Where will I find some good and easy appetizer Medifast recipes please?

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First question I have is Where will I find some good and easy appetizer Medifast recipes please? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. To reply, please copy and paste these categories, and fill them in..

Date of.




#Pounds Lost:.

My Protein Powder:.

Best Protein Source:.

Favorite Eggface Recipe:.

Best Go To Meal:.




Tofu/ Soy:.

Best Veggies:.

Best: Fruits:.

Best Snack:.

Gags Me:.

Enough Water:.



Next Goal:..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Date of.


: 11/11/2009.

Complications: Dehydration and vitamin deficiency due to a stricture.

#Pounds Lost: 145.

My Protein Powder: nectar cappuccino.

Best Protein Source: shakes or cheese.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: do I have to pick just one?.

Best Go To Meal: chili.

Meat: fish- shripm or crab or pork: recently when we go out I order ribs with the sauce on the side.

Poultry: turkey (my pouch refuses to tolerate chicken).

Beans: white beans or chick peas.

Tofu/ Soy: n/a.

Best Veggies: any.

Best: Fruits: blueberries.

Best Snack: home made trail mix, special treat: mini luna bar.

Gags Me: sweet things.

Enough Water: "water" not much my doctor has actually advised against me drinking 64oz of plain water. my body doesnt hold onto it I have been advised to drink sugar free sports drinks. example: vitamin water zero, propel, G2 etc.


: been slacking latley mostly.


When I have time will be joining a gym soon.

Next Goal: ONEderland!..

Comment #2

To reply, please copy and paste these categories, and fill them in..

Date of.


: 2/26/2009.

Complications: None.

#Pounds Lost: 150.

My Protein Powder: if I do any I use unjury or melaleuca, but my doc actually says I shouldn't do protein shakes. He doesn't think anyone over 6 months out should need them..

Best Protein Source: cheese, steak, hard boiled eggs, tuna, greek yogurt (can't pick just o ne).

Favorite Eggface Recipe: depends on my mood, love her borccoli cheese soup and any of the cakes, and the crustless quiche, and well, just about anything I have tried..

Best Go To Meal: greek yogurt with splenda, vanilla, apples,.


And Bear Naked high protein granola.

Meat: steak.

Poultry: chicken thighs or in store roasted turkey from the Butcher Shoppe in Chambersburg..

Beans: Chili.

Tofu/ Soy: yuck! (will eat tofu in hot and sour soup) I do like edamame beans.

Best Veggies: beets, zucchini, muchrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, asparagus, tomatoes, well any really..

Best: Fruits: whatever is in season! curently apples, also love peaches, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, oranges, clementines, pineapples, etc.............

Best Snack: coccoa dusted or.


Dussted almonds.

Gags Me: dry chicken breast.

Enough Water: NEVER! I love water, mostly my drink of choice (welll, water and.


) I drink plenty!.




! On a real bike outside preferrably!.

When it is cold, or rainy or snowing I will walk on my treadmill. or walk outside bundled up...

Comment #3

PS next goal is to do a full century bike ride (that is 100 miles)..

PS I forgot another favorite source of protein Maryland Blue crabs! and talapia, and shrimp, and snow crab legs, and king crab legs, and well most seafoods. but I find I can pick crabs and eat slowly and they do well for me (of course I miss the beer that goes with cracking crabs)...

Comment #4


Date: 6-11-2010.

Complications: none.

Pounds lost: 75 post op.

Protein powder: 100% Any whey tasteless.

Best protein source: protein hot chocolate and chicken.

Favorite eggface recipe: protein balls.

Best go to meals: lunchmeat, cheese and hummus.

Meat: hamburger.

Poultry: crockpot chicken thighs.

Beans: brown beans and rotel.

Best veggies: cucumbers green beans asparagus.

Best fruit: bananas.

Best snack: protein bar.

Gags me: rice.

Enough water: oh yes and then some.





Small weights.


