Which is better and more practical, Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers?

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Got a question... Which is better and more practical, Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers? Many thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Hi guys-.

I posted in the.

30 something.

Board last week and it was suggested I check out this area..

My food arrives tomorrow and I am just creating my grocery list for all of the supplemental foods I will need. I am pretty nervous about this but it is time for the change. Have not been on the scale yet (waiting for tomorrow) but I fear I am over 300lbs..

That said I have about a buck and some change to lose. Really glad to see some of your stories and cant wait to get a weight ticker in my sig..

See you around..


I am not receiving e-mail notifications to forum responses. Coud someone give me the address they come from so that I can add to spam filter in case that is my issue?.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Welcome to the manly side of the forums. I wouldn't worry about where you start, it's where you finish that matters. After all I started at over 400 which was a real shock to me. I thought I was 330 or 340 at worst..

I dont receive email updates everytime someone responds to a thread because that would drive me insane with all the replies this place gets, but there may be a way to set that up in the forum preferences I've never looked...

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Welcome to the program! As you can see around here, as long as you stick with the program, you`ll see that it really does work. I wish you the best of success with the program and killing all those bears that stand between you and your goal!..

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Welcome aboard and good luck. Listen to these guys they know what thier doing as their tickers show...

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Nothing to be nervous about, bro. The program works. Literally take it one day at a time and focus on treating food as fuel. The program works if you stick to it...

Comment #5

Dude, just rest assured that you are the man & the program works. The estros will try and dissuade you, but no matter. You get what you put into it, plain & simple...

Comment #6

Ditto above..

The plan works. All you have to do is follow it..

Drink all the water, throw a little exercise in there..

Check in with these boards daily or so, you're home free..


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300+ pounds? All that means is that you're going to have an incredible success story to tell!.

There are a lot of good people here with a lot of good advice and humor to help get through the tough times..

Welcome to the firefight!..

Comment #8

If you stick to the program and drink the water, it will work for you! Believe me when I tell you. I have no special ability or a will power of steel. As a matter of fact I have been known to give in to every form of temptation placed in front of me in the past. But once the pounds start coming off, it motivates you to continue pushing your way down the road of success. This Friday I will have been on Nutrisystem for three weeks and I have lost 22lbs. You have to keep telling yourself that it can be done.

Past failures are just that, the past! Learn from them and leave them in the past. This is one of the most exciting challenges I have ever taken upon myself. Keep coming back to this forum and post constantly. The men in this forum have all been in your shoes before. Ask questions and learn from their wisdom and past mistakes.


They know what they are talking about...

Comment #9

Thanks a lot guys!.

Can't wait for the UPS truck..

Hey one thing I have been wondering about, are most of you continuing to but the Nutrisystem food or do you go a month or two and just learn to eat better?.

I guess I envisioned eating their food for at least three months and then seeing how I feel about trying to eat better on my own. Or is better to eat their food until you reach your goal?.

Sorry if this has been asked before...

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GenXer that is a personal decision youll have to make on your own. I plan on staying with Nutrisystem until I reach my goal and then slowly start to come off Nutrisystem by incorporating my own lunches and then dinners over a several month period. Ill continue to buy their snacks and chips instead of going back to the junk I was eating before...

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Ive stuck with the Nutrisystem food, it makes the plan so easy to follow. I don't see myself go off the Nutrisystem food until I make goal and I'll slowly ween myself off. Everyones different though...

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I`ve been eating the foods for 6 solid months now and I plan on not only staying with their food until I reach goal, but probably a few months afterwards as well, as long as I can afford the food. Makes things ever so easier and the food tastes great to me...

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I went off Nutrisystem food for a while. Part of it was that I wanted to see if I could be disciplined on my own. Did quite well for about 6 months, continuing to lose. But I started partaking of foods that were nowhere near plan. Gained back almost 50 of the 203 I had lost. Back on track and have dropped 25 of those as of this morning. I plan on sticking w/ Nutrisystem food until I reach goal (12% BF or less)...

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Welcome!! You'll find that this is a truly Life Changing journey you've just taken the first step on! It has been a total Life Makeover experience for me..

The email notification feature does not work. Simply go into the Forums, click on the top right "Quick Links" button and click on subscribed threads. That will show you any thread you've either posted in or have subscribed to with the new, unread ones listed first in bold..

Plan to stay 100% On Nutrisystem until you hit goal, then reassess. You will likely find your goal will need adjusted once you get close. There is a lot of infomation on these boards (check around) on how to cook and eat w/out NS, but for me personally, I plan to stay with Nutrisystem for life. Literally. I like it, it's cheap (do the math sometime), it's convenient and it ALWAYS works! As you transition into maintenance, you can delay your autoship as often or as long as you like and eat other stuff as much as you want to..

The biggest pitfall, especially for younger guys who have not lost the same pounds many times over the years, is to consider this a "diet" that you'll be done with when you hit goal. I will personally GUARENTEE you that you will gain it all back and more. It's a lifetime journey. Sorry for the bad news, but the good news is that after this, you will KNOW how to fix it. That's my biggest excitment about NS. Not so much that it worked and I got it off, but that I have a way to KEEP it off and continue to enjoy the New Me until death do us part!.


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Listen to Gordon Xer. One of the things I noticed from you first post is that you are over 300 pounds (you fear). You have to face the reality of why that happened. Be honest. You will be surpriesed at how much weight you will lose in 3 months (if you stick to the plan), but if you are really over 300 pounds, you should stick to NS>..

Comment #16

Good luck Gen x (i'm gen x but i'm 42)!.

