Where can I get a copy of the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Where can I get a copy of the Medifast Diet? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Hello my Angels ... this is our new thread ... Since I haven't heard from everybody, I'll post our weekly report tomorrow OK!?! It's too late now and I need to go to bed..

21 days to Christmas ... we still have 4 weeks to weigh in before the end of the year. I would need to lose 15 pounds to be in Onederland ... 214.8 for me today ... I'm right behind you Lisa ... run, my girl, or I'll catch up with you ...

I'll write to all of you tomorrow, I'm so sleepy ... good night y'all!!!.

Need to update my ticker too ... but I'll do it tomorrow!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Morning Angels,.

Computer problems kept me away! I am so glad to be back and able to read what is up with everyone..

Jan great NSV!!! I can not wait to shop in that size. I have noticed that the clothes are really cute in those sizes. I just shopped at Kohels for the first time and the Vera Wang clothes are really cute!!!! but still too small. I got a dress jacket in an XL for 20 bucks, cheaper than Rose Cottage and new!.

Congratulations to everyone on their losses. I too had a niece move out this week but am not mourning her loss as much as she took her scale with her!!!!! See I am not nearly as nice as Angelica! So I must go and buy one. I am really afraid to weigh in not that I am struggling too much but I am not as perfect as I was in the beginning. I do not eat off program foods just sometimes a little too much protein. The last two days have been weighed and measured so I am doing better. Also I have not lost in two weeks and that has NEVER happened since I started on June 15th.

I got it off Craigs list..

So to everyone who is staying OP and doing so well YEA! you inspire me each and every day and I KNOW in my heart I would have given up till after the holidays if I were doing this on my own. I also know that I may never have gotten back after taking a break. I think of you all doing so well and staying OP and I tell myself I can do it too! Thanks!.


Comment #2

OK, I did it... just cleared my closet at least 50% out. The care giver who works for us (MIL lives with us and has daily care and 24 hr care on weekends) came it and took it ALL!! What a huge weight, lol, has been lifted from my shoulders. I was kind of possessive about some of the artsy jackets and tops.. but in the end put most of them out. There are 3 or 4 that I kept and will have them tailored when I get to my goal weight.

I bought some Lee jeans on-line in 12 and 14's so I'll transition into them (they're only $26 online) and be able to layer tops. Heading to Hawaii and Mexico in Feb/March and will have to figure something out there.. but it's a good problem to have.

Thinking that shopping is going to be pretty fun in May of 2011!!!..

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Hello Fellow Angels.

Angelica and Lisa I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to both be in Onederland by Jan 1!! What a great incentive to stay strong!.

I see some great losses this week..FANTASTIC JOB!!.

Janine...I just realised that you are so close to Onderland!! So many of our group are very near to such an exciting part of thier journey. I am thrilled and happy for each and every one of you. God Bless! Way to go on the cleaning closet...sometimes that is hard to do...transitioning to size 12 sounds so delicious..

Thank you for asking about the 70 lost and regained. I started in April of 2007 and in 6.5 months I had lost a little over 70 pounds, but was not finished. What happened was I let life get in the way and with my all or nothing mentality ...well you know the story. Anyhow the excuse I used to derail my success was major dental issues. Started with an infection...and ended up with having the remaing top teeth pulled and a top plate of dentures. Now I have always had a lot of issues with my teeth, but it is hard to stay focused while in such pain...not to mention to consume Medifast meals at that time was just not doing it for me.

So one thing led to another and I slowly regained it. I am so impatient to get back to the 70 pound loss and then to forge ahead into new territory. I mean really is almost as if at times the losses I have now don't pack such a big punch..if you know what I mean? I am 5.2 and a half I will most likely be lowering my goal, but it was just to overwhelming this time to put 130 or 140 as my goal. Anyhow that is a little history about me.. are too funny girll (re: not nearly as nice as I am sorry to hear that you feel you are not following the program100%. Just know that at this time, you are doing the best you can do, and I think chosing to eat a little more protein is a heck of lot better than some other choices you could be making (and probably used to). I posted a while back about some MF'ers eating at the higher end of the calorie range on a regular basis, so maybe your body needs it at this time. Our bodies stall in weight loss and adjust to what we have lost and then carry on ...IF we persevere. Keep smiling girl.

Hope everyone is well..



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Good day to you all!!.

I've been doing so well staying OP... my hard hungry days passed and now I'm back to my.


Self and am ready to start getting busy again... I was going to wait until the beginning of Jan to start my exercise, but if I have another slow week of weight loss, than I'll be starting early so I can keep my #'s up. Other than that, just been busy getting ready for the holidays! Christmas decorations will pulled out today and we'll be getting some decorations done... Will finish the deep cleaning Monday and finish the decorating that day also. Than I'll start my canning, work on end of the year paperwork, help out and get reading for my friends wedding, finish some projects for the nursery, and get prepared to start the holiday baking I do. That's a run down of my up & coming week...


- I responded to the ? about the name and I'm very glad that we kept it the same..

Don't over do it! You seem rather busy and keep going to bed sooo late... We miss your long and encouraging daily posts! And look at your weight!! I'm gonna have to get my bottom in gear if I want to make to Onderland first..

Everyone else.

! I'm sorry I'm not able to respond to your posts individually!! I'm very very busy this weekend. BUT I did read them all and love hearing about your NSV, future trips, guests leaving, good and hard times that we're all going through... You're all in my thoughts and prayers!.


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Hey I changed my weight loss ticker to something more appropriate for the season...but I can't get it to work properly.any advice?? The numbers and words are not dark..



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Joanne, your ticker is so pretty that you should leave it the way it is.

I was reading on one of the discussion boards last night that a side effect of ketosis is that you tend to feel colder. I absolutely hate the cold so this isn't a good one for me. I have noticed that I tend to feel colder than those around me and will have blood work drawn later on this month to ensure that I am not anemic. Has anyone else experienced this?.

Janine, I've gotten rid of clothes left and right! I donate most of it to the Salvation Army. Whatever I can bring to work I bring in. We have parents with needs and they really appreciate having something "new" that they didn't have to buy. I kept a lot of clothes in storage in hopes of wearing them some day. To my surprise, a lot of the clothes now fit nicely and some have actually gotten so big that I have to donate it! What a nice side effect of being on MF!.

Have a good evening angels, and God bless you all.


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Hi Angie and everyone,.

I would like to join this group. I have been missing from the boards for a few months now and really need to get back. Angie, I found your original posting while looking in the challenge board for a group to join. I joined Medifast June 09 and lost 90 lbs by Feb 10, started at 270 and got down to 180. Then, life got in the way, and I did not handle it too well. I am trying to drag myself out of several months of depression.

I had a lot of success as part of a challenge team last year. I find that I really need the accountability of having to report my weight each week. I will weigh in in the morning and update my ticker. I have about three months of Medifast food piled up, so I am ready to go. My weight should be somewhere around 210, and I would really like to be under 200 by the end of the year..

I have read through quite a few of the posts and think this group would be a good fit for me. I am 55, divorced, mother of two a 33 year old son and a 31 year old daughter who is a captain in the Army Reserves and just left for Afganistan last week. Part of the reason for the depression..

Not sure what kind of signature I have, but will update that tomorrow too..

Have a good evening...

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Hey thanks Vilma!! I liked the colourful banner I had too...but thought some snowy stuff might be in

Pam...we are in the same boat as far as having lost a good amount of weight, let life get in the way, gaining back, and NOW back at it!! I am also divorced and have 3 children..a son 32, and two daughters 29 and 25. I certainly feel your pain with your daughters deployment. Welcome back to Medifast and our group is a GREAT group!!.

Lisa..It was nice to read your is so happy and rock!!! I am so glad those "hungry days" passed for you and proud of you for staying the plan!!. I too am exercising and today wanted to push it a bit as my last couple weeks have been I did the treadmill for 52 minutes. I know 45 is the max recommmended, but I took it easy at the beginning and the last 15-20 minutes was just very casual pace..

I just got in a bit ago from watching the Santa Claus Parade and BRRRRR it is cold out there!! Our temps have dropped the last couple days again. It was a good parade and even nicer with a flurry or two in the air. Although we have none on the ground! That is ok for now..

Hugs & love to each of you!.


Comment #9

Ok I admit it! I am spoiled! Both of our laptops have been corrupted and to have drag my lazy self to the office to get to the computer has been more than I can bare, but I am here now..

NTLW - I have noticed my hands and feet are extremely cold it's also a sign of thyroid issues. Which I take medication for. I was always hot now I'm always cold. Let me know if you find out anything more..

Lodgemom- I haven't been brave enough for the closet purge for fear of not quite fitting into the smaller size yet but I am envious and can't wait to catch up..

Kim- I can obviously relate to the computer problems. I think the DH thinks I did it on purpose to get an IPAD. I hope you like pilates. I took a beginning class on the reformer at the gym and could really tell a difference. I am sure now that I am bit smaller some of the moves would be much easier. Tell us how you like it...

Comment #10

Date: ..................11/05......11/12.....11/19.....11/26 .....12/03.

01 AngelDaae ..... 190.7 .... 192.1 ..... 189.8 ... 189.8 .... 189.8.

02 NTLWnow ..... 207.5 .... 204.0 ..... 202.0 .... 198.0 .... 195.0.

03 PDinTN ............................................................... 210.0.

04 Greyflower ..... 223.3 .... 220.7 ..... 217.8 ... 215.0 .... 212.8.

05 LodgeMom .... 225.9 .... 225.9 ..... 218.1 ... 214.8 .... 212.2.

06 Angelica ........ 224.0 .... 220.8 ..... 218.4 ... 218.4 .... 214.8.

07 butterfly53 .... 226.8 .... 224.0 ..... 222.8 ... 219.6 .... 217.0.

08 Elaine ........... 235.4 .... 232.4 ..... 227.2 ... 223.4 .... 220.4.

09 Mommuse ..... 255.9 .... 253.0 ..... 250.5 ... 248.0 .... 244.9.

10 Racergal22 .... 261.6 .... 258.8 ..... 257.2 ... 256.6 .... 254.8.

11 Mom2georgie271.0 .... 268.4 ..... 265.0 ... 265.0 .... 265.0.

12 Cinderelly132288.2 .... 283.4 ..... 282.0 ... 280.4 .... 278.2.

Congratulations to all the losers.

Jan, my girl, thats a huge accomplishment!!! Congratulations!!! Im also a size 16 now ... by drinking so much water I have to go to the bathroom very often, and I was holding in for so long, that when I got to the bathroom I just pulled my black jeans down without unbottoning nor unzipping my pants and it came off without any problem ....

I can do the same with my blue jeans too. So I changed my size to 16 ... yeah! yeah!!! I was 24/26 before when I started, then I moved down to 22/24, then 20/22, then 18/20 and now I am at 16 ... and it feels so good ....

For us the foreigners, what does nsv stand for!?! Is it new special victory!?! I dont know!?! I think I remember now, is it a non scale victory!?! LOL Im a little slow here, I guess it is my lack of sleep..

Janine, youre welcome, my dear! Regarding my sister, last year at this time I was at 178 and I thought I was fixed, normal and I started eating a bite here, another there and then I was full force into refined carbs thinking the weight was going to come off as fast as it piled up ... and here I am, doing it almost all over again. I think shell be here on January 21st, so, I have 7 weeks to do my best ... For sure Ill be in Onederland, but this time there is no going back to the old ways of eating ... Ive learned the lesson!.