Next goal: I have 25 more lbs and that will=100 lost..

Comment #5

Date of.


: October 20, 2010.

Complications: Post op pain, but no complications.

#Pounds Lost: 30 lbs.

My Protein Powder: GNC 100% whey protein.

Best Protein Source: Shakes.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Definately the protein ice cream!.

Best Go To Meal: Vegetarian refried beans, bean soup.

Meat: ground beef.

Poultry: ground turkey and stewed chicken.

Beans: refried, navy beans, chick peas.

Tofu/ Soy: I haven't tried any tofu.

Best Veggies: green beans, zuchinni, summer squash.

Best: Fruits: Mandarine oranges and sliced peaches.

Best Snack: roasted chick peas, laughing cow cheese wedges.

Gags Me: any type of unjury protein powders.

Enough Water: I think so, drink alot of crystal light and decaf tea, also like herbal teas.




Next Goal: Twoterville! just 12 lbs away! Go Me!!!.

Posted on 11/07..

Comment #6

Date of.


:JAN 15 ,2010.

Complications: NONE.

#Pounds Lost:130 LBS.

My Protein Powder:MAXX.

Best Protein Source:GREEK YOGURT.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: MINI HAMBURGERS.

Best Go To Meal:MUFFIN.




Tofu/ Soy:.


Best: Fruits:BANANA'S.


Gags Me:.

Enough Water:A LOT A DAY.










Comment #7

Fun post :).

Date of.


: 6/20/2006.

Complications: None, I had a kidney stone 3 weeks post-op but I suffered with them pre-op. Sip that water ;).

#Pounds Lost: average -158 depending on the time of the month..

My Protein Powder: SEI Max or SEI Ultimate (same stuff different label) or Vanilla Latte Click.

Best Protein Source: Chicken, Cheese, Turkey, Seafood, Greek Yogurt, Protein Shakes.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Aww well TY for that..

Best Go To Meal: Probably my bites.


(crustless quiche) probably cause they are easily adapted to stuff on hand..

Meat: All except pork isn't a really fav (Chops, Loin, lay heavy), I don't eat lamb if I can help it... I had a sheep as pet growing up ;).

Poultry: All but moisture is key... love to dip grilled chicken in savory Greek Yogurt dips.

Beans: Cannelini, Garbanzo, all really.

Tofu/ Soy: Tofu: Not a fan. Soy: My milk of choice.

Best Veggies: All.

Best: Fruits: All not a cantaloupe fan.

Best Snack: Mini Protein Muffins.


Steamed Edamame, Roasted Chickpeas, Almonds, Currently: Apple Slices with Greek yogurt dip..

Gags Me: Nothing really..

Enough Water: Rarely and only if it's brown ;) and made into.






Mostly, a few hikes a month, some random stuff (boxing, Zumba,.


), everyday life (cleaning, gardening, etc.).

Next Goal: I don't make them. I changed my life on 6/20/2006 then I just rinse, lather, repeat. Forever...

Comment #8


Date: 9-22-2009.

Complications: infection.

Pounds lost: 83 ish post op.

Protein powder: GNC 100% Any whey tasteless.

Best protein source: pumpkin pie shake and cheese.

Favorite eggface recipe: her mini bites.

Best go to meals: lunch meat, cheese, and chili.

Meat: hamburger, and pork, I love bacon.

Poultry: homemade chicken fingers.

Sea food: shrimp, crab, lobster, calamari.

Beans: black beans and taco bell pinto beans and cheese.

Best veggies: mushrooms, green peppers, green beans.

Best fruit: pineapple, clementines.

Best snack: lunch meat and string cheese/ cheese.

Gags me: stake I just cant handle it :(.

Enough water: No close to enough.




, elliptical and weights with my hubby. Cant wait until my back is better I miss.

Working out.

Next goal: I have 20 ish more lbs and I will hit my goal..

Comment #9

Date of.


