last year on Nutrisystem and the first third of my loss (33lbs) was lost within the first 2 months. The other 2/3rds (66lbs) was lost in the next 11 months. As you can see my loss slowed way down afterward..

Being off plan as long as I have, I have certainly "reset" my metabolism to lardass mode, burning between 2800 - 3500 calories at base burn in a 24 hour cycle. Now, I'm going back on a restrictive diet (I know it's a way of life.

) of 1500-1600 calories a day, thus burning @2000 calories or more a day (depending on exercise). I know for a fact that my body will catch on after 2 months, so YEA I'm looking forward to the honeymoon...

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Congratulations on the loss. Let us know how you make out. I'm taking my kids to Disney beginning of June so any tips you pick up while there would be great...

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Congratulations! Best of luck to you. I can't help you with your Disney week though. I haven't strayed one full day since I started!!..

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Google "Disney world and diet", and you'll get tips like these:.


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Thanks guys....and thanks for the tips. I'll definitely google vacation dieting and get some ideas..


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Since you've been doing Nutrisystem for a while you understand the principles here - frequent meals, lots of water and exercise. It's seems like the trip itself will take care of the exercise part so how about the meals. Concentrate on whole foods - eat appropriate amounts of lean protein (chicken breast, etc.) in combination with complex (whole) carbohydrates. Watch your calories. Don't eat junk (sugar or other refined carbs are evil). You can enjoy yourself but don't look for your joy in food - enjoy the time with your family...

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I know this is the guy's room, but I thought I could help to answer your question... if you guys don't mind....

Several years ago I went to Disney World for a week and they let us bring our own food in for snacks and lunches. We carried a backpack around with water and food. We opted to eat out every dinner (but that was our choice). In the morning we'd prep our foods and bring them in with us. They check your bags at every park entrance to make sure you didn't bring in anything illegal, but were totally fine with us bringing our own food. I was very surprised..

Side note, the backpack was very useful for carrying the trinkets we bought along the way...

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Great 2 month report, DDay! Super! If you don't go nuts in the buffet lines, your activity level at Disney should really help keep you from spiking your weight too much. Just being up and about walking all day is a huge thing. If it were me, I'd probably pack Nutrisystem breakfast pastries and lunch bars and enjoy dinners at epcot or some of the other fun dinner-show things they've got going on. I'd also not obsess about the weight. I'd enjoy my vacation and get back full on-program when I return. But, that's just me.

Have a GREAT time with your family and enjoy the freedom of not lugging around those lbs you've dropped!.


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I'll add one more Disneyland tip - go to the right when you enter the park and not the left! Most people go to the left. That means going through the park counter-clockwise...

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Packing your own stuff, as Kat suggests, is an excellent idea. If you do eat the park food, the best advice I can give is "portion control"...

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Thanks all! I'll probably be eating a ton of grilled chicken salads with straight balsamic. And carrying alot of granola bars for snacks..

I'm planning to bring the Nutrisystem breakfast/lunch bars with me so it's really just in between snacks and dinners that I'll be doing "off the plan". That and the walking should keep me from gaining. I'll also be utilizing the gym at the resort as well..



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You've got that backwards bolo - go LEFT because all Americans are programmed to go RIGHT..

Darn their fastpass program. They used to have 2 lines entering every venue which SPOILED my guaranteed quick way through by going left. It worked every time (once you got up to the venue anyway).....

Also, if you have a small group (1 or 2). When you get in sight of the team members loading cars for the ride - hold up the number your hand with 1 or 2 fingers (however many are in your party) and you'll get to jump in front of the large family groups that want to ride together. I went to Disney by myself once - it was great *grin*..

Also, don't despair if you have little ones and want to ride the roller coasters and such. With the little one tuckered out in the stroller, go through the line. One parent (or group) rides. The one with the child meets you at the end. You take the child and the other parent goes to the front of the line..

Have fun, you'll walk off a LOT of calories!..

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Without hijacking this thread too far...THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO DISNEYLAND/DISNEYWORLD at bookstores everywhere. Best $15-$20 I ever spent.. keeps you running around the park and spending less time in lines, so it probably helps with your exercise..

As for what to eat there...several places (even some of the buffets) have salad bars. Just skip the dressing...

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