Which Godaddy domain name extension is best?
Question I have... Which Godaddy domain name extension is best? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Whew! What a lousy week I've just had!.

My tale of woe really began about two weeks ago when I decided to "liquidate" about 150 domains at, or close to, wholesale, (an activity that I would highly recommend the weak of heart stay clear of!) The names were not great names, but most I would put in the good to above averege category, most w/, at least, 9 mos of registration left, many w/ good OV search #'s, some had previously received inquiries and some had even had actual offers in low-mid $xx. I was not cleaning out the "bottom of the barrel". (I had already done that w/ a bulk sale earlier in the month). The score:10 sales, approx. 140, unsold, leaving me in the hole w/ listing fees, (I had purchased listing "extras" on several of them.) Nothing got bid up at eBay- only 2 of the 8 names sold there, rec'd second bids..

Now the capper. One of the names being auctioned received an opening offer of 500EU via GoDaddy the day before the auction closed and, at that point, there had been no bids on the name at the eBay auction. I would have closed the auction and begun negotiations on the name except for one little glitch. The server for my main HostGator name GoDaddy site was down for a day, my email wasn't functioning and I didn't receive the GoDaddy notice until after the auction had closed and I had already pushed the name. I tried to get the name back, but was informed by the lucky recipient that he had received an offer via email the same day as the push, that a deal had been negotiated and that the name had been sold. Ouch!.

I'm not exactly sure why I feel compelled to share this. Commiseration? Hearing someone else's tale of bad luck wouldn't hurt, as misery does tend to enjoy company, but, honestly, I'm not miserable, (anymore). After a day or two of kicking myself, I've brushed this one aside, have written off the poor results of my "liquidation" sales as a good eye opener, (this was, after all, the first attempt in my domaining experience at selling off a batch of names), and I see my missed oppurtunity as a result of bad timing and some bad luck- but, that goes w/ the territory. "Only if's" will drive you nuts, gotta move past the small setbacks, keep on truckin' and remember that other good days will come. (Also, reminding oneself that there could have been another zero or two in front of the decimal point of the offer amount, doesn't hurt, either.)..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Kimberly - I can't believe you haven't offered him a hug...

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I’ll hug him! I’ll hug anyone who appreciates Hunter S. Thompson! God rest his soul, he is one of my heroes...

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Life is more like "When one door closes, another one slams in your face"..

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Grrilla: is available (all other major ext are gone)..

Life is full of peaks and valleys..

Kimberly: I love Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (the book), as well as Depp's movie version and Bill Murray's version (called Where The Buffalo Roam)..


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Yes I gues that it true.

But if youy look at it that that way..

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Wow. Nothing like Hunter S to put things back into perspective!.

Ahh.. Memories..

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me.

By Richard and Mimi Farina also seems appropriate at the moment..

Or to quote Charles Bukowski:.

Charles Bukowski's.

Hot Water Music.

While listening to the Fuggs w/ a nice hot shot of absinthe- now that's what I call living!.

And lest I forget:.

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

- Tom Wolfe.

Red Dirt Marijuana.

- Terry Southern.

Monster Box.

- Ken Keasey.


- Kool Movie.

Waiting for Godot.

- Samuel Beckett.

"Nothing to be done...

I'm beginning to come around to that opinion myself."..

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Wait, did you liquidate the 150 domains? or it didnt work out for you?..

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Knock Knock....

Excuse me, is this the thread where the attractive, intelligent blonde woman is offering free hugs?..

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Happened on several occasions to me aswell. Currently have an offer on GoDaddy for nearly 3x the amount I sold one to an enduser for a few weeks ago. I've been slacking on my updating there but to save myself from more heartaches I'll think I'll keep those up to date...

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I think it's only to Michael.....

Missed it again -db-!.

Isnt life hard...?..

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Hmm.. Busting my ass creating 150 unique listings put me in the hole about $300 for listing fees. The name that had the 500EU GoDaddy offer, ended up w/ one, last minute bid and sold for roughly reg fee..

Now, let's see. If I would have sat and done nothing all week.

, I would not have had some good names sweated out of me by fellow domainers.

, my ego would be in a little bit better shape.

, my faith in several of my names wouldn't have to be restored.

, and I would be ahead of the game by, at least , $1,000 right now, so I guess I would have to say that it didn't work out very well, and that I have had better weeks w/ HostGator names..

But, than, I guess I wouldn't have received a virtual hug from Kimberly, so, guys....

Oohh... uhmm... ahhh..., things could be worse, oooh!... I suppose...

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Michael, I'm much more furry, but I offer hugs as well.

Especially since I "feel... your... pain".

It's been a frustrating week with Snap, TDNAM, Fab poorly categorizing some names, and discovering some timely names I owned are no longer timely (Wonderful)..

At any rate, open wide, here comes fuzzy!.


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Always ups and downs....on the down side...I sold a name here for <$20 and see it listed at GD for $15K(doubt it will sell)......posted an available name in the available names section and see it sold on another forum for >$50....never did receive the NP's......but you keep movin on...looking forward.....and on the up side....I'll let you know when it happens.....

...keep the head up!..

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Was that a record that I heard that just went~ S-C-R-A-T-CH? HaHa! Just kiddin, Allan- Here's back 'atcha, brother..

