Which food tastes better Nutrisystem or nutrisystems?

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My 1st question is: Which food tastes better Nutrisystem or nutrisystems? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Some of the things I know are coming:.

-fitting into all my large undershirts. I always buy size large, but all the older ones, really all the ones except for the "Stafford" brand (which is a little thicker) are too small for me. Pull out of my pants. And I wear an undershirt every day with work shirt. And have like 30 of them. Would like to be able to use the whole batch..

-fitting into slacks from thinner days. I'm fitting into 40s well now (in 10 pounds, they will not fit me.) 38s are wearable now too. Have a bunch of slacks from 33-36. And then some old slacks (but still good condition) that are 30s..

-main business suit at 33..

-Hickey Freeman suit (only one) that I bought at 34 and got skinny at 29 and tailored to 30...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Yeah I think the NutriSystem president owns stock in belt companies...

Comment #2

I find you can usually undo the buckle and cut that end and then put the buckle backon. Lots of salesman in men's stores will do it for you...

Comment #3

The clothing NSV's are great, but do get expensive. The NSV that I'm most looking forward is being able to run. I have really bad knees from years of football and then carrying around way too much weight..

I used to run/race but had to stop because my knees just couldn't take the pounding any more. Since starting my weight loss journey I've been doing lots of cycling/swimming/elliptical for cardio, but I still miss running..

When I got below 250 I started very slowly working running into my program, and I think it might work out. I will probably have to be at my goal weight or even below for it to be really good though. We'll see how it goes, but is exciting to think there's even a chance that I'll be able to run again. I had pretty much given up on it..





Comment #4

Also I'm excited to be able to say that I lost 100 pounds, (I suppose technically that's an SV, but hopefully you will excuse me). It's just kind of mind boggling to drop essentially an entire person!.





Comment #5

Agreed. Those are huge. I will probably also re-look into some shoulder and knee oeprations that I had that were unsuccessful. HAve a hope that walking into Doc's offices, looking like an athlete, will help me get the treatment to fix these things...

Comment #6

I friend bought me a polo shirt from Disneyland Hong Kong. He bought it in an XXL. It's a nice compliment but I've never worn the shirt. I've also got suits and other nice clothes that I can't wear... yet..

The biggest NSV will be when my wife starts wearing the lacey stuff again and I don't have to work so hard to get her to make the beast of two backs...

Comment #7

I'm really looking forward to being able to wear all my camoflage hunting duds again. And I've got a pair of old skool "Elmer Fudd" red and black buffalo plaid pants I want to wear this winter..

Riding the bike without getting a sore ass..

Taking a nice long walk without getting sore feet...

Comment #8

1) knowing I can walk into any damn store I want to and buy clothes that fit. I've lost over 80 lbs so far and Im down from a 4X shirt to having some brands baggy in 2X. Since Im cheap Im still wearing the same pants. They look absurd now and would fall off instantly if not for my notched belt. My mothers retirement party is tomorrow night. Looks like I'll be heading to the store to find out what size I am now..

2) Catching the attention of the opposite sex for my looks instead of my personality. While Ive gotten lots of compliments on my weight loss my bodies not where I want to be yet. Vain? Yes. Yes it is..

3) Being able to go hiking without carrying an extra 100 lbs along with my backpack...

Comment #9

As I lost my weight I got rid of my "fat" clothes. This time around I was comfortable when I started to gain weight and I finally got back on the horse. I think if I'd kept my fat clothes I'd still be considering making a change rather than having done it. I'm getting ready to jettison all of my 36" pants and XL t-shirts this time. I don't want any place to hide if I start to lose my focus...

Comment #10

Thinking back when my focus started to slip away, I jumped right back to my bigger cloths and continued to let myself slip only until those were too tight and had no option but to buy bigger cloths. Had I gone ahead and ditched them instead at the time, I'd have no place to hide and failure would not be an option..

My goal: Tossing out each article of clothing as I UNGROW them!..

Comment #11

All those NSV's are headed your way, Poly and Met! Great lists. They are every bit as good as you think they will be. Each one is a high, a progress marker, and a testiment..

I've also taken the approach of getting rid of ALL my fat clothes. No turning back!.


Comment #12

I think that is awesome motivation, to look good for your mate. Very thoughtful. Kudos, man...

Comment #13

I'm going to get expensive slacks and such tailored (chuck jeans and shorts). Will move the pockets and all, so they look good. And ask to NOT have cloth left available for changing back...

Comment #14

Actually I think just signing up for Nutrisystem and buying the box and all (even though it's not a gazillion dollars) gave me a little bit of a Pizarro (or was it Cortez?) -like "burning the boats behind me". The only way out was forward!..

Comment #15

I forgot about that one. I want to be able to buy clothes in a "regular" clothes store..

I was in Kohl's with my wife while she shopped (I really don't know how that happened.

) and the only thing that I could find that fits is socks and underwear. The big guy's store is too expensive and too many Hawaiian shirts...

Comment #16

Reminds me of the Bow-Flex commercial where the guy says, "I gave all of my fat clothes to my fat friends.".

When I started NS, I had some very specific NSV's listed that I was looking forward to. The first was to be able to reach my butt hole with TP without resorting to some very complex yoga positions. Here's the rest of the list..

Take a shower without losing my breath.

Walk to the mailbox without having to take a break.

Be able to fly and only have to purchase one ticket.

Be able to get rid of the seat belt extender.

The ability to sit down anywhere without having to ask it's ability to hold me.

I've accomplish them all except the last, the rest is icing...

Comment #17

I'm wanting to look better than my wife in a bikini. Ha!..