: 11/4/10.

Complications: None so far thank god.

#Pounds Lost: Dont know havent weighed myself yet. waiting until first doctor appointment which is 11/15/10.

My Protein Powder: Not on protein yet... any suggestions???.

Enough Water: I actually have a question about this...I am so confused about how much I am supposed to be drinking at one time. Any suggestions would help... should I be drinking about 10cc per sip??? what is the average amount of a teeny tiny sip?.


: Been doing the treadmill at 1.5 for about 10 minutes 4 times a day..

Next Goal: Weight loss... NOT getting dehydrated..

Would love help and suggestions. :O)..

Comment #10

To reply, please copy and paste these categories, and fill them in..

Date of.




#Pounds Lost:.

My Protein Powder:.

Best Protein Source:.

Favorite Eggface Recipe:.

Best Go To Meal:.




Tofu/ Soy:.

Best Veggies:.

Best: Fruits:.

Best Snack:.

Gags Me:.

Enough Water:.



Next Goal:..

Comment #11

Date of.


: 9/28/10.

Complications: Surgical Site Infection, Anemia, Blood/Oxygen Pressure Would Not Stabilize (2 Weeks Out Everything but the Anemia Corrected Itself).

#Pounds Lost: Since.



My Protein Powder: Bariatric Advantage Chocolate.

Best Protein Source: Cheese, Salmon, Chicken, Isopure Carb Zero Drinks.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Baked Ricotta, Chocolate PB Shake (It is My breakfast every day), Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

Best Go To Meal: Just Found This Pure Protein (Thanks JoyJoy51 and Alysharea) 20g of Protein and 180 calories It is filling and tasty; avocado, cheese, ham, and hummus rolls.

Meat: In not a read meat person anything lean.

Poultry: Turkey.

Beans: Edamame (Yummy!); Black Beans.

Tofu/ Soy: Im not a tofu fanatic but I do use Vanilla Soy Milk.

Best Veggies: No brussel sprouts; Any of them however Im very particular about how asparagus is cooked and wont eat canned asparagus.

Best: Fruits: I love fruit (That has never been a problem).

Best Snack: Cant Have Snacks Yet But When I Find One I Will Let You Know.

Gags Me: Cream of Wheat, Jello, Body Choice Protein Shots (Nasty Beyond Belief), the Smell of Grease from Fast Medifast food Restaurants, the Smell of Protein Powder.

Enough Water: Its Getting Better Everyday I am Now at 6 Cups of Water of Day.


: Yes- -You Can Say Im Becoming Addicted;.


; Lifting (Light) Weights; Jogging (Couch to 5k Program- -Thank you Krista);.


Next Goal: Continue my motivation to stay fit and healthy; Im not worried as to when I get there b/c I have.


In myself that I will but finally make it to the 100's..

Comment #12

Date of.


: 6 July 2010.

Complications: Small pain after.



#Pounds Lost: 61 lbs.

My Protein Powder: SEI MAX (Thanks Shelly).

Best Protein Source: chicken, seafood, cheese, pure protein bars.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Baked Ricotta, Crock-pot pot roast.

Best Go To Meal: Chili, re fried beans, cottage cheese, sliced turkey, avocado.

Meat: Chicken, turkey, sliced.

Poultry: Chicken cooked in crock pot, love wings, gently fried in olive oil and sauteed with onions..

Beans: Black beans, re fried beans, chili beans.

Tofu/ Soy: Not yet.

Best Veggies: greens (any kind) love collards and kale, green beans, tomatoes, avocados.

Best: Fruits: pears, frozen fruit, fresh fruit like apples gives me the formies..

Best Snack: string cheese, sf Popsicle.

Gags Me: Eating too fast...anything..

Enough Water: Too much...I stay well hydrated. That has never been a problem..



Strength Training.

With (PT), water.




And walks.

Next Goal: I have 43 lbs to my goal weight of 145 lbs. I have not set a date for that. Its just my goal and I will make it...

