Where can I get help for my 123 reg Virtual Dedicated Server?

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My 1st question is: Where can I get help for my 123 reg Virtual Dedicated Server? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... Just wanna get some thoughts on this;.

I have this .biz name..

Let's use.

As an example.

I developed it as a blog but stopped updating it. For a long time, whenever someone searched '.


' on Google.

Would be number one and.

Would be like 3-4 position..

Is just a parked page..

Then I just checked it today and.

No longer appear on the first page or anywhere near the front pages of the search results. Whereas.

Is still in the same 3-4 position...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

Comment #1

The parked page to the search engine looks as though it is being updated as the links are changing each time it comes back..

Add some new content and you should get your position back...

Comment #2

Oh I never thought of that aspect. Reps added, whitebark...

Comment #3

Not tiny, not at all..

Extension has no relevance in rankings...

Comment #4

With the exception of ccTLDS , .jp etc.. those are not ranked well in the main index of any SE for per algo.

With another exception least .cc and .ws.

.ws for example is and has been marketed as a Gtld since inception and the SE's treat it as such and can rank as well as .com or any other gtld all other variables being equal..

Comment #5

No exceptions.

You're mixing up cause and effect, the cause of more .com extensions showing up in rankings is simply because there are more .com extensions then any other. Not because the .com extension is being favored and other extensions being less favored..

When you're targeting geographical phrases/keywords it's advised to have your server location in that region as well as the country code extension of that specific country, which in most cases gives you a small edge in that scenario..

This is a common misconception that .com .net has a default override in authority per algo, you're just seeing more .com extensions rank because there are more of those extensions out there..

Same misconception goes for .gov or .edu domains, thinking those extensions also has some sort of authority override per algo which is simply not true, it's the authority that they have build up through the years that make them so powerful..

It's not the extension, it's the authority of a domain.ext that causes a page/domain to rank that is achieved by obtaining links from other topical related sites...

Comment #6

In this case Damion, you're saying a parked page have more authority than a developed blog?..

Comment #7

I don't know how well developed that blog is and I don't know what type of back link structure the parked page holds..

But yes, a parked page could outrank a "developed" blog if the conditions are right...

Comment #8

I have an .eu mini-site (just 3 pages with minimal content, and 11 incoming links) that ranks number 1 on msn and has done so for over a year, going by that I will say that .com has'nt got more authority in the search engines..

(it does'nt do well at all in google though.



Comment #9

I know this thread's already dead but just wanna update just in case anyone else have any doubts about this in future..

Took whitebark's advice and I added some random content and now my site's number 1 for the keyword again. Thanks guys!.

The HostGator name's extension have absolutely no impact on SE authority...

Comment #10

Extension does have ranking. There are some really good sites out there with great content (better than a lot of .com content that I have seen) that get worse rankings in SE..


Comment #11

A simple matter of misunderstanding cause and effect Steve..

It's a big.


Myth that HostGator extensions by itself per algo has more weight..

Quality of content thus value to the reader is not going to automatically propel you in the SERP's, it's the optimization efforts/factors that come with it and the amount of backlinks it can/may attract..

Quality content on itself doesn't mean anything..

You can have quality content delivered through Flash and it's meaningless to the search engines..

Really Steve, HostGator extensions don't cause a HostGator to rank, it's authority that causes a HostGator to rank and a HostGator extension alone don't give you that authority...

Comment #12

I'm not saying they have more weight. I'm saying they they do factor in a small part..

You're right, by itself, it doesn't mean anything. But, with quality content, the better chance people are going to link to it as a resource..

I never said alone. If it were HostGator name alone, then there wouldn't be a need for search engines. It would be back to the days of generic HostGator names like and

Why is it that pages in the .edu space are given heavier support. Could be many reasons, but the .edu namespace is trusted as educational..

I'd be open for debate as to why extension plays no part.


Comment #13

True, for regional searches a country code extension adds something in value and in combination with server location it adds even a little more to the rankings of regional performed searches as i.e..

Manchester Flower Delivery.


And continuing on that point, why do you think you saw those sites you mentioned before ranking better then non .com domains?.

Content alone? As you agree with me this is not the case, it's the authority such a page or HostGator builds through various factors, such as quality backlinks, quality backlinks that you are more likely to receive with quality content..

So should you see a non .com rank worser then a .com HostGator with lesser quality content then it's because it has obtained less authority then the .com HostGator you see performing better..

If you check back later in time if the content is truly of more quality that HostGator you see perform less well may suddenly perform better because it has attracted more quality links...more authority..

And then you see a non .com HostGator outrank a .com.

You see what I am getting at Steve?.

Mixing up cause and effect.

Why? even if there where only .com extensions there is still a need for search engines as domains alone like doesn't mean it has the most relevant content. It could just as much return an empty page?.


Someone looking for Home Loans wouldn't find anything relevant...Google to the rescue.

Hence need for a search engine..

Search engines serve to finding pages that are most relevant and there will always be a need for this regardless of the fact the Internet would hold only one uniform extension such as for example .com.

Support or Authority?.

Referring to what I have bolded for you, that is where you hit the nail on the proverbial head. The .edu namespace has many sites that are trusted and therefor as a result attract many backlinks, many topically relevant backlinks and therefor more authority to result in good rankings for specific searches..

It's a big.


Myth that .com - .gov - .edu extensions are holding a automatic advantage...

Comment #14


The SE's specifically categorize cctlds ..thats a fact..

Comment #15

We know online pharmacies is big business on the net. Go to MSN and type in online pharmacies and see what gTLD is number one, It's not .com .net or .org..

I believe .com only shows up more because there are developed...

Comment #16

What is a fact?.

Categorizing ccTLD's.

I feel a new.


Myth being born here or repeated, one of both....

Could you elaborate on "categorizing"?.

Bingo! Authority matters...Extension is irrelevant...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.