Which free web iPage hosting service is the best?

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Got a question... Which free web iPage hosting service is the best? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Where do I take off the box obove the categories box? thanks!!!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Sorry, but nobody will want to help you because you don't show OSC Copyright text..

I know it's in the bottom there but.....

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What are you talking about?.

This guy has the stock copyright statement still on his site, where most of us have removed that already to replace it with our own copyright statement, leaving merely the 'powered by: osCommerce2' link in place. So he's got more osCommerce copyright mention than most of us on this forum..

Where do you want more copyright statements?..

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I appologize to shayrgob. It seems that my monitor is too dark to make difference between these 2 colours..

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Check what is your first include in column_left.php. Looks something like this:.

If ((USE_CACHE == 'true') && empty($SID)) {.

Echo tep_cache_boxname_box();.

} else {.



It seems that you have an extra box included before categories. I'd assume you have categories,.

If ((USE_CACHE == 'true') && empty($SID)) {.

Echo tep_cache_categories_box();.

} else {.



As a second include. If thats the case, removing the first include would probably fix your problem...

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Dont worry about it, it was just an honost mistake. Ive been wanting to make that text whitle but I cant find where to do it. I just took a look in column left and there is only 1 include. Here is the code:.



 $Id: column_left.php,v 1.15 2003/07/01 14:34:54 hpdl Exp $.

 osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions.

 Copyright (c) 2003 osCommerce.

 Released under the GNU General Public License.


 if ((USE_CACHE == 'true') && empty($SID)) {.

   echo tep_cache_categories_box();.

 } else {.









It looks normal to me!!..

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Oops, it seems that I still cant get over last night's wedding.

The box on the top is simply the box for the name of the category box (Usually saying "Categories"). What you have to do is open up file categories.php under includes/boxes/ and around line 68 you will see this line:.

New infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, true, true);.

The "true" variables are probably set to false in your case, but this makes no difference. just comment this line out by typing // in the beginning of this line. This should fix it..

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I thought that was gonna do the trick but it didnt work. Im sure that it's something simple..

Not trying to be nosey but what happened?..

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Just got a bit wasted and had crazy fun.

I see on your iPage site that you got rid of it now.

What was the trick to it?.

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: 22 August 2004, 20:48..

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I had no idea that it went away, lol!! I am having problems w/ that happening. Every time I make a change w/ the categories box I dont see a change by just refreshing the page. I have to reopen a windo which I forgot to do..


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Good it worked out.

If you are using IE you can try holding down Shift key while clicking refresh button. I haven't used IE for a long time, but I remeber that this was supposed to flush the cache of IE...

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Where do I take off the box obove the categories box? thanks!!!!..

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I should have clarified a little more. I guess it is in the categories box. Its where it says "models" on my site. Please go to.


To see what I'm talking about. thanks!..

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