Kim, you have the whole group in here worrying about you. We need you to recommit and only put in your mouth what is allowed in the program! If you dont, youll regret so much that we are NOT losing the weight and youll be stuck somewhere, feeling sorry for yourself and wishing you had done this with us. This is a new month, new begining, new thread and your chance to recommit to do this to the T! So, my friend, I challenge you to buy your new scale, and dont eat another bite or any amount of anything that is not in the program. Are you up for that!?!.

Courage, my friend and persistence ... it will pay off at the end!.

Lisa, my sweetheart, thank you for your kind words. I am getting so busy too, that Im afraid that I wont have time to reply to everyone individually either ....

But the race is still on my girl, youre doing great. I guess my lack of sleep is making me to retain some water weight ... but dont get to Onederland before me ... Please, wait for me, please, please, please!!! LOL.

Welcome to our group in here, Pam. Wed love to have you in here with us! Most of us have been there and done that! Your ticker says youre already in Onederland at 191.0 I know youll update it tomorrow. I just hope youll get there much faster than you think! I think this is the best group in the entire site, and you wont feel alone ....

Angel, Elaine, Kelly, and Joanne, I miss you all ... I can't not delay one day of checking in here otherwise I'll be overwhelmed to write to everyone individually..

Please, don't feel offended if I don't reply directly to you in the next few weeks, I'm am so busy ... I have so many parties and special events to attend ... last Saturday, I had 4 on the same day and I made it to all of them. This weekend I got sick but had to decorate the house, which is not finished yet and had the painters and clean lady 2 days helping me out. When it's all done I'll take some pictures and will send to you guys!.

I have at least 3 events for every Saturday until the end of this year. I am canceling and decline new invitations ... I can only go to so many parties ... this is crazy ... then people complain saying that the economy is bad ... I don't see it, where!?! Each party that I go to is bigger than the other ...

P.S. Vilma, where is you "Ticker"!?! Would love to see one for you ... I also noticed that some people in here copied my ticker.

Good taste ladies!!! LOL.

P.S.2 Sorry for any spelling mistakes ... but I'm exhausted ... zzzZZZZ.

Good night, my Angels!!!..

Comment #11

You all seem like a great group and wonderful support for each other. Is this group open for other people to join?..

Comment #12

Good morning!!.

Welcome Pam and Valley Girl....

I don't want to miss another day of responding to people if I can help it! It was just crazy yesterday!.


- I'm glad you're turning some invites down... it's important to take care of yourself so you.


Take care of others....


Means Non Scale Victory!! Like you getting into size 16 jeans is a NSV and me not going off plan on TG was a NSV... it's just another way to celebrate our weight loss success....


- UGH!! That totally stinks... we just fixed DH laptop and my office computer (good thing my laptop didn't go down). Never had the need for some many computers till we started the business. Hope you can get it fixed soon..


- Thanks for sharing the info on Ketosis... this is the coldest year I've had and couldn't figure out why my fingers and toes would never warm up....


- I did the same thing 3 days ago!! Went through all my storaged boxes with smaller clothes and my closet. Was able to get rid of almost half! It was so nice....


- Sounds like you had fun! I haven't been to a parade in years... I'm such a wimp that I usually just watch the big Macy's parade on TV....


- I'm so glad we were here to help you stay focused, even on your break! Remember that the 1st week back OP is the hardest....


- Stepping on that scale is the 1st step towards getting back on track.. you can do it!.

Well, I'm off to get breakfast started for my boys... I'll check in later tonight & hopefully I'll be done with most of my decorating by than..


Comment #13

Good Morning Angels,.

Welcome Pam and Valley Girl. We are an open group and would love to have you on board. Pam you sound like you have a lot in common with a few of us here. Your Kids are a little older than mine but I am also divorced and can have some down days too. Joanne for some reason I did not think you had kids nor were divorced. So for those of us that are single we should go on a singles cruise when we get to goal! HA! That would be creepy!!!! I would like to date again however.

It was very important to me that I give them all of my attention and that I not bring anyone into their lives that could hurt them in any way. So now I am an old lady who may be single forever but I am glad I did that for them. Do you girls ever date????.

Angelica, You are a good friend and you are right. I am already sorry that I have not been doing well and that my weight is the same! I will really try to get back to the old me (which is the new me) right away. Tomorrow I am starting my pilates machine..

Vilma I will let you know how it is working. I love to try new things. I am SO COLD all the time!!!! I live at the beach and while it is cold for California standards I know some of the rest of you like you and Joanne have it much harder! Anyway besides the weather this ketosis thing and the less body fat makes many people COLD! Good trade off right???.

Janine, I LOVE organizing. Part of my Redesign business was to help people reorganize their homes and closets are a biggie. It feels so good to me to clean out and get rid of big clothes. I never want to go back there! Wow are your trips for pleasure or business? It sounds fun. I have been both places so for my next trip I want to go to England! and France! I love to travel and fitting better into the seat without and extension will be a wonderful experience. What a great thing to look forward to..

Joanne, I just love you girl! You are so sweet and kind. This group needs every kind of person to help us get to where we need to go. You are one that gently encourages and keeps me lifted up! I think losing 70 lbs is an amazing thing and I have never before lost that much weight. I am sure it is hard to redo that again but it is great that you are doing it! I also have learned from you that I don't want to have to do that so you are a great inspiration to me to keep going and not give up! Did you know that I love all things Canada? I went to Vancouver and I love that city. I know you are in another part but I bet I would love that part too. Have you always lived in Canada?.

Hey Lisa, You are busy girl! what a full life and now you have some extra energy to live it right? Have a wonderful time and we will be anxious to hear how you are doing with everything that is going on..

Mommuse, I am sorry your computer is down. Christmas is coming an Ipad would be great right???.

Ok I am off to a dog show in Long Beach. You all know I love Dogs and Georgie is my main squeeze but at this show you can go and pet them all and see them up close and personal! I am excited. So I will be back tomorrow to read what you have all been up to.....Have a wonderful Sunday,.


Comment #14

Welcome Valley Girl!! Hope to hear from your as you get to feel more comfortable within our group..

Angelcia I don't know how you do it. You are one busy busy lady! And I am glad to hear you are turning down some invitations as you can only spread yourself so thin. Not to mention not getting run down and wore out for the holidays! You are an amazing lady being able to stay strong through all the parties....WAY TO GO!.

Kim..I have always lived in Canada in the Niagara Peninsula...not far from the Falls. Thank you for your compliments on this beautiful country....I love it too! I think maybe you should think about a trip to see the Canadian Falls...they are beautiful...and then we could MEET!! My youngest was 16 when we separated..and we took a couple years to see if it was going to work out...alas it didn't. So for the dating ... yes I date, have had a few isnt easy..but I think for now I need to give it a rest and see where the Lord wants me to be with that. I am kind of seeing a guy I have known nearly 3 years...its a long story and not one to get into now. I admire your decision in waiting until your children have grown..I think I would have chosen that too!..

Or any cruise with all our Angles....

I will be working a 4- 10 this evening...really don't wanna go in..its so cold out there...I

Have a good one.


Comment #15

Good Morning, or I guess it's afternoon now, Angels,.

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome to the group. I have had my own laptop issues over the last few months and am currently using a small netbook for personal use. I too, would love an IPAD. Maybe sometime next year when I am not paying so much for Medifast food anymore.


Angelica, what a beautiful name - wow you are one busy lady. Do you work evenings? Why do you get to bed so late? Have fun at all your parties. I breezed through the holiday season last year on Medifast and did great. Congrats on the size 16's, I can't wait to get back into mine. I was a loose 14, tight 12 before I derailed. I'm back in sz 18 now.

Also, sorry you have to update my starting weight, 216.2. I'm hoping there is a lot of water weight..

Joanne - The shared experiences that lead to more empathetic support are what drew me to this group..

Lisa - Thanks for the support, getting back on the scale was harder than I thought and I just about had a heart attack. My dogs came running when I screamed.

Kim - Would love to do a singles cruise - LOL. I don't date, but not from lack of trying. I go out a couple of times a week with girlfriends. Younger, skinner women. They get any guys that I pick up. I am the outgoing one in the group and talk to anybody.

The bartenders are ok with that because I give them a good tip anyway..

I divorced in 2001, and, after 27 years of marriage, was firmly in the overweight matronly catagory. I was travelling every week for work and working on my MBA, was overweight, tired, too busy. Many excuses for not making myself a priority. Slipped a bit this year, but am trying to get my head straight again..

I have two dogs and a grand puppy right now, my daughter's dog, and need to get started on the almost daily job of sweeping and dusting..

Have a good day, I'll try to check in later. I may not be able to check in everyday, I work some long hours, but I will check in as often as I can. Like I mentioned before, I really need the accountability and support...

Comment #16

Back from the closing, we are sooooo happy with our new home! Just sad we can't live there until July (husband is stationed here in DC until then). But we'll be visiting it every month, so hopefully it will go quickly..

Glad to see everyone is doing well!.

Have a terrific week everyone!..

Comment #17


Did you buy that new scale yet and I'm sure you've gotten that Pilates exercise machine set up. How did it got today with weighing your protein? I know that you must be frustrated with not loosing for 2 weeks.. stay totally OP, drink plenty of shakes and water and weigh that protein.. this is your mother speaking.

Love you Kim!! How was that dog show?.


Sounds like you've had some difficult dental issues and am glad that you've gotten them taken care of.. it's difficult to tell from your ticker where you are right now.. is it 278? How far are you from your first goal of 70#. I'm still quite some way from a size 12.. still a happy 14 (and they are probably vanity sized) but I'm ready for the smaller sizes! Try restarting your ticker from the beginning, there's probably a -/ or * missing. Oh I meant to tell you I lived in Buffalo in 1968.

Because I know for a fact you're in a much colder region!!.


Funny you should talk about your hard hungry days.. my tummy's been growling every night for the past couple days.. guess it's time to get some pickles. How did the decorating go this weekend? Did you get your decorations up? What do you can... that's something that I dearly miss!.


Ahhh, that makes sense. I've never been this cold... we just went to Costco and I spent 5 minutes in front of the heater warming my hands. Hope that you're not anemic.. let us know what your doc has to say. Glad that you are re-cycling those clothes..

Else we pass by the size without enjoying them on the way down..


Welcome to our little group, we're happy that you're here. We're a positive, friendly group that are getting to know each other. I'm 56, married and have 2 sons 18 & 19 (I know I got a late start).


Computer problems are the pits... hope they are 'cured' quickly! BTW, since purging my closet, I've gone back again this evening and added more to the stack! It's kind of fun!!.


Thanks for keeping us all in line with our stats! Whoo hoo.. great strides forward with the size 16. Keep your sights on what's important this season as you are so busy... keep plenty of bars with you and eat girlfriend.. eat (OP ofcourse)..

Valley Girl~.

Ofcourse you are welcome..


How exciting about your pending move... you must be jumping up and down with joy. Just think when you move in July, you'll be very close to goal!!!..

Comment #18

Of course you can join us, Valley_Girl! And welcome to our Powerful Team!!! We are doing this together. We post on a daily basis and report our weights on Friday mornings before 12:00 noon PST. If anyone of us "Jumps Off the Wagon" we all get behind that person until she jumps right back on it. LOL ... It's a win win situation here ... Do you think you can do that with us!?! And WOW, you're already half way over there, congratulations!!! You look so pretty!!! Just like an "Angel"..

