Where can I get free,quality hosting {and a free Godaddy domain name} without banners,ads,popups,gim
Question I have... Where can I get free,quality hosting {and a free Godaddy domain name} without banners,ads,popups,gim Thanks for any comment. Second question.. I have heard some very good things regarding this European extension .eu, does anyone know when it’s likely to become available?.

Who might be the first registrar to allow access to it and if US citizens will initially be blocked allowing clear access for only European trade market holders?.

If anyone does have some knowledge regarding this, what’s your opinion of the extension? Will this become the dot com of Europe?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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Im not sure, I think that they will be pretty strict about the TM issue. You will probably need a registered TM to get a HostGator during the sunrise period, either that or a LTD company (possibly)..

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Who can register a .eu domain?.

To register a .eu HostGator names you must be one of the following:.

1. undertakings having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Community;.

2. organisations established within the European Community without prejudice to the application of national law;.

3. natural persons resident within the European Community..

1. Can I use a friend's name and address living within an EU country?.

2. Is England part of EU?..

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Yes, the UK is part of the EU..

What does it mean bu "undertakings"? does that mean businesses only?..

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1. Should probably work..

2. Yes, the UK is a part of the European Union...

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Yeah ICANN approved it. Can't wait to register one..

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Hehe... I live in EU.

Can't wait untill I can get some nice .eu's..

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Ive got about 40 pre-registered, can't wait until I can start regging...

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Don't bet on the good keywords. I am sure the very best keywords will be taken by the people who would be willing to bribe their registrar to take it first! or maybe open up a .eu registrar! could be a worth while investment taking the best keywords first! only $10,000 deposit!..

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Yes that is true. Either that or you could reg a TM for 300 ;-).

Anyone, the good thing for us in the EU is that US citisens won't be able to buy them, which makes it a whole lot easier for us...

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I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that needs a good owner if you're up to it.

Same way .ca is "canadian only" and .us is "American Only"....



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Noone checks .us but .ca is very closely watched. I registered 5 .ca's and had to sell 2 of them and change 3 to my friend's canadian address...

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My opinion is that .eu domains will not reach .us worth; in Europe there are too many different languages!.

However I think this will be a real good investment - who knows who will get,, etc...

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IMO, .eu domains will become more valuable than .us..

Language barriers are no longer that great, with advances in tech', it's pretty easy to translate into 25 languages...... in any case, most people in the EU 25 understand english and can browse sites in Engish...

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Beautifully spoken Allan. That is why Canada went with legislation to protect the .CA domains (incidentally, type in any word with CA at the end and you find California)..

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Well, I am not a TM specialist and I can't understand one thing - there are lots of countries within the EU, how are they gonna solve multiple TM claims for the same name? E.g. if a name is TMed by different companies in Spain and UK and France, who will get the .eu?..

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Because generally now, TM's are registered throughout the EU..... but that again is different to a worldwide patent...

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Quick question, how do I register a TM that is valid throughout Europe?..

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That is somethign that I would like to know as well..

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Have a browse here:.


However, registering a patent can take quite some time...

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Here's another link that I found quite informative....


A four month sunrise period seems a little excessive!.

I too have a few pre-reg'd but got a bummed by the TM restrictions / requirements. Anyone have some ideas on how to reg an .eu without actually owning a company in the E.U.??..

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Makes me wonder about Norway.

We're not in the EU, but a part of europe....

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Just make up a name & address in Europe and see how long it takes them to figure out that you really aren't a citizen. Do you know what level of reciprocation it would take to track you down. There is no way for them to enforce the "European citizen" rule. There are lots of people who own .us or .ca domains with false who-is info..

Just my humble opinion (which happens to be correct)..


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Yeah, but what happens when you use a credit card with an U.S. address??..

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Do Europeans ever visit the US. Do some live here parttime. Do any have US credit cards. Do any pay with Paypal? Etc, etc...

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Thats true.....

However they are more likely to check you out if you have a US address for credit card or paypal......

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Now be real. If they would want to limit .eu just for europeans, they have many effective ways to do so. They might require your PIN number, or something like European Social Security #, birth certificate, passport, etc. Bottom line is whether or not they want .eu just for Europeans, if they do, it's no problem limiting it only to europeans...

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Does any other extension require you to show (or input) official government documents when registering?..

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The way I see it, just like .pro is now available to everyone, market forces will ensure that anyone who wants any other extension badly enough will be able to get it. The question comes down to: how hard are they going to make non-europeans work to get a .eu?..

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Nope, you don't qualify, because only some 20% of your population support an EU membership. You'd better change that first, before thinking about EU domains...

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I've got a doubt: if I pre-register today with the registrar x, and tomorrow another guy pre-register, i'm favourite respect to him?..

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I believe that .eu is going to be a pretty big flop. All the countries in Europe have their own extensions that are used widely. It's like how .us is a joke, .com is the US's extension, how many companies do you see dropping their .com for a .us?..

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.com is NOT the US extension. It is a worldwide extension. People use it in the UK, FR, GE etc.Com is a generic domain. Would you find a US website using .de or vica versa?.

.eu will not be a flop. It has many uses, business being one. It will be a huge hit in FR and GE where the EU is a major part of politics...

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I think you're wrong..

Sure some companies use .com in Europe, but for the most part, .de & .fr etc are very entrenched in their respective countries ... just as .com is in the usa..

To give you an idea, I'm in France right now and for every .com address I see advertised, I see 20 .fr addresses. Same deal in England with, and I assume it's the same in Germany seeing how they have 6 mil + .de names registered. Even in Canada where I'm from .ca is starting to challenge .com..

Once you take into consideration the whole numerous language thing, established country codes, patriotism of the individual countries, and the trademark mess that I'm sure will happen, .eu has limited potential beyond speculation and trademark protection..

Like it or not, .eu is too little too late, just like .us..

Of course I could be wrong, but I'm willing to bet that I'm not...

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You apparently don't follow the .US HostGator market or you would not say that. The .US market is fine! Second, nobody said a company should drop their .com HostGator and replace it with .us domain, so I'm not sure where you got that notion from...

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Yes Australia.. &

Must Have Either an Australian Business Number or Australian Company Number.

And be able to prove it..

Must be Australian Incorporated Organisation and Be able to prove it.

Must be Australian Citizen and Be able to Prove it.


Out ranks.


For Australian Businesses.

Only most companies with.


Usually have.

As main Namel..

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I live in norway, so I hope I can register .eu. But when can we register them? any date yet?..

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Forget it! does your passport say you're part of the EU? No, so what do you do next? As Rasbelin stated - You hit the country and tell the farmer idiots to vote YES the next time an EU election comes around so ppl in this damn country finally wake up..

When Norway is part of the EU, start thinking about reggin .eu domains..

PS - oh and Rasbelin - it's 40%, not 20..

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