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First question I have is Which diet is better? Weight watchers? Nutrisystem? Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Don't know if any of you have been following this saga, but here in Wisco you just about get done to death with it if you forget and put the TV on. For all the years that Favre was with the Packers, you can bet that folks here appreciated him. He was heroic and exuberant at the same time, but he also had some well known foibles. Every once in a while he would just have a horrible game from start to finish, and if the Pack was trying to come back in the2nd half you could just about count on an interception. He may have a need to play footbal still, and can still get hired, but just how long into the season will he get before falling apart? This will be a moneymaker for the Vikes if nothing else, can Favre avoid tainting his legacy forever by playing far beyond his prime?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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I was a big Favre fan..But geesh give it up already...At best he will be medicore...At least it won't be as bad as being a Bear fan and putting up with Cutler all season long...that guys a poison just like TO..

Comment #2

As a Vikes fan, no matter how bad he plays, he will be better than the other two options they had going into the season..

Combine his ability to throw the ball (assuming his arms doesn't fall off), add it to the best running back in the game and a defense that should be in the top 5, and the Vikings could be a very good team this year..

I just saw a report that some of the Vikings players are having trouble catching throws from Farve because they are so much faster then the other quarterbacks. That makes me laugh.....

The NFC North should be very interesting this year and I can hardly wait until Oct 5th when the Packers come to the dome on Monday night..


Comment #3

I listened to Mike Francesa on KFAN discussing ol' Brett ad nauseum. Then I turned on a Washington radio station and the same thing..

Better than what the Vikings have now. But an expensive short-term solution. But hey, it's their money!..

Comment #4

Yeah that philosophy worked out real well for the Jets...

Comment #5

Nope, he'd have to win a superbowl and be MVP. Otherwise most of us will think of him as a goofball 1st, and hall of famer 2nd. Now he IS a hall of famer, no questions, but you can't deny this has already significantly damaged his reputation..........

PS: Dan Marino is..

Comment #6

I grew up a GB fan, so I have an interest in Brett. But lets be real, he needs to be done with this already. A two year contract with the Vikings. What is he hoping for?..

Comment #7

As a Packer fan, I am eternally thankful for the years that Favre gave us. Today, I am happy with the team we have. Favre used to play like a kid enjoying the game... now he just acts like a kid...

Comment #8

I think those things go hand in hand..

I have never liked the way he has been put on a pedestal by the fans and media..

He's a gun slinger and always has been. He has never bought into a system. With all those passing records you think he would have more Superbowl rings..

Ben Roethlisberger has more rings..

He is nothing but a narcissist...

Comment #9

Mule said it guess is his fellow team-mates also have the same view of him. Time will tell...

Comment #10

Hey, I'd be hard pressed to worry about what people thought about me in the short term (his true legacy will show through time) if someone was willing to give me $25 million for two years...

Comment #11

I really enjoyed Brett through the 90's. We had just moved to Wisconsin and my father and I watched every game after my mother died. Those were good memories, now that my father is gone, too. When Favre was great, he was great. When he was bad he was really bad. When he left (1st retirement) most of us were ready to say goodbye to him.

He was embarassing. I live 45 minutes from Green Bay and he just became a joke. Two weeks ago when they broke into the NATIONAL news and spent 20 minutes talking about him, it became worse than a joke. I hope he wins one or two games, but I also hope the Packers run him into the ground...

Comment #12

Ive always been a Brett Favre fan, and always enjoyed watching him..

A lot..

Comment #13

I'm sure he would not buy into such a role, but I think the Vikes should use him as a "third down" QB, that way he would be more likely to last the entire season, and there would be less blowback if he has an off day...

Comment #14

Thank goodness he's not on the Jets anymore. Did you see the fine the Jets got for covering up his arm injury last year? Gee, why did he throw 5 interceptions in a single game? hmmmm..

Comment #15

He throws too many picks. So did Elway. They just get driven to the Halll of Fame because they were on championship teams. But they are no Sonny Jurgensons...

Comment #16

They just want to me like MJ and come out of retirement a few times. Favre will probably coach in a few years and then maybe buy a team....

I winder if Tiger will do this same thing? retire, come back, retire, come back - lots of $ to be had..

Comment #17


GREAT new AVATAR. You've come a long way DUDE...

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