Where would I find some good chicken Medifast recipes online?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Where would I find some good chicken Medifast recipes online? Looking forward for any answer. Another quick question... Hi all - I am pleased with my weight loss (94 pounds in a little over 6 months) but as the pounds melt away, I feel like I look a lot older (well, I am old - I'm 59). I think it is funny that in my mind, I thought I'd look like I did was I was 35, before I got really over-weight. It is funny how the mind works - did anyone else expect to look like they did before they gained weight?.

Skin just doesn't bounce back when you are older! My face is all wrinkly now where the fat used to hold the wrinkles up I guess :-). I'll get used to this too...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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I am sure you both look wonderful remember we look in the mirror and see one thing and we are very hard on our self but other look at us another way and see the beauty that we truely are. So dont be so hard on your self and congrads on the weightloss..

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I fully expect to have loads of new wrinkles. I'm 58, and I know that fat on my face has been filling things out. I just started a Nip/Tuck savings account.:). I know I won't look younger, but I'll be able to wear younger-looking clothes again. No more long tunics to hide everything. That said, it's the feeling of more healthy (i.e., youthful) energy that I'm looking forward to, and to once again being comfortable in my droopy skin!..

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I feel 35 again but my siblings have commented that I look older. I say "well, I guess I'd rather feel great and live longer, then look younger in my coffin"...

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Well,im hard to believe! I did not want to look haggy! I had a really fat face too so it plumped out the wrinkles a bit! well I am down 70 lbs with 25 or so to go.and have to say I'm pleasantly suprised! not as bad as I thought it would be.the deep lines are from my nose and around my mouth... the ( ) marks! I feel like I look younger...when I went to my job a couple weeks ago one of my coworkers said I looked 15 years I'm not too bummed out yet...will see what the next 25 does! but I def feel so much better so it's all good! blessing to you all!..

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Ahhhh The fountain of youth would be nice. If you find it send me a map would ya ;).

I actually think I look younger but bottom-line I FEEL younger and that's the most important thing...

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I feel as if I look olderbut all around me say I look ten years younger ...

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I am glad my full face and double chin is gone, but my neck looks older. oh well... I agree with morethanready... great thought...

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Its an epidemic! I feel like I look way older, but all my family and friends say I look way younger. I guess a psychologist could have a field day with us...

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That's what plastic.


Is for :) But seriously, sure some of us are not blessed with skin that bounces back, but having better health and vitality is worth it. I'm also a bit bummed with the excess skin hear and there...but I feel younger...

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