Which free iPage web hosting service in uk should I use?

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First question I got is Which free iPage web hosting service in uk should I use? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... Is it safe to change the orders_status field in the orders table.

Directly, using sql, without posting an entry in the.

Orders_status_history table?.

Doug edmunds..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Steak, mushrooms and asparagus. I have not ventured out yet and had beef. We will see how it affects my weight. I am a little nervous about that...

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I know about to proper way..

Back to my question: if I update thru sql whether it will create.

A problem?.

We have lots of previously shipped orders and don't want to spend a lot.

Of time (on a slow modem connection) updating each record individually,.

Just to change the status of the order from pending to delivered...

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Baked sausage and cheese omelette with roasted pepper salsa!..

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All of the information from admin, or catalog for that matter, comes from your database so it dosen't matter that you change it there. Of course, you will need to do it off-line to avoid the off-chance that the customer who's data you are changing is not accessing his account. And, as always, you should backup first..


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Salmon with sundried tomato dressing, mashed cauliflower and green salad...

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I'll disagree with Jack a bit on that...there are some things that you could change in the database that would screw up your admin screen. Changing the order status, however, should not do so - but be aware that when you view the order in the admin screen later, you won't see the history of having changed it unless you also update the orders_status_history table...

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All beef chili - in the crock pot now - and a green salad. can't wait!..

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Thanks for correcting me if I am mistaken. But what can be changed via admin that will cause problems if changed via phpmyadmin?.


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Tilapia, mixture of broc and mushrooms and a spinach salad with cucumbers.

Bon Appetit!!!..

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Is it safe to change the orders_status field in the orders table.

Directly, using sql, without posting an entry in the.

Orders_status_history table?.

Doug edmunds..

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(2) trader joe's chili lime chicken burgers & baked turnip fries..

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To keep things updated properly, edit the order in the admin section, then you can choose from the menu what status for the order, and it updates everything the way it needs to be...

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So jealous! These sound so good! (alas, no TJ around here!) I am dying to try these!..

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Lobster!!! Probably going to pair that with some asparagus and maybe some cauli rice also mmmm..

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I am having my regular work L&G lettuce, mushroom and cucumber salad with ground turkey, boring but very easy to bring to work..

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Tuna Salad. I'm not very original. Still getting used to this plan and finding recipes for yummy L&G's...

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Heading out to Outback for dinner with the family... it's been a long time since we've hit the restaurant scene. The plan is to pick a steak.... salad w/dressing on the side... and a side of green beans! YUMMO! My kitchen is clean and can now stay that way. =)..

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Ummmmm... I think i'm going with baked chicken and roasted asparagus. My schedule got totally whacked out with an unexpected doctor's visit today, so I'm kinda scrambling!..

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I got Boars head low sodium turkey breast and making lettuce wraps and I dont know what else...

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Homemade Chicken & broccoli cheese soup:.

5 oz - leftover crockpot chicken(already seasoned).

1 oz - part skim mozzerella cheese(2% would have been better, ten fewer calories).

2 LC light swiss wedges (1 healthy fat).

1 Herbox boullion packet.

2 C water.

270 g cooked frozen broccoli(3 vegis).

Add cheeses last. They melted and gave the soup a nice creamy texture without all the fat. It was wonderful..

Happy "OP" Monday everyone!.


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I made the crockpot Thai Chicken Recipe I found doing the "search" function on the boards and it was TERRIBLE!! I'm assuming I probably cooked it wrong, although I followed the stats (however, I cut the recipe in half, so that I stuck 2 chicken breasts rather than 4, and used less salsa verde (exactly 6 tablespoons instead of 12))..

The chicken breast was extremely dry and had absolutely no flavor to it. I had to throw it away cuz it was making me sick smelling/eating it, sorry..

So, I went down to the cafeteria at work and had me a salad: lettuce, chicken pesto slices, 1 slice tomato, 6 olives (fat serving), parsley sprinkle, and that tasted much better!.

I still have chicken breast # 2 that I made in the crockpot and left at home. I think I'm going to shred it, add mayo + lemon, so I can take away the dryness and get more flavor...

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Grilled chicken with salsa, steamed broccoli, and iceberg lettuce with Newman's light Red wine and oil dressing..... sounds simple and boring but I love it and QUICK!!.


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Grilled chicken breast, roasted brocolli and cauli-rice. (I didn't have enough brocolli to make a full 3 green servings so I added the cauli-rice)..

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Ok -so I am on Day 3 of MF, and I am really hoping I calculated my L & G correctly. I had:.

1 Boca All American Flame Grilled Burger.

1/2 wedge LC Lite Swiss Cheese.

1/2 C of Cottage Cheese.

1/2 C Green Beans.

1/2 C Cucumbers.

2 Cups of Leaf Lettuce.

2 TBLS Kraft Light Balsamic Viniagrette.

Other then my 4 Medifast meals (with one to go) I have had had one dill pickle spear..

What do you think ... how did I do? I looked on the Nutrition Support threads and think I did this right - I sure hope so! I really want to be 100% OP!.


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I had a turkey burger and mock sweet kugel or sweetened spaghetti squash casserole. Tasted like a dessert...

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Eggbeaters mixed with cheese, cream cheese, parmesan, and broccoli and baked. I made this casserole on the weekend and it makes 3 huge servings, so I had some then, some tonight, and can have the rest tomorrow. Delicious!..

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Tilapia baked with low sodium diced tomatoes and spices. Pickled fresh cukes, celery and peppers. Romaine salad with really great dressing...

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I'm in a rut chicken with salad and WF dressing. Second night in a row! DH, little DS, and DS's friend were eating Domino's pizza! At least I got to have a brownie for dessert!.

I think I'll make Sandy's creamy buffalo chicken tomorrow that sounds totally YUM!.


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I had grilled shrimp and asparagus tossed into shirataki noodles with garlic and a touch of cayenne. It took me an hour to eat it all but it was delicious...

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