Comment #19

Hello all Back from a quick weekend trip to the beach with the family. We had a perfect, beautiful day Saturday - the kids brought back buckets of sea shells and are planning what to do with them now..

Stayed OP all weekend except for being a sit short on my L&G today and very short on my water all weekend (and high on diet soda)..

I'll see what the results are in the morning and get back on track in the AM..

Heading to bed - I'm done in!!!.

Welcome to the new girls!..

Comment #20


, I just love your energetic, bubbly personality ... what is your business again!?! I think I missed it ... Today I got really stressed out and upset about a family member (in-law of my B.I.L.). We are trying to pick a date to get the whole family together, since 2 of them will be going to Philly for Xmas, but everybody is so busy, so I suggested a Brunch instead of dinner on a weekend that I already have my church Christmas Party and later a Wedding Reception. And this one person was so negative on the phone and kept saying it was not going to work ... but he never said why, just that it would NOT WORK! UGH it sounded more like he didn't want it to work.

I almost called off the whole thing and told everybody to just forget about the holidays ... I'm just getting fried over here ... need to rest!.


, I was always hot when I was at 265, but I'm also getting colder because it's getting colder outside and I am also losing my "Fat Blanket" LOL.


, I also wanna go on that "Cruise", but I'm married, can I come anyway!?! We all should go on a cruise ... the entire "Angie's Angels" Team LOL.

I love you my girl, and you have been in my prayers daily. Be Strong! If I can do this so can You! By the way, Joanne can continue to give you the sweet sugar coat love ....

But I'll give you the tough love ... my boots size are 9.5/10 and my legs are very strong, from carrying all that extra weight before for so long ... and if you don't jump right back on the wagon, my girl, I'm coming after you kicking your butt ... do you hear me!?! LOL.

Hey, I need to go shopping this week for a couple of friends (Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, etc), would you like to go with me!?! Let me know, I think we need to spend some time together, I'm starting to look good again, LOL.


, Kim is right, you are our sweetheart in here ... love you, love you, love you tons!.


, Most of it is water retention. By the way that's no problem, I'll take this opportunity to include ValleyGirl to our team too. If you're busy, don't miss a day of checking in here, we girls can talk ... LOL you'll fall so behind that you'll think it's too hard to catch up with us. LOL.

But what is this thing with a Cruise only for the Singles!?! Let's plan on a cruise for all the Angels when we get to our goal weight or very close to that, what do you guys say!?! I don't work, that's the problem ... I'm an Owl girl and then I just sleep in ... I just love my life!.

Date: ..................11/05......11/12.....11/19.....11/26 .....12/03.

01 Valley_Girl ........................................................... 182.0.

02 AngelDaae ..... 190.7 .... 192.1 ..... 189.8 ... 189.8 .... 189.8.

03 NTLWnow ..... 207.5 .... 204.0 ..... 202.0 .... 198.0 .... 195.0.

04 Greyflower ..... 223.3 .... 220.7 ..... 217.8 ... 215.0 .... 212.8.

05 LodgeMom .... 225.9 .... 225.9 ..... 218.1 ... 214.8 .... 212.2.

06 Angelica ........ 224.0 .... 220.8 ..... 218.4 ... 218.4 .... 214.8.

07 PDinTN .............................................................. 216.2.

08 butterfly53 .... 226.8 .... 224.0 ..... 222.8 ... 219.6 .... 217.0.

09 Elaine ........... 235.4 .... 232.4 ..... 227.2 ... 223.4 .... 220.4.

10 Mommuse ..... 255.9 .... 253.0 ..... 250.5 ... 248.0 .... 244.9.

11 Racergal22 .... 261.6 .... 258.8 ..... 257.2 ... 256.6 .... 254.8.

12 Mom2georgie271.0 .... 268.4 ..... 265.0 ... 265.0 .... 265.0.

13 Cinderelly132288.2 .... 283.4 ..... 282.0 ... 280.4 .... 278.2.


, congratulations on closing on your new house!!! I'm very happy for you guys!.


, good to hear you're back and had a wonderful weekend at the beach! I don't drink sodas anymore, or shall I say, once in a blue moon. I also don't like when some days take me away from my routine ... specially with my water intake..

I'm definitely going to bed earlier tonight, I'm exhausted ... zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ.


: Today like every First Sunday of the month we fast for Breakfast and Lunch in our church and make a generous donation to meals for those who have none. Since I've started Medifast, I don't know what should I do when I get home!?! We do have an early dinner (LG) and then shall I eat all my 5 Medifast meals in a few hours or can I go to bed skipping some of them!?! It's raining and very cold outside ... so I just had a cup of hot Cocoa and a Fruit & Nut Crunch Bar. I'm feeling very sleepy now, but I don't know what I should do. I know Lisa is going to tell me to eat my 5 meals, right Lisa!?! But I am so sleepy ... my body needs to rest ...

Please Help!.

Good night, ladies!!!..

Comment #21


- Actually, I would NOT eat all your 5 meals at once... 1st of all, it was for a spiritual reason that you didn't eat and when I fast it's time I've set aside for God. So on that note alone I would understand the skipped meals. If we're just looking at this nutritionally, I would still say don't do it! If you're going to bed and you're not going to use up the calories you've putting into your body, your system will turn what it can't store in immediate energy as fat! In other words... you're feeding your body the entire 1000 calories withing a couple of hours that it's used to receiving periodically through out the day... no I'm not uber smart here.

What do I do? I'm not sure if I did mention what our business is... I think someone asked, but I must have forgotten to mention it... We install industrial equipment for warehouses. They call it "Material Handling", but you can't say that cuz no one really knows what it is... lol The big hole-in-the-wall in the back of your grocery store that the big rig trucks dock at and unload the food or other products... we install those (they're called dock levelers) or the monorail system that have car parts on them hanging from the ceiling ...

And high speed doors (12-20 ft.) to help control temps from one room to another were food is stored, large fans, lights, truck restraints... etc. etc. etc..... lots of boring things that help society function as it does...

Comment #22

Hello, Angels! I'm feeling better today and I'm back on track..

I'm honestly struggling with whether or not to do Medifast in December. To keep flip-flopping on and off plan is a huge waste of money. But for now, and until I decide what I'm going to do, I am OP..

I hope everyone is getting off to a great start this Monday morning!..

Comment #23

Angel- I think you should stay OP for Dec.!!! I know how hard it is to get back going once you've been off... and remember that dress that you said still fits a little snug? Just keep committing to one day at a time and next thing you know, Dec. will be over and you'll have lost 5-10 more lbs. instead of gaining that much... Come here more often and read other posts, find something else to keep you busy during those hard times, anything but stopping! It's so hard to get back going again once you stop.....

Comment #24

Angel~ Oh girl... stay on-plan. You're a strong woman who can tackle this challenge... you can do this. Take each day at a time, make a plan and look at like your life depended on it..

This is from blog I read this week... Print it out and put it on your refrigerator, desk, beside your bed, on your mirror!!.

*That non-plan food will not get me where I want to go, and it may result in me getting seriously off-track.

*Everything I need nutritionally is provided through my 5/1, so there is absolutely no need for me to go off plan (and "just because I feel like it" doesn't count!).

*I already know how all of this food will taste because I've had it before, so I don't need to taste it.

*These types of food will be around next year, and next year I will be able to have a small (as in VERY small) taste of the things I'm most wanting.

*By refusing to give in now, I am strengthening my "no thank you" muscles; this will help me to maintain my weight loss later.

*I don't want to spend one more day than necessary being overweight, and that piece of chocolate/cookie/etc. could cause me to spend another day overweight.

*I haven't been out of the fat-burning state since I first got into it in late June and I do NOT want to go through that misery again just to have that chocolate/cookie/etc..

*If I get out of the fat-burning state, in addition to the misery that will accompany getting back in, it will take me approximately 3 days to get back in. That's 15 meals and $30 (@ $2/MF meal). Is that chocolate/cookie/etc. worth $30 to me?..

Comment #25

Angel! Hang in there! I have had some slip ups recently, with traveling, but I keep getting back into the groove! You can too! I was lucky not to gain while away and I owe that to the Medifast during the day. My slips were mainly out at restaurants, but I stayed low carb to make it hurt a bit less LOL..

Comment #26

Okay - survived the weekend intact and actually down a smidge on the weight having trouble getting the water in today...I'm out of flavors to add and need to run to the store. Also need to get rid of the diet soda....I don't normally keep it in the house - but still have some left from the beach trip....and it keeps calling me - which makes drinking all my water difficult - esp. since it is caffeinated (I usually drink decaf everything)......

Will do better this afternoon and get all that water in one way or the other!!!..

Comment #27

Pam and Valley Girl, WELCOME! You're joining one of the best groups on MF. You'll love it here!.

Joanne, the snow will come soon enough! I have been seeing flurries all day. They're pretty, but I really am not one for snow. I could definitely do without winter all together.

Kelly, welcome back! It's so good to hear that all went well with the house. I'm sure CT missed you too.

Thank you all for your concerns over my cold hands and feet. I spoke with my brother (a nursing major, an EMT, a future medic in the Army) and he verified what I already thought: the body is going through ketosis. Less fat = colder extremities. (I'll take the cold anytime!!).

Angelica: fat blanket? I laughed so loud that I scared the cat!!.

Come on Angel! You can do this!!!! We're here for you, rooting for you, supporting you, providing that shoulder to cry on when you need it. Just as my brother wouldn't leave the side of a wounded soldier while in combat, I (nor anyone here) would leave you alone. We'll carry you as long as you let us..

I'm so tired today and I had a really challenging day at work. I drove home fantasizing about eating a HUGE bag of chips (one of my comfort foods) and washing it down with Puerto Rican Eggnog (a HUGE no-no. I won't even smell it while on!). So I began to pray and realized that a) It was time for another Medifast meal; and b) I need to work harding on dealing with my emotions, finding additional positive outlets to vent, scream, cry, do whatever it is that I need to do. Needless to say, after reflecting and praying for the last 1/2 hour of my 1 1/2 hour commute, I arrived at the conclusion that a) God is still holding my hand and b) that bag of chips accomplishes nothing. Ketosis will be jeopardized by those chips, the scale will creep in the opposite direction, and I will be more depressed than ever. So, I walked into the home, ate some Medifast chicken soup, and feel much better now...

Comment #28

I had a difficult temptation today too... My Mother-in-law sent DH a cake from the Swiss Colony!! UGH!!! A decadent layered chocolate cake with an outer chocolate shell that, I'm not kidding here, was 3/16 of an inch thick of solid chocolate! I was almost begging my DH and boys (who were making all kinds of moaning noises) just to lick the serving knife! When they seen my face, the boys started saying how "horrible" it tasted, and "Yuck mom! you would definitely NOT like this!"... LOL ... I just sighed and pouted a little... went and exchanged one of my Medifast meals for a mint chocolate bar and felt better. It is possible to resist! God always makes a way out...

Comment #29

Evening Ladies,.

It's been a long day for me, especially since I am paying the price for my off plan behavior with a headache and hunger pains. Just another day or two and that will all go away. I remember I used to have to remind myself to eat an Medifast meal or I would sometimes forget. Can't wait. Spent the evening shopping for my daughter and digging through stuff she left with me so I can send her the first care package. She wasted no time sending me a shopping list once she arrived in country.

Angelica - hang in there. I always think taking a nap sounds like a great idea. I don't get very many though, but it sounds good..