Comment #13

Date of.


: 10/14/10.

Complications: none so far.

#Pounds Lost: 25lbsas of last week. haven't weighed myself in a week.

My Protein Powder: syntrax- chocolate truffle!.

Best Protein Source: protein powder and canned chicken.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: ??.

Best Go To Meal: canned chicken or bean soup.

Meat: ? .

Poultry: chicken.

Beans: black beans & hummus.

Tofu/ Soy: haven't tried yet.

Best Veggies: corn.

Best: Fruits: haven't tried any yet.

Best Snack: sug. free pudding made w/protein powder.

Gags Me: steamed shrimp.

Enough Water:'s hard.


: every day! up to 3 miles.


At a brisk pace.

Next Goal: start jogging during my workout!..

Comment #14

Date of.


: 10/14/10.

Complications: None.

#Pounds Lost: 31# (14# on pre op diet).

My Protein Powder: Ampliphied Wheybolic Extreme 60 (GNC).

Best Protein Source: Meat and shakes.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Ummm, so far...Shelly's Shrimp Egg Foo Young.

Best Go To Meal: Deli meat and cheese wraps with cottage cheese..

Meat: salmon, crab, steak (tri tip!!) tuna.

Poultry: Turkey.

Beans: Chili.

Tofu/ Soy: I throw tofu in random stuff...and I love Mint Choc Soy Milk.

Best Veggies: All of them except carrots lol.

Best: Fruits: All of those too YUM...Im currently on a green apple kick. Trying out some of Shelly's dip recipies..

Best Snack: Left overs.

Gags Me: Chicken, candles, dirty kitchen...anything that even thinks about smelling strongly (good or bad) Nose is in super sonic hyper drive atm. Ugh!.

Enough Water: Most days... my minimum is about 45oz.


: Wii Fit every morning and 2 mile Doggy walks bout everyother day. I would go more (love.


) but I despise.


Alone and perfer the hubby to come with..

Next Goal: Hmmmm, I have these Apple Bottom, red, knee high, boots that are hiding in my closet.


To come out. I cant zip them all the way up my calf next goal is to get those babies zipped those last 2-3 inches and take em' out for a spin..


Comment #15

To reply, please copy and paste these categories, and fill them in..

Date of.


: 10/19/2009.

Complications: UTI 2 weeks postop, antibiotics took care of within 2 days..

#Pounds Lost: 103.

My Protein Powder: Syntrax Nectar Fuzzy Navel.

Best Protein Source: Cottage cheese, string cheese, refried beans, Kroger CarbMaster Yogurt.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Chocolate mini donuts...YUMMO.

Best Go To Meal: Chili.

Meat: Hamburger.

Poultry: Chicken wings.

Beans: Refried.

Tofu/ Soy: Only tofu I get is in Miso soup.

Best Veggies: Well cooked carrots or broccoli.

Best: Fruits: Apples and bananas.

Best Snack: Cinamon Almonds.

Gags Me: Dry chicken breast.

Enough Water: Not a problem.


: Walk twice a day (20 minutes each time).

Next Goal: Maintain, maintain, maintain!!..

Comment #16

Date of.


: Monday, October 18th @ 11:00 a.m..

Complications: None.

#Pounds Lost: 35 lbs. total 19 pre-op.

My Protein Powder: Beneprotein / Syntax.

Best Protein Source: FF Refried Beans.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Protein shakes & frozen yogurt.

Best Go To Meal: FF Refried beans with FF Grated Cheddar Cheese.

Meat: Chicken (Tuna didn't settle well - I know most have problems with chicken but it works for me as long as it's dark and moist).

Poultry: (see above).

Beans: FF Refried.

Tofu/ Soy: N/A.

Best Veggies: pureed squash.

Best: Fruits: peaches.

Best Snack: SF Pudding.

