Where can I get a free Godaddy domain name on the internet?
Question I have... Where can I get a free Godaddy domain name on the internet? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My other question... Seems to me that they have maxed out..

Just a gut feeling..

Anyone else agree/disagree?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I hope they haven't I have only just regged 6 Names.


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Well good names are earning well PPC wise I think people just regging poker whatever that is not doing great it's got poker in the name is just stupid IMO..

People I talk to are making good sales in .tv with good poker phrases so it's out there has to have a good name though. Badger, Daniel R please give your opinions. Thank you..

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There are still good casino/poker domains left..

I reg a new poker/casino HostGator everyday..

Today I regged (typo's):.

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I know there may be some so so names still out there to reg but do you think that end-user values have peaked and are now starting to drop?.


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I'm already looking for the next big thing to hit the online communities and reg some domains for that.

So yeah I agree with ya Coastalguy, I think the internet has more than enough poker domains out there, and the values have peaked. Finding top level poker domains is virtually impossible anyways nowadays....

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The poker industry will soon to go through a process of consolidation and shakeout. It is unlikely that anyone holds that all-in river card HostGator name which will scoop the pot...the current scramble for names however is driven more by the promised riches of traffic income ( to the major players......

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Scramble is based on that it is a big and growing buisiness..

PartyGaming enjoys successful debut on the LSE.

5:25 PM, Tuesday, June 28, 2005 by

PartyGaming’s stock rose 11% during it's first day of trading today on the London Stock Exchange. The stock entered the Exchange at 2.12% and closed at 2.35%..

Moreover, as a result of it's profitable first day, PartyGaming announced it's decision to opt for overallotment for 115.3 million of it's shares..

The biggest float since 2000, PartyGaming is comprised of 4 million shares, the majority of which are controlled by company founders. Roughly 21% are open to British and European institutional buyers and approximately 6% will go to company employees. This coming Thursday, July 1st will mark the first day shares become available for purchase to general investors across the globe..

The world’s biggest online gaming GoDaddy site floated at an initial value of $8.4 billion, allaying recent fears that the float would flop due to potential setbacks PartyGaming might encounter with U.S. Justice Department officials in the future. Investors were cautioned about entering the United States due to the risk of arrest, although it is not deemed likely that the Justice Department will take any action...

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I think they reached their "peak" already as far as future value will still be there but the sales wont be as often or as high in the past, just my opinion...

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Yeah poker domains have peaked depending on how the market goes will depend on what the PPC for them are but the casino/poker industry is pretty large so dont see it drop any time soon...

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Hands Up all those that checked Whois.Sc to Check if was Regged.

Hands Up to those who Found I did..

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Yeah Iv noticed alot of people have started buying them...

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