Which is a better choice weight watchers or Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Which is a better choice weight watchers or Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Did my weigh-in this morning and hit the 70 lbs. lost mark!.

More importantly, I'm down below 350, which means that I can actually get on the scale now at the doctor's office! For years, it's been a bit embarassing when they tell me to hop on the scale and I have to explain that I'm too heavy for it.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

1. Congrats on the gravity number.

2. I feel your pain, Brother..

3. FIFY..

Comment #2

Great job BigBit.

Your doing an amazing job...keep up the great work...

Comment #3

Congrats BigBit! I just hit 70 recently myself and it feels fantastic! Keep up the great effort...

Comment #4

I have never had to deal with this kind of agony though my wife has. It's impossible for anyone who hasn't had to deal with that to understand the deep pain that causes..

Your 70 pounds is incredible on it's own merit. Lots of good things to come> Keep up the good work...

Comment #5

I echo what Gordan said......... I was just thinking last night, I am sure glad I dont have over 100 to lose. You guys are real hero's in my eyes. At 70 I will be just 2 lbs from goal. Congrats on your 70 lbs. It is awsome........

BTW Gordan, you are looking GREAT in your new avatar............

Comment #6

Thanks to all for your encouraging words. I rely on this board for support and motivation, and you gentlemen never fail to deliver. I also appreciate the straight talk - no BS or punches pulled...

Comment #7

I like your list of short-term goals - completed and next - in your sig, Big. That's a great idea! It helps you stay focused. I used 10/month for my short goals, but setting different ones and publishing them is better. I also notice your ticker - YOu're on the PATH, man! Now it's just a matter of time and you'll be 195. Can you.




Comment #8

I also like the mini goals! It sure makes it easier to keep yourself on the path...

Comment #9

Guys - I have a question for you.

I have been on Nutrisystem and doing well at it. I am trying to convince my Fiance' to join as he looks as though he could give birth any moment. His fear is he will not get enough to eat. I pointed out that Dan Marino did it as well as several other Celebs and they are still with us. SO here is the question- How much do you get to eat? Does it compare to the woman's program at all? I struggle to get all my food in some days and since I have gone back to 100% Nutrisystem the weight is falling off again..

I would appreciate any comments / encouragement you have!! You guys are looking GREAT by the way!!..

Comment #10

That was my worry too when I first started. And when I got the big box, and saw all the little boxes inside, I said "this isn't enough".

BUT.....the food is filling, when you couple it with veggies and a bread slice or two. And I eat more meals now (including snacks) than I ever did without NS..

Couple that with all the water, and he'll realize that not getting enough food is never a worry. I always fill full...

Comment #11

Great job, keep on losin it !!!! (not mentally tho -.


Comment #12


1) Thanks for the encouragement.

2) Yes, he will get enough to eat. The Men's Basic program has about 300 calories per day allowed over the Woman's basic. While the meal allowances differ between the two programs, the big difference is the addition of a morning snack (1 ea protein and fruit) for Men..

3) You don't say how much your fiance has to lose, but if it's more than 100 pounds, he also gets 1 more carb each at breakfast and dinner and 1 more fruit at lunch..

I have found that the program, if followed correctly, does not leave you hungry. The program was easy to follow with absolutely no hunger when I first started, following a few days of adjustment. More recently, I have been on a prescribed steroidal medication for an unrelated chronic medical problem. It is called Budesonide, and one side effect is an increased appetite. While I notice a few hunger pangs that weren't there before, I have adjusted and am still on a good rate of weight loss..

4) Have your fiance come spend time on the board. When he sees the results of the many men who have successfully lost (Wizzbomb, Gordon55, Fit_Tom, JohnTH to name a few), he can't help but want to try it - if he sincerely wants to lose weight!..

Comment #13


I played outside linebacker in college (20 years ago). I started at 248 pounds and now weight 221. There is plenty of food for a normal male. The problem he is going to have is that he has been overeating for so long he may not believe it. You can not diet for him. He has to want to do this, otherwise he will not stick to the plan and will cheat...

Comment #14

Finally hit the 80 pound mark this morning. I swear this last 10 lb seemed harder to lose than the first 70!..

Comment #15

Psssss...... Hey buddy, your tire is deflating!.

Great job! Be proud and keep up the good work...

Comment #16

The mind games this loser business plays are a pain in the.

Psych at times. Sometimes seems to drag, other times seems to melt off. One thing is fer sure. When you look back at the ticker, you see it's all good over the long haul..


Comment #17

Major kudos, man. You are only 20 pounds from an even 100 gone. And only another 20ish more than that from being halfway. Keep her up..

Are you feeling better? Spryer moving?..

Comment #18

Big, Congrats on all your success. I hit goal and bounced - fortunately, I caught it before it showed to others and before I didn't have any slacks that would fit. Getting back in the groove has been mostly a mental issue - I know that a key thing for me is walking. After two weeks back in the saddle, I'm beginning to really enjoy that healthy feeling I had when I was losing. I'm rambling to get to this idea of how long it takes to get there - turns out we'll get there never!.

If we had the genes to "get there" - we wouldn't be here.

When you said the last 10 seemed harder than the first 70 - I'll tell you turning this around and dropping seventeen seems harder than getting off 102. We'll be there NOT when we hit a gravity number - we'll be there when we wake up and look forward to a day with healthy food, healthy exercise and discipline we enjoy. That mindset will eventually result in a gravity number we like - BUT that gravity number is not important - it's what we do now - this minute that's important..

You're on a great roll - just make sure you're not in a hurry so you can go back to your old habits!..

Comment #19

I hear you BigBit. Im closing in on 100 and it seems like it's taking forever! Congrats on your loss, you're doing great!..

Comment #20

Think about how long it took you to gain that 100 pounds. It is far easier to gain weight (eat more calories than you need) than to lose weight (eat less calories than you need). You can eat 2, 3, 5, even 10,000 calories more than your body needs, but the best you could ever do is 500-1000 calories less before you go into starvation mode!..

Comment #21

Bigbit, as someone just starting back, it is great to see folks like you doing so well on NS..

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