Gags Me: Pain med and Gall Bladder med when put in Medifast food - didn't take anymore pain meds and now I take the Gall Bladder pill whole.

Enough Water: usually / close to required amount.




And was released to go back into the pool this week! YEAH!.

Next Goal In one week I can eat soft foods. Looking forward to introducing more meat and veggies and also that meatball! (Anyone with a good recipe?).


Comment #17

Date of.


: 10-19-10.

Complications: Procedure itself was perfect! It was the blood thinner (Lovinex) that got me. Drug reaction resulted in large blood loss, DIC, multiple transfusions, a blood reaction, & a 3 day ICU stay. Finished with drama and don't regret my decision for a second!.

#Pounds Lost: Get weighed Wednesday... but my pants are falling down :) 75lbs preop.

My Protein Powder: Still looking... So far my left over medifast drinks are easiest on my gut.

Best Protein Source: So looking forward to purees in 3 days :) So far, protein drinks.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Can't wait to try the ricotta bake & crock-pot pot roast!.

Gags Me: Jarrow unflavored protein powder, Actigal, and the smell of meat cooking.

Enough Water: Trying hard... not there yet.


: Baby steps... a walk every day. With the blood loss, I am exhausted & weak. Son's setting up the Wii today so I can start doing some step..

Next Goal Consistently meet my fluid & protein requirements. 20 min of.


A day...

Comment #18

Date of.


: July 13, 2010.

Complications: Infection in the major incision.

#Pounds Lost: 60.

My Protein Powder:I don't really use. If I need to supplement I use myoplex lite carb (or something).

Best Protein Source: deli turkey, chicken thighs.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: uh............

Best Go To Meal: turkey burger with cheese.

Meat: all.

Poultry: most? chicken thighs, ground turkey, etc.

Beans: yes..

Tofu/ Soy: not so much, I do like dry roasted edamame.

Best Veggies: spinach.

Best: Fruits: not so much; occasional pineapple.

Best Snack: jalepeno beef jerky.

Gags Me: white meat chicken, eating too fast..

Enough Water: always (even before).


: trainer for weights 2 x a week, walk about 7 miles a week. occasional.


Next Goal: internal happiness (note: this is not original , I've stolen it from someone on another board)..

Comment #19

Date of.


: Feb 11, 2010.

Complications: post.


Pain for a while not really severe.

#Pounds Lost: 123 50 before & 73 after.

My Protein Powder: Unjury.

Best Protein Source: protein bars or shrimp.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: Strawberry Canolli.

Best Go To Meal: For lunch : shrimp wonton soup from Costco, 100 calories 9 gr protein, 3.5 min in the microwave..

For breakfast Kashi with light vanilla soy milk.

Meat: shrimp or ground beef.

Poultry: chicken thighs.

Beans: love 'em all.

Tofu/ Soy: milk.

Best Veggies: green beans or brocolli.

Best: Fruits: pineapple.

Best Snack: string cheese or nuts.

Gags Me: salmon, and I love it but it hates me now.

Enough Water: no problem, I've always been a heavy water drinker.


: water.


3-4 times a week..

Comment #20

Date of.


: August 25, 2010.

Complications: None yet x.

#Pounds Lost: 52 pds. as of this morning!.

My Protein Powder: I use instant carnation and a scoop of "Click" Expresso. Yum! Also, Unjury's unflavored..

Best Protein Source: cheese, my protein shakes I make, meats.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: all of them! I haven't had one I didn't like yet..

Best Go To Meal: string cheeses with meat wrapped around it and almonds, and also any kind of soups.

Meat: steak, shrimp.

Poultry: chicken is not my best friend in the meat dept. My pouch just doesn't like it..

Beans: any and all!.

Tofu/ Soy: Both! Love them!.

Best Veggies: asparagus or celery or potatoes.

Best: Fruits: any type of berry is my fav..

Best Snack: almonds are my go to..

Gags Me: eating too fast or too much of something...Thank goodness that doesn't happen often..

