Where the 'iPage web hosting service' memory chips are located?

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First question I got is Where the 'iPage web hosting service' memory chips are located? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. After solving the windows size problem I had before, I hit upon a sore topic of manipulating the Iexplorer's toolbar..

The image I wished to have, is w=525 and h=768. Although the resizing of the image would sound like the easiest option, there is text on the image that becomes totally unreadable if shrunk (in order to fit in the screen 1023x768)..

So, as a last resort, I am wondering if it is possible to turn off the tool bars. I cannot find any reference to it, in the html tutorials and reference guides I have. So jscript, vb would also be fine..

Any help aprehciated.



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Thank you for that, though the load time will be minimal as the image size is 100k. On this poor old 33 modem it takes all of 20secs if that..

I have actually thought further about the layout of the iPage website and will be putting a link on the iPage site for those with the small screen rez..

Me being me and the pig headedness of myself, I have been trawling tutorials of java and html and still found no reference. Though if had come to it, I would have just reverted to vb, though my initial thought would that of option1, if most people have jscript turned off, I had wondered about the majority of people with the vb mods on there browsers..

Again thank you..


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Well I tried the code and me being the complete novice I am, cannot get the thing to work..

For reference the page in question is.


Thank you again for all your help.


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You are so going about building that page the wrong way!.

Why don't you just get the picture without the text on it (OR a similar picture!) and make that a non-repeating, fixed background to a webpage and then add the text and headings and other pictures (MSA, DIA, MIA, DOA, etc.

) to the page??.

All you're doing is taking a scan of a brochure/pamphlet and trying to make it a webpage (with a mystery meat image map). Have you wondered why everyone doesn't do this? The answer is because there are FAR FAR better ways of presenting stuff on the net..

Personally, I think trying to use the pamphlet scan as an online marketing tool will drive more potential customers away than it will attract..

Nonetheless, I'm not quite sure why or where you're having a problem. When I click on the link you give me the page opens just fine. It's wide enough not to have a horizontal scrollbar, has no whitespace around it, and appears the correct size..

It does have a vertical scrollbar and will for every body except those who have a GIANORMOUS screen res. You can tell it not to, but then no one could read all the content because they wouldn't be able to scroll down. The pamphlet is simply too big to fit on a single screen (and yes I use 1024x768)..

Anyway, as I said I don't quite understand what the problem you're having is. But, having a guess, I suspect it's getting it to open as a popup from your other pages - yes?.

If so, you place the code I gave you on your page as a link so that you have a page like this:.

You must name this page something other than index.htm.

Equally you'll need to take the resize javascript out of your current index.htm page. Actually, I'd suggest also renaming that page from index.htm as that is the page that anyone typing in your URL of.


First goes to. If you rename it then remember to change the link above to the new file name (change index.htm)..

Hope this helps, but I STRONGLY urge you to reconsider how you're doing things!!! You're not just making it difficult for yourself, but far more importantly, you're making it difficult for visitors to your site. It's usually not a good idea when trying to market services to visitors to your iPage site to start by pissing them off. Trust me, that's what you're going to do if you persist in trying to do things the way you are..


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Topmargin="0" leftmargin="0".


Don't forget to also banish the pair of quote marks that do.



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OK Shakie.

Here is a update.

But I agree with Option 1........

It has not the look of a bizz iPage site doing it this way......

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Thanks folks..

Although you did warn me, I am one of these people that doesn't learn until I've run into the wall..

Thing is, are you all sitting comfy, my next door-but-one neighbour (Jon) wanted this on a site, not knowing the first thing about pcs he asked me, I had warned him that my knowledge of html was lower then basic, so he said well 'I want to put this on the net' and proceeds to give me one of his glossy adverts. I asked where he got the pics (ie was it a booklet/brochure) and he said it was, none the less he handed me the advert and says he wants it as is, hence all the pratting about with the windows and resizing and all that mallarkie..

Though I have learnt something new, thanks to you folks and I value your cander, even if it was the polite versions hehe..

Again Thank you.


(Humbled once again)..

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