Comment #18

I'm off to Walt Disney World next weekend. Though I've been there before and I know that I won't have a problem there, I dread the thought that I will get on a ride and the damned restraining bar or belt won't fit over me and latch properly. It happened to me once before at a different park and it was completely humiliating..

I'm not looking forward to that ever happening again...

Comment #19

Good luck. Stay on plan. You are doing great. The hunk will emerge!..

Comment #20

I have several NSVs I "lust after"....

I won't elaborate further though, since some of them lurk here.....

Comment #21

Just had that very same NSV!! Last year here at OCNJ, they could not latch the restraining bar over my fat thighs on the pirate ship. Just rode it last night w/grandkids and had 2" to spare!!!.


Comment #22

Yes! It's been three weeks and I can finally sit in my chair without unbottoning my pants. Silly, but that was really bothering me. God, it's good to be back on the plan and headed in the right direction..

I have a personal goal of busting through 240# by the time I step on the scale at the doctor's office a week from Friday. I'm on track for that one...

Comment #23

I wanted to get back to my high school size jeans. Size 36 x 32This weekend I am going to go try on 36 x 32 jeans. My 38 x 32 are baggy. My wife is going away for the weekend and I want to surprise her when she get's back. I hope they fit!!!!..

Comment #24

I hear ya Jeff. I used to unbuckle my pants sometimes, sitting in the bar booth (eating and drinking bad stuff, alone). embarrressing if I forget and stood up! You've done this once. you know the drill!..

Comment #25

Nice work Robert! That's a great feeling. Sounds girly talking about jean victories, but I've got a pair of 36x34 501's that I bought last time. As soon as I get myself in those again, ALL the 38 stuff is out of here! I mean it this time...

Comment #26

I got some 40 shorts that are getting a little silly. Will chuck them at 200#. Probably time to break out the 38s. Only have a single pair of each. Lots of smaller sizes in deep storage thoigh.....

Comment #27

I'd like to be able to walk into the club, and get any guy I want, like the good old days..

Or.... at least have a much better chance then I do now at my current weight...

Comment #28

I don't think it is girly at all. I am ready to move out of these cloths and into something I think is slim. Never again am I going up..

I allowed myself 38's a long time ago, and I stretched those to the max. Never again!..

Comment #29

You'll be surprised. Welcome to the Men's Room. You'll be ready to go "Brokeback" in no time. Daily lurking and posting are proven weight-loss tools. No toe tapping!..

Comment #30

Yeah I need to get around to setting up avatars and weight trackers and such..

I've been on the plan for a little under a month and down 16 lbs so far. 60lbs or so to go~.

Eating out all the time is the devil for weight gain. I know this.

Edit: You lost 25 pounds your first month? ack, I don't feel so uber anymore...

Comment #31

Check out these threads:.




It's really easy. Eat every 2-3 hours, Drink at least a gallon a day. you'll do fine...

Comment #32

Welcome to the Men's room. Everyone loses at their own rate. Those of us with more to lose tend to lose insanely rapidly in the beginning. At any rate as long as you're losing you're doing a great job...

Comment #33

You're doing fine FL guy. The way to get there is nice and steady...

Comment #34

NSV: my large bath towel worn as a skirt is fitting way better. When I can wear the tiny ones at the Y will know I'm cut. I just walk naked there now...

Comment #35

I don't know if this is too much eye wandering in the locker room. But there are these old guys that just stand naked and shave at the mirrors. I'm not that bad...

Comment #36

At a certain point, who cares what those young guys think!..

Comment #37

I'm actually going to go clothes shopping today for the first time since before I started NS..

I have been lucky as I have kept alot of my old stuff and for the most part they have serviced me till now. I have no idea what's going to happen or what size I will fit in, but I was wearing 48 Levi's when I started and am currently using an old pair of 40's that are very, very baggy on me..

I usually shop at Casual Male, but I may try a regular clothing store. However, because of my height, I may still have to go back to CM..

This should be interesting...

Comment #38

270 and 40's are baggy? Man, you're a big'un (in a good way), Mule! Great NSV!!.


Comment #39

My 40 shorts were in the wash, so I put on the 38s (normally mega tight). And! Pulled a (larger) polo shirt from the "too small" pile and!.

I can't wait for wonderland.....

Comment #40

I bought 36 x 32 jean yesterday and they fit. First time since high school I have been in size 36 jeans. One more NSV achieved!..

Comment #41

There you go! Are you starting to feel empowered and in control now? You should...

Comment #42

I still have 5-10 pounds left to lose, but to everyone reading this, Yes, it feel damn good! The change in lifestyle is worth it!..

Comment #43

Back to High School form! FanTasTic!! That's a great NSV!.


Comment #44

I was able to fit into a pair of size 34 jeans this weekend. I wouldn't wear them on a daily basis just yet, but they work..

And my high school size was 40, so that barrier's been well past broken. This is the new time of my life...

Comment #45

You have lost a lot. Are near goal. How tall are you and what waist size are you aiming for at goal?..

Comment #46

Not too sure what an NSV is (im a little slow sometimes), but from the context of the thread, I'm gonna say:.

Size 36x30 pants and large shirts..

When I started, 44 was the pants size and XXL was the general shirt size to hide my man boobs..

Now my new 40 pants are getting a little big and my XL shirts are following suit..

The female attention is a nice perk too..

Comment #47

NSV = Non Scale Victory.

Congrats on the 76 lb loss. Kudos!..

Comment #48

Now it makes sense!.

And thank you very much!!!..

Comment #49

Hey Hummina - From your stats and statements, it looks like you're on a similar journey to mine. You'll be 34x30 in no time, man! Heck, if you get to 180, 32's may be in your future as well. Great job!.


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