Where to find Godaddy renewal coupons for 2011?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... Where to find Godaddy renewal coupons for 2011? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... OK, I had to ask this question...what editor do you guys use to work on coding? I use Notepad...I have for 5-6 years. My dad, a computer programmer, asks "How can you use notepad?! You should use Dreamweaver(or some other editor like that)." Hehe...he tells all his friends at work, "My daughter uses notepad!".

I just enjoy coding everything myself :-).

ANYways, back to the point...what do you all think of Notepad? Would you rather use that or some other program?.

God bless!..

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Yea, there are plenty of Godaddy promo codes out there. Awesome way to save mola on Godaddy now. I advise you to subscribe for their mailing list so you can get their most up-to-date promotions. They typically release them once a week or so..

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Not if you know how to use it properly. You are able to set guidelines and manually input widths and heights into divs using it's 'wizard'. Though I don't use design view, it is better than the previous design view in DW MX IMO..

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I've got to say that I agree with Peg - getting the horse work done first is the most important. To this end, I tend to use something like DreamWeaver or VS.NET. When it comes down to coding, I don't really mind what I use. I prefer NotePad+ as a text editor, though I've never actually used ConText, but really hate the way DW screws up table layouts if you change the slightest thing - I've fallen fowl of that to many times to care!.

Presently, though, I've fallen in love with VS.NET, and am considering having it's babies!..

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I use frontpage 98. Maybe it's time to switch to notepad. The more I try to improve my GoDaddy site though , the more I use notepad...

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OMG, that is like the devil program if anything you should be on frontpage 2000 or something. 98 has so many issues..

A WYSIWYG editor has it's pros and cons. and everybody has there say about them. so I will give my experience. DW and Frontpage, both suck. yes DW has come a long way to get it correct but it still sucks. each one adds it own proprietary extnesions, each one mucks up the display.

I made a simple html documetn in DW and then loaded it in frontpage. man, did it go bad fast. so I said, ok, I will do it the other way. when I opened it in DW it was even worse. seems that a WYSIWYG can't even get a simple html doc correct.

Like I said, everybody wil have there own judgement. but if you went to a text editor from a WYSIWYG then you never go back..

If anything I would use a color highlighter rather than a plain text editor. I can almost prove any hard coder uses a text eidtor. everyone I have talked to said they started out in a WYSIWYG and then they changed and never looked back..

If you first start out, great, the WYSIWYG is good to learn the ropes. but once you know what you are doing, why use it? you can really be more productive if you don't use it...

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Notepad and Note Tab Light (free download). Have FrontPage; but, never use it...

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Because I spend an equal time in the code and looking at what I do for basic GoDaddy site population, I use Dreamweaver. It gets the job done...

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Raw coding is by far the best. I use Textpad!!! Has some nifty features..

Check it out:

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