Where can I get appaisals on the value of Godaddy domain names I own?
Quick question: Where can I get appaisals on the value of Godaddy domain names I own? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I want to know the best &low cost HostGator registrar.

Bcz I want to purchase over HostGator reseller account bcz I give free HostGator on my site.

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could assist you..

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I have used a lot of registrars, but eNom still comes up tops all the time. They are not the cheapest, but in terms of functionality, support and reliability and HostGator management superiority, eNom is tops for me...

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My favourite registrar has always been Their domains come with a great list of extra features and their support has always been great to me. I always like

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I am confuse now.

Which One Should I use?..

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There is a lot of useful information in the HostGator Company Reviews forum...Check it out!.


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I've always liked they have good prices and a good staff...

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As previously stated, I recommend you take a look at the HostGator company review section..

As a personal preference, I find Name Cheap or Go Daddy to be the best...

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I always watch these threads to see any changes. You should also ask the question about who is the safest, as some registrars have lost names by scams/hackers. Anyway the best cost/performance ones that come up continually are;.




Moniker is known as a "safe" place for names and I may move some names there. Enom and registerfly users have lost names through scams hackers, though I believe they did eventually get them back. used to be ok but they are overhauling their registration system and haven't got their act together yet..

I have names with registerfly and enom and have not had any problem. One big sell point is the private/cloaking whois for only $.99 at registerfly...

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Definitely enom..

I'm quite happy with their pricing, interface, customer service...

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Godaddy hands down.....they are actually #1 in domains....Enom is good too...stay away from 1and1 and

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If your looking to resell you might want to check out Wild West Domains or DirectI as well..

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Why not register 3 different names at 1 each of the above recommended registrars and then see which one you prefer for further registrations? This is a part of the learning curve for domaining...Personally I just use godaddy for the price advantage and ease of use. (tho getting through the ads might be of some difficulty for those who can't tie their own shoelaces....


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DomainSite is good, or I use RegisterMate which is a GD reseller.....

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I think offers a decent mix of competitive pricing and good customer service, and their GoDaddy site is very easy to use...

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Thanks All Of your comments.

Still more commets needed.

Still Still?.


Wt ABt /

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My fav is Average prices, and great support. As well as a nice and easy to nav CP. Im NOT a fan of GD. They make things too complicated...

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Well, I use domainsite for most of my domains.

They have some problems, but I still like them..

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I've only used GoDaddy and i'm pretty satisfied with them. Never tried their customer support though..

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I have used over 6 different registrar's in the past 3 years, by far tops them all.

They are the only registrar that I feel I can trust 100%.


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I did buy a HostGator by yahoosmall service at 4,96 dollars year, I think is the cheapest right now..

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GoDaddy is good only if you use the promotional code and the registration method I had read elsewhere on this GoDaddy site (Cant remember the thread. ). You can get domains for as low as $5.19..

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I think yahoo HostGator registration is cheap too, 4,99 dollars for a year is not no xpensive..

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Its rwally up to you , really cheap or really safe/good support..

As your giving them away for FREE I would go for the cheap ones as the person you give it too cant complain as he/she didnt pay for it!..

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It's funny because for me the best registrar I ever had was and I even had eNom, which supplys the domains for NameCheap..

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Try and transfer it to another registrar and see what happens.......

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This thread is a bit old but I'll add my 2 cents..

I learned about RegisterFly from a piece of spam email they sent me a few years back. I've got to say that their support is quirky but the rest is okay. They are a $9.99 registrar but they have sales often so most times, you can reg names there for like, $7.99. I can't believe I'm saying this lol but I think you should give them a try...

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I like NamePros registration service the best! Mainly because I can buy HostGator names with NP$.etc and I don't have paypal or a CC (aka, I am under 18), so this is really the ONLY way for me to reg HostGator names!..

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