Where can I get a Medifast Diet book?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Where can I get a Medifast Diet book? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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!! I was worried I'd be doing it the same time as some other muffin...

Comment #2

I couldn't remember what we supposed to be calling ourselves..but I knew it had to be muffin related...

Comment #3

Pin-up muffins sounds good to me! How was your weekend?..

Comment #4

It was pretty nice but poor Isabel had a stomach virus (blech!) on Saturday and still didn't feel right yesterday (although no more vomiting)..I kept her home today because she still looks pale and can't eat..

How about you?..

Comment #5

Not bad. We took Xavier to the carnival on Friday night. Spent way too much money but I figure it was just a donation to the Catholic church in town. Spent some time cleaning and straightening up yesterday and FINALLY (embarassinlgy) enough took down my Halloween decs in the house. Left some funkins around for Thanksgiving and all but finally got all those scary black birds down. LOL!..

Comment #6

Awww Christina..he is so cute! I love his curly hair!! Love the pic of you two on the merry go round. That's nice you all had fun at the carnival. A carnival in November sounds crazy to me but in's normal...I guess. They are overpriced! Any interesting carnies??..

Comment #7

Believe it or not, most of the carnies were pretty normal except for the guy running the Barrel of Monkeys bounce house. He was very stereotypical carney with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth next to the kids bounce house and his surly attitude. Everyone else was very nice and very good about helping Xavier get in and out of the ride cars, which I appreciate. This is carnival time in Florida....from now until right around Easter. The weather was beautiful! They do them more often during the tourist season because, of course, more business during those months plus it's way too miserable during the summer to be outside, even at night...

Comment #8

I wonder if we get the same carnies? It makes sense that they travel the country. We get Skelly's as our main carnival. Iz always talks about the one guy w/ the milky eye. He wasn't there this summer...

Comment #9

Good Morning Muffies.

Christina your little guy is so cute, I was also going to say that I love his curly hair.

Sorry about Iz, Heather. Stomach bugs suck.

Hope she feels better tomorrow.

I had a good weekend, not to busy. My Husband got alot of our woodstove hearth or whatever you want to call it done on Sat. it's really nice I had to pick out the tile at Home Depot. I'll post a pic later, we got the boards down and some tile laid out..

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Are you putting the woodstove in an existing fireplace or starting from scratch? I love woodstoves!..

Comment #11

We are starting from scratch Heather, when we built the house it only had electric heaters as an option, and they arent good ones. Just little wall heaters called Cadet.

So here in the front room we are putting it in a corner, I'm excited it will be nice to have good heat..

Comment #12

That's going to be so cozy.


!! You need it in Oregon for sure! I love the smell of a wood fire too. I've been making a fire almost every night. I'm getting good at it...

Comment #13


I hope she's better by tomorrow too. We have visitation at her school and also the book fair ..which I'm working. I just didn't feel right sending her in w/out eating. She really wanted to go but I knew she wasn't feeling 100%...

Comment #14

Poor Iz! Stomach bugs are the worst!.

I'm jealous of your wood stove, Amy. One of the things I miss about living up north was having a fire going in the winter!..

Comment #15

Yeah, Its always better to let them have a day to rest. the stomach flu takes alot out of ya.

We probably have 4+ years of firewood on our property, we had tons of trees cleared out to build the house, and my Hubby just cut them in like 8ft. sections and piled them up. I think on Friday we are going to work on cutting some of it up and get it covered so it doesnt get to wet..

Comment #16

I'd love to join! Married to a Sailor and always wanted to be a Pin Up Girl! So there you go LOL.

Anyhow, I've been doing well, but I have more LBS to go, but I'm committed!.

How do I get the cute little Pin Up Girl signs so many have in there signature? Thanks!..

Comment #17

I think I'm going to get a humidifier or 2, to run in the house for the winter..

Comment #18



..just had over your bra and use skunk in a sentence, and you're in!! What's your first name and can you put it in your siggy?.

The code is in the first message of this thread...

Comment #19

Oh my gosh.


..that's a lot of firewood! We always buy it but one day we're going to clear out the fallen trees in our back woods and then we'll have a lot of firewood too. I do collect lots of kindling after a storm though...

