Which is better; atkins or Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: Which is better; atkins or Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Dont limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve...

Comment #2

Morning Capt- everyone must be sleeping in this morning..

My back is killing me today. I had pulled it the other day and after the gym yesterday it's hurting this morning worse than before. Hopefully it'll loosen up and be better once I'm moving around...

Comment #3

Good morning Lori and Miss Lara ~.

I have been trying to sleep all night, but my oldest keeps coming out to the living room, "trying" to be quiet. Do you ever notice that the more quiet someone tries to be, the louder they are? lol.

Sorry 'bout your back Miss Lara. I hope it gets better quick, too..

I will see y'all soon..

Much love,..

Comment #4


Me again. I read what I missed yesterday. I laughed and cried (and then laughed again). I need to add to my challenge that I will continue to be more active here...I've been a slacker this past week. I always try to sleep when Craig's home on the weekends, but I missed an entire day last week..

Lori ~ I am happy your day with Lorraine went well and that the weather was nice...even though it's Fall, and there are leaf blowers everywhere to drive you insane. I must admit, I had mine going yesterday. They were too overwhelming to rake and it was starting to rain. I did burn over 650 calories though. Earlier in the week, I worked on the damn leaves for hours and burned over 1100..

It was so nice to see all the shoutouts from you yesterday. I LOVE it!.

Sandy ~ You look beautiful in your lunch photo yesterday. Hubby is quite the cutie, too. The weather there looks so nice. Way to rock it at V.S! I have a ways to go before I will step foot in there...but I will do it..

Miss Lara ~ You had mentioned before that your BIL was a he's proved it. I feel terrible for your sister. I had to laugh ONLY because when the Shams were planning their attack, Sand sounded like Tiger Woods' ex-wife (the "I've got a golf club")..

Kori ~ Thank you for the motivational words yesterday. I think they were for Ang or Miss Lara...but I took 'em, too. It's been a terrible week for me. I do GREAT ALL DAY...and then it all goes down hill when my older kids wake up (remember, they are usually up all night, so they sleep late). I shouldn't say "kids", I should say, my DD. She's been a real turd lately...for the past couple of years actually.

The only one I'm hurting with my destructive me. Insert request for Sandy's steel toe'd boots here..

Andrea ~ I hope all is well with you..

Darlene ~ How's it going? I know you're busy, but we're thinking about you..

Barb ~ Love ya!.

Ang ~ Do I need to write a letter to your doctor to tell her you have not been taking it easy? I know the muscle relaxers make you feel better...but it's not so that you can go bust your butt (again) doing all that work. You silly girl. I know though...if we don't do it, it doesn't get done..

Jo-Jo ~ In case you're lurking...I miss you..

Andi ~ How's that WA weather treating you? We've just had gray skies and mist..

AFM: I went to a meeting yesterday...more about that later (not drugs or alcohol or driving...not even close), but I had to show my driver's license. While I was waiting my turn, I was looking at it and noticed that my weight on there is 30 pounds higher than I actually am now. Woo-hoo! That is awesome, since I've ALWAYS had it at 185...but when we moved here two years ago, I decided to put it closer to what it actually says 250...which means it was probably 260-270. I just KNOW that those little feet markers at the DMV, where you get your picture taken, is actually a scale. They humor us and put our "desired weight" on it, but in reality, they have the "real" number in their data base for the Police Dept., etc. Just one of my many conspiracy theories..

That's all I have for now..

Love you guys!..

Comment #5

Morning shams,.

Looks kinda quiet here today. Didn't get a chance to get on yesterdaygone from 8-8 shopping with my dtr. Had a nice day but too crowded for melol. I'm used to shopping mid-week when there's not as many people fighting for items. Didn't really get a whole lot of stuff bought but I'm about done with Christmas shopping anyway. Will pick up a few more items from Kohl's and that's about it.

Hope all of you have a good Sunday and I'll bbl...

