Which is a better web host, Yahoo or 123 reg?

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First question I have is Which is a better web host, Yahoo or 123 reg? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Last HostGator I sold on Sedo was for $260 and Sedo's Commission ( %10 ) was $26.

Today another HostGator sold for $120 but this time Sedo's Commission is $50 !!.

I ran to Sedo fees page and I found their fees still "10% of the sales price" but with new update [ minimum 50€ / 35 / 50$ ].

This mean if someone sold his HostGator on Sedo for $60 he will receive $10.

Are they kidding or what..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

Comment #1

Were your HostGator names in any of these categories ? The fees varies for each of them...

Comment #2

Were they both pointing to sedo?.

I still haven't figured out why .ca is not included in.

The 10% category, beside some of those other.


Does the "parking at sedo" option work on these as well?.

Or straight flat rate?..

Comment #3

What if your DNS settings look like.

I still have nameservers pointed towards sedo, even though the "primary" points towards another service. How would this be looked at?.


Comment #4

Does the fees vary if it's parked or not ? That's new news to me...

Comment #5

Actually one shouldnt sell it for less than $500 or €500, because then the 10% fee really starts to apply..

Generally however I find the whole system ridiculous - not to mention the wrong exchange rate for Euros mentioned also by on!SPOT, actually $50 is almost almost $70...

Comment #6

My HostGator was parked at Sedo .. and it was .info..

Comment #7

Ah, sedo is funny:.

SEDO-US !!!.

Listing a HostGator on Sedo Free!.



.ch/.name/.ws/.mx/.in/.cc/.to/.eu/.mobi/.nl 10% of the sales price.

[ minimum $50 ].

.fr/.es/.ca/.se/.pl/ 10% of the sales price.

[ minimum $100 ].

Other domains 10% of the sales price.

[ minimum $150 ].

No minimum fee if the HostGator is parked with Sedo; only the flat 10% rate applies..

SEDO UK !!!.

Listing a HostGator on Sedo Free!.



.name/.ws/.mx/.in/.cc/.to/.eu/.mobi/.nl 10% of the sales price.

[ minimum 50€ / 35 / 50$ ].

.fr/.es/.ca/.se/.pl/ 10% of the sales price.

[ minimum 100€ / 70 / 100$ ].

Other domains 10% of the sales price.

[ minimum 150€ / 105 / 150$ ].

> there is nothing about parked domains fee..

Seems like 10% fee for parked domains is just on US-Page..

Comment #8

I sent email to Sedo wondering about this new update if it's actually true or there is something wrong...

If this comes to be true .. so I think that Sedo would like to stop the "$60 auction sale" and low-price domains from selling there , they looking forward to clean their auctions list from this kind of sales...

Comment #9

This isn't anything new. Sedo's always given a flat 10% rate on domains parked at Sedo, and all other sites are 10%, minimum $50. Neroux is right in saying it's best not to sell under $500, whether it's parked or not. If the site or HostGator you sell is $500 or over, it doesn't matter if it's parked or not. I'll have to find where Sedo says this. I know it's true because I sold a HostGator for $500 early last year with a $50 fee, and a $70 HostGator recently for a $7 fee (it was parked)...

Comment #10

Did you notice this.

Both domains were parked at Sedo .. so, how come ?

Comment #11

Like trying to cheat the spirit of the rule, I hope....

And as to the 10% / 50 minimum, it is on every fees page for Sedo - how is any of this new?.

If the 50 waiver wasn't on the uk page then you would still have no room to complain as to their charging you 50 for the minimum amount... Does anyone take the time to read the terms anymore?.



Http:// without a language selection.


(This one leaves off the waiver of 50 minimum, but that shouldn't hurt your cost expectations if you were unaware of the waiver to begin with!).



How is this missed by anyone at this point?.


Comment #12

Domains must be parked at Sedo for at least one month to qualify for 10% fees with no minimum..


Comment #13

My HostGator parked at Sedo since 4 months.

Sorry but I keep tell it again .. I sold another HostGator last month and fees was $26 for $260 sale..

Also, there was a $60 sale in last March and fees was $6..

Comment #14

It may just be an error a Sedo rep to find out..

The parking vs. nonparking stipulation has always been there.....

Comment #15

I sent them email as I posted before .. still waiting their reply...

Comment #16

That's all you need to know right there (taken from zoki's post and Allan's third link)..

I don't know if it matters apparently it does did you conduct this transaction on or

Comment #17

Did you really read what I post ? .

Anyway, what is the different if I conduct it on " or" ? they all Sedo ! .. and how can I know ? .

I'm the same person with the same account who sold another 2 domains with %10 fees...

Comment #18

What is the difference between and with the same parking EPC? or should I move all of my domains do

Comment #19

Of course, that's why I asked the questions in order to help you. We need as much information as we can get from you in order to find a rational conclusion, whether that is an oversight on your part or an error on Sedo's end..

