Where is the best Free/Easy Website for Medifast recipes to create my own site with Medifast recipes

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Got a quick question: Where is the best Free/Easy Website for Medifast recipes to create my own site with Medifast recipes Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... Hi, I was.


That some people had the sleeve.


Done and it sounds so much better than the.

Gastric bypass surgery.

Can anyone tell me more about it. Also, the difference between the two surgeries. I would really appreciate because my.


Date is coming up and my appt with the surgeon. I would like to be informed when I go. thanks so much for your replies..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Sleeve is where they cut your stomach down to thumb size taking out the excess stomach, so that part is not reversable. There is no re-routing of intestines so there is no malabsorption, just restriction..

I was interested in the sleeve.


As it seemed like an interesting compromise between RNY and band, but it's so new my insurance wouldn't pay for it. I opted for a RNY and have been pretty pleased with the results so far..

I saw your other post about the Band. There is a huge Yahoo group for band people that have tons of information if you are interterseted. I think you'd find it helpful...

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Thanks so much for the very informative information. You guys are great. It makes alot of sense now, thanks so much...

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Less pretty much covered it all.... I was interested in the sleeve at first and decided to schedule for the gastric bypass instead. After discussing it with my surgeon the the biggest difference for me and I stress for me.... was 2 pills. I would take a multi vitamin & b-12 with the sleeve and multi vitamin,.




& b-12 with the bypass. I have a greater chance for more weight loss with the bypass. And with a 2 pill difference the decision was easier. I also have no pre existing conditions. Just that wonderfully high BMI. I really think you need to discuss this with your surgeon.

Good luck on your appointment with your surgeon, and ask him lots of questions... I made a list and brought it with me so I wouldn't forget the questions I had been asking myself all month. Keep us posted on your progress..


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KM, wth the new smaller boogie size for Sleeve, it has improved the weight loss for the sleeve..

At two years out there is no statistical difference between the two...

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Wow.. thanks Les....that is good to know. I said you knew your stuff :) I was just going with my surgeon's advice. She specializes in Bariatric.


And she felt the bypass would be more successful for me personally. I have a really good relationship with her and have a few family members that have been successful with her advice & one that did not follow her advice and failed miserably with the.

Lap band.

She really gets to know her patients and helps them decide the proceedure that works for them. With the info you gave me, maybe my husband would consider the sleeve.


Thanks Les!.


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