Comment #6

Lauriway to rock the shout outs and thanks for updating everyone on the happenings around here. Hope you have a good day...

Comment #7

Lara, you know I have some great ninja skills and could reduce your cheating SOB of a BIL to liquid waste if it will help. Just say the word. Maybe we'd all have a mini shams reunion beating up on someonelol. Seriously, just be there for your sister and support her in whatever she decides to do. Lori, hope Joe's GMA is better and glad you got to have your walk with Lorraine. Did you have a hard time keeping up with her? She always looked in great shape to me. She probably just walked hand in hand with you telling you how proud she is of her baby girl...

Comment #8

I am not liking the sounds of how many people need a boot to the booty..

Lauri, thanks for the great shout outs..

I am going to the challenge to post. Please post by today...

Comment #9

Lara - take care of your back. I will adjust exercise stars if the reason is taking care of an injury. Heat, ice, rest, stretch - not sure what is best but please listen to your body..

Dear Capt., I think I am going to need your help with the challenge. Several of our Shammies need a boot to the AZZ this week. I will let you know when I have all the results but my sense is we have many with a week two not where it should be. It was quieter this week from many and I did not hear much about how great everyone was doing. I know we will have some week two stars and I am ready to cheer for them..


Comment #10

My sister posted this on FB - kinda cute:.

Breaking news - snow white has been thrown out of Disneyland after sitting on Pinocchio's face singing 'tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies'. LMAO..

Comment #11

Had great day yesterday with hubbie!.

Found this SUPER new place - I had the seafood mixed grill - 4 oz salmon, 2 scallops, and 2 jumbo prawns on a "bed" of green beans! splurged on the appetizer - grilled bacon-wrapped goat cheese in a jalapeno pepper half. slightly high on fat but I figured witht he seafood being wood grilled - I had a bit to play with. YUMMY!..

Comment #12

Barb - loved that!.

Lauri - keep up the good work. Glad you are under your do weight, it is an accomplishment..

Lori - it has been way too quiet in here. Makes me nervous. Thanks for getting us started and always managing to find a quote that always hits home..

Sandy - thanks for all your hard work on the challenge. I didn't lose that much but it is a loss and I know I did everything I was supposed to this week, I will just wait for the scale to catch up..

Afm - I am going to finish the baking didn't stay up to do last night because I chose to shop with my mom and sister instead. Pumpkin muffins, apple muffins and brownie bites to make, then will put together the invites for second party. But... I think I might go back to bed for a little bit first..


Comment #13

Also - did my measurements today - compared to Sept 09 - I was up but not as much as I suspected. gained mostly in my hips and legs - like a true Sag. kind of made me upset to see the higher numbers but then I stopped and realized how strong my legs are -.

I love my legs. they carry me walk or run. I can stretch to reach what I need. I can climba nd crawl as I need to. I can jump when needed. They are strong and I am lucky and thankful for my legs..

What are you thankful for that you sometimes forget?..

Comment #14

Morning Kori - loss is loss - slow and steady girl!..

Comment #15

I heard about a Medifast friendly starbucks-esque Pumpkin Latte recipe - going in search of.....

Comment #16

OK - so you guys know I'm really a tea person but living in Seattle - the MECCA of coffee - I'm slowly converting... Both recipes do sound good... and they could be hot or cold per preference....

Pumpkin Pie Latte.

1 vanilla shake mix (comments on the thread also suggested Medifast Capp).

8-12 oz coffee.

1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (Pumpkin Pie SF syrup was also suggested).

Reportedly, it tastes a lot like Starbucks, and is awesome for Fall....

Also found.

Peppermint Mocha Latte.


1 Medifast Choc shake or mocha shake OR Hot chocolate.

8-12oz coffee.

Peppermint extract or SF syrup..

Might also consider choc SF syrup if you used mocha shake...

