Which has the greatest success rate Nutrisystem, Nutra System, weight Watchers?

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Question I have... Which has the greatest success rate Nutrisystem, Nutra System, weight Watchers? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... Since many of the guys here run, I thought I would ask if you can suggest a good shoe. I'm thinking you all may know something when it comes to weight, maybe a little wider than usual, etc...I am a 10.5 or 11. I became "wide" lately but I always usually had normal feet..

I plan on running a few miles. Mostly on the roads/fields. I can go thru the woods a but but not enough to think about..

I hope to do a 5K come November if I can can find one for charity around here...maybe a turky trot or something. I used to do 8 miles at a clip no problem even at about 220 lbs. Not at blazing speeds but respctable. So far I can run 1.5 miles really no problem with hills, i've been taking it easy thos since I just started. SO I can do it. I just don't know the technology anymore..

Thanks in advance,.


Ps. ankles are ok, but a little support could not hurt...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Great! I found 2 places close to where I live. I did not know something like this existed...thanks for the advice.


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Ive always had wide feet, I wear a 11.5 4E to 6E. If you're not familiar with the 4E or 6E thats shoe lingo for wide feet. Ive been a new balance fan for years even if I wasn't running in them because of their wide widths..

I used to buy all my shoes at a runners shoe store but lately Ive found Shoe Carnival carries the extra wide shoes now. I don't need the height of style or the latest and greatest so that works for me...

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I'm an 8EEE in dress shoes. Since running stuff comes in even E only, I get a 2E NB. Sometimes I go up a half size to 8.5 though...

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New Balance 587s are made specifically for heavyweight runners. I have found them to be great for walking too..


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Apolyton is right, your best bet is find your local running store and get a gait analysis. You'll find out if you're an over-pronator, how your arches are, etc. You will certainly need a stabilizing/cushion shoe for extra shock absorption, anybody over 200 pounds does. I use a Saucony Hurricane, currently of the "10" generation, but have worn as far back as "8", and swear by them. Just like running on air, which is what a good cushion shoe should feel like..

Good luck and enjoy your running!.






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Thanks, I am going to go to the store right now!.

I checked the Saucony and the NB online - I'm just not sure of my width right I better get it checked out.

At least I have an idea on price now too..

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The guys at my local running store are great. They'll make sure that you're addressing all of the issues you have whether it's gait, width, arch, whatever..

When you get the right shoe you'll find that the price is right, also. Buying cheap shoes from department stores where you're guessing at fit and features is never good. I use Mizuno Wave. This shoe elevates the heel causing me to strike toe/midfoot first rather than heel first which a flatter shoe will do. I gotten great results from this shoe...

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If I could afford them I'd go with Saucony. Man are they comfortable for running!..

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Ok, I went to a running store - gasped at the prices! But a hot little expert running gal took care of me and I took the bait. Anyhow, she said my feet were collapsing inward when I run. I can see/feel that. So we tried on some sneakers the support the insole - there was an Asic, and two Sauconi that would work and where she had 11EE. I went with the Saucony "Stabil". Feels pretty good! $115 - but I think it will be worth it so I don't get injured....

Again, thanks for the advice guys!..

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It's worth it to have a well fitted shoe. You will exercise more. Good job researching and taking action so quick. Wish I were so decisive!..

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Good to know..

I don't think I have a "running store" per say in my area. But I do have a Sports Authority. I am in dire need of some new running shoes myself. I don't really run on the ground anymore (knee surgery), but I do the elliptical and treadmill all the time. I believe the shoes I am using are 4 years old..

It's getting to the point now where after 10 minutes, the bottom of my feet are KILLING me..

Not sure if I need a "Running Shoe", or more of a "Cross Trainer"..

I guess I will just go try them all on tomorrow and see what feels good...

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I'm in same boat and need more cross trainer sneaks. I don't think it's quite as crucial as running to have the correct shoe (fit still important, but all the impact gait stuff not so much.)..

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If you go to the sports authority website, they have a "shoe finder". so you can figure out what you need b4 you go..

If you get the entertainment book, there may be a coupon too for 15%.

They have my shoes, but not in wide.

Also 30% off and at champs.


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Ended up buying a pair of Asics Gels..

Best fitting pair of running shoes I've ever owned...

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How about the Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon in Tampa, Florida in February? Sounds like a fun race...

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