Which iPage web hosting is better Just Host or Fat Cow?

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Question I have... Which iPage web hosting is better Just Host or Fat Cow? Thanks for any comment. Second question.. For some reason banners that I add do not appear on the web site. Can someone help me?thanks..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Not working.....

Where a banner supposes to appear at the top or at the bottom?..

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I am having the same problem, all folders and files are writable, I dont get any errors, I turned off the orignal one, the new one is in the group 468x50, the banner reports clicks but it's still displaying the oscommerence one?.

There is a section in the knowledge base but it seems very vague.


It talks about setting the group and code to edit but dosent say anythink about what file the code is in or should be in?..

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Make sure your banner is at 468x50 or 468x60 size..

Go to your Admin and change it under should be able to upload it...if it's too big it will not work, and maybe possibly too small (make it 468x60-this is standard size) Should Work then...

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Thanx agian for the reply, but still not working.......

I deleted all banners but mine, I resized the img to 468x50 it's in the 468x50 group. I can access the correct img from the path that the banner manager shows the banner is saved at but then I refresh the page and the img that is on the page is the oscommerce.gif thats loacated in the images folder?.

I just have no clue why it wont show it? everything seems right?..

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Well I guess i'm not the only one with this problem .. theres a lot of us having this probelm .. nothing solves it..

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Sory sorry .. found a mistake ...

I added a new group 468x60 and new banner .. what I forgot was that in footer.php was written old group.

Just change it to your desired group ....

Simple ha?.

But if you are so kind, please advise me how to move banner from footer to header instead of oscommerce.gif in left top corner?.


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You guys are talking about the banner at the bottom right? There are two oscommerce.gif and bottom which are located in two different directories...I can't think of them off the top, but there are two of them. The top banner you have to either rename the gif to oscommerce.gif if you change it or change some attributes in the config.php file I think. Well, and if you are trying to see the banners at the bottom...turn off any Norton or Norton Internet Security software (don't turn it off, but turn off the "ad blocking" function and you will then be able to view your bottom advertisement banner)..

I hope some of this helps...if it makes sense. I'll get back to you on the details of exactly where they are located, but in the meantime do a search in the forums for "banner attributes" or "banner location" and you can find more details from there..

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