Comment #17

But as good as they both sound - I'm off to brew some Coconut Cocoa tea for my day. AND figure out what is for bkfst...

Comment #18

Good Sunday Shammies.

I had alot of catching up to do to see how everyone is doing...Lots of smiles from reading fun stuff and keeping sense of humor in the tough stuff. Thank you for all the cyber hi's.

Lori- we both have our 'sweet Lorraines' This was my Moms fav time of year..

Sandy- I will post the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...and the 2 lbs that jumped back on for the challenge..

We are still in waiting mode for recommendations on docs and surgery for Timmy, staying calm and not thinking to much about what is to come. I will love to keep you all posted. BBL and hugs..

Comment #19

Morning everyone, have a super Sunday!.

Andi I'm glad you found something to do with the Vanilla shakes-they are definetely not my favorite!.

I had an interesting conversation with a skinny friend the other day- the whole conversation came up because we were at a business meeting and I had to explain to them why I didn't want to go to dinner and I was telling them about the Medifast program- so we were talking about dieting, exercize, and she said to me "well I'm sure people dont just come up to you and say things about your weight like they do to me" and I said are you kidding me? I said well they might not come up to me and say "your fat" but they have other ways of letting you know that they know that you are overweight..

Anyways, I dont know about you guys but I just get sick and tired of people's unsolisited advise about what they think you should be doing to lose weight!.

Is it just me?.

It really just cracks me up at how goofy people can be, I need to think of a clever response! I think it's why I dont even really like to tell people I'm doing Medifast because then they are just talking about how crazy you are to be doing it. Maybe the next time someone asks me "why aren't you eating?" I'm going to respond by telling them I'm on an air diet!.

Dont mean to be Negative Nelly, but I figured this group would understand!..

Comment #20

So - chilli and a cheese wedge for bkfst. with LOTS of chili powder and some cumin added. and 32 MORE oz water..

Comment #21

Hi Andi, Kori, Darlene and Reene,.

Darlene - I appreciate you letting us know what is going on in your life and we are here to support each other..

Andi - YAY for happy times and strong legs. Thanks for taking measurements. I will update..

Kori - I think slow and steady is good..

I am playing in a couples golf tournament today with dinner. We are playing with another fun couple. I pre-ordered a Medifast compliant dinner so if they don't screw up I should be OK..


Have a fun day...

Comment #22

Andi - you do a great job with your water. Great example for us. I have had two cups of coffee and one shake so far - no water yet...

Comment #23

Sandy- I can't adjust stars for my back- it's not what is keeping me from the gym. A hectic work/ family life is. But thanks for trying to get me some stars..

Andi- So that's why I gain in my azz , hips and theighs- i'm a sag too!.

Darlene- thinking of you and Timmy. Hope you enjoy your walk to the farmer's market..

Renee- I think we can all relate to that at some point while being on MF. I have had lots of support but you can always tell there is a little skepicism..

Well off to GS meeting with my oldest. She is running the meeting today, so we'll see how she does. Its all soccer related, so she shoud be in her element and have no problems. Her leader was bragging the other day on how she is a true leader. Made a mom proud...

Comment #24

So...about the thread being so quiet...I actually have a lot to say about it..

Funny...I actually emailed Angela about it this morning..

I want to compose my thoughts so that what I think I want/need to say doesn't come across as negative..

Mostly, though, I blame myself..

I went to the beach again today..

Joe joined me this time..

Another sunny 60ish day here in Jersey and we're unlikely to have many more - so, I wanted to take advantage..

It was very nice..

We walked our azzes off - went farther than yesterday..

Feeling good about it..

Now if I can get my lazy azz to the gym tomorrow night and get this pattern going again..

Then went to the diner for my most favorite veggie egg white omelet..

Good stuff..

Much love...

Comment #25

Off to TOTALLY ROCK the TM......

Gum, water, and towel already on there. going to get my HR monitor on and compare stats. Off I go..