Angel - I have to put my two cents in, stay on plan in Dec. I found something, or brought my own, that would qualify for the lean and green at every party and family gathering I went to last Dec. and I always volunteer to bring a salad for family gatherings to make sure I have something to eat. Someone mentioned the expense of going off plan. I can really attest to that..

The blog quotes gave me a good laugh and hit close to home. Something to think about..

Mmmmm potato chips, glad you could resist..

Greyflower - good job resisting the chocolate cake. Keep it up. I'm strange, I like the chocolate pudding, and will have that when I need a chocolate fix. I also will eat the brownie, but it tastes kind of funny, like the package or something..

That's all I have for tonight. If you can't tell by now, I can be a bit chatty. I used to say I should do the blog thing, never got around to it though...

Comment #30


, if your are going to take a break from MF, why dont you do Atkins for this month. Its like MF, on maintenance ... you can have 6 small Lean and Green meals. Until you can come back to it, full force again in January! This way you can still lose weight and not waste your Medifast meals. This is my 2 cents on it!.

I would do what Lisa suggested, but if youre struggling ... dont waste your money. At least you wont gain any weight. I did that last year and lost 24 pounds doing only lean and green for a couple of months. Not too bad, huh!?! But 3/4 of my plate had greens on it and 1/4 was the protein. and I only filled the inside of the plate, not the edges..


, great coaching too. But Angel has to see that for herself. Sometimes if one takes a break, but stay on plan (LG) it will shock her body and she will continue to lose. I did that last year when I was down to 202.0 and got down to 178 doing Lean and Green only. I lost 24 pounds in two months. Then my sisters arrived from Brazil and Hell Broke Loose LOL And the rest is history ...


, youre absolutely right, need to get that water in ... and stop drinking sodas. They are too high on sodium and the caffeine will make you crave food due to the anxiety ... You need to drink 110 oz of water daily for your weight. (Its half of your weihgt in oz). I was drinking 132.5 when I was at 265.


, my darling, I love you!!! That was a great posting!!! Youre my kind of girl!!! Did you know that after reading fat blanket from you, I also laughed out loud LOL.


, another great posting, my girl!!! You are the best for resisting such a temptation ... we all bow to you!!! Bravo!!! Remember, "NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING tastes as good as SKINNY FEELS!!! So there you have it!!!.


, I have to turn my alarm on for every two hours on my iPhone to remind me that it's time to eat! CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE that I, Angelica Pretti Capeloto, FORGET TO EAT NOWADAYS!?! Unbelievable ... LOL.

OOOPS it's past bed time again ... gotta go now!!!.

Good night you all!!!..

Comment #31

Up too early this morning.. My oldest son is having finals this week and what's a mom to do but to pray..

Elaine~ Glad to hear that the scale went down this week... hope you were able to get rid of the soda and that you've been drinking up that water! What beach did you go to?.

NSTL~ Ahh, so your brother said that ketosis is the cause of the 'cold hand girls' and I so agree give me cold anytime instead of our blanket of fat!! Our family is also the makers of the passed down thru' the generations reciepe of Bunting Eggnog... and I too will not be partaking any time soon. We'll both just walk away..

Pam~ Is your headache doing better this morning? Super that you are able to go shopping for your daughter... prayers to her as she settles into life in Afganistan... and thank you for raising a daughter that protects each and everyone of us..

Lisa~ yep, I'm sure that was a temptation.. it's tempting to me and I'm only thinking about it. Good for you for stepping away and eating a mint chocolate bar.. NSV for you..

Angelica~ Good morning friend.. I'm sure I passed you this morning as you were heading to bed and I was getting up.

I must go back to bed soon..

I had a good day yesterday.. only worked for an hour or two and took the rest of the day off and went to town with a friend. We had a fabulous time, I haven't taken time to do what makes me smile in quite a while.. it felt good. I even came home early and didn't go into work!!! Wow, what a concept. I'll be paying the price for that today, my schedule is filled with meetings and decisions that make my head ache just thinking about it..

My MIL asked me last night how much longer I'll be on the 'diet'. When I told her 3 months (It will actually be 5-6 months) she said "you'll weigh nothing". She means well and if I told her I'd lost 40+ pounds she would be shocked.. she's a wisp at 90 years old, I pretty much will have lost what she weighs by the time I'm finished. Now that's a reality..

>> So it's been 2 days since I started making omelets w/eggbeaters (instead of Medifast egg packets) I then have 5 Medifast meals on top of the rest of my L w/G.. my goodness it's alot of food. If anyone of my fellow Angels have the scrambled eggs in the am, I suggest you try this as well... you will be amazed as well..

OK, off to bed.. have a good one Angels~ stay OP and drink up that water!!..

Comment #32

Hey, Angels. I read all your replies to my post yesterday..

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I have to decide today. Within a week I have five social eating obligations on the calendar..

Today - Work Christmas Party (at a restaurant with a pre-determined menu).

Thursday - Organization Christmas Party (restaurant).

Friday - Work Holiday Luncheon (plates pre-made, no food choices).

Saturday - Church Program and Potluck.

Monday - Organization Breakfast-Themed Potluck.

Then, on the 18th, DH and I leave for New Orleans for three days..

Then it's practically Christmas..

I just don't know if I can do it. I don't know if I WANT to do it. I'm being completely honest here...

Comment #33

Hey Angels,.

Just a quick note I am not MIA still going strong. My computer is BROKEN! It happened yesterday when I was writing a long and beautiful post including each and every person here! I was sooooo upset! I love you all and love reading what you are all doing. So I am quickly using a borrowed computer and will be taking mine in ASAP. I am also getting a scale today and will be posting Friday come gain or loss!!!.

Keep up the good work everyone and hope to be back strong soon........


Comment #34

Okay - I'm positively floating - but I have gotten the requisite 64 oz of water in today everything from here out is bonus. also - have no more diet sodas in the house..

Heading to son's school to coach the Destination Imagination team in about an hour (and this water thing is gonna bite me on the hiney today!!)..

Comment #35


, you spoke so much about going to bed, that I'm heading to bed as soon as I finish this one ... I need to catch up! Please, tell me again what are you eating that is so much food!?! What kind of eggbeaters do you use and what is your recipe!?! I'm getting hungry here ... Can you have eggbeaters + 5 Medifast meals + Lean and Green!?! You're a wise woman for not shocking your MIL.


, I know the pressure is on by our peers, but if you are overwhelmed, it's better to make a wise decision now and choose what your are going to do and when the time comes, you can better handle the situation. Just stay away from white sugar and flour. As I said it before, Atkins according to the book (some people think they can pig out on that program) and that's why they don't lose anything. If not gain ... LOL But good luck with whatever you decide to do. We are here for you!!! Hugs!!!.


, I'm so sorry about your computer ... that's why I have two, one iMac and one Macbook and, my iPhone ... as you can see, I'm a "Mac" girl!!! good for you for getting your new scale! That's my girl ... "Accountability" is everything in this program. If we hide, then comes denial, then comes shame, guilty and then desperation, if you know what I mean! Hey, let's do lunch again!?!.


, are you in too!?! Let's set a date!?! How about this Friday!?! Or next Wednesday!?!.


, good for you for taking in some water today!!! I drink a whole gallon ... so, if you're floating, my girl, I'm drowning ... LOL.

Going to bed now, good night, ladies!!!..

Comment #36

I ended the day around 116 oz yesterday going to shoot for that again today....still flushing out sodium from the past many days of saltiness!!!.

Will not be on for the next couple most likely - but will post weight Friday.....


Comment #37


~ So I have an omelet most mornings with 1/2 cup eggbeaters then 5 Medifast meals.. in the evening I have the remainder of my L&G. This is the ratio:.

One full Lean =.

1/2 c.

Egg beaters + 4.5 oz chicken / halibut (6).

1/2 c egg beaters + 5.25 oz tilapia (7).

1/2 c egg beaters + 3.75 oz beef / ground turkey / salmon /lamb (5).

I rarely feel hungry now and am happy as can be thru' the day!.


~ Way to go girl! glub, glub, glub... drink that water up. First thing in the morning I drink 32 oz, before my tea. I try not to drink after 7PM..


~ we really miss you! Hope you get that computer fixed real soon. You're staying OP right?.


~ what's up?.

Made a speed run to over the mountains yesterday.. took 3 shakes and a bar with me.. I now know every rest stop, open bathroom and wide place in the road.

Have a great day Angles.....

Comment #38

Hi angels I am writing to you via the nook. I will still get my computer fixed but at least I can read on this. It is slow to write on. Kind. Of like a phone. Hey scales are Expensive! Still looking..

Love this new nook can read lots so am a happy Camper!.

Love to you all.


Comment #39

Why do you try NOT to drink after 7? I usually have a glass of water right before bed.... my throat gets so dry!.

Morning everyone! I'm off to the store for some shopping... will be back later tonight to see what everyone's up to..


Comment #40

Haha... 'cause I'll be up all night running to the BR..

Comment #41

Lisa - no water after 7 unless we want to have to run to the potty all night!!..

Comment #42

ROFL!!! I laughed so hard when I read that!!! Here I was thinking it's some kinda of new weight loss tip or something.....

Comment #43

LOL I have a no drinking after 7PM policy too or I'm up all night running to the Bathroom!..

Comment #44

Good Evening Angels.....YESSSS I am still been Not really...but I make sure I read every post whether I have a chance to respond right away or would be ,,,phewwww!!! i'm so far behind..

I always figured I was drinking a really great amount of water..but if I go by what I read...half of your weight in ounces...I would need 17 glasses plus 2 ounces. I drink usually 12 to 14 per today I am so far at 15 glasses and will be getting all 17 in! With that amount of water and my bladdder and I don't think it would matter how early I quit drinking...I would still get up through the night for a "pee" break!!.

Hope everyone is well...and do you all realise that in 2 wks and 3 days Christmas will be all over...the actual day anyways! I posted this comment elsewhere as well, but it really hit home that I wanted to share it here as well. With the way time flies by we will be done and through the holidays in no time and will be looking at the middle of January. Some of us will pull it off perfectly, others less perfectly, but I bet for almost everyone of us (hoping it IS EVERYONE of us) we will have come through much better than other Christmases! We will then be enjoying the feeling of power and control and have lost the "i'm a victim of food/family" thoughts and know that nothing can stand in our way......UNLESS ...we make a choice and....let it! Some empowering thoughts ...and feelings! Just wanted to share!.

I am glad I am on this journey with each and everyone of you. I think I would have felt it very daunting, to say the least having such a long weight loss journey. It really helps to know that each of you will be here with me, even if you all make goal before me (and that looks like it will be). So just a big hug to you all for your love and support.!!.

Love ya's.


Comment #45

You all have me cracking up when I should be sleeping! Lisa, you remind me of my best friend (and the mother of my Godson) whose name is also Lisa. She would've thought it had to do with weight loss too! lol!!!.

I've been having great NSV's that I have to share. My Lisa (who also commutes with me to the city...long trip, but glad we have each other) has been staring at me lately. Yesterday I finally looked at her and said "WHAT?!" Her answer? "Your skin is so glowy that I can't stop staring at you! What's your secret? Can it be all of the soy in your diet?" Honestly, I think it's all of the H2O that I ingest. Most days, I drink a gallon of water (I know every bathroom between work and home!) but never less than 10 glasses. It's really done me well. It's also trained my bladder.

See, I can easily consume 5 glasses in a 2 hour period and yet find myself going to the bathroom after the 3rd hour..