Comment #20

Ok beautiful muffins..I'm off to do my Shred workout! Just call me Shredded Carrot Muffin today!..

Comment #21

Its hard to explain unless you've been here but we have Pine trees galore, and our property is covered. we have about an acre, and my Husband and his Grandpa cut some dead trees last month, I was worried they would go down in a storm..

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Good morning muffins!.

Pumpkin spice muffin of death.

- oh. my. goodness. could xavier be any cuter?! those curls! that face! he's precious!! the carnivals have pretty much cooled it in texas, but there will be some fun outdoorsy things for christmas... like santa's wonderland!.


Shredded carrot muffin.

- poor iz! hope she's feeling better soon. other than that, good weekend? I loved the book fair as a kid! there's a big book festival in austin in november each year. I was out of town for it this time around, sadly!.

Pine tree woodstove muffin (amy.


- 4+ years of firewood! that sounds like quite a project that you're undertaking, but i'm sure you'll love it once it's all said and done. any word on the permanent position with the school?.


Racergirl muffin.


Comment #23

Morning Taylor.

Yes we have lots of wood but we wont cut it all up for this winter, we will cut some and then maybe cut some more up early spring to stack for the next winter..

I havent heard anything on the job, but last week was a short week and they had a leads meeting on Wed. so they may have talked about it then. Hopefully I will know something this week..

Comment #24

AFM - this weekend was pretty awesome. friday night was date night with ry. we went to one of our fave restaurants and then to the movies. we saw "it's kind of a funny story." have y'all heard of it? it was so wonderful. I wish every teenager who was feeling different or out-of-sorts could see it. it made me laugh (a lot), cry (a little), and at the end, I was feeling so good, like...

'scuse the sappy sap on a monday morning! seriously, though. great movie..

Saturday, ran a ton of errands, walked around the container store for organization inspiration (.

I get that from heather's blog, too!.

), and played two games of doubles tennis - me and ry vs. our friends paula and stephen. we are all...pretty bad. or rather, we're "equally good.".

It was fun, and perfect weather for it. then that night, we went to another friends' place for dinner. they're vegan, and i'm always amazed at the creations they come up with. so good! played monopoly, which I haven't done since I was maybe...10?.

Yesterday, brunch and more errands! I feel like i'm going to be a busy little bee with holiday stuff approaching... I love this time of year!.

Ginger spice muffin.

, with my new red hair..

Comment #25

Hey Tay! Thanks for the compliments on my son, ladies....I have the feeling I'll be barring my door against the girls when he gets older...

Comment #26


Amy- Yay for the woodstove!!! I want one! but IDK how one in a second story apartment would go LOL!.

XXXtina, aw your lil man is adorable! Love pics, Im jealous of your guys' warmth! Its so cold here.

Heather- Boo on stomach flu! But she has a wonderful mama to take care of her..

Weekend went great. My sister's baby shower was awesome. Almost 40 people came!.

We made over 50 lil hands and feet sugar cookies for the favors and we had tons of food. She got SO many presents. Im so happy for her. My cake turned out really nice I think..

Comment #27

Morning tay!.

We need pics of your red hurr!..

Comment #28

Morning Mel, I like your cake.

Your a pro.

Last night I cut both of my boys and my Hubby's hair, I really dont like doing it but it saves money..

Comment #29

Morning, melly girl! your cake is purrrrrrty! I noticed the little tiara. so is your sis a princess, too then??? 40 people! that's awesome. love the idea of hands and feet cookies..

I will post a pic of my hair soon... I don't have one yet!..

Comment #30

I had a dream I got so mad at my mom cuz she cut alex's hair without me knowing and she shaved it bald, like old man bald..

Comment #31

I love the cake! I dyed my hair last night. It's pretty much my natural hair color....maybe a little darker but I have some red in my hair leftover from a semi-perm color I did months ago. I thought that stuff was supposed to wash out? WTH? Anyways, it's all one color now...

Comment #32

Last week my Husband started calling our youngest son Elvis, because his hair was getting so long he had side burns ROFL.