Enough Water: I try really hard. I find that drinking hot teas are great!.


: I have been hitting the gym, at least, 3 x week! 30 min. of.


, and then strength-building machines for 30..

Next Goal: Keep on doing the same thing and stay on the right track. Find a job!!!!!..

Comment #21

To reply, please copy and paste these categories, and fill them in..

Date of.


: 8/4/10.

Complications: bad reaction from anestesia (sp?) couldn't stop throwing up and ended up in hospital for almost a week.

#Pounds Lost: 61.

My Protein Powder: NONE can't handle it.

Best Protein Source: cheese, some lunch meat and beans.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: pumkin muffin.

Best Go To Meal: babybel cheese.

Meat: turkey meatloaf.

Poultry: chicken theighs in crockpot.

Beans: white beans in a ministrone soup.

Tofu/ Soy: the tofu angel hair pasta and make it lo mein from hungry girl recipe.

Best Veggies: carrots.

Best: Fruits: apples.

Best Snack: babybel cheese with multigrain crackers (to settle stomach :).

Gags Me: cottege cheese or hard boiled eggs, and I USED to love them :(.

Enough Water: honestly... NO.


: a few times a week, quite busy, but alot of.


, want to get more weights in though..

Next Goal: to lose 10 more pounds by end of november, Hopefully LOL..

Comment #22

To reply, please copy and paste these categories, and fill them in..

Date of.


: 8/10/10.

Complications: vomitted blood initially post op, bleeding an incision site and a few minor infections.

#Pounds Lost: 54.

My Protein Powder: 100% whey protein.

Best Protein Source:.


With chocolate protein powder (mocha).

Favorite Eggface Recipe: dont know yet.

Best Go To Meal: mashed potatoes (I know, carbs.. ).

Meat: filet mignon.

Poultry: chicken.

Beans: chick peas.

Tofu/ Soy: no thanks~.

Best Veggies: carrots.

Best: Fruits: pears.

Best Snack: kashi go lean crunch.

Gags Me:.

Enough Water: usually.


: 3 times a week, water.


, treadmill and weights.

Next Goal: 165lb..

Comment #23

Date of.


: April 14, 2009.

Complications: None...except for extended pain on left side (3 weeks), but fluid retention pressing on a nerve, per surgeon)..

# Lost: : 138.

Protein powder: Max Protein ... Choc and vanilla most used.

Best Protein source: grilled shrimp, salmon, low fat cottage cheese, edamame.

Favorite eggface recipe: Blueberry "cake" and syrup.

Best meal to go: I love to take deli turkey breast, a thin slice (wedge) of avocado and a small piece of 2% cheeseBit of mustard on top. Roll up, cut in half. Full of protein, no carbs..

Also cottage cheese with 1/3 apple, diced,.



Best fruits: Berries any season...low cal, and low carb. Full of good vitamins..

Gags me; not much! LOL.

Water: I drink water all day...adding Crystal Lite to take in a powdered.


Some days I have a cup of hot tea with s/f syrup..


: My favorite topic!.


Most regular form..


Laps, hand weights and resistance exercising..

Next goal: Lose the last 10 #, see a plastic surgeon and begin a plan for what I'll do in that department..


Comment #24

Date of.


: March 1, 2010.

Complications: None.

#Pounds Lost: 113.

My Protein Powder: Any.

Best Protein Source: Meat.

Favorite Eggface Recipe: quiche.

Best Go To Meal: Yogurt.

Meat: beef.

Poultry: all parts.

Beans: kidney.

Tofu/ Soy:.

Best Veggies: all.

Best: Fruits: peaches and banana.

Best Snack: Nature Valley protein bars.

Gags Me: Nothing yet.

Enough Water: 130-160 oz per day.


: gym cardio, and weights and of course.


Next Goal: To figure out my new body, how to better serve it and keep it safe and healthy.....


Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.