Another NSV: I attended an all-day meeting today with guidance counselors on my network (most of whom I haven't seen since May). One chatty counselor looked at me and said "WOW! You've lost a lot of weight! You look great!" and my all-time favorite: "What's your secret?" I take pride in telling everyone about Medifast. (Let's see how many I can get to joinI really should get a month's worth of food free for the!).

I probably won't post until Friday. The school building I work in has been closed until further notice by the building inspector. (Two bricks fell onto the head of one of my best friends at work. God sent His angelsmy buddy is fine. The bricks came down from the roof, fell onto ceiling tiles, which cushioned the blow to his head. He's my best friend at work.

He is also one of the best Kindergarten teachers I have ever seen. Thank you Lord once again for keeping him and all of the children safe.).

Have a great day tomorrow!!!.

Oh Angel, do what is best for you. However, I like Angela's suggestions a lot. You should really consider it..

God bless you all,.


Comment #46

Evening Angels,.

Two long days, home late. I'm not going to take the time for personals tonight. Actually, I composed a nice long post with lots of personals and then the puppy jumped on my laptop and I lost the post. Too tired to do that again..

My headache and hunger have gone, thank goodness..

I had to laugh at the water discussion, I drink a lot of water all day and into the evening. I keep a glass by the bed so I can drink that every time I get up to go to the bathroom..

I'm trying to stay off the scale until Friday, I can't wait to see if I have lost some of that water weight. I sure feel like I have been flushing something through my system. This will be hard for me, I have a history of being a twice daily weighter while on 5 & 1..

Heading to bed now, early start in the morning on what should be another long day...

Comment #47

Lisa~ You're so funny....

Kelly~ Glad I'm not the only one who has to stop at 7.

Joanne~ whooa... 2 weeks and 3 days, that does put it all in perspective. And you are so right about 'where will you be when the new year is here'. I personally want to be 8 pounds by then.. I'm making that choice to stick to the program regardless of the parties.. I'm here with you and 'thank you' for your friendship and support..

Vilma~ I got a sweet package from you today.. there's one coming your way soon.

How sweet of you girlfriend to mention your beautiful skin, I've wondered if it was the water too, hadn't thought about the soy. And holy bladder bat man, you can hold it for 3 hours, I'm truly impressed.. you're good..

Pam~ Glad to hear that the dreaded headache is gone.. onward and downward for you. I'm a once a week weigher.. it's too much stress if I gain or loose a pound. Sleep dreams tonight.

Busy day at work.. it's a huge weekend in town and will be putting in 10/11 hour days then doing the party thing at night. Just have to have a plan in place and remember to eat..

Have a great night Angels!!..

Comment #48

You girls are hilarious!!! LOL. Lisa, you're so cute!?! I drink and pee the whole day, and know every bathroom in every store I shop at LOL ... Ah, did you know that if I don't like a restaurant's bathroom I never go back to eat at that particular restaurant, no matter how good the food may be ... LOL.

Vilma, congrats on your NSVs!!! I also get lots of compliments on my skin, it has to be the water, I don't eat the products with soy ... I'm allergic to it.

The "Party Marathon" has started for me. I have gone to so many parties already ... I went to our church Christmas Party tonight. Stayed OP. Will get very busy from now on until Christmas ... So, I'll be posting short messages just to let you guys know I'm still here with you all!.

Hey, how about we exchange phone numbers through a private message and then set a time for a conference call!?! What do you guys say!?! But we all need to have a 3 way call!?! Because A will call B, B will call C, C will D etc ... Also, let me know what time would be a good time to call you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!.

Good night ladies!!!..

Comment #49

Good Morning Angles,.

Glad you are here Joanne. Missed you lots while you were lurking! Water Water Water. That is all I do! I love it now though and find I can not drive anywhere without water at my side. I drink until I go to bed at 10PM and get up once or twice. It does not bother me unless I have something on my mind then it is hard for me to get back to sleep. I once had insomnia and it was really bad! I was cured when I decided that I would not die from lack of sleep and if in the night I am tossing and turning I just start reading.

Now that I got the nook I can read without turning on any lights! I love this thing! If anyone else gets it let me know because we can lend each other books! Cool huh????.

So I am happy to see everyone anticipating the Christmas Season with a plan in place. I will be OP on a low carb plan. I have a few treats in store that involve pumpkin but I will not get involved in food prep, I will just give my sister money and let her take care of it! I think that is best for me. I know this will be a great Christmas because I will not be sad about how I am feeling..

I am off this AM to do a redesign job that will pay for my Christmas presents for my kids! I am very thankful because money just got a little tighter since my tenant is not paying! I had to go over yesterday and am evicting her in the nicest way possible. I told her if she was out by Jan 1 I would not have her pay for December and I would give her half of her deposit back. She is really difficult to deal with as she is an alcoholic and this past week my front tenants had a break in at their place,,,, what was missing???? Alcohol! I had the police out and they dusted for fingerprints and I paid for alarms for each and every window and door and then told the back house about it. I am hoping she will leave peacefully and their will be closure to this very bad year! Pray that she will leave and that I can find just the right person for my little cottage. I am trying to keep the house rather than doing a short sale or forclosure and renting it out is the only way. Also if she does not leave I will need to hire a lawyer and that is NOT going to be cheap!!.

Angelica I love your phone Idea. I have no idea how it would work but I am in. I would love to hear some of your sweet voices and it would be fantastic to have that added support..

Hope you all have a great day and that you know I am here for you and praying that each of you will have a great OP day!.

Hey Jan where are you??????.


Comment #50

Good morning Angelica and Kim ~.

Angelica~ So good to hear your voices this AM... Don't worry Angelica we'll still be here and any check in that you make will be great.. have a wonderful time at your parties. It sounds like you have a goal in mind and no party or function will sway you from your commitment.. it's a choice!.

Kim~ I'm not familiar with the nook, will have to look it up on Amazon. Is it like a 'kindle'? I bought my husband an iPad for Christmas.. one of the big reasons was so that he can use it in bed when he wakes up in the middle of the night. He's a big reader and consumes newspapers and periodicals, it'll be good not to have the stack of books and magazines by his bed. I'm thinking that I'll have to have one too.. just love techology, it makes life simple! I'm so sorry to hear that you have a difficult tenant..

We only rent to employees now and you know why..

Joanne~ is it snowing there? I read that Syracuse got 44" of snow in the past 3 days, you must be getting some of the same... hope you have plenty of Medifast hot chocolate on hand.

Loves to you Angels... have an OP day and drink up!!..

Comment #51

Good morning all!.

Doing okay over here.... very busy..

Janine- I LOVE my kindle.... I've seen the new ipads... a friend I know has a couple. Very nice..

Hope everyone is having a great couple of weeks... haven't seen some on the web lately....

UGH!! back to work. Just wanted to touch basis today..


Comment #52

Good morning all!.

Would love to do the 3 way call, but I only have the basic phone at my house... everything else is done through computers! Not even sure if I have it available on my work phone...

Comment #53

Angelica - I don't want to make your job tougher - but I may not be able to log in tomorrow big I'm posting this morning's weight for tomorrow 217.0.

I won't see the hundreds by New Year's - but I'll be soooooo close!.

Put on 14's this morning they were skin tight and I had to suck in to zip them - - but they were on!!! Should fit by New Year's!..

Comment #54

This looks like a very supportive and caring group. I have been on Medifast since 1st of November but haven't joined a group or really taken part in posting. Okay to join your group?..

Comment #55

Welcome DeAnna~ ofcourse you are welcome here with this motley crew of 'loosers'. Do you have a plan in place for the next few weeks?..

Comment #56

Welcome DeAnna!.

I don't have 3 way calling so I won't be able to do the phone call thing. It's ok as long as everyone keeps posting on here. LOL.

Hopefully I will have lost something by tomorrow. I'm not too sure. Was good but we'll see..


Comment #57

Hey everyone! Just checking in. I have three way call but (I'm embarassed to admit) I don't know how to use it..

Comment #58

I'm up bright and early posting my current weight: 192lbs! Holy frijoles! That makes 30 pounds since 10/23. Wow..

Thank you Lord for holding my hand and for showing me that with you, anything is possible..

Have a glorious day angels!.


Comment #59

I understand the mindset of people who are fanantic aout the need to stay 100% on program; I just stick to staying 100% on.


That has helped me to avoid the mindset that says, "Well, as long as I am having a little of XXX (insert off-program food) I might as well eat 3000 calories worth of food I have been missing.".

Some people can't stop bingeing once they start eating off program, but if you are not in that class of people, eating sensibly strikes me as good compromise in some situations. Then back to 5&1 when life settles down...

Comment #60

With you 100% Margotlane!.

My weight today was a disappointing 254.4 so only a .4 loss for this week. So far for the last 5-6 weeks the diet only gets me at most 1lb a week. Don't know where they get the 3-5 per week claim. Pretty disappointed..

Hope everyone has a better day then I am..

Comment #61

Talk to those in nutrition... maybe you're not eating enough or maybe your doing something else that's affecting you weight loss.... start by writing down every single thing you eat for the next week so you can let them know at Medifast .... Doesn't make sense to me either. There have been people who say they're just slow losers. Hopefully it's something that can be corrected.


Comment #62

Vilma!- WOO HOO!! Your shrinking away..

I'm always up early... course I'm on the west side of US so it's gotta be around 9-10 your time..

Hi DeAnne! This is a great group!! You'll find lots of support here..

Angel- Hope you're doing okay... remember that no matter which direction you go this month (w/diet) , we're still here and think about you.... how's your family doing? I still think of them often and hope they are okay... especially as the holiday's approach..

Elaine- I was able to squeeze into my 18's this last week... feels great doesn't it!?! Course, I'm much shorter than you so at 210 lbs. I'm still in my 20's (loosely)... I don't think I'll get into the 100's by the NY either..

Kim- Can't you just have the Sheriff meat you there and kick her out? I think it's very sweet of you to wait until the end of the month... no one wants to see someone out on the streets, especially during Christmas time. Yet at the same time, enough is enough! Hope everything works out well... keep us posted. And it's good to see your longer posts back..

Does that mean you have your computer fixed?.

Well... I've got to get my day started... I'll be back in a few with my weight for the week..


Comment #63

Good Morning Angles!.

Well it is weigh in day and I do not have a scale! Yes I am mad at myself so you guys don't need to be! I had a old scale and I wanted to save the 40 bucks so I bought a battery for the old one and It does not work!!!! I know I have lost I can feel it!!! I spent all day yesterday moving furniture, cleaning and decorating that home that I did the redesign for and I was feeling really skinny, Ha as skinny as a 260 something woman can feel! I just know I have lost something so I am disappointed..

Yes I can call the sheriff to move her out AFTER I hire a lawyer and do all this other stuff so I thought this would be better and actually cheaper than the other. I will have to get a lawyer involved after Jan 1 if she is not out. That will cost me even more money but there is a chance that she will be out on the first! Yea! We can only hope and pray..

I LOVE my Nook. You are right Janine it is wonderful for reading in bed. Mine has a dark backround and white writing for reading at night. Mine also has internet which I think the new Kindle does too. I got the Nook because of the many book titles from Barns and Noble. They have more than Amazon.

I think with kindle you have to use Amazon only. I would love an I pad but I don't think I need one now. Being such a big reader this is a really good thing for me. I had no business buying it but I did!.

Vilma Way to go!!!! You are doing so great, squeeze into those 14's and wear em proud! How fun for you to be there!.

