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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Where can I find working coupon codes for 123 Hoping for any response. My other question... Who can this be??.

Rosenblatt told writer John Heilemann, “"I thought, it can't be that easy! So I talked to some domainers, and they said, 'We own 300,000 domains, we make $20 million a year, we have just four employees and some servers in the Caymans.' I thought, 'If you can make that much doing nothing, what if we added some Web 2.0 sprinkle so that people would come back - user publishing tools, social networking? ” What if we built a platform where we could snap that into as many domains as we wanted?'.

I am not posting this to make anyone jealous..

This is a goal that many of us had 10 years ago, when we started..

So this is the kind of money you are competing against when you bid on snapnames, pool and enom..

Any guesses on who this is?..

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Yea, there are plenty of 123 reg deals out there. Spiffy opportunity to save cash on 123 reg now. I advise you to subscribe for their newsletter so you can get notified of their most up-to-date online specials. They usually email once a month or 2..

Comment #1

How can we possibly verify that this is the real Bonkers, and not just some.....


Bogus Bonkers!!..

Comment #2

For sure.

You have been mentioned loads of times (not always good though.

) no offense intented.

I think it is frank schilling or YOU (AKA) *** ******** Please Feel Free to fill in the blanks or correct me if I am wrong.

I would love to know more about it all the same, sounds like very interesting stuff - wanna share some of that knowledge with us saying as you have 10 years experience ? .


Well....I guess we don't ?? hope it is though..


That aint gonna put me off - they can't/don't find/buy them all !.

(PS - BonkersTwo - Can you please tell me the next time you're going to go on holiday for 2 weeks).


Comment #3

Well it cant be Name Admin Inc... cause it says they have 4 employees... SO WHY DONT THEY ANSWER THE BLOOMING PHONE!!!!!!..

Comment #4

Bonkers makes an appearance? Somehow Im not so sure...

Comment #5

Can you clear up if you are the real Bonkers? I'm always intrigued to hear from those people with deep pockets in this industry...

Comment #6




Im just gonna have to wait and see what happens here...

Comment #7

??? Are you bonkerstwo? If so, ditto what gazzip said about your hols...

Comment #8

And I would be surprised if you would out yourself here ... or anywhere else.

Bonkers and bonkers two ( yep there could even be two of them ) the identity of whom is a closely guarded secret and as a veteran of the dn market he / she ( He surely ) is a dn pro with not just good domains and many of those but some of the best..

So as I have have done if you meet bonkers you either have to back down or dig deep should find bonkers in your snapnames auction listings..

With veterans like this in the market us newbies need to work smarter and harder to even have a sniff of the success that they rightly deserve..

Ps I still dont think this is the REAL deal Bonkers .. maybes we will find out otherwise.....

Comment #9

I dont know. My spidey sense is going off...

Comment #10

Yes, I am the real Bonkers and BonkersTwo.

Bonkers is now BonkersTwo..

Comment #11

Excellent, welcome to Npros.

So are the 300k domains they are referring to all yours then ? .

You have some beauties thats for sure - can I ask, do you buy purely for parking or do you also sell sometimes ? .

......and was my "guess" of your real name correct ? .

Oh...and thanks for that one time it was just you and me in it and you did'nt bid.

Rare but nice all the same..


Comment #12

Well Bonkers2 welcome to NamePro's - As was said before, we all know who you are and we all hate you. LoL..

Your definetly a force to be reckoned with and we look forward to seeing your posts here. Actually, I would love if you kept a blog, talking about your auctions and your mindset while in them. Anyhow - congrats on your success..


Comment #13

Lets just say this.

If it isn't him - He'd have to explain the Nice short HostGator used for his Signup Email here (All emails have to be verified to Start posting here).

Welcome Aboard..

Comment #14

Well, I'll personally congratulate Bonkers for knocking me out of contention for any HostGator of interest at snap. Welcome to NP...

Comment #15

You guys this is clearly Bonkers... he's active on another forum that I belong to, and it's always nice to hear his thoughts...

Comment #16

The 300k is not mine, the most domains I have managed is 70,000. So it can NOT be me..

Your guesses are correct, there is only one HostGator player that fits that description. With 4 employees, Living on cayman. You read his blog..

FYI, Frank is one of the more successful domains, though the true "webfather" of the internet HostGator names is UltSearch (Yun Ye). He made as much money as Frank with only 100k domains vs 350k. Quality vs. Quantity, Even frank can't compete with domainers that got domains in 98,99 and 2000 which UltSearch did and got paid $165 million to do so..

NOTE: Frank is one of the friendliest people in the HostGator name business. I wish I was did the HostGator tasting that he did to get his 300k domains and 20 million in revenue..


Comment #17

Bonkers, a few questions.....

Where do you live?.

How long you been in the business?.

How many domains do you own?.

Can you let me get at least one name on snap without having to sell my firstborn?..

Comment #18

It's great to view pioneers' talking and thoughts!.

Welcome to NP!..

Comment #19

Agreed - Welcome Bonkers (2).

Being such a noob, I really wish I could have a "sit down" with a seasoned vet like yourself - although I kinda doubt that you live in or near Chicago..

<wishes he had himself a good tutor - lol>.

Enjoy the moment you have right now!..

Comment #20

Hiyas, Bonkers!.

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on .TV...........

Comment #21

I live in Cayman (winters), Canada and US..

In business in domains since 1998..

My main business is managing domains, around 55,000..