Oh I forgot, on Sat I worked out in the yard for probably 4 hours if not longer, loading up a million limbs and burning them, It wore me out.

Ash must be busy this morning..

Comment #33


Christina, like everyone else, I love your little guy's curls! So cute!!.

Heather, sure hope Izzy feels better soon. Poor thing..

Amy, I want a woodstove!.

Taylor, I dyed my hair red in October. I like to switch up the colors now and then. I'm due to retouch it as the roots are showing..

Purty cake, Melly, you are talented!!.

Welcome Racergal!..

Comment #34

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in. I was at 248.5 yesterday and today. Whoo hoo! Please God, let me never again be closer to 300 than 200.....

Comment #35

Thats awesome Carolyn. I need to lose 30 ASAP! Far real! I wanan have a baby!..

Comment #36

Oh during the last set of cookies I was baking, the oven element thing blew! Except 1 inch of it and it started sparking, I turned it off and it wouldnt go off, it just kept sparking, I called and left a message for my apartment manager who didnt answer and she didnt call yesterday either. Ill have to call in an hour....

Anyways I had to use my breaker and turn off the power to the whole flippin stove. I hope I get a new ONE! EEEK thatd be so awesome!..

Comment #37

Good morning ladies,.

Today I should be multi-grain muffin because I added grains into my diet today! MMmmm.

Heather Poor Iz! I hope she feels better soon..

Christina Xavier is soo cute!.

Amy I am jealous. That was one of the few things I wanted in my house that I didnt get..

Hi Racergal Im Jessica, 25 y/o grad student getting my Ph.D. in environmental engineering. I have one dog and am single but I have a number of Boy Toys (BTs). I just started stage 4 of transition after losing 66.6 lbs on Medifast since April. I have lost 125 since my heaviest..

Taylor- Sounds like you had a great weekend..

Melly Love the cake. It is so cute. Your stove does not sound safe..

Carolyn You are doing so great!..

Comment #38

Jessica, your numbers are awesome!.

Melly, I hope you do get a new stove. But eesh! Sounded scary!..

Comment #39

So last week I discovered that I LOVE the peach tea hot instead of cold. So today, I decided to try the tropical fruit punch hot. Before you think that sounds crazy, let me ask - anyone ever drank hot liquid jello? It's pretty yummy. I thought it might taste like that. WRONG. The tropical punch as a hot drink is grossness. Just to let you know!..

Comment #40

It was scary, I was like why is there a flippin apartment manager if they aint gon' be answerin my calls, or calling me back, this was saturday night and I called that night, so no word since? I think there is a certain amount of time they have with ranges right? is anyone a landlord or know that kinda ish?..

Comment #41

Thanks Carolyn. Your 6.5 lb drop is pretty awesome too...

Comment #42



! how are the bugs doing today? yay for incorporating grains! can't wait til transition. seriously. bananas! nomnomnom.


, scary about your stove!! eek! of course the new little baby will be the princess, but you will be the OG! original gangster princess..


, after reading that last week, I wanna try the peach tea hot... thanks for the tip about the hot tropical punch! haha...

Comment #43

Mel, you want to drop 30lbs so you can have a baby?..

Comment #44

Yo, divas!.

Melly, love the cake!! Glad your sister had a good turnout for the shower. Boo to the landlord!.

Heather, so sorry Iz has been sick. I hope she's back to her normal cute self now..

Carolyn, rock on girl!!! Congrats on the loss!.

Jessica, that ticker just keeps on moving! WTG!.

Racergal, welcome! I'm Sheila, 36 y/o, married with no children. I have my own fashion design company I am currently building and I have an insane obsession with shoes!.

Xtina, I can't see the pics.

Hi, Amy. I hope you hear something this week about the job!! Fingers crossed for you!!.

EDIT: TAY TAY! OMG! How in the world did I forget to send a shout out to you!!!! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!!! We wanna see the red!!!!.

I am so looking forward to being off work from my day job all week next week!!! The countdown is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I got to see a lot of my childhood friends this past weekend. One of them lost her uncle (the baby of the family) so I went to the funeral. I'm glad I was able to make it because I got to see so many people I hadn't seen in years. It was refreshing (although the circumstances weren't) to see them all. I feel so good this morning because of that time with them. It's amazing how things like seeing old friends can make you feel so good...