Comparatively, from's and's websites (again, see IAmAllanShore's post), the rates differ..

Foot, meet mouth!..

Comment #20

The same thing happened to me few days back when I sold a .in HostGator for $300. The offer page showed $50 as commission. I did not accept that offer and contacted Sedo to clear it up to $30 as I had that HostGator parked with them since inception..

Later, I got a confirmation that it was their mistake and put the commission back to $30. Only then did I accept my offer and successfully sold the HostGator name...

Comment #21

Thank you .. here is the answer..

NP$ & rep in the way..

Anyway I contacted Sedo before I start this thread .. and i'm waiting their reply...

Comment #22

The same thing that happened to godolphin has happened to me a couple of times. Sedo told me that it was a glitch in their automated system. I was assured that when the sales were finalized that the total commission would be corrected to 10%...

Comment #23

Logically , the HostGator must be parked at SEDO.

At the time.

That the initial offer was made ....

Alternatively , some people would switch to SEDO parking after the initial offer to skip the $50/€50/35 minimum for domains-not-parked-at-SEDO ... SEDO can figure this out and logically does not consider domains that switched after the initial offer as parked-at-SEDO.

Also , I don't think there is any clause for it to be there for at least a month or something ....

Eg - in your case it is probably a glitch in the automated system (if your HostGator was parked there before the initial offer) ... just contact SEDO , they will sort it out ....

Also , even though it is not mentioned in the UK ToS , I think the minimum fee waive applies for domains in the UK site also (because it is illogical to be different) ... better check with SEDO about this though ... I think I'll send a question about it too .....

Comment #24

When the first offered the 10% with no minimum, it was only for US based sellers. Most likely because US advertisers were paying for the traffic on the parked domains. later it was rolled out to UK and I think some other places. Even if in these places, you have to make sure it's one of the eligible TLD's..

Side note: I don't accept offers of less than $200 on sedo anyway, and have all my domains set at $200 min. Recently, I started setting my minimum at $350...

Comment #25

Oh really? I've been selling names there for well over 2 years, and I've been fine with literally parking a name on Sedo AFTER getting an offer and waiting until the commission shows below the $50 minimum to accept the offer and sell the name. It usually only takes a day or two...

Comment #26

May be they have a new fix so that people can not move name after the offer?..

Comment #27

I just sold a name at Sedo auction that I had parked elsewhere. Like Steve, I simply parked it at Sedo after the offer came in and when the auction ended I was only charged 10%..

Comment #28


Seems to be taking advantage of their offer, no?.

I know we all think different things cross the line, but that just doesn't seem honest.

To me.

, but I would love to hear how it is..


Comment #29

I'd even agree with you in general, however in this particular point I'd have to say that Sedo's price structure is neither very honest ($50 even on sales much lesser than $500, a commission of 71% for a $70 sale seems ridiculous)...

Comment #30

I received this email from Sedo on 13th Nov 2006. I have heard nothing since then about any changes:.

Hi Matthew,.

Thanks so much for getting in touch with us. I'm so glad you've had a great experience with Sedo, and it's always good to hear positive feedback as well. For most of the popular extensions, there is no minimum commission (just a flat 10%), so long as the HostGator has been parked for at least thirty days. With that said, this does not apply to all extensions. The price list will tell you which domains are included in this offer. You can see the price list via the following link:.


I hope that helps to clarify. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Have a great day!.

Best regards,.

Keith White.

Customer Relations Representative. :: One Broadway :: Cambridge, MA 02142.

Tel 617-758-4293 :: fax 617-577-3983..

Comment #31

I'd really like to know how they can determine how long the site was parked...

Comment #32

Not that their inability to affirmatively prove anything excuses anything, but:.


Or they can look at the stats on the HostGator and "0" uniques for 29 of the past 30 days should be a pretty good indication. Even the least of the least gets a spider hit every now and then..


Comment #33

On the french version, even if the name is parked at sedo you will have to pay a minimum fee of 50 euros (100 euros for a .fr) :/.


Look there's no asteriks.....

Comment #34

Seeing many CCTLD's cost 150€ / 105 / 150$ Minimum - You really need to make sure the HostGator is worth listing there at all - IMO ~ Sometimes the offers people consider lowballs on forums and offers by Email/whois info aren't that bad when considering the fees some sites charge..

Comment #35

I've made them so much money on their parking, and they've given me so much grief with their horrible customer service in transactions that honestly, this is negligible. They LET a buyer back out of a supposedly legal binding sale because even though they bid their price, confirmed the bid, and sat silently waiting for several days, they "meant to bid something lower". They cost me 20 GRAND with that debacle. Then they lied and said they would feature the name bolded on top of the auction list if I put it on auction, and it never showed for a second on there and lo and behold vastly undersold. Ironically, THAT buyer hasn't paid either, so go figure. So them getting $20 instead of $50 commission on a $200 sale because they don't know how to police their own policies.....

