Which diet pill works best? lipozene,lipoplex w/ hoodia or proTect by Nutrisystem?

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My 1st question is: Which diet pill works best? lipozene,lipoplex w/ hoodia or proTect by Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... Noob here......

Just wondering how often you guys are checking your weight?.

I've been weighing daily and noticing that my weight fluctuates 1-3lbs which leads to being discouraged but yet still resolved...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I weigh daily despite the recommendations. You have to be prepared to see a few pounds plus or minus if you do this but I'd rather that than wait a whole week to see how things are going..

As others have noted elsewhere the scale isn't the be all and end all. The dwindling number of belt notches is a good measure too...

Comment #2

I weigh in daily - sometimes twice a day. I like to see how different foods and exercise affect my weight..

Like those daily-weighers before me, I like to see how I'm doing, and I'm generally surprised that after a week I'm consistently down a few. But - BE WARNED - the daily weigh in can make you crazy. Up a few, down some, then up prepared for a lot of different numbers...

Comment #3

I weigh all the time. Morning naked is my official weight time every day. Weekly is my only recorded weight (W8book and Nutrisystem entry). Mid-day gym before and after workout, evening before bed, and through the night as I get up to pee. It's fun for me to observe the differences and anticipate what's coming. For instance, I know I drop 3 lbs overnight.

My morning weight is usually 1 lb. higher than my wrung-out after-workout gym weight the prior day. Etc,etc. If you take the absolute numbers too seriously, it will drive you nuts, so weigh in only weekly. If you're ok with the normal fluctuations and want to figure out how your body works, it can be fun to play with it.

Enjoy the journey! It's for life..


Comment #4

I weight myself daily so I can see what type conditions affect my body (food, water, exercise), but I only "record" my weight weekly (Saturday morning)..

It is tough to see a 2 pound daily gain, but I can often identify what I did to cause it (normally too much salt or too little water)..


Comment #5

I weigh daily also. In the morning, just after the shower. I can't live with it unless I know what lies the scale is going to tell me for that day!?!?!? You have to be ready for little fluctuations in the daily weight...

Comment #6

I am working on my 5th month. I follow what CTBob said. For almost the same reasons. If my weight goes up, I try to reflect what went on the day before and what I can do to get myself back to the losing ways. If I am down, it encourages me to stay the course. I use it as my daily refocus..

I lost about 60#'s about four years ago. I attribute my weight gain to not weighing myself regularly..

You just can't obess if you gain a pound or two. Step back reassess and move forward...

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I weigh daily, every morning just after I shower. Before breakfast, before everything. This give me a very consistent weigh in..

Keep in mind, some scales will give you 1-3 pound fluxuations. I went out to Target and got a scale with 0.1 pound accuracy and have had no problems since!..

Comment #8

I weighed daily while I was losing too but only recorded the once a week "official" weight. Now that I'm on maintenance, I only weight 2-3 times a week..

I agree with what the others here say about it. There are always going to be fluctuations but when they are upwards, it should cause you to reflect on what you did between the weigh ins. If you did everything right, there's nothing to worry about. If you find that you strayed from the program and that's the reason that your weight is up then you know what to do to get it on the way down again...

Comment #9

Like many others that have posted, I weigh daily. First thing in the morning...after the bathroom...before breakfast. I also use it as a motivator for each day. If I something different. If I lost...woohoo! Regardless, it satisfies my OCD tendencies and my love of numerical data to weigh daily and get an accurate picture of how food, exercise and water intake affect my weight and how quickly those things actually take to impact my weight positively or negatively. It also helps me plan my day in regards to what things I need to do differently if I gained...

Comment #10

I'm a "scale *****"! See scale, weigh self..

I probably weigh myself 10-15 times a day. I've seen the 8 pound gain after drinking a gallon of water. (8.33 pounds per gal). I taken the 2 1/2 pound dump. I've lost 3-5 pounds after a good nights sleep. etc.

I need the constant review. I'm excessive compulsive and I'm a product of "results not typical" kind of guy..

Oh, and as a retired engineer, I also have charts, graphs and trends of all phases of my losses by days, weeks and months. Never worked a daily one, heck, it's raining and I can't go fishing, maybe a daily chart is in my future..

OK, so it works for me...

Comment #11

Its easy for excess sodium intake or muscle/joint pain and inflammation to cause me to increase several pounds from the temporary fluid retention...

Comment #12

Nutrisystem recommends picking 1 day a week to weigh on..

I like Mondays because it helps keep you honest over the weekend knowing a weigh-in is just around the corner. I don't eat breakfast until I defecate on Monday morning. If your not that regular, don't worry, you stay on plan long enough and you will be..

Now, on the rare occasion that I have no movement in my BM, I wait until Tuesday to log my weight-loss. (get it? LOG my weight-loss).

Easy to remember too, "Monday after I crap before I eat."..

Comment #13

Maybe it is a guy thing but I am a daily weigher as well. Don't sweat the little fluxuations. I record my Saturday AM weight as my official weekly number. Best of luck bubba...

Comment #14

I started the program weighing in once every two weeks but now I consistently weigh in at the gym once a week..


Comment #15

I weigh in daily, sometimes twice a day..

Like everyone says be prepared for daily swings in the number...

Comment #16

I weigh in daily also. I can live with the flucuations mostly due to fluid retention but I would much rather know where I stand day to day than wait for a weekly weigh in and live an die by that number. But as in all things Nutrisystem it is your own personal preference. Me, I like being accountable to the scale every morning..

Oh, by the way guys thanks for allowing a female point of view after all we are all in this together...

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