Stick to NS. I tried flexing in January and altho I thought I was making good choices, I was not and I slowed down considerably. I did not gain tho - so I think I know how to maintain...but in order to lose, I need to stick to the Nutrisystem plan till goal and it's probably a good idea for you too..

You will get free foods the first month you may not like - they want you to try things. don't get discouraged by that, you can make your own menu (u can even return the things you don't like).

Also, join us in posting your 100% days in the 100% forum. we generally define 100% as eating only Nutrisystem foods and on-plan foods as shown in the booklet. also drink all the water. at least 8 8oz a day. if you are 100% you will lose weight I guarantee it...

Comment #17

Good luck. The great thing about Nutrisystem is that it is remarkably easy to stay on plan. I'd stay on plan as much as possible and then reassess (as Gordon suggests) when you reach your goal. It's been working for me..

I figure I'll be back begging for advice from the group regarding maintenance when I hit my goal - but I guess that'll be a good problem to have...

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Cool this site is great. I'll be heading home in a bit so cant wait to check out the box. I think I am going to officially start tomorrow. (have some leftover chicken from last night to finish off)..

Tomorrow AM I will get on the scale for the first time since early December (303lbs then) and finally face what I have not wanted to know for a long time!.

Denial has been brutal. I cant believe I am at a place in my life that I have 'feared' getting on a scale. Not very 'guy' like, huh?.

Thanks again guys...

Comment #19

I went for over a year without getting on a scale, telling myself and everyone that asked that I was around 275, knowing it to be a lie. I didn't want to know. Then after awhile, I figured I was right at 300, boy was I surprised and shocked to find out I was 339!!!! After I weighed and saw that figure I knew it was time to something before I would be dead by 40. So I ordered Nutrisystem and haven't looked back so far. Keep your head up GenXer, it might be "scary" looking at the number, but it is just a number, and you have started the right path by ordering your food. I am in the same boat as you, but it is working, they don't lie to you. After two and half weeks I can tell you the plan works, plus the food is good, they don't lie! Good luck, we're all her for ya!..

Comment #20

GenXer: Welcome aboard! As others have said this is a simple program to follow. I have been eating the Nutrisystem food for over a year now. I am about 10 pounds from my first goal. I will echo what Gordon said, stay on the program until you hit your goal..

Load up on veggies! If you do not like them find away to eat them. Lots of seasoning is the key for me. Pay particular attention to the veggies you can unlimited amounts of because they will help incase you get hungry..

Load up on salads! I used the bagged salads. Makes things real easy for you to make your salads..

Drink Water! 1/2 oz for each pound you weigh. If you work in an office, move your office closer to the men's room because you are going to be making alot of trips..

Sometimes we may be hard on you! If we are, don't take it personally. This is the Men's Room. And sometimes you have to call the baby ugly. And when that time comes we will call it like we see it..

I was 307 when I started. I am now 190. My only regret is that I did not do this earlier like in my 30's. You are doing the right thing and you are in the right place. Get in and enjoy the ride!..

Comment #21 the box this evening. Believe it or not it was a surprise to me that refrigeration is not required??!!.

I have my meals all planned out for tomorrow, and the scale dusted off!.

I will be posting my 'number' tomorrow and finding myself one of those neat sig. tickers..

So I am going to guess....315lbs...

Comment #22

Yep. Unless you order the frozen food, you can put in all in your cupboards, 100% unrefridgerated. It makes it tragically easy at work. Doesn't matter if the office fridge is full, or if you have some fridge-thiefs at work. You can keep your stuff at your desk right until you nuke it and eat it..

If you're on the road a lot, it'll keep just fine in the car. Might want a cooler or something for the add-ins though, like veggies or any of the chocolate bar desserts. (melted chocolate bar in the car in june = not the most satisfying snack).

As they've said, whatever number that scale shows you, NO FEAR. It is what is. Knowledge is power. This is the perfect place/plan to send that number moving in the right direction...

Comment #23

317.3 my brothers!.

...and it starts..

Now I have to figure out how to 'reset' my progress area..

When I signed up I ws in a hurry and just put 300 lbs in for starting weight. Now it looks like I gained 17 lbs n a week!.

Have a great day...

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Ready.... Set..... GO!!.

Call Nutrisystem and adjust your starting weight. Maybe you can do it yourself on your home page?? It will be very important as you progress..

Also - Take BEFORE pictures! It may be humiliating now, but trust me, you'll really wish you did as you hit milestones and eventually GOAL! The before/after contrasts are amazing and inspiring to everyone..

The best ticker can be had at It costs $18/year, but the visilbility of your journey is worth it IMO. Not only for you but as an example for others..


Comment #25

Welcome and read the forums this place is awesome!.

Good Luck!..

Comment #26

Go to and login. At the top of the page, put your cursor on Community and choose My Page. Click the green button to Edit your page (on the top right). On the left side you can now change all of your stats (starting weight, goal weight, first weigh in date, etc.).

Make sure you track your weight here on Nutrisystem's site. In addition to pictures, take measurements (which you can log here also). Then as Gordon said, the $18 / year is well worth it to at.

To have a ticker that shows your progress so you can see ups and down, and the overall trend as you are on the program..

Welcome to the Men's Room and glad you are joining us Losers.....

Comment #27

Thanks much mfrazz!.

So far so good. Was able to come home for lunch. I am embarrassed to say that when I opened up the chicken Caesar box, I assumed there would be lettuce in there!.

Guess now I know how they keep that fresh!!.

I do need to go back to the store tonight for some supplemental foods. feeling a bit overwhelmed but at the same time, I am just ticking off the boxes in the book..

Thanks for the ticker tip too guys. Seems like $18 well spent..

Have a good one...

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