Comment #26

And back. if that seemed quick it's cuz I forgot to hit submit.

Feel pretty good about the 45 minutes. over 400 cals. WOW - I needed that!..

Comment #27

Im here... I'm here. didnt mean to make you worry. my OP self is here. typical weekend business... soccer, kids and BF. hope you all are ok too.....

Comment #28

Lauri... tyring to catch up and I just read your shout outs! nice job. gotta drive kid to church, then ill be back...

Comment #29

HI Friends. I lost 60lbs last year on MF, then had a baby girl Stella born in September... now Im ready to get back to MF!!! Im super excited! I have 20 lbs of pregnancy weight to lose to get back on track, I love knowing that once I get started it wont take too long!!.

I used to order my food through big crumbs but they no longer have medifast on thier site... how do you all order your food? It looks like TSFL is the best way to go... any other suggestions for me?.

Im going to get my food ordered, and nurse for the next couple weeks and as I wean the baby I will be around more often. Glad to see my old friends and excited to get to know those of you who are new since I was here last..

I attached a pic of my beautiful babe... hope it shows up..

Comment #30

OMG Jill...I'm so ridiculously happy for you!.


(Shammy Stella!).

And, of course, welcome back...

Comment #31

Soooooo......I have the WORST upset stomach..


Has been this way for about an hour..

And I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing!..

Comment #32

Thanks Lori : ) Im crazy happy myself!!!!!.

Sorry about tummy ache and freezing... I HATE HATE being COLD! AAANDD it's COLD here... it was 70 Thursday and it's 40 today.

I need to get to gym, got the OK friday from baby dr... so looks like my recovery excuse wont work any longer.....

Comment #33

SO is there going to be a Shammy trip this year??? Im thinking I will be pretty close to goal by then......

Comment #34

Welcome back Jill. Your dtr. is a beauty. I order my meals the regular way (MF site) but go thru Ebates first. That way you get a hunk of your money back later on. I try to use ebates for most everything anymore.

And it was here on Thurs. It's usually 3-4 days though. Also, be sure to search for a coupon code cuz you can almost always get $25 off spending $125 or more (maybe it's $150). Either way, it sure helps. I'll be glad to say I hooked my WII back up today (haven't done that since moving out earlier this year) and exercised.

Renee, you can still go out to eatjust make sensible choices and just tell anyone that asks about Medifast that's it's a diet from John Hopkins hospital and that usually shuts people up. Or tell them it's none of their dammm businesslol. Just kidding. Hope everyone has a great night. Hope your tummy feels better Lori...

Comment #35

Barb - glad you like it... did you use dry spice or SF syrup?.

Want to try but chicken.....

Comment #36

Hi again all... hi Jill and welcome back. your daughter is beautiful. I'm andrea. been here since March and doing great. I'm a working mom with two ds (ages 14 and 10)...

Comment #37

Ok, my little ds is watching football and yelling at the tv just like a man. Is this genetic? ugh...

Comment #38

AndiI used the dry spice and didn't really measure the coffeeused what I had left which was about a cup I think. I shook it up in a jar with ice so I had mine cold but think I will try hot next time...

Comment #39

Hi barb... how are ya? I use TSFL and my food came last week in 3 days!.

Lori.. hope that stomache ache passes soon..

Hi andi... hope you are having a good night..

Comment #40

Good evening..

Jill- Welcome back! She is absolutely beautiful. Congrats. Glad you are getting right back on- can't wait to cheer you on to goal. I also order through eBates. They always have the coupon codes and you get 10% cash back from eBates. Love it and shipping was fast since it then goes through the Medifast site..

Andi- how was soccer this weekend? We skipped our game for something else since it's just scrimaging (sp?) other teams within the club now..

Andi- way to rock the TM..

Have a great evening everyone...

Comment #41

Hi - back from golf and dinner. They had my special order salad so YAY about dinner..