Personally I own about 300 total, though they are mostly great domains, like,,, and

I haven't been as aggresive on snapnames as in the past, busy buying in the aftermarket. And learning most people don't own the domains that they sell..

My opinion on .tv, it sucks..

That being said, anyone with money can make a great 123 reg website out of a .TV domain. Only problem, people will still type in the .com version of there domain.

Both Bonkers and BonkersTwo are the same people. The only difference is the company that I buy for..

I used my as my email addy to sign up...

Comment #22

Hi BonkersTwo - congrats on a few more nice ones this week, waterscapes and gadgetman being my favourite ones out of the many.

Who do you work for ? .

Any jobs going.

Ps, do you want to buy to go with your .com one ??.


Comment #23

I personally hate that, mainly at least when they lie about owning the names and they really don't. I had a sale mysteriously fall through on DNF because of problems with the seller's "partner" on the name, and that's the most they would explain. I was like "yea right...the name got sold right from under them and they can't tell me the truth." In the rare event that I do try and sell someone else's name, I make it VERY clear it's someone else's. It's the only way to go IMO. There was only one time when I sold a name before I had it, and that was because the buyer saw me buy it and was aware I was still waiting to get it...

Comment #24

I think sometimes people forget to renew them and don't realise until they get an offer to sell it, I got one in a drop last week that was still listed on sedo with 4 previous offers..

Too many names to keep track off, I bet 55,000 keeps you pretty busy eh !.


Comment #25

Bonkers, are you planning to develope the 300 premium domains that you personally own? To be honest it is a shame to see them parked, you could hire a team to develope these one-by-one, skyrocketing your revenue in the long run, plus less premium parked domains...

Comment #26

Frank Schilling? If not, then who? Can someone please enlighten me?.

(even if via PM).

BonkersTwo, I'm not sure exactly who you are, but here's a question: what are your thoughts on the .WS domains?..

Comment #27

Eh, if he thinks .tv sucks, then I've got bad news for you on .ws.....

Comment #28

Why'd you stop bidding on today? Did I overpay?..

Comment #29

Sometimes I'm pretty confused by prices paid for certain domains at snap..

Maybe some insight as to why pay such high prices on many SnapNames domains when there are so many privately held domains of equal or better quality that can be gotten for less?.

Just the members here in NP have many, many good domains for sale for half of what they would go for on Snap ($1k - $20k type). Is it just a matter of convenience or more?.

How do we get buyers like you interested in what we have?.

Thanks for your comments...

Comment #30

.com is KING and will ALWAYS be KING no matter what other extension is added..

The 3 best ext's imo are .com .info & .org and in that order. All 3 have great uses..




When you spend Millions on domains in a year, $50,000 is pennies! It's more of the Want, then the price...

Comment #31

Pennies, huh? Maybe for fun, too. But I'm asking about beyond price. Why SnapNames and not portfolios?..

Comment #32

What I also do not understand is why you keep them parked..

Developing them a bit would produce much more revenue, and maybe would increase the domains value...

Comment #33

I would like to know if you have endusers in mind/waiting for the domains you buy? Or are you looking at the parking revenue they could generate?..

Comment #34

I bought to match my

I stopped cause it was a 3 worder, a decent 3 worder, and no one can buy everything. I have to pick my battles, and YOU won..

I don't think you over paid..

END USERS, mess up the pricing..

There was no way, if a person who does waterscapes for a living would of let me win the bid at what I did.. I was outbid at 70k?? Crazy, Retail User who had a store of somekind, IMO.

You won't believe when I tell you..

Pricing is much better on Snapnames/Pool/Enom than trying to buy portfolio's.

Cause that is what I do best, and my momma told me to do what I do best..

Just not enough time to buy right and manage domains when it is me and my assistant to track all domains..

Hire someone? What would you charge me?.

If I bid over $1,000 can I or someone develop the site, or does it get solid traffic that I could point to another site to promote it..

Sometimes, when bidding I just get crazy on HostGator and hyperfocus on it with no reason other than I want it..

Make sense? Let me know if I can explain more...

Comment #35

Ding Ding Ding....

This has happened to me on many an occasion at snap...

Comment #36

Just a FYI, but sold for $30K so why would you bid up to $70K on That one thru me for a loop...

Comment #37

That is my point, end users will bid what ever to get a domain. It is only just another HostGator to me. Really Nice one..

I will be active at New York, cya there...

Comment #38

You plan to purchase via online, or do you have to be at New York for the auction?..

Comment #39

Deep pockets is not the most flattering characterization.. and for those still wondering he is the real bonkers..

Comment #40

...and a nice pair they make too.

I see has an overture with ext of 190 - any chance you could share how that equates to the amount of actual visitors it gets in a month ? .

I've been trying to find out just to get a general idea but still no answers as of yet.

It was indeed, Wild attire inc who are also the proud owners of

Whats you thoughts about the recent article posted recently about Kevin Ham (AKA Vaxis) ? You must have spent a fair bit of money going up against him from what I've seen !.

Looks like 2007 is the year of the domainers Blog ! Have you got your own Blog we could check out or are you thinking of doing one ? .



Comment #41

I didn't buy for PPC, it not even live...

Comment #42

So you bought it from Chris ? .

Nice buy..

BTW tell me when you are on holiday away from your computer so I can bid quietly..

Comment #43

Dont worry Kate, you will still have the other Bonkers there (Vaxis etc)...

Comment #44

Read the original post. Would the "real" bonkers really have to ask that question?..

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.