Which is a better weight loss program? Nutrisystem, Nutri System, or Weight Watchers?

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First of all Which is a better weight loss program? Nutrisystem, Nutri System, or Weight Watchers? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... We had some friends over to share a Nutrisystem dinner with us. Doug is an MD and I was picking his brain on how to find your correct goal weight. He told me that for men, waist size is a good indicator. I thought, fine, I've lost 60 lbs and gone from size 44 to size 38 pants.

The waist size that he is referring to is measured at navel height. I checked and mine is 43"..

Somehow, I've got the feeling that my 200 lb. "goal" is not low enough. With only 23 lbs to go, no way is my true waist size going to get to the mid 30's. Pant size, yeah. Waist, no..

This is probably old hat to you guys, but I always "assumed" that pant size.


Waist size. Wrong. Does anyone know what a good target waist size should be for a 6' guy? Also - when, exactly, does that part of the anatomy start shrinking? I'm pretty lean now in arms, legs, face. Not so much the gut..


Rethinking my goal..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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The risk of heart disease is higher with a waist size greater than 40" in men..

Pants size doesn't do it. All of us probably had the pants riding low with the gut hanging over. Unless you wear your pants at the true waist (works with well tailored pants) then the off the shelf jeans or khakis are undersized to your waist. I have noticed that pants that used to seem a bit long are actually the right length again as I can wear them closer to the right spot...

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It is telling when we discover that we're wearing our pants to accommodate our bodies rather than the other way around. It is also a lot of fun to wear your pants as they were designed to be worn because they look and feel so much more comfortable. I got a lot of good information by reading the e-book The Body Fat Guide by Ron Brown (there are other choices, too). He advocates taking measurements and using them and not the scale to determine our fitness. It's certainly another way to evaluate our progress and you've clearly made some progress. Just keep at it...

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I've read Brown's book, it's quite good. I think he and Dr. John Ivy did one together too, will have to check the cover..

Some have said this before, too. I'm a believer. I weigh once a week on Saturday morning. I write down what my very expensive digital scale tells me, including the bio readings like visceral fat and skeletal muscle. I give nodding acceptance to changes in weight, but obsess on the bio readings..

Then I get out the body fat caliper and add the important measurements to the log..

And once in a while I buy smaller waist size pants, and thereby confirm everything else in the most important possible way. How you look and feel is far more important than how much you weigh..

Though granted, you have to take care of all of it for any of it to happen...

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Thanks guys. I was just venting a bit. I've been so successful with this program, that my gut check turned out to really be a gut check..

It was kind of a shocker for me..

Chest is good - hitting it hard at the gym. Went from barely getting 10 pushups to an easy 30. Will be at 50 soon. Don't care if they're perfect..

I really want to get my pull-ups to 10, got to get 4 more. I'll get them too..

Thanks for the tip, Tom, about the changes that will occur as I close in on the 200 mark and the hip/waist ratio thing. I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for forging the trail!.

My goal of 200 was rather arbitrarily chosen. After I hit it, I'll keep going for the waist/hip ratio. Heck, I may even take it down 184 to get into the century club!.

I'm seriously enjoying this journey. How weird is that?.


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The clothing industry is to be rebuked for fudging their waist size measurements..

I rebuke thee, clothing industry!..

Comment #6

And a bunch of Armani-posessed pigs go running into the river and drown.......

Comment #7

Dr. Oz says your true waist size should be 1/2 of your height. So thanks for this thread to remind me that I certainly have more to lose...

Comment #8

The last time I had a 36" waist was in Grade 5!!!..

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Yeah! Thanks from me too for all the responses! I find it fascinating that I really had no idea what goal weight to select going into this thing, and still do not have a clue 62 lbs later. It would be cool if Nutrisystem had some links or tools to help pick that number. I've always discounted the actuarial tables that call out some seemingly ridiculous low number for my 6' height. Like every other guy here, I always figured that I'm too "big-boned" or "muscular" for that to apply to me. LOL.

(Actually, I still do believe this - Mr Olympia syndrome).

I found it distressing to realize that though I'm only 22 lbs from my avowed goal, my waist size indicates it's over 40 lbs to a more ideal goal..