Kelly, I agree with Lisa. Make sure you are doing everything right weighing and measuring does make a huge difference! It is hard to not lose when we are on program! Hang in there and like she also said at least you are on your way DOWN!!! Right?.

Joanne, are you snowed in? Write to us soon and let us know you are OK. I swear it is cold here for me in the 60's I have no idea what it would be like to be REALLY cold. This weekend it will be 80 in Orange County! I am looking forward to it!.

Well I gotta go my sister needs her computer. I am using hers when I do these long posts. But she is on it all the time and then takes it to work so I only get to use it when she is asleep!.

Angelica so sorry about the weight just take me off the list till I get my scale..

Lisa can't wait to hear your numbers for the week, that goes for all you BIG LOSERS!.

Jan Where are you???? Miss you!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!.

Have a great day Everyone,.


Comment #64

Morning..just quickly read the posts..and sounds like we are doing well..I will be back later on and reply properly...have a full day today...

I am down 2.2 to 276 this week for a total of 25.4 in 8 weeks..


Xo Joanne..

Comment #65

-3.1 / 209.1.

Have a good weigh in Angels!..

Comment #66

Good morning!.

Thanks for the welcome! Janine I have no plan in place for holidays. I just need to get back on plan. I started out doing great, big motivation and then it just vanished..

Being accountable to someone will be a big help. I have 2 teenagers still at home and need break the habit of tasting and taking bites when fixing their meals. They are also both in sports through high school so we are on the go LOTS. Will spend tonight after work and tomorrow night in the school gymnasium...

Comment #67

Business first: Down 2 Current weight 215 (total loss 35!!).

Hi everyone! I have been MIA for about a week. Christmas is a very busy time for pastors and I have been working 10-12 hours a day and trying to fit in family and Christmas stuff too. Got our tree in the house last Friday so it smells good and it's only getting lights and ornaments on tonight. Today is my first real day off in ten days since half of my church staff got a stomach virus and I had to fill in. Not trying to complain (well, just a little) but to explain..

So happy to welcome our new friends to Angies Angels. You will find a supportive and wonderful group of women. We share about our Medifast journey but lots of other things too..

Kim, I hope that things with your tenant work out. I would take the same approach you are doing by trying to work it out with some measure of grace first. If that doesnt work, then you know you have tried your very, very best to do it in a caring and reasonable way. If it doesnt work, then you will have to do the harder and more expensive and more emotionally upsetting method of lawyers, etc. Hang in there and hope the honey method works so you dont have to go to vinegar. (sorry for food analogy)! And Kim, I use Kindle to read books on my cell phone and love it.

I will try that the next time I am up at 2 am...

Kelly, we support you! Just hang in and keep doing the program. Even less than stellar losses are still losses when most people this time of year are packing on the pounds. So even smaller losses are still victories! And I think the advice to track an entire week and then talk to the dieticians is a good idea. The bigger losses may be right around the corner! Sometimes you just have to celebrate the total loss and thats a whopping 26 pounds!!!.

Vilma, you are rocking! So happy for you. You not only got to the doorway of Onederland, you just walked right through and kept going. All right!.

Angel, we continue to walk with you. Think of you often and hope your family is holding tight to one another. I support whatever decision you make about Christmas and MF. No matter what you decide to do we want you to stay with our group. Dont leave us. Stay with us because we so want you to be part of our journey together.

Angelica, you dear. I think you might lose weight just because of how much energy you share with people and parties and caring so much about everything. I hope you take care of yourself amidst all the social occasions but I know you love them so. You are doing great. I love that there are about 5 of us all within about 10 pounds and moving down together. In the next month or two we will have a bunch of us move into Onederland.

I will be chasing you all the way there..

Time to get organized for the day. My first real day to do Christmas shopping and then my DH and DS will decorate tree. I have a wedding to perform tomorrow afternoon in our sanctuary garden patio, then I am narrator for our two Christmas Concerts on Saturday and Sunday nights, preach and lead two worship services on Sunday morning. And I still have one mosaic covered garden pot to finish for a Christmas present and a photo baby quilt to make for my newly born grand niece. Whew. Time to get going. Grace to all...

Comment #68

Wow! Sorry that message above was so long. It didn't pick up the paragraph breaks so hard to read. Guess I better post more often and shorter...

Comment #69

Angels! Good Friday to you all I have been out of town all week but I am down 5.3 to 239.6 today. It may not stick I was under calories for most of this week being out of town I was off my schedule quite a bit but we'll see...

Comment #70

Good Afternoon Angels....

Taking a break and thought I'd sit down to catch up with my fellow "losers". The Medifast web-site is my lifeline right now.. it's a place where I can converse with others that are in this for the long run and find support for life. Thank you all so much for your consistent postings!!.

Vilma~ Holy Frijoles is right.. you are rocking this Medifast thing. Way to go girl!!.

Margot~ I'm right there with you.. I need to stay OP, my personality is one that I'll throw it all out the window if I slip up.. it's just my personality and I admire those who are able go back and forth..

Kelly~ Are you getting all your food in each day? What do your stats say for daily calories, carbs and fat. Do you log all your food.. just asking the basics.. don't you love a nosey angel?.

Lisa~ woo hoo... 18's!!!!! Are you walking on air???.

Kim~ I'll have to check out the website for the Nook.. don't you just love modern technology? There are so many new devices out there to make our life easier.. and what do you mean you have no business buying it??? You deserve it! About scales.. my humble opinion is that I'd rather only weigh every 6 weeks.. my emotions get too wrapped up in the weekly weigh-ins. Can't even imagine being a daily weigher..

But each day you can be up or down 1-2 pounds depending on water weight.. I'd be a nervous wreck.

Joanne~ yea!!! 2.2 pounds.

DeAnna~ Cooking with 2 teens in the house can be a trial, you've been on the program before so you know what to do. It'll be a matter of getting into the 'habit' again. My 20YO is home from college and the other son will be coming home in 5 days.. it'll be interesting and a challenge to cook those big meals again. Have a good time with those kids while they are still in school... time goes much too quickly..

Jan~ you are such a sweetie, I love your calming grace. Hope you are able to find time for yourself amongst all the craziness of your life. Would love to hear more about the photo baby quilt.. I'm a quilter as well..

Mommause~ 5.3!! No.Way.Girl.You.Rock!!!!! Tell us all about your week..

Loves to all you Angeles... look forward to hearing from the busy Angelica!! Bet she's having a great time...

Comment #71

I'm in breakdown and need help ... have to go donate blood now, then I have to deliver some homemade chicken soup to a 97 old friend of mine who is sick, then I have to wrap presents for my Book Club Christmas Dinner tonight and I had to cancel another party I had tonight. I am really getting overwhelmed ... ugh ... Wish the days were longer or had more hours ....

Can somebody step up and take the leadership today and post our Weekly Report for me. Tomorrow when I have more time I can update it..

Thank you so much! I'll read all the posts later tonight when I get back and if I'm not too tired..

I'm at 211.0 this morning! -4.8.

Congratulations to all the losers .....

Comment #72


Yup I measure everything, log and also make sure I get all 5 meals + lean and green. I'm not going to worry about it. Maybe it's a slump and this week I'll have a big loss. Doubt it, but we'll see...

Comment #73

Date: ..................11/05......11/12.....11/19.....11/26 .....12/03 12/10.

01 Valley_Girl ........................................................... 182.0.

02 AngelDaae ..... 190.7 .... 192.1 ..... 189.8 ... 189.8 .... 189.8.

03 NTLWnow ..... 207.5 .... 204.0 ..... 202.0 ....198.0 .... 195.0 ... 192.0.

04 Greyflower ..... 223.3 .... 220.7 ..... 217.8 ... 215.0 .... 212.8.

05 LodgeMom .... 225.9 .... 225.9 ..... 218.1 ... 214.8 .... 212.2 ...

06 Angelica ....... 224.0 .... 220.8 ..... 218.4 ... 218.4 ....214.8 ... 211.0.

07 PDinTN .......... 216.2............................................ 216.2 ... 192.0.

08 butterfly53 .... 226.8 .... 224.0 ..... 222.8 ... 219.6 .... 217.0...

09 Elaine ........... 235.4 .... 232.4 ..... 227.2 ... 223.4 .... 220.4 ...

10 Mommuse ..... 255.9 .... 253.0 ..... 250.5 ... 248.0 ....244.9 ... 239.6.

11 Racergal22 .... 261.6 .... 258.8 ..... 257.2 ... 256.6 .... 254.8 ...

12 Mom2georgie271.0 .... 268.4 ..... 265.0 ... 265.0 .... 265.0 ... 265.0.

13 Cinderelly132288.2 .... 283.4 ..... 282.0 ... 280.4 .... 278.2 ... 276.0.

14 DeAnnaKB...... 265?..

Comment #74

Good Evening everyone...hope you are all doing well.....

Congrats to everyone with all our losses and victories!!.

Welcome to our group DeAnna!! I hope you soon feel at home here..

Kelly I hear and feel your frustration over your sloow weight loss.. but I agree with Lisa...write everything down..I do everyday and find it really helps keep me legal...and then talk to support. Hang in there is better than the alternative. Hugs to you..

Kim...Sounds like you are a very talented sweet to have that extra pizzazz for decorating.

And girl..I hope you get a scale real soon..but just think of the loss that you will have next weigh in!! I hope things work out with your tenant..and I would have handled it the same as it was previously catch more flies with honey....I'm not snowed in here but 2 hours west have had a heck of a storm coming n off lake huron....something like 7 feet in a few places..a big part of the city was shut down for 3 days...anywaysssssss...they are talking about some snow for us this weekend..will have to see I guess... sounds like you are crazy's always nice to read your posts....Hope you get your Christmas shopping done!!.

Mommuse..Congrats on being down 5.3!!!!!!! Wow that is so exciting and a great accomplishment at this busy time of year. So happy for you..

Lisa..just love your posts are so insightful and always respond to all Angels dilemas with thougthful advice and suggestions..

Vilma...Congrats on 30 lbs gone and vanished forever..

Angel, Vilma, Janine..

Comment #75

Evening Angels,.

Wow, am I glad this week is over, very busy at work. Lots of overtime.

I'm just posting my weight this time. I may do a longer post when I get caught up. I'm still trying to get familiar with the group. Thanks again to everyone for being so welcoming..

-4.8 / 211.4..

Comment #76

Hey all...I hadnt finished my post and must have hit enter....but anyways..I will continue...

Angel I wanted to tell you I am thinking of you and if you can keep posting I beleive that will help you. HUGSS...You may not do this perfectly, but this is life! We will always have things to deal with..parties, weddings, holidays, birthdays etc to deal with. We may not always do it 100%, but we do the best we can. And learn each time NOT to take the slippery slope downward and undo all the hard work we have accomplished. Sorry... don't mean to preach..just hoping the support helps..

Pam Congrats with with losing almost 5!.

Waving hello to Elaine.

Janine...3.1...wtg! heyyyyy you are over half way done this weight loss journey..that is fantastic! And so close to such a milestone of 50 lbs.

...Thanks for posting our stats...!!.

Angelica..You are truly a beautiful spirit and such a giving nature. This world needs more "Angels" like you. I believe in "what goes around comes around" so I am sure God has many blessings for you! Get some much needed rest my dear!.

Love to you all!.


Comment #77

Ok, I'm back with a longer posting..

Joanne, I live in TN and they are talking snow here for the weekend. I've only lived here five and a half years, I come from Minnesota. It's funny to me to see the way the people here react to the possibility of snow, bread and milk are sure to be in short supply at the grocery. Snow, cold, I guess it's all relative..