Yep, life certainly has it's sh~twaves from time to time. Glad I'm not the only one stuck having to ride 'em. Knowing that, doesn't necessarily help when you're on one, but, I have learned that they do eventually come to an end which does seem to help. Oh well, WTF, you win some, you loose some, sh~t happens, you go to sleep, you wake up, you breath the air, you get your ass handed to you again, and you just keep truckin' on 'n on...

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We could go shoot as some propane tanks if that would make you feel better...

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Hey, I'm feeling great today! Could use a little propane ball target practice to kick in 4th of July week. In my little town, fireworks are legal for two weeks each year, beginning yesterday. A guy down the block has set off a couple of , (not exactly legal), mortar rockets. Propane cannisters would add a nice touch. Full ones, of course...

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Oh... the pain... I do feel the pain..

To share a story here in the midst of my fellow domainers and "Hank" quotes should be very therapeutic..

A few weeks ago I decided to give away some HostGator names that I couldn't seem to sell for the life of me. Yeah... they were near renewal and, yeah... they were of the more expensive variety (cctlds) Blah blah blah - I really tried every angle... to no avail. In any event...

Yep, several hundred more than $0.

I really wasn't sure how to feel about it. On one hand I was pissed for losing out, and on the other hand I knew I made my bed... so I just slept.

I try to keep in mind those times where those insanly... unexpected $$$$ offers come in on something you were going to let expire this year anyway.

I'd also like to take a moment to vent about listing fees on ebay... how do you spell.

Highway robbery.

? I mean come on man... enough is enough! How greedy can greedy get? "OOMPA LOOMPA DOOMPADEE DOO".

I'm not giving anymore money to you!..

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Hi ManicGirl.


I'm thinkin up a haiku 4 You.

Lets see... Hmm... IBBock..

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"OOMPA LOOMPA DOOMPADEE DAY" Open up wide, here comes ebay!..

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My haiku for ManicGirl:.

My mirror shatters.

Falling snowflakes turn to drops.

Quenching thirsty mouths..

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Er, maybe.


Life is like that?.

My sure ain't!.

Either way, best of LUCK!.


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And I was beginning to think everyone on the boards is 20+yrs younger than me!.

Got the one minute too late offer several times in the last month..

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'been down so long it looks like up to me' ....Richard Faria..

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"Kill for Peace" ~ the Fuggs Ahh... some mistakes just seem to repeat over and over and over... Well, the human era, relative to geologic time, can be measured within the blink of a dinosaur's eye, so, hopefully, we won't destroy ourselves before we learn better. If we do, well, who can say how many sub-nano particles, civilizations, planets, universe clusters, cosmic bubbles and on have expanded/contracted- come/gone- inflated/deflated infinitely/finitely- otherwise etc etc..

All the world's a stage,.

And all the men and women merely players..

They have their exits and their entrances;.

And one man in his time plays many parts....

This Grrillasophic Moment has been brought to you by Name Pros. (Who assure you that they are not responsible for any of the ideas or content that has been expressed, herein.).

Grrilla greatly appreciates your indulgence, understanding, decency, as well as, Kimberley's hugs...

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Hi All.

I think it happens to all of us some time depending on the amount of time we have been in this business LOL , I know it has happened to me more then once....

I just keep on truckin.....


Tom Dahne..

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Well said Tom ....

It seems I've had more downs than Ups in the last few years myself when it comes to this business. But - I'm like the "Little Engine That Could" - "I think I can - I think I Can .... ".

Sorry to hear of your woes Michael and Jennifer - But Keep your chins up ... Good things come to Good People ... and I truly believe both of you fit in that Category. I myself have directed my efforts toward more development than HostGator speculation in the Past 6 months - and things are looking a little better as of late..

Wishing you two and all of our fellow members all the best and a Prosperous 2nd Half to this year ......

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I, too have been moving in that direction, which, (for the purpose of making my portfolio mngt easier), was the major impetus behind liquidating some of the names. My new regs are, for the most part, staying within specific categories that are tied to my development and GoDaddy site networking plans..

Business has actually been on a nice upswing over the past week, and I have recieved a couple of substantial offers- (one, ironically, is for one of my other poker domains.) Nothing like a good sale to push the dark clouds away, no?.

It may not be a good business practice to air out your frustration/disappointment/screw-ups in public, but that's just my personality. I usually talk about what's on my mind at the moment and my emotions stay pretty close to the surface. When something good goes down, I'll talk about it, and conversely, when the s~~t hits the fan and things ain't goin so well, I'll put that out there, as well. But I have to admit that, w/ this one, the surreal nature of the bad timing, had me close to the edge..

Hmm... Mildly optimistic Existentialism/Tragi-Comic world view. Closer to Camus/Ionesco/Pirandello/Anoulith/Pinter/Vonnegut/Keasey/Tarrantino(<- Say Whot?) than to that wimp, Kierkegaard...

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Its difficult to tell Grrilla, if you are on the bus or off the bus.......

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Darn! Bus-ted, again..

I suppose you could say that I'm just waiting at the bus stop. (Or is that waiting for the bus *to* stop?) Hmm... I don't know. It's gotta be in there somewhere..

BTW, did anyone see where I put my train ticket? I've got a plane to catch!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.