Now, if I just had some clue as to what weight would give me a true waist size of 36" to make Dr. Oz happy, that would be another point of reference..

No real worries. It's all good. I plan to simply stay on plan to current goal, celebrate, take a deep breath, reevaluate, and stay on plan to wherever the waist size takes me..

Tom - you posted on another forum thread some links to calculating desired weight. I lost it. Do you have them handy?.



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Are you referring to FitTom. I don't seem to remember doing so. I'll usually only post in the men's room...

Comment #11

It wasn't me (at least I don't think it was me.


Comment #12

Yes, Sorry. It was FitTom who posted the links. I think. Is there a Nutrisystem program for memory improvement?.


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Oops. We cross posted, Tom. I REALLY need the Nutrisystem Memory program......

I have NO idea who posted the links I saw and I can't find the thread and, oh well, nevermind! I remember the one link had me taking neck measurements and somehow came up with a goal weight range that seemed reasonable..

Like I said, no big deal. When I get there, I'll know it! At least now I will since I learned how to measure my waist size..


Comment #14

I might like to hear more about the neck size measurement. Maybe I can plug all the values of all the theories into excel and run some correlations and come up with a number that is a true waist size target..

Comment #15

Seriously, the thing about clothes fitting right is very true. My straw that broke the proverbial camelback was I couldn't find dress slacks to fit right. I was wearing a 40" waist in jeans (down low) and the slacks worn there dragged on the ground over my feet. Pulling the pants up correctly meant I had to wear 44 or 46..

This past weekend I bought 4 pairs of new slacks, 3 - 34" waist and 1 - 36" (because I couldn't find a 34 in the right color). They do not drag the floor. They even have the tricky elastic in the waistband that gives you an extra inch when you sit down or bend and it won't cut off your circulation. I haven't worn a belt in 15 years, much less a tucked-in shirt. I never understood them. Now the belt rests on my hipbones where it's supposed to!..

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A big congrats for being virtually at goal!! Even more, for reaching the waist size thing. Way to go!.


Comment #17

Do not obsess with waist size equaling half your height. It is a good reference number, but not meant to be a hard and fast rule. I have a large bone structure even though I am 5'11". I played fullback and Outside linebacker in college. I will never have a 35" waist line, but I will push myself to be fit and lean. Guys, we know that if we can not see our shoes, we are in big trouble.

If our belt buckle only points down 15 degrees we are even better. Common sense is what we guys are all about, so let's keep getting smaller! This comming from a newbie!..

Comment #18 when I started I should have been 8' 4" tall?..

Comment #19

I was told awhile back that for men a good measurment is less than 40 and for women less than 35 would be good.

Waist sizes I assume that would be inches not pants size..

Comment #20

1/2 of 5foot 8 is 34.

I had 34's when I was in the Army back in the 50's..

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Well, I just spent some time googling "Ideal Body Weight". As far as I can tell NO ONE KNOWS. I got results for me all over the map from 140 lbs to 187 lbs. Turns out that it's really not an easy question. The better question is what BMI do you want? Athletes range from 5% to 15%. Still a pretty big ballpark..

So.... once again, my personal plan going forward is to hit my original goal of 200 lbs, then keep taking it down for a while. I'm thinking 184 for one VERY important reason:.

I'd get my 100 lb. bear!!.


A bit ahead of myself, again...

Comment #22

Gordon, I think you might be referring to body fat %, not BMI. If so, you're right: body fat % is among the best indicators of overall health. I have 12% as a goal. Even if it takes forever to get there, I'm enjoying the ride along the way...

Comment #23

Yes, Michael. I think that's the best way to look at it, rather than an absolute weight number. It's just so much easier to track weight. progress, and set goals in lbs. I appreciate the information I'm gleaning through the process!.

I'm going to google BMI now..... I think I've been using that term wrong. What an idiot!.


Comment #24

I found a Wikipedia article that echos what my Doctor friend told me. Waist-Hip ratio is a much better indicator of health than BMI. BMI is pretty much useless for non-sedentary and non-medium framed people. My friend said the waist should be the same or less than hips for men. This article.


Calls out .9 (waist/hips) to be ideal for men and .7 to be ideal for women..

Just another data point to track. I've got a way to go with a current 1.13 WHR, but then, I already KNEW that!.


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