Which is best, Nutrisystem or Nutrasystem? ?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Which is best, Nutrisystem or Nutrasystem? ? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another quick question... 2 years ago today, I woke up and decided to make a change in my life..

After losing 236 pounds I didn't realize how miserable I was..

I could barely walk and if I kept living that lifestyle, I feel I would have been bedridden by now..

Thank you everyone for the support, and thank you NS...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I know, I know an estrogener is not allowed in here, and I'll be gone before you read this, but have to say you done good! Huge congrats to you. You should post this on the blogs so as to inspire all the others..


Comment #2


, Congrats on your long term success. The rewards of a new life style just increase every single day...

Comment #3

Wizz: You are and have been for so long MY hero! Got a morphed shot??..

Comment #4

Wow Wizz!.

Congratulations! One of the many great things about this is that not only did you change your life but you changed the lives of many others along the way!..

Comment #5


I don't care how easy people say a healthy program is...losing such a significant amount wasn't a light hearted task. You are phenomenal..


Comment #6


Everytime you post, I am astounded at what you've accomplished. Setting a goal of losing 300 lbs, and having LOST 236 so far, all I can say is you've got my vote for loser of the year. Maybe decade. Doesn't leave much room for any of us to whine, that's for sure. We'll throw a party for you at goal!! Won't be long at the rate you're kicking this thing..


Comment #7

That's amazing. Your avatar should be smiling a big-'ol s-eating grin...

Comment #8



You are an inspiration to us all..


Comment #9

You did it, Take credit for your success,.

Wizz thanks for being there for us..

We appriciate you more than you'll ever know...

Comment #10

That is totally unbelievable to me and makes me humble to think about what you've accomplished. Keep going!..

Comment #11

YOU my friend are absolutely amazing and inspirational! Congratulations on your success so far..

(Scootin back out the door...feelin like I"m trespassing.


Comment #12

Scooters get a smack on the ass as they run.....

Comment #13

Two degrees of AWESOME here.....

1.Wizzbomb and his amazing accomplishment!.

2.THIS response (I am now going to have that skit stuck in my head for the rest of the night!!Mwahhahaa)!!.

**sneaks out quietly back to the 'girly' forums, lol**..

Comment #14

Sono umiliato e onorato la sua presenza in uno grande..

Comment #15

MAJOR congrats to ya!!.

You inspire many that it can be done!!!..

Comment #16

Congrats on your success - 236 lbs is a major accomplishment! You are da man!.


Comment #17

Congrats Wizz. I remember when you showed up here. I've been at or near goal for about 2 years now but what you've done is way beyond my accomplishment. You ROCK!..

Comment #18

Congrats on the anniversary of your wonderfully successful Nutrisystem journey!!!..

Comment #19

Way to go my friend...happy anniversary and congrats on kicking 236 pounds to the curb!!!.


Comment #20

Wizz, you're a hero! You are more awesome than Batman!..

Comment #21

Wizz - you have lost a college football worth of weight. That is mind-boggling to me. Great Job and keep up the great work!..

Comment #22

Wiz, congratulations on your anniversary. This program may belong to Nutrisystem, but it's you that have made it work. Each day you are able to reaffirm your commitment and then do the right thing. That is where progress really comes from. You do deserve to feel good and live well, so be proud of all that you have accomplished for yourself...

Comment #23


I never thought I would be able to say that someone lost more weight than I weigh. Thanks to Nutrisystem we both can say that now. You dedication is totally amazing. They should not put in a commerical. They should do a half hour infomercial with just you..

Keep it up. You are an inspriration to us all...

Comment #24

Congratulations is not a big enough word for your fabulous accomplishment. Happy "New-You" Anniversary!..

Comment #25

Excellent, Wizzbomb - you've now lost more than my total goal - extraordinary. It gives me the faith that I can get there, too!..

Comment #26

As my first post on these forums (I started Nutrisystem 3 weeks ago), I wanted to say congrats and we are all proud of you. We know how hard it is to lose weight, and you loseing so much inspires me..


Comment #27

You and people like you are what it's all about. I can't speak for all, but most of us who have been successful on the program are really pleased when we can inspire someone else to succeed...

Comment #28

I'm in total awe!!!!! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment!..

Comment #29

Thank you everyone..

I'm glad to be able to inspire other people...

Comment #30

I am going on 15 months myself & I have followed your success as a lurker from almost day one. Thanks for providing the motivation I was looking for today & many other days along this long & winding road! Congratulations on your success, you deserve it!.


Comment #31

Stephanie - Great job! You've got a cute Ticker there..

Not a single uptick! I'm going to show this to my wife, who is also losing much slower than I, but is on a similar rate to you at approx 5lb/month. This will be encouraging to her. Way to show Consistancy!.


