Where can you get great free Godaddy domain names"?
First question I got is Where can you get great free Godaddy domain names"? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Its sayin that it's too short. you know a website that sell 2 char available domains?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Most do not allow it, because 1 and 2 letter character domains are taken within seconds of the TLD being open to the public...

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None of the gtld's allow them to be registered any more, when one expires it is gone for good. The ones already registered were registered many years ago when you were allowed to register them...

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It is not necessary to make two posts, please refer to your other thread.


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I register a two letters HostGator some weeks ago. It's not in a gTLD but a good ccTLD. You could check if your two char is available at

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Thx for your help, but saying "541 Invalid HostGator length (3,63)"..

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Hes talking about country code tld's like .bz I'm not sure which other cctld's offer 2 character registrations..

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It's because you tried with a gTLD, but for example is available for only $21... You have to look for all extension...

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I got you but I'm looking for the 2char that I want, any way, others are expansive...

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Well.. it's a good dream, but I guess the 2char you want could be really most expensive if they're not available.....

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Ye sorry I'm new here... been warned 2 times already lol..

I dont know if you can sell 2char ccTLDs for mid-high$XXX.

Have to seel sum old b4 rebuying new...

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I just bought

If anyone wants to find out how. send me 20 np..

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Advertisements should be in the advertising section, thanks.

As well, from

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Not available for registration. Second level HostGator name must be longer than two characters..

A list of registrars that offer .name products can be found on the following link -.


Since no 2 letter .name resolves that I can find (including, and other names that would be registered very early in the game....) including yours, I'm afraid it might have been an error by whatever registrar you used....


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Would like to know, but would really appreciate it if you can just share it...

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I do not think it is possible, but if it is templatereve is more than welcome to come back and post an explanation....


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If I'm not mistaken Dotster lets you register 2 letter domains....

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Really cheap for a two letter HostGator name but so expensive for an impossible name..

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I got a few 2 char below the .SE extension (Sweden), or some IDN's 2 letters below .com - will go cheap. send me a pm if you are interested..

Comment #19 is not easy to have a 2 chart domain.......

The only buy one.......... is easier....for 2 chart one........

1 chart one is also not easy....because it is also the fastest to register.....

I have twelve one chart domain....and I sell some......

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