Angelica, I'm in for a conference call also, work schedule permitting of course. Don't forget to take some time for yourself during these busy days..

Mommuse, great weight loss. I found that if I am short on calories for few days I actually stop losing..

Jan, thanks for the welcome, you seem like another busy lady. I'm start to think this is a group of very busy ladies. I think I will fit right in. I don't have much down time, even though I currently live alone. Well, with three dogs. Great company though they are, it's just not the same.

DeAnna, from one newcomer to the Angel's group to another, welcome..

Kim, Good luck with your renter, I rented my house in MN for a year and had to evict my tenant for non payment for three months. I really could not afford that at the time, and she trashed the house before she finally moved out. Friends helped me get it back to new home condition (it was only 5 yrs old), and I was lucky enough to sell it just before the bottom dropped out of the housing market. I agree, you will have a great weigh in when you finally get a new scale. I have three scales - LOL- last year I was obsessed with every ounce and kept buying bettter scales. The one I'm using now gives about a dozen readings, talk about TMI.

On the Kindle/Nook discussion, I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas last year and love it. I really love not having piles, and boxes, of paperbacks everywhere. I take my Kindle shopping and download/buy books right in the store. DD has a Nook and loaded it up with books before heading to Afganistan..

Janine, thanks for steping up and helping with the stats this week..

Joanne, I use a netbook that is difficult to type on, I am always composing posts only to hit the wrong key and lose them. I think I used to compose my posts using MS word then cut and paste. It saved me from typing the same post 2 or 3 times. I haven't started that this time, but I think I am close..

I'm sure I missed a few people, but this posting is long enough and it's time for bed..

I'll catch up over the weekend...

Comment #78

Morning all!!.

Wow!! Everyone has had a busy week. I really love this group! I write in 3 threads now (my max) and this is by far my favorite! We all share what's going on in our lives and really do support each other..

Sorry I didn't post my weigh in yesterday...I had some issues that prevented me from posting yesterday!.

I lost 2.5 lbs.

Last week.... hope it's not too late to report, but looks like our wonderful Angelica was having a difficult time getting on the boards yesterday too..


- I live in Phoenix, AZ and it snowed 2 years ago... I actually made a video of it... lol I think it was 13 years since the last time I had seen even a flurry in the skies here. So for ME snowing is a HUGE thing... that's the 3rd time since I was a child that it's snowed in Phoenix... Can you imagine? OH!! I love my kindle too....

I have 4 book shelves filled with books and DH told me I could have anymore cuz we don't have room... than he bought me a kindle!.

I can't wait to read what everyone else has been up to... and to hear about Mommuse's trip..

I have a very very busy weekend and will try and respond to what everyone's been up to. Sending my love & His blessings your way!.


Comment #79

Lisa~ You live in Phoenix.. I love it down there, always so mild and nice. Have you always lived in that area? And I agree that this is a great group, very supportive and loving.. so happy to have found friends that are on the same page..

Pam~ You've done so well on the program.. it's great that you've re-committed yourself to MF..

Joanne~ Thank you, I'm so excited and really can't believe that it's almost 50 pounds. Doesn't seem possible at all.. because it is all about choices... with your past experiences I hope that you can help us all with the mind set that needs to transform our minds in the T&M. Can you help with that?.

Kelly~ hang in there girlfriend.. you're body is just adjusting itself. Just think of that 'bikini'.

We're in the middle of a huge snow storm.. 12" so far today and another 5-6" due tonight. My brother and his family were suppose to come over the pass tomorrow morning for early Christmas.. I'm thinking that it probably won't happen.. so sad. I'll probably be working anyway because employees won't be able to make it out of their driveway and DH & DD will be plowing all morning.

Night Angels.. have a good evening...

Comment #80

Angels~ are any of you interested in going thru the "Beck's Diet Solution"... I've been following the thread here on the boards and it looks like it is a great. This is Day 1:.

Day 1: Write a list of reasons why you want to lose weight. Review the list and post it everywhere, so you can review it daily..

Discussion question: How many of your questions are related to your health? How many are related to your relationships with others? How many are related to your appearance? Should one of these categories be more important than others?.

The questions are thought provoking and get to the heart of why we are addicted to food. Any one interested?..

Comment #81

Oh boy, I'll never skip another day from posting in here ... whew, here we go:.

Kim, Im praying that your tenant will leave before the end of this year. Give me her full name on a PM and Ill put it in the Temple. They will pray for her and for you for 2 weeks every 2 hours..

I have a kindle and my hubby has an iPad that we share. But I cant wait to have my own. I just love it!!!.

I also drink tons of water ... and been very good on program 100% and it shows ... my sizes 18 are huge and the 16 are getting very loose ... havent tried the 14s yet ... maybe next week..

Janine, 209, wow, youre doing great, my girl!!! Nook is the new Kindle ....

Lisa, for all of us to be on the same conference call, 9 out of 10 have to have the 3 way call ....

Elaine, dont worry about being in Onederland by the end of this year, my friend. We just aimed over there, but time is so irrelevant ... sooner or later well all get there ... The important thing is to be on program 100% ... do whats right and let consequences follow ... and thanks for posting a day earlier!.

DeAnnaKB, of ocurse you can join us. Everybody in here is very open to coaching and very very supporting too. Also, we weigh in every Friday morning and report before 12:00 noon PST..

Kelly, if you want some coaching on why the weight loss is slowing down for you, we would need to know exactly what and how much goes into your mouth. Are you doctoring the soups or any other foods, like adding other condiments like cheese, extra fat, extra artificial sugars, salt etc ... Are you measuring your protein and veggies!?! Are you drinking your water, how much!?! Dont want to sound to nosy in here, just trying to help, OK!?!.

When I was not weighing my protein, I was actually eating more than the double amount allowed in the program or plan. We can only have 4 oz of Beef, 5 oz of chicken or fish. Once I had a huge steak ... it was about 8 if not 12 oz ... And then I was not losing as fast ....

LEANEST: Choose a 7-oz portion (cooked weight) plus 2 Healthy Fat servings..

Fish: cod, flounder, haddock, orange roughy, grouper, tilapia, mahi mahi, tuna (yellowfin steak or canned in water), wild catfish.

Shellfish: crab, scallop, shrimp, lobster Game meat: deer, buffalo, elk Ground turkey or other meat: 98% lean Meatless options:.

14 egg whites 2 cups of EggBeaters.

LEANER: Choose a 6-oz portion (cooked weight) plus 1 Healthy Fat serving..

Fish: swordfish, trout, halibut Chicken: breast or white meat, without skin Ground turkey or other meat: 95 97% lean Turkey: light meat Meatless options:.

15 oz extra-firm tofu 2 whole eggs plus 4 egg whites.

LEAN: Choose a 5-oz portion (cooked weight) no Healthy Fat serving added..

Fish: salmon, tuna (bluefin steak), farmed catfish, mackerel, herring.

Lean beef: steak, roast, ground Lamb Pork chop or pork tenderloin Ground turkey or other meat: 85 94% lean Chicken or turkey: dark meat.

Meatless options:.

15 oz firm or soft tofu 3 whole eggs (limit to once a week).

Are you exercising!?!.

Are you having any alcohol drinks!?! Are you eating every 2 to 3 hours!?! Are you eating all your meals!?!.

Are the veggies youre eating on the lower, moderate or higher carbohydrate count!?!.

Vilma, my darling, youre so funny, it's very easy to use the 3 way call, just dial up a number then connect to that person. Then press the flash button and wait until you get another dial tone (in this mean while that person you dialed first will be on hold), then dial the second number and when you hear the ringing tone if you press the Flash button again youll make the bridge and connect the two calls with you. Then the three of you can chat at the same time. Now, if you hang up, the both will lose connection too. And if you press Flash again, youll disconnect the sencond person (last one) you called..

Its very simple. You should try it! LOL.

Kim, we are not taking your name out of our list, nice trying!!! You just go get your new scale tomorrow and no more excuses, do you hear me!?! LOL.

Joane, I totally understand ... Ive been very busy too. Just made 50 booties for a friends baby shower Im throwing here in the house on the first week in January..

Janine, youre doing great, my girl!!!.

DeAnnaKB, just a simple question: Would you taste just a few tiny little bits of a rat poison!?! Even if it wouldnt kill you, you would get very, but very sick, wouldnt you agree with me!?! So, no more tasting foods for your teenagers ... let them taste it for themselves. Just one bite can throw you out of ketosis and then you wont lose as fast, besides, youll be craving more bad foods. Been there, done that!.

Jan, my sister, bless your heart!!! And I thought I was very busy!!!.

Mommuse, I hope youll stick ... just drink lots of water and back to your schedule and youll mantain that beautiful weight loss!.

Pam, my girl, we had the same weight loss this week and we are at the same weight too ... and we have about the same goal weight ... so lets buddy up!?!.

The race is on, my girl ... Lets get to Onederland together, shall we!?!.

Joanne, you are the true Angel in here. Im so glad we got to meet in here! Remember, it takes one to know the other.

Janine, thanks for taking the leadership in here and doing me that big favor! I owe you this one! Thanks my friend!!! Im so sorry for the snow storm and I just hope your brother and his family will be able to be there soon safely ... woman, how can you find time to follow another thread!?! Ill try, but most probably Ill follow Becks Diet Solution after the holidays ....

Lisa, my friend, Im right behing you at 211 ... keep running my girl ... I also have another group that I post daily (friends who are not doing Medifast, but are lowcarbing) and as you guys can see, I barely can keep up with one group HAHA ....

We are having a lovely weather this week ... Its being in the 80s. I just love California!!! Janine, Ill blow some warm weather your way, OK, my friend!.

Date: ..................12/03 ... 12/10 ... 12/17 ... 12/24 ... 12/31.

01 Valley_Girl ..... 182.0 ... 182.0.

02 AngelDaae ..... 189.8 ... 189.8.

03 NTLWnow ...... 195.0 ... 192.0.

04 Greyflower ..... 212.8 ... 210.3.

05 LodgeMom ..... 212.2 ... 209.1.

06 Angelica ........ 214.8 ... 211.0.

07 PDinTN ......... 216.2 ... 192.0.

08 butterfly53 .... 217.0 ... 215.0.

09 Elaine ........... 220.4 ... 217.0.

10 Mommuse ..... 244.9 ... 239.6.

11 Racergal22 .... 254.8 ... 254.4.

12 Mom2georgie265.0 ... 265.0.

13 Cinderelly132278.2 ... 276.0.

14 DeAnnaKB.................... 247.0.

If we dont hear from an Angel for 2 consecutive weeks, well remove their name from our chart. They can always come back and recommit. And when they do, will add their names back to our chart, fair enough!?!.

Good night ladies!!!..

Comment #82

Evening Angel's,.

My son has lived in Phoenix, Chandler, for the past five years. He loves it, can't get enough of the hot weather...

Comment #83

Ok, that was an accidental post. I just have a few comments, not a long post..

Ended upp with some flurries here in TN that still caused some events and schools for tommorow to be cancelled. I'm sory, I just don't get it..

Angelica, glad you could catch up and I'll be glad to race you to onderland. I can use the challenge..

Have a good week angels. I may not be posting much this week, I have a busy week scheduled at work...

Comment #84

I need to post more often so I can keep it shorter ....

Pam, you're on my dear!.

Had a long day today and going to bed earlier tonight, I really need to rest!.

Good night my Angels!!!..