Comment #45

That's what I'm trying to figure out!.

Sidebar: The 70 Swiss Mocha shake is so chalky. It sticks to my throat...

Comment #46

Taylor I know! I was munching on green grapes a minute ago. Serious nom, nom, nom. My bugs suck. I gave up and went back to an earlier saved point. I was wasting time. This has put me back two months in my research.

They all say It happens. It is part of doing research Blarg! They arent the one trying to graduate...

Comment #47

LOL!!! Taylor has renamed you, Melly! I'm going to start calling you OGP! I love it!!!..

Comment #48

OGP muffin hells ya!!.

Ya, I'm thinking about it.

I wanna have a baby oober bad..

SheShe- Aw I'm glad you got to spend time with old friends.

Its always nice.

Jess- boo on the bugs, they are buggin you!..

Comment #49

We need Cindyloohoo!! Miss her! *insert Snookie wail*.

That's so scary Melly!!! It's in your apt. mgr's best interest to take care of this for you!!!!.

Your cake was amazing! You're so talented!!!..

Comment #50

I will be on TOM this week! geez... we're all in-sync..

Page 7, and it ain't even noon! (in texas, anyway) I LOVE IT!.

Shredded carrot muffin.

- the vegans (mark & carrie) made rosemary couscous, roasted veggies and tofu cakes (like crabcakes)! I loved the tofu cakes. there was an entire tray of them (probably 15 or so). we each started dinner with 2 (there were only 4 of us), and we munched on them all evening til they were gone!.



!!!!! so excited for you to have an entire week off next week. that is fantastic! forgive me and my memory... what's your day job? you quit AT, correct? I know that was just a side gig, I just can't remember your day gig! awesome about seeing old friends. there's something so comforting about that, even if the circumstances aren't ideal..


, sorry the bugs are buggin' you! (haha, melly) will you be graduating in may? any word on that big scholarship you're a finalist for?.

Racergal muffin.

- i'm taylor, 28-yo nonprofit consultant in austin, dating ryan, no kids, no pets, lotsa plants!..

Comment #51

Oh, and.


, yes, the container store is dreeeaaamy! how's this for ambitious: I sold my small desk, bought a work table (like my desk, but deeper), so i'm planning on building or buying a small hutch and then going to container store for some under-desk organizing solutions. they have these awesome file cabinets that are so much better than that steel-metal gray! blech!..

Comment #52

Hey Taylor..

Nice to meet you all!.

As I said as a small into, my name is Kelly, married to my husband Ray for 6 years this Saturday.

We have 2 kids, Boy (5) Girl (1). No pets yet but we just bought our forever house in CT and there's a yard! So excited about that. We close on the house Dec. 3rd..

Comment #53

Welcome Kelly.

How rude I didnt do an intro.

Im Amy, 30 yr old. Married 7yrs (together 10), Mom of 3 (boy 12, girl 9, boy 6) from Oregon. I spent many years as a stay at home Mom and recently went back to work, working part time in the Elementary school kitchen, works out great I work while the kids are in school and I'm off when they are.

She- I have all next week off to.


Comment #54

WOW, 8 pages already! It stinks that this thread starts getting active again and I can't be online during the day. I popped on to do the QODs! No backreading, I'm sorry. I've been doing well. I didn't get the job, which sucks, but there will be other better jobs out there..

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do?.

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together?.

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk?.

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat?.

5. L&G/main meal?.

Not sure if I will get to answer my own questions, but I hope you all have a wonderful day!..

Comment #55

You guys have the week off? I'm so jealous! I get a 4 day weekend so I'm not doing terrible..

Hi Kelly! I'm 28 y/o, married with one son (3 yrs old). I live in SW Florida and work for a local college. I've been on Medifast since January and had some setbacks this summer with an illness so I'm taking off some of the weight I've gained back. Total I lost 68lbs before I went on Prednisone on now I'm back up but back on the wagon again..

Welcome to the group! We' re a chatty bunch in here most days so don't feel obligated to keep up but we're happy to have you along for the ride...

