Which diet program works best: Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, or Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Which diet program works best: Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, or Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Ok, so I reached my goal of loosing 50lbs, but I decided to loose another 30..

Now because Physically looking better wasn't the main reason why I did this, I'm get a little agitated hearing how good I look now... I know, some of you are saying "What the Hell is wrong with you???" and maybe I'm still in denial, but I didn't look half bad when I was bigger. I can deal with the you look different, younger, thinner, or just you look great. But the OMG you look so good now irks me. I wanna say who the Hell was I before Freddy Cruger???.

Am I Shallow or are they Shallow?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Ditto for me. And I still enjoy the attention from the fairer sex too!..

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All I want to know is.

"Do these pants make my a$$ look to BIG"?.

Seriously, you only need to learn two words:.


Learn to accept the compliment rather than hanging on the negative. You've accomplished a lot....


Of it...

Comment #3

Generally, people you come across want to be supportive and feel compelled to pay you what they feel is a compliment. I agree though, Id much rather have them say nothing at all most of the time. Particularly, my bung hole brother-in-law, but Ive been dealing him for years. Often people will even try and give you their advice assuming you are struggling, which is even more irritating to me. I think to myself you know, it's my choice, my project, just leave me alone. Funny that nobody has ever felt compelled to tell me dude, you need to lose some weight, you aught to go on a diet.

I plan to adopt TxRhinos approach and politely say thank you for noticing then drop the subject completely and proudly go about my business...

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Smitty: After going from 230 pounds and a size 48G bra to a svelte 125 and (after breast reduction) a 34D bra (BIG difference) on my 5'5" frame, one of my clients said "Pam, you look like a normal person now!" Well, I could have gotten upset, of course, I could have let it devastate me, or I could have done what I actually did...laugh and say "Why, thank you, Mark!".

I knew I was FAT. I knew I needed to lose weight and get rid of those massive boobs. I did...and I, too, knew that I finally looked like a "normal" person..

Don't let it get to you...enjoy the change...and good luck on that next 30 pounds..

It's all good.....

Comment #5

Sound advice from a bunch of losers so nothing to add other than... "You look great"...

Comment #6

I normally enjoy taking the compliment. Only one time did it get to me. I was over my parents for Thanksgiving, with the extended family over. My grandmother was talking to my mother in the other room, and she doesn't exactly have a quiet voice. So when I overheard them talking about my loss and she commented "I never thought he would have had the willpower." I just had to poke my head in the room and reply "Yeah, THANK YOU Grandma!".

She's great though, just doesn't have much of a filter between what she thinks and what she says anymore...

Comment #7

Dude...take it as positive. Maybe a little tell the person, she needs to get in line with all the hawties going after you. If you meet the world with a smile and a joke, it's amazing how conflict is defused...

Comment #8

Pam - I'm passing this on to Sweet Nancy. As I've said before, you're her inspiration here. Not sure about the breast reduction though. Since I've lost my moobs, someone around this house needs to have some..


Comment #9

Smitty - What bothers me is that no one notices. I carried 30 pounds extra and now no one says diddly. Be happy! 50 pounds is a lot of weight and I would guess that you became blind to the reality of "the fat." They are not talking about your cute little face, but your girlish figure now! Suck it up and enjoy it!..

Comment #10

Get past it!.

Think of what's being related and not how it's said..

People (for the most part) are happy for you (some are jealous) and some are just A$$es..

Say thanks and walk away..

For me it's the positive reinforcement that I love to hear...

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Hey, that's nothing. Wait till you lose the other 30 and they'll start saying things like "Are you feeling okay?" When they started saying that to me I knew I was getting close to my goal...

Comment #12

They obviously don't mean it the way you are taking it, just enjoy the ride...

Comment #13

Probably neither. I totally get where you're coming from, because I do the same thing. And it's not because I was in denial that I was fatat one point I was carrying an extra 100 lbs or more. But I think it's because it made me feel like they sat around talking about how fat I was before. Reality is, they probably didn't, but I couldn't help thinking it. Maybe getting pizzed over it just took my mind off my embarrassment that I got to be that size..

I still do it at times, and am just going to have to get over it. It may be poor phrasing on their part, but it's not ill-intentioned...

Comment #14

Another thing to consider is that it may be more than the weight loss that they're referring too. I would imagine that you look healthier...your skin, your posture, your bearing...maybe even your attitude..

