Where can I get the Medifast recipes to the restarant hometown buffet?

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First question I have is Where can I get the Medifast recipes to the restarant hometown buffet? Looking forward for any answer. Another question I got... I am having a hard time right now I am 4 weeks out and my main support is no where to be found ( husband) he has checked out come to think of it , not sure if I every had his support. We.


In diff bed rooms we say much to one another, my gastric bypass was diff. it started out right then it turned for the worse. I am fine now but it was very life threating, I am very depressed..

Does he care? or does he not know how to show it? I am a stay at home mom all my kids are in.


, so I spend my days trying to figer out who I am, who should I become, and where the hell I am right now in my life. I have spent years taking care of the kids and my husband but now it feels that know one wants to give back the care that I have shown!!!.

Does any one else have this prob?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Amen to what Bonnie has said. First, take care of yourself by contacting your doctor for an antidepressant. Then see if your insurance will cover some sessions with a therapist to help you figure out who you want to be. Then try to engage your husband in a frank.


Of where the two of you are and how he and you both feel right now. You can't fix what's wrong until you know what it is. Above all, be kind to yourself by doing what's right for you. Take care...

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Peace I wish you best here. I kind of wondered who would ne around for my support and alway thought if I was going to need help why do it. I know you're feeling lonely but if you were my wife of sister I'd be so proud of you for choosing this proceedure and the life god intended you to live..

Stick around here the girls will give you all the support you need..


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I'm so sorry to hear that you don't have a strong support system. You always have all of us online! We can be your support!.

I really.


Things get better for you! Remember, you did this for yourself and you should be proud of yourself!.


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To folks talk in my support group, it seems that it is very common to get depressed between 2-4 months post-WLS. Not only is your body rapidly changing as your brain struggles to keep up, but as you are losing fat it releases all the hormones it's been storing into your system. During my pre-op psych eval, I was told that women who had postpartum depression or severe PMS were at very high risk for post-op depression because of the hormones dumping as your weight drops. Don't know if this applies to you, but keep in mind that much of what you're feeling may be chemically induced and can be corrected with short-term anti-depressants..

I too had a very scary, life threatening post-op experience. And it scared the hell out of my husband. I'm not as far out from surg as you are, but my husband & I have talked a lot about both our experiences. Even though he fully supported my decision and still does, there is part of him that is angry that I underwent an elective procedure that could have killed me. We both have some anxiety & irritability going on, which is typical of PTSS. Which could be a factor for you as well.

Almost losing your soul mate could also induce PTSS and may be why your husband has closed down - trying to protect himself. I encourage you to have a gentle conversation with him, air things out. What festers only gets worse..

If there is any kind of WLS support group in your area, I would encourage you to attend. It's not reasonable to expect our families to provide all of the support we need. They don't understand, because they haven't experienced it. I was very resistant to attending, but attendance was a prerequisite for my.


Man, am I glad to have my group. I can ask any question and know some one else there has experienced what I have. The support is incredible, I feel more normal hearing that my experiences are not unique, and many groups have a clothing bank to help keep you clothed as the pounds drop off..

Take good care and be extra gentle with yourself!..

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Oh Peace,.


This and your other post, it looks like you are one of the folks who are falling into a post op depression. If you were diagnosed with depression before.


, did you go off your meds? Remember that depression is a physical/medical problem and not just the sadness in your head and heart. You need to take care of yourself. Talk to your doctor but then run the meds by the surgeon so there is no conflict..

A lot of spouses don't really know how to take the change in you. You can't eat the same, you don't want to cook the same, and they are worried - major.


Is scary, not just for you but also for the guy who is going to have to take care of everything and everyone if something happens to you. You probably understand the likely hood of a positive outcome far better than he does. (and he might be a little afraid that you're going to turn into a 'cougar' and find some young studmuffin to replace him with) Cut him a little slack. As for not sleeping in the same room - it's a secret no ones wants to admit too, but a lot of us do it - including me. There comes a time in everyones life where.


Becomes more important than cuddling and we both snore. It doesn't mean you don't fool around, it doesn't mean you don't love each other, it just means you need.


! Don't let that dirty little secret get in the way of a full life..

Take care of yourself so that you can take care of those who depend on you. Mental health is as much a part of health as your physical well being..


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I think right now you need to work on healing! Address the depression with your Dr and then talk to your husband. Maybe he's afraid you will lose all the weight and change and want to live a new life to go along with the new you. Good luck and I.


Things get better..

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I am so sorry you are having a difficult time. Lin mentioned how important mental health is and I agree. For me, it is more important than physical health, although they do, of course, go hand in hand. I wasn't able to start taking care of myself physically until I got my depression under control..

It's no coincidence that so many of us who have undergone or are going to undergo WLS also suffer from from depression. Many of us have used Medifast food to manage our feelings for many years which is how we got to be so overweight to begin with..

Loosing this comfort that Medifast food has brought to us for so lang can bring all the feelings and issues right up to the surface. This is my main concern as I am preparing for my.


Luckily, I am very happy and mentally healthy right now and am putting some support systems in place for myself in case my depression rears it's ugly head again post-op..

I used to be very against medication but when I was at my lowest point I decided to give it a shot. I had read that many people have to go through many different meds before finding one that works for them so I agreed to try as many as it took to find one that helped me. It took me 4 different anti-depressants to find a winner but once I did it was night and day! Then about a year later I added in a small dose if a second one and that has been the perfect "cocktail" for me ever since. I also saw a therapist for a while and that was invaluable. I still see a therapist on occasion when I am having a rough time and need a mental boost. Kind of like a mental health check-up..

Know that you are worth being happy, living a life you love, and having supportive, loving relationships. Then, get some help..

You are not alone. We are here for you if you need us..



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I am very lucky because my boyfriend is very supportive but I know a lot about depression. I know that for me, having the proper chemicals in my body means the difference between constant sadness and tears and living a normal life in which I dont have to work at not being depressed. I have people all the time tell me I dont need the meds anymore but I know that if I mess up and miss a dose or two it all comes back. Pleeeeeassseee see your Dr. and find the chemicals your body is missing, Life is so much better!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.