Comment #32

Wizzbomb, you not only helped yourself but you helped people like me as well. It's because of you and Vader that I decided to even try Nutrisystem in the first place..

Because of you my life is much improved and all health issues I did have are gone. I look better, feel better, and my quality of life is much better. I'm serious when I say, you helped save my life..

Thank you...

Comment #33

Way to go, Wizz. I wish you well in keeping the line down where you want it. It isn't easy. I've decided I need to make another push (pure NS) to get my line down again. This "doing it on my own" isn't working out too well...

Comment #34

Which brings up a great point:.

Guys, we need to spend more time posting our Nutrisystem successes, be they large or small, not because I want to advertise for NS, but because we never know who is reading this and SOMEONE needs that extra little kick to inspire them to begin doing SOMETHING to get rid of the deadly fat they're packing...

Comment #35

AMEN, Rev!.

Photo avatars and tickers help too. They show that it's a REAL program that works for REAL people. Not just another celebrity-marketed grab for your money. I wish there was some way I could just tell the world that it WORKS for average folks and it's REAL. I dismissed all the commercials I saw for years as marketing ploys for weak-minded people. Yeah, I'm arrogant..


Comment #36

I also dismissed the commercialness of it. And said that I could diet on my own, like on the wrestling team. Which is all true. But soooo stupid. It's not that Nutrisystem is magic (although I really...LOVE the veggie emphasis). It's that you need a little support and structure.

I save compared to all the bar meals...

Comment #37

I pay for my Nutrisystem with all the Mexican restaurant lunches I used to have every day around the corner from my office that ran about $12 a pop.....

Comment #38

Ya know, I'm sure we've all tried many different diets, and most diets actually work, cuz you lose weight. BUT, what do you do when you've lost the weight??? Yep, that's right, we've all gained it back....Time and time again, right? NO MORE!!.

With NS, I've lost 100# and have another 55-60# to go, and I'm really confident for the first time that I'll keep it off permanently. I will have to watch my weight like a hawk, the rest of my life, and if I creep up a few pounds, bingoright back on NS. Is Nutrisystem a crutch for meyou bet, but I refuse to gain it all back EVER AGAIN!!! The yo-yo string gets cut permanently for me..

Believe me, if I can do it, we all can and people like Wizzer are a fantastic inspiration for the rest of us. WTG Wizzer!!!..

Comment #39

How many onhere need to lose over 200lbs, and where can I find the help to do it..

I have no support system, no family or better halve, over 450lbs, and about to give up, not life mind you, no suidcide here, let's be clear there, but it's tough..

I live in my semi-truck, a truckdriver, on the road all the time, , but no discipline to do what is needed, why who knows, I did manage to quit smoking after 30 years and 2 packs a day, but then put on 150lbs too, ouch..

Thought this was Dan Marion's team,I been a die -hard Dolphin fan my entire life, always will be, so where do I begin, what do I do??.


Comment #40

Hey Pat, welcome aboard. I hate to be too presumptuous here, but I dare say the vast majority of us here have a wee problem with self-control when it comes to food. Geez, if you can give up smoking, especially after 30 years, losing weight on Nutrisystem will be a breeze for ya..

There are tons of people here who have made the commitment to finally get off the dieting merry-go-round. I really don't consider Nutrisystem a "diet" per se, but more of a life style change. You will learn portion control..

Everyone here will be more than happy to cheer you on & help you pick your butt up off the floor when necessary. But in the end, it's up to you to make a commitment to improve your health..

If we can do it, I know you can too!!! Good luck!!..

Comment #41


I can't really add anything to what has been said other than my congrats and entreaty to keep it up..

Way To Go!!!..

Comment #42

Great post, EmptyMan! I'm with you on that. Like you said, it's the first clear path to permanent maintenance of weight that I can believe in. I plan to use the Nutrisystem crutch for as long as it takes. Probably until death do us part..

It also helps me to know it's always there so if I really want to do something stoopid, I can because I know how to recover. Very freeing. Exciting, actually! Like I've said, with NS, I can Have my cake and eat it too!.


Comment #43

Hey Pat,.

Welcome! You may want to start a thread with your intro or any questions you may have. There's at least one other over-the-road guy here who is DOING it. You've seen Wiz's success. You're NEXT!.


Comment #44


1. Start an intro thread. Post as frequently as possible. We will help you..

2. If you haven't done so, sign up for the program (it will save you money over misbehaving.).

3. Follow the program exactly..

4. HUGE salads. And EAT YOUR VEGGIES..

5. Get rid of bad stuff..

6. No more eating at restaurants or bars or stops. At all. If you have an issue with cooking, eat the veggies raw. If there's an issue with food storage, etc., post a thread on it and the community hive mind will help...

Comment #45

This is a re-post following your repost around the board......

Comment #46


I am waiting for you to change your picture to Obi Wan. You are like the guru for the men's room!..

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