It may start with the weight, but when you make the true change that any lifestyle plan like NutriSystem requires, I'd say it permeates your entire being...

Comment #15

Is that a Fender J that you're playing in your pic?..

Comment #16

It's mostly a Fender J Bass. It's called the Reggie Hamilton model. It's has a P Bass neck pickup and a J Bass bridge pickup with a J Bass body and a drop 'D' Hipshot. Solid Bass...

Comment #17

Nice. I play most Ernie Ball products although I do have an old P bass and a Skjold 5 string. If you look at the pics on my page you'll see my main bass and the pic is from the Nutrisystem infomercial that I was in..

What kind of music do you play? I noticed that you had a guitar in your pic from the 90's. Do you still play guitar too?..

Comment #18

I played bass in a blues band called Mudslide(I think the album is still on iTunes if you're interested, if you're really interested I could send you some mp3s) a few years ago, but they've since broken up, which is too bad because I had a lot of fun playing with them. I mostly play guitar. I have a Fender Telecaster, a Vox AC15 amp and a couple of beater acoustics. No band at the moment, as health is taking precedence over music. So I spend my music time noodling on an acoustic mostly...

Comment #19


Am I Shallow or are they Shallow?[/QUOTE].

Probably neither. Part of the problem is that when people just don't have anything to say, they say something anyway. Take compliments any way you can get them..

P.S. - Smooth hi-jack Mobay...

Comment #20

Yes, you are indeed on iTunes and I downloaded the album. Here is a review from CD Universe:.

"Just like many bands that have come out of the San Francisco music scene, Mudslide has creatively fused the sum of their influences into something fresh and exciting. Drawing from their love of Rock, R&B, and Roots, then blending it all together with Blues, Mudslide has created a sound that is uniquely it's own. Tony Lemieux delivers a strong voice that commands the crowd to stand up and pay attention. Mixing his ripping leads, screaming harmonica, and blistering slide guitar, Tony, ever the quintessential charismatic front man, delivers the goods! John Crowhurst struts and growls like an angry preacher on Sunday, and plays guitar and mandolin in a manner that makes one wonder if he met the devil at the crossroads. One word...HOT! Mike Richmonds bass styling delivers a mammoth bottom end providing a thumpin and irresistible groove that never fails to have everyone dancing in the isles. Ian Luke sets the pace with what can be only described as amazing drumming.

He can't dress himself. From the dual lead guitars, wailing harmonica, rippin mandolin, blazing slide, and tight-but-loose rhythm section, Mudslide has earned the reputation as dynamic performers. Their live shows often leave the audiences in foot-stomped, hand-clapped, danced-out fits of exhaustion. Experience first hand the music of Mudslide. Their debut album, Mudslide Blues, delivers a brand of rockin blues that is infused with larger than life energy, and is destined to become a favorite for years to come.".

Good job!..

Comment #21

Right on, thanks for giving us a listen. I hope you like the album. Full disclosure, they recorded the album before I was in the band(the old bassist kept falling off the wagon and they needed someone more reliable), but I'd like to think that I had a better groove..

I'll let the guys know that someone out there is still listening to Mudslide, maybe I can talk them into a reunion show..


Comment #22

Mick, I'll listen to those as soon as I have a few minutes. You can hear the band that I used to play with at.

It's a cover band that still plays locally. I played on "Vertigo", "Wave On Wave" and "Highway to Hell". The other tunes were recorded before I joined the band. I left that band about 2 years ago and had almost completely stopped playing up until recently when a friend called and asked me to sit in with them on some jams...

Comment #23

I saw you play with Railhead in Dallas a few years ago. We had a beer together afterwards. Did your diet have anything to do with quitting the band? Beer and bar food weekly would be a tough temptation. I remember feeling guilty just having that beer with you...

Comment #24

I definitely remember you coming to Willhoites to see the band. And Vader came out to see us at Grapefest for my last gig in October of '07..

My diet didn't really have anything to do with quitting. In fact, one of the reasons I lost weight was because of the problems I was having with sore feet from standing and playing for long periods. I just got really tired of the late nights and so many of my weekends being consumed with gigs. I know my wife got tired of it too but she really didn't complain. I just didn't like how little spare time we had together..

As far as the guilt, I always drank 2-3 beers at a gig even while I was on NS. I usually worked plenty hard enough during a gig for it to not make any difference for the week. In fact, I always lost weight on weeks that I played a gig or two...

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