Where is the best place (site) to buy Godaddy domain names?
My first question is Where is the best place (site) to buy Godaddy domain names? Hoping for any response. Another question... Just got my first domains won on auctions in May put into my godaddy account. I'm still missing a couple refunds from the very beginning, and feel I have to double check every TDNAM billing to make sure I get the name or the refund. I have decided to wait until the last day to buy wins, so avoid some renewals and refunds. I actually had one today that went 5 days, I paid today, and 2 hours later it was renewed.

I still think the design has major flaws making it frustrating and giving GD use of your money before getting anything. I'm only getting about 1 in 3 to 4 names I"ve "won" in the auction by the time many are renewed. Of names I bid on, I only get about 1 in 5. However, in about 6 weeks, I've accumulated about 90+ in the win column of which I"ll probably still lose 15-20 to renewals. You just can't count on actually "winning" a HostGator until about 30-45 days after "winning" the auction. However, most of my wins are as the only bidder at $10 plus reg fee.

GD is probably limiting their income by the low success rates and prepayments if others are thinking like me. I don't mind paying $60 to $300 for a HostGator I"m sure I'm getting, but to pay, lose, and wait for refunds makes it not worth doing that on a bulk basis. You pretty much have to just not count on getting anything there until it ends up in your account or you'll be sorely dissappointed...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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I've finally got my first name into my account. But the deleting list is really crap compared to Snapnames, and Godaddy is still bugging people to renew their names.....

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Yeah thats the only thing I dont like about godaddy...

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Here's what I've actually received into my account so far. All were from auctions of May 18-19:.






















JELLY.US. is my favorite of the bunch. Interestingly, the owner who let it expire was the Ford Motor Company. I really didn't think that one would actually go unrenewed to the end. I'm glad it did though...

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Congrats Mark, nice .US grabs!.

As soon as mine hit my account, I will post a few..

So did you get a email notice for each one when it was transferred?..

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Congrats Armstrong..

It's nice to see the names starting to finally come in. Hopefully we all get some new toys soon...

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Whenever I receive one notice of HostGator renewal from TDNAM, I send one customer service asking for refund right away and expect them to reply me in around 48 or 36hours, telling me refund will be on the way. And after which, I will receive refund of payment from my credit card or paypal within a day or two. Just make sure you do that right away to keep track of your domains otherwise, it will take forever to give you back the money you deserve...

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Again, inconsistency....Some I received notice, some I didn't. Some showed up a day after notice, some a week or even two. Not a real confidence builder...

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I finally got my first one in my account as well, Took forever, though...

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Yeah, I'm still getting notices for won names that were renewed, saying the transaction would be completed on.


Date. I also get payment notices on names that were already paid..

Now that names are starting to flow, hopefully this is the beginning of a better TDNAM. I.


This system to work. GoDaddy has the size and pure registration numbers that we can hopefully see a steady flow of good quality dropping domains coming thru..

Congrats Spike, I remember you mentioning this HostGator in a PM..

(I think I wrote you back?)..

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Yeah, we sent some PMs back and forth. I wasn't sure if the HostGator I won was renewed by owner or not. GD said I won, but it took sooo long before it was finally placed in my account...

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My "win" rate was at 12% not so long ago. It's dropped again as a few names were renewed in the grace period (I think for the much higher reg/redemption fee... so it wasn't the "usual suspects" this time)..

And it does seem that the "Your auction has ended" emails are coming in mere hours after the deadline to pay for them.... Could just be luck, as I don't want to think that other domainers are really trying to screw with folks that much.


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Still some inconsistency in their script. There was a real gem that I wanted and won the bid at $10 for I waited several days to actually pay, and noticed about the 7th that the HostGator whois showed the expire date to 2006. Interestingly,it also showed it at a registrar other than godaddy. I dediced not to pay..

On July 8th at 3:03PM I recieved this:.

Then on July 9th at 4:01AM, I received the following:.

Interstingly, now the whois shows godaddy as the registrar, where it didn't before it was renewed. I'm wondering if pending transfers or domains at wildwest resellers transferring to godaddy itself have something to do with this...

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I was a little confused when I saw some godaddy TDNAM names listed with the registrar of record being Blue Razor Domains. I did a little research and found that it's yet another ICANN accredited registrar owned by godaddy. I found the info in this.



Quoted here.

I didn't know this existed, but it does clear up why I was finding names listed other than godaddy and wildwest...

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Today, my first HostGator showed up in my account..

I must say, it's reminded me of being a small child again, waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. It seemed like it would never get here...

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Yes, but time will fly now that renewal will be due in only about 9.5 months...

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About the same feeling as finally being able to move names from SnapNames' cruddy registrars or similar..

Still, some of the domains I'd renew every week if I had to..


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