Comment #56


! you didn't get the job? how is that possible?! i'm so sorry to hear that..

But you're right, there will be other, better opportunities. your positive attitude will keep you going. it's one of my favorite things about you!..

Comment #57

Christina- The school district that I work for is out the whole week for Thanksgiving and then again Dec 20-Jan 3rd for x-mas. So I will also be off at those times and home with the maniacs I call my children.

Hiya Merz- Miss you, sorry about the job. Im sure something better will come along..

Comment #58

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do?.

Um...i would be super sad! i'd try to do some backreading in the evenings, perhaps..

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together?.

We never have. I always thought it would be fun, especially with pets! haha..

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk?.

I'd try to convince them to just go anyway. I work in such a small office (9 of us), and we all get along pretty great, so I haven't been in this situation fortunately. I suppose I could always invite the 2 that I REALLY like out for happy hour or coffee after work, to still get some hang out time with them....

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat?.

Hot and sour soup! works every time. also, I gargle with warm salt water. still grosses me out every time, but it works..

5. L&G/main meal?.

Shrimp and arugula! i'm eating my L&G for lunch today...which is now!..

Comment #59

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do?.

I only use the internet at home, so I guess I would get alot more house work done LOL.

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together?.

I usually get a pic of the kids and have cards made with that, it's been a really long time since we did a family photo.

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk?.

Thats a hard one, I really dont know.

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat?.

Drink lots of water and hot tea.

5. L&G/main meal?.

Im not sure on the lean, but I will have salad and maybe some cauliflower. I have some left over chicken I may eat..

Comment #60

Im not a huge shrimp fan but for some reason that sounds yummy.

I dont know if you guys saw or not but Mekaela, our fellow pin-up has lost 100lbs..

Comment #61

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do?.

Ive been there. I usually just check it at home and just say a little bit here and there to check in. Its tough when I cant get to it at work but I can get to it on my phone!.

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together?.

Not usually but I want to this year! I told Tony I want to do a family portrait of the three of us and give them as gifts to the grandparents, nicely framed..

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk?.

Ive been there before. Its hard with all the drama that goes on in our workplaces. Basically I would just let them know that youre going and if they can be civil for an hour, theyre welcome to come. Otherwise, have fun eating at your desk. Maybe set up separate lunch dates? Ive had to do that before too...

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat?.

The best thing, although not OP, is a tablespoon of honey and some lemon juice. Honey has natural pectin in it and coats your throat..

5. L&G/main meal?.

Chili tonight. Hubby already put it in the crock pot...

Comment #62

Well ladies I am heading to work, have a great day..

Comment #63

Ugh! I feel like Sh!t. I broke another researchers bottle. My stuff is in the very back of an overly full fridge. I knocked it out when I was pulling my arm out..

Taylor No I still have 1.5 years but I am so ready to be done. What I am doing now is just the set up for my real experiment that I am writing my dissertation on. As for the scholar award, I have the application. It is due Dec. 13th. If I win I will get half the money in Aug.

My last year..

MERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We miss you!!!!.

Blah, it's raining. I am going to head home now. I have 1.5 hrs to drive home, eat and leave for class. The drive home is almost an hour...

Comment #64

Taylor, I work for a place called Southwest Power Pool. It is a company that regulates the power grid. You people will have lights. It's a very stable and secure job and will sustain me until I get where I am going. I definitely don't see myself retiring from here. Oh and I transferred from AT and moved over to LOFT and this evening is actually supposed to be my first night working there.

I hated working in the mall..

Merzzie!!! Glad to see you but sorry you didn't get the job. Something better is out there obviously or you would have gotten that job..

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do?.

Get on the blackberry.

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together?.

Umm, no. At family get togethers or parties but nothing formal..

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk?.

I would still go. I have a lot of friends/coworkers who don't like one another but I still make it work being friends with both opposing parties. Life is too short for such cattiness! too much like high school when things like that happen, imo..

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat?.

Drink a hot tottie or hit the meds..

5. L&G/main meal?.

Not sure yet...

Comment #65

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do?.

It's tough. This isn't an easy group to belong to when you can only get online nights and weekends. I'm hoping to drum up some activity during those times..