Comment #36

Agreed that they aren't model citizens nor are they boy scouts, but I was more curious the rationale behind it being ethical rather than one that attempts to justify the action by pointing to Sedo's own failings....

Believe me, I get it. Uncle Sam screws me every day.

, but I'm not going to go and create fake tax shelters or non profits to hide what is due..

Just my .02.


<Still loves Steve et al, this isn't meant to be an ad-hominem attack, and if it came across as such I will redact.>..

Comment #37

Well, it's like an ATM spitting out an extra $20 because of a glitch the bank hasn't fixed. You can say you won't take it and/or tell the bank, but how many people would REALLY do that?..

Comment #38

Slightly off topic, just canceled a sale of one of my domains at sedo because it has taken way over their "typically takes 15 days" to transfer. They need to rewrite their sales contract imho because there is no time limit for completeing transactions. I refuse to sit for 2 months waiting for money or for the transfer into the buyers account while whoever it may be is already trying to resell the name, and if no luck on his part cancels the sale anyway...

Comment #39

Agreed as to the hypothetical as presented..

However, the analogy only fits if you knew about the ATM's glitch, and inserted your debit card in a way that you know will cause the glitch..


Comment #40

I may take a coupon to a store and only buy the item for the coupon and leave. Shifty?, yes, and smart!.

If I don't want anything esle on that day, but the offer, I may take it. I certainly won't waste gas doing something like that though..

Now if the store has a clause that says, " you must purchase something" and I don't and the checker gives it to me anyway, then the store policy may be that they don't care. It may be they care, but the checker likes me..

Either way it is up to the store to decide. I have had that happen to me many times and I may say" are you going to get in trouble for giving me this"? They may say something like, "no, the store has them to give away, we just say in our ads to buy something just to boost sales, but the store wants to do a customer service and give them all out"..

If you are in line and the checker says you have to buy something to get the item free, then they are enforcing the policy. If they just place the item in my bag (cart) then they are doing a customer service and they know what they are doing..

Same at Sedo, if they have allowed thousands of names to get listed at auction when those names were recently parked elsewhere, then it must be they are ok with it. Those people are not stupid, they know thousands of names would probably not be placed into auction if a low offer came in and they were bound to $50.00 commision..

As long as they leave the function as workable and the listing goes thru then a conclusion is drawn. That conclusion is if you want to list it to pay a $50.00 mininum fee you sure can. If you park your name just before accepting the offer and sending it to auction, that will be fine too. Maybe not on their tos, but as a function they are allowing it at this time. If those conclusions were not fact, then a 10% fee would never get accepted after a recently parked name was placed Sedo..

This can work out for Sedos benefit too..

One, a sale may go thru. I may not have accepted a low offer, but since the fee is low, I place the name in auction, next thing you know my name may go for a large sum and everyone wins..

If it goes thru, Sedo must be fine with it. Its like saying at a homepage for a registrarr, " .coms $6.50 thru August". Then in Sept. the coupon keeps on working. Is it shifty to keep using the coupon code? Nope, if it goes thru they are not enforcing it and they must be happy to receive the many extra names genereated by such a promo..

Blocking a auction is a action they must do, not me..

Some may say going to a store with coupon in hand to just get a free item is wrong. The store knows add ons will boost sales by way of such an offer, that is not bad, it is good marketing...

What if a name I place in Sedo after parking it there just for the auction sells for thousands, 10% of that is alot better than not pushing my name for sale..

Just like a store offering loss leaders, I may keep my name parked there if a buyer does not pay, plus I may see the parked pages and like those and move all my names there. In the end 10% of any sale at auction is plenty of profits for a auction house..

Now if changing the parking at last minute is not wanted and they are that concerned about it they can make a default that will cancel any auction if their software notices a name was not parked before the bid came in. Imo many, many auctions would not proceed because a HostGator owner does not want to be locked into high sales fee for a name that gets only a $60.00 bid..

Allen, I respect that you may not think it is honest. Certainly each person will do what is right for them. I see it as honest and right for me to get a profit. If I try to sale a name for the lowest fee I can get and the auction house endorses my procedure, I am happy to get a discount..

Really, Sedo has the money and the programmers to easily make changes so a listing has to have the 30 day parked page requirement. In my view, they don't because they have many more names at auction by allowing a recent parked page...

Comment #41

I understand your position now; fair enough.

I might come to different conclusions, but I do understand your reasoning (I think!)..

Best in all of your future Sedo (and elsewhere!) transactions,.


Comment #42

Thanks Allen.

Sorry for the long post, I get carried away at times...

Comment #43

It is a bit steep, well I took all my domains off sedo and made websites out of them, yes all 500+ & the returns are much better but it was alot of work (took 6 months & still going .....

Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.