Comment #85

Okay fellow angels! We don't have much longer of these stressful, busy, tempting days ahead of us! I didn't get done with.


Of my canning last week... my employee couldn't make it in the entire week! I ended up doing double duty... BUT I did get done with everything else on my list except for hanging a few lights. I'll be doing those today..

This week I have her here for extra days to help me get caught up and I start all my baking this week too! So canning, baking, hanging lights, holiday dinner this Thursday, help SIL with last min. shopping for Christmas Eve dinner Friday... that's my week. Pray for me! LOL.

Angelica!! I see you trying to sneak up on me... not gonna catch me! lol.


Comment #86

Thanks Angelica for the reference to rat poison as this should be a great "visual" to me each time I am tempted to take a taste. I am very much struggling to stay with the plan and really have no excuse but am recommitting today. Can't say I have been totally on plan from beginning so going to try to take some time and carefully look over what I have printed out and get remotivated. Having to be accountable to someone at the end of the week in reporting my loss will be great also..

I look forward to getting to know each of you better! After this week I will have more time to post as I am a part time student taking 10 credit hours and finals are this week and also work full time along with 2 teens at home who participate in high school basketball with games 2 evenings a week...

Comment #87

I am following the plan. No one needs to worry about that. I have the recommended amount of Chicken breast and Kale for dinner almost every night. Are you exercising!?! :.

Actually an hour every day. Cardio and weight training. The only thing that I do that isn't 100% on plan is some cream in my coffee. I won't be giving that up LOL.

I think the meals may actually have too many carbs for me. That is the most reasonable explanation when I analyze what I am eating..

I am not worried about it anymore. As my husband said even a pound a week will get it all off by next year..

Comment #88

Did you realize that the Medifast Exercise and Nutrition support page says that if you exercise over 45 min. a day, you're supposed to switch to the 4&2 plan? Think maybe your body is going into starvation mode? Just wondering if you thought of that....

That would also give you a little less carbs, but with the higher calories that you body needs from the extra activity....


Comment #89

Evening Angels,.

Just a quick post tonight, long day and I'm ready for bed..

Lisa, I wish you could slow down girl, you are making my head spin. Hope you are having some fun..

DeAnna, What are you studying? I used to do my homework at the kids games and events, at least the reading part. It's hard to have tes, work full time, and school. It sure keeps you busy..

Racergirl (Kelly?), Good Attitude, if you stick with the plan you will lose. Lisa is right though about too much exercise and not enough calories. Your post reminded me that I need to get back in exercise mode, I have also let that slip this Fall. I just have to set my alarm an hour earlier. I'm sure going to miss that extra hour of sleep..

Speaking of which, off to bed I go. Another long day tomorrow...

Comment #90

Hello Everyone....

Hey only a few flakes? you lucked out.

...We are getting some today...had a flash freeze warning yesterday...was rainy & wet and then the temps dropped liked crazy real fast and then snow. It has snowed most of today...looking like a winter wonderland out there...but we have been spared ...some have had it so bad. I have family in Va..and it's the same..a few flakes and they shut 'er down!.

Janine..Glad you brought up the beck book...I had been following that thread too!! I didn't get a book til yesterday and it was the hardcover..couldnt find the workbook..will keep looking though. Thanks for posting the day 1 here!!...but I prob wait til the new year when I can focus more of my time to it. Maybe it could be a group project in the New Year for those interested|?? What do you think? As far as helping out when we get to T&M, I would love to, but unfortunately I never made it will be new for me too..

Angelica...I agree..skipping a day posting here IS brutal! lol...Being in Canada all my life I just can't imagine 80 degree weather at Christmas. I guess it is all what you are used to and familiar with. Us humans are such creatures of comfort eh?.

Lisa..I am praying for you are one busy lady!.

Deanna..Stay with us..we are a very supportive, understanding forgiving bunch of ladies in here...and I give you credit for recommitting this close to the holidays!!! So if by recommitting will have saved yourself a possible 10 lb gain and maybe even lose a few between now and then.. your attitude!! I know for me..keeping carbs on the lower end is very important too!.

After awhile our body gets used to the same food,same caloric intake just as it does with Medifast veterans say to switch things up on a regular basis. Like eat 1000 calories a couple days then maybe 800...etc...

Kim..hope your weekend was a good one and you got yourself a scale..

Thinking of you!.

Sleep well Angels!.


Comment #91

Pam & Joanne.

- Yes I am busy!! ... but that's not always the norm. Just this time of year..

After the holiday's It'll start to slow down. Course that's not including the 1st 2 weeks of Jan... have end of year paperwork and putting all the decorations away... still not near as busy as Dec. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts..

I would love to be around the snow during Christmas time... I wish I could show you our AZ snowman... It's a snow globe filled 1/2 way with water & there are little eyes, carrot nose, and sticks for arms floating around in it.... lol It's not quite as warm as 80% (although I think today was), but usually somewhere in the low 70's or high 60's... we are adaptable for sure!.

Had a good day today... didn't get the lights done. If I can't get them up by Thursday night, I'll just forget them this year... it's the outside lights too....

DH has too many jobs going on right now to help. It's around 10 here and I'm tired!! I'm up at 5 in the morning so off to bed I go..


Comment #92

Hello all just wanted to pop in and say - I'm OP and holding's been crazy here for the last few weeks - just got some new shipments in - so I'm stocked up for the holiday season with all my favorites Medifast foods.... will try to get in and post before Friday - but if not, I am reading along and keeping up....

You guys take care - it's way past bedtime here - but I got the kids gifts wrapped and hidden tonight after they were asleep so only stockings left to do.....thank goodness..

Comment #93

Lisa, stay away from all the sugars, 'cause I'm just behind you, my girl ... we'll enter "onederland" together, OK!?!.

Boy, you're so busy ... sounds like me ... I had big meeting in Church yesterday morning, it was our Stake Conference ... we heard divine messages ... it was so beautiful, just marvelous!!!.

Then at 5:00 we had our Christmas Concert!!! My husband sang in the Choir and I was in charge of the "Refreshments"!!! You can imagine what that means, huh!?! Cookies, brownies, cakes, you name it and we had it ... the heat was on ... the temperature was in the high 80s, it was a Summer day ... and the smell of sugar, butter and flour was intoxicating. I brought some of my platters to make the tables prettier and set up the whole thing by myself. The 6 helpers I was supposed to have never showed up.

I'm still tired ....

Tomorrow I need to clean up the house, write Christmas cards and wrap some presents. Had another concert tonight, but I didn't make it..

DeAnna, I'm glad the rat poison analogy helped you understand that just a little bite, that just licking our finger from some icing or melted chocolate or anything that is not in the program, will change our body chemistry and we won't lose as fast. I also suggest you create a Ticker and post it in your signature. ( If you do what's right and let consequences follow, you'll lose this weight in no time ... this program only works if we work it! Eat every 2 to 3 hours. That will increase our metabolic rate and we'll enter into ketosis and our body will turn into a furnace and it will be burning the stored fat. I eat every 2 hours.

Or I take a bar or 2. But we need to be responsible for ourselves. Eat all our Medifast meals a day, plus 1 lean and green. If we do that, we'll lose the extra weight. I promise you!!!.

Some people won't even give up their coffee cream, right Kelly!?! LOL.

I asked you about the exercise because I don't exercise. My coach told me that if we exercise we need to eat more, or our body will think we are going into starvation mode. And we won't lose. Actually some may even gain. This is a different program. I suggest you talk to your coach and if you don't have one, you can call mine for free if you want to and she can help you out.

Hey, Lisa, good coaching ... I just read what you wrote to Kelly LOL ... right on my girl!.

Pam, I hope you are reading this with regards to exercise. I'm not saying it's bad for us, but if you do, maybe you need to eat more or have an extra Medifast meal. I suggest you talk to your coach before engaging in any type of exercise...

Comment #94

Kim did you buy your new scale yet!?!.

Joanne, I'm splitting the post in here so they don't get to be too long ... glad to hear you're doing great!!! I also had long winters when I lived in NY. And only God knows how much I missed California's weather LOL ... what is this Beck Book thing you guys are talking about!?!.

Lisa, my girl, don't over do it!!! Hire a handy guy to do the outside lights for you..

Elaine, good to hear from you too ... good job! I still need to write my X-mas Cards ....

Joanne, I'm splitting the post in here so they don't get to be too long ... glad to hear you're doing great!!! I also had long winters when I lived in NY. And only God knows how much I missed California's weather LOL ... what is this Beck Book thing you guys are talking about!?!.

Lisa, my girl, don't over do it!!! Hire a handy guy to do the outside lights for you..

Elaine, good to hear from you too ... good job! I still need to write my X-mas Cards ....

Kim, did you buy your new scale yet!?!.

Angel, how are you doing!?!.

Jan, hang in there, my friend!.

And to the rest of my Angels, my prayers are with you!.

Past bed time ... Good night y'all, ttyl..

Comment #95

Morning Angels!.

Been gone too long! Love what has been going on here. Janine you Rock! Thanks for being our right hand gal and helping Angelica out. And no Angelica I have still not bought a scale. I tried fixing the one I had and a battery did not save it! So I struggle on. I am more Atkins/MF right now but no more cheating on sugar. I am feeling really great but miss everyone here soooooo much!.

I treated myself to a new bra yesterday. I went to Nordstrom's because I saw on Oprah how they have free fittings. Now I could never have done this before I lost 76 lbs because they did not have a size that fit me. Well it was time to get these babies back into the right place. My clothes were not looking good and my bras were puckering up. So I am thinking a smaller bra right????? WRONG!!!!! I was wearing a 44 c when I showed up and I left with 40 G, Yes G.

What in the world. It is true we all wear the wrong bras unless we get measured by a professional..

Very funny but I do look better in clothes and am now in a 18 for real! They are also much more comfortable than the crap I was wearing before, but a G????? Really I am not that big in fact I have lost tons in that area what would I have been before? a double Z? Ha!.

Ok so the reason I went to get a bra is because I went in for an interview yesterday and may start working very soon. I am taking a Job in a fabric store because I need to be working, and it is more than for the money. But the money will help. I am home and doing things around the house but the days drag by. I get bored and hungry. So then I go out shopping and I may not spend much but I do spend.

I think I am much better off when I am working and keeping busy that way. Anyhoo I go to this place when I am buying fabric for my design clients and have struck up a friendship with the manager. He is a delightful guy and we always have so much fun. I will be using him on my next design job. We work well together and it should be a good job until I can get permanent placement in the building industry.

I am hoping my hip can survive! I may also be able to get some design clients this way..

Joanne, I am thinking of your white Christmas. I have always lived here in So Cal and have wished for snow. It is what I am used to but would love some of the white stuff..

Lisa, slow down and enjoy. I know easier said than done. Did you know that stress can slow down weight loss? Maybe you are not stressed just busy. That goes for you too Angelica!.

I am all over the Beck study! I can do it on my Nook. Lets start the second week in January! Good suggestion Janine..

Jan, so good to hear from you! What a great post. Of course you are busy this season! Glad to hear that you are ministering to your flock. That must be so rewarding..

I want to welcome Pam and I know I already did but it is great to have someone just come in and be so prolific! I love your attitude and keep posting love to hear what is going on..

Vilma, how are you doing, Kelly you too. great to hear from Elaine too..

No computer still but when I can get my hands on this one I will. Love to you all and I do check up to see how you are all doing on my nook it is too hard to write a long reply though. Have a wonderful Tuesday...

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.