I was afraid I was going to have to drop out after hearing that "they" are watching us and we shouldn't be going to personal sites, but now I'm like, "whatever." LOL..

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together?.

Not professionally. My sister always gets the kids together for her Christmas cards..

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk?.

I was in the middle of that once. When I first moved to Richmond, I went back to my hometown for a lunch that someone organized for all my friends to see me and a couple of them refused to come because they didn't like another person who would be there. That really hurt my feelings. So I would try to get people to put their differences aside for an hour and break bread. Luckily I don't really have to deal with it now where I work. My co-librarian drives me, and a lot of other people, batty, but we never socialize so I don't have to worry about it..

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat?.

Drink water and feel miserable. LOL..

5. L&G/main meal?.

Palak Paneer. You know, someone told me once that was off plan because of the rice, but this version doesn't have rice. It is higher in fat than I am supposed to have, but the funny thing is that when I eat it regularly on MF, I tend to lose weight more quickly. I think maybe my body needs it because of the way I work out. I dunno. It's pretty low-carb...

Comment #66

I could have sworn I posted to Merz. Merz, I am really sorry you didn't get the job..

Sheila, I didn't even know that about your job..

The cramps, the cramps are here. Bleh...

Comment #67


So sorry you didn't get the job but maybe it's all part of "the plan"? Wasn't the right fit for you or maybe they're supplying nuclear warheads for Cuba. Who knows? There are other awesome jobs out there for you!..

Comment #68

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do? Get on my phone!.

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together? Yup, we set up the tripod every Christmas and have a photo taken. 1 time per year we get a family photo too.

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk? Id go, I'm not in High School LOL.

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat? Sugar Free cough drops or tea w/ lemon.

5. L&G/main meal? Tonight is Chamorro, Chicken Keleguen!..

Comment #69

Hi She She!!!!.

I'm thinking about taking the test to become a public school teacher. Not sure if I want to but I can't stay here. IT's way too miserable. Working around kiddies can't be that bad...

Comment #70

I think you should go for it, Christina! Why not?!?! Maybe kids are better to be around all day other than adults who still haven't grown up, ya know?!?..

Comment #71

SO true She She. Me and Angie are talking about it...

Comment #72

Is anybody alive out there?!!!.

SheSHe your hellooooo out there reminded me of titanic.

Yup I'm random..

Anyways I had a dandy SuhLad for lunch. My bestie told the baby daddy he gon' be a baby daddy.....

Comment #73

Oh'd that go Mel? Was he excited? or just shocked?..

Comment #74

Sorry I dropped out for awhile. I was watching Elf with Izaboo. Love it! I actually fell asleep for a few minutes near the end. Put me on a comfy couch w/ a blankie and pillow...and I'm out..

How did he take it.


? Not good by the sad face?.


..I'm way impressed. Sounds blogworthy to me!! That vegan food sounds amazing. I stumbled upon a vegan blog called pride and vegedice. It's pretty cute and all her food looks yumm-o!.


...glomps!! Miss having you around! Are you in your cubicle yet? I'm sorry about the job but there will be something better out there. Did you get any feedback from the peeps?..

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Bye Buddy, Hope you find your dad!!.

I love elf..

Well Xtina, they arent together, they were just casual um sleepers LOL but he suggested the unsuggestable.....

A s s...

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Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If your internet access was restricted and you could not visit the Pin Up Muffins what would you do?.

Mmhh...since I access it at home..I'd have to wait it out of I were really desperate I'd go to the library and hop on the computers there. When I'm on vaca I use hubby's pc..

2. Does your family get holiday pictures together?.

We try and take one together if we're in Disney by the Photopass people. I usually at least get one of the kids.I used our vow renewal photo last year which was nice.

3. What would you do if one coworker is so disliked that 2 people (that you REALLY like) refuse to go out to lunch if she will be there and would rather eat at their desk?.

I don't miss working in an office!.

4. What do you do if you have a bad sore throat?.

Advil and warm tea. Extra sleep and Chloraseptic spray.

5. L&G/main meal?.

Grilled steaks on the panini maker and veggies!..

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...he just found out and needs time to process it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.