Jill, welcome back. I am have been on the thread since July, started Medifast June 15th so tomorrow is 5 months for me..

Lori - glad you had a good walk. Sorry about stomach and freezing..

Andi - great job on the treadmill..

Barb - way to go with the WII. If I can hear you over the internet, I think your mind is in the right place...

Comment #42

Hi again..

I need to practice piano yet today..


Comment #43

Hope your tummy feels better..

I have been cold constantly lately cuz we have been having some wicked winds lately. But, baking has kept the kitchen nice and cozy...

Comment #44

Just wanted to check in. Busy cooking for the week today after running a butt load of errands. I ended up picking up one of my nieces and brought her with me. We took our time, hung out and got all the things we needed..

Now L&G is eaten..

Food for the week is cooked..

Pumpkin muffins baked..

Now off to make some apple muffins..

Hope everyone has a great rest of the Sunday evening..

Will see you guys Monday..

Mucho love...

Comment #45

Hi all!.

Jill ~ Welcome home!!! Baby girl is BEAUTIFUL (and I LOVE the bow)!.

Kori ~ You're always runnin' your butt off, but today seems even busier than usual. Did you make it to Church?.

Lori ~ I hope tummy ache went away and that you are nice and toasty warm now..

Andrea ~ Missed ya baby! I know you had an eventful weekend...I hope it was fun, too!.

Miss Lara ~ After ALL this time...I JUST now figured out what GS stands for. lol I'm such a dork!.

Barb ~ I use ebates now, too. Sounds like we do it the same. Did you notice they went from 10% cash back to 5%? Sux...but it's better than a kick in the pants. You are so right about finding the's worth searching for. I generally spend over $250, so I use the $50 off one, plus get the 5% back. I try to remember to make all of my purchases through ebates or *********...cuz I like the money back.

Womanwithin does though. I LOVE their clothes...size 12W and up. I've still got the need for the "W". Damn hips!.

Darlene ~ I hope you enjoyed your little bit of "me" time..

Sandy ~ I'm glad dinner worked out well. You would have had to go after them with your golf club, if they would have messed up your L & G..

Andi ~ Way to go on the T.M.! You're baaccckkkk!.

Ang ~ Miss you girl! I hope your azz is getting better with each passing day..

Renee ~ Always nice to see you! As for the diet biggest critic/non-supporter is my mom (of all people). ANYTIME I say I don't feel's because "you need to eat something" or "that's not good for you" or ... it goes on and on. I'll spare you. I like the idea of bringing up the John Hopkins Hospital program..

Not too much going on here today. I've been frustrating myself by trying to sleep..

Well...Nev wants the computer now. His wish is my command..

Much love to y'all!.

See you in the a.m...

Comment #46

Night lovelies!.

Rest Well. We've got week 3 of the challenge to BLOW OUT OF THE WATER!!..

Comment #47

Week two results. No cheer from me..

We gained 9.5 pounds..

Week 1 Week 2 Total.

Weight -37.4.



Stars 167 134 301.

Miles 60.32 35.1 95.42..

Comment #48

Above message lost all my spacing. Hope it makes sense. I guess I won't post that way again...

Comment #49

Boot to the azz award for week two awarded to:.

Darlene, Lara, Barb, Angela...

Comment #50

Week two weight loss awards by pounds:.

#3: Andi - 1.5.

#2: Andrea - 2.0.

#1: Sandy - 2.8.

Week two weight loss awards by %:.

#3: Andi - .86%.

#2: Andrea - 1.36%.

#1: Sandy - 1.61%.

Total (week1 + week2) weight loss awards:.

#3: Sandy - 5.4.

#2: Lauri - 6.2.

#1: Andi - 7.5.

Total ( week 1 + week 2) weight loss awards of %:.

#3: Lauri - 2.72%.

#2: Sandy - 3.11%.

#1: Andi - 4.29%..

Comment #51

Hi Sandy D, today is my first day. I have already eaten the