Which diet aid is better, Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Which diet aid is better, Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Well guys, I fell off the Nutrisystem wagon last weekend. I gained total of 3 lbs. It took me all of this week to be where I was last Friday minus 2 lbs. It makes me sick to my stomach to think where I could be weight lose wise if I had not spiraled out of control..

I guess we live and we learn. I now know the weekend off thing isnt going to work for me like it does for some other people. Why do the weekends have to be sooooo hard for me...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Big Daddy, the important thing is YOU CAME BACK and are back on the losing track again. Its really easy to screw up and then just say "Ah the H*ll with it" and go back to the old habits, but you are back and losing again, so thats great....

I know this may not be easy, but be honest with yourself and put the weight gain into your ticker. It can be a reminder of when you messed up and what it did. Also lets you see a nice rebound back when you go back on plan to see the 2 extra pounds you lost after the weekend of backsliding....

I had a real hard time putting in a 0 loss on my ticker for today, but if I'm not honest about my progress then I'm not facing up to the changes I'm trying to make and really tracking what it was like to reach my goal....

Great job on getting down to where you are at now though! The real key here, is the first digit of your weight is NOT a 3 now... I'm so looking forward to that day myself. Just have to get my old habits out of the way first.....

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Exactly. Check out my mountain range of a ticker; you can see my spike last year where I stopped honestly tracking myself for just a couple of months. If you're not honest inputting your weight, you won't realize when you're slipping up..

And you WILL slip up. We're only human. But when you see that red line going up, it will make you stop and think.....

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We've ALL been there! (except maybe Poly). The massively overriding factor is that you did NOT use it as an excuse to stay off the wagon, man!! Terrific recovery!! Keep it in perspective and realize that all you lost was time. Nothing more, nothing less..

I had lots of episodes like that all throughout my active loss phase here. The redeeming factor for me was my weigh-in day was Thursday, which gave me time to recover so I never had to record a gain on my ticker. Phew! That was serious motivation for me. I know how that can hurt. I can't count the times I dropped 5 lbs from Monday morning till Thursday morning (it's mostly water weight when you have a brief deviation). At least there were no increases showing on my ticker until I actually PLANNED a gain after hitting goal in July..

Seriously, it's not about falling off the wagon that's an issue, it's how you recover from it. Great Job, Big Daddy!! I'd count this episode in the WIN column if I were you! Ditch the guilt. That has driven more folks to failure on Nutrisystem than any other thing..


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We've all been there! Way to suck it up and be real!..

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It's definitely not about perfect attendance, rather than graduation. Yeah...I was perfect for 6 months straight. but of course, I was not perfect before then. I would try dieting on my own, but blow it off after a few days..

I really do think getting in the groove and rolling your program at 100% will help you. I see a lot of people bail because of the cheating..

I don't want anyone to feel guilty. I want them to get to goal! But I'm not so sure that "guilt" is such the danger that screws them over. I think it is also some self-indulgence. When I see people come back and say "I'm not going to look at the scale" or "I'm not going to calculate the calories consumed"...I think they really have not manned up and owned up to their slip. In addition, if all they say is "I'll try better", rather than having a specific corrective plan (e.g. "will eat huge salad before going to the movies so I am not tempted by popcorn"), then I think they are really poised for repetition of slips rather than for learning to do better..

Obviously the individual slip (even if thousands of calories) will not stop you from getting to goal by more than a day or so. The bigger danger is that it will weaken your will and become a habit..

One thing that Gordo does that helps him (and I) is DAILY WEIGHING. I heartily reccommend it. ESPECIALLY for those who are prone to cheating/slips. The reason is you have to STARE THE RESULT in the face. And the immediate feedback makes it less likely you will slip...

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If you weigh daily, do you still only log your weight once or twice a week on your charts, or do you enter it every day? Just curious.....

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Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up..

Even Batman has bad days. Just get back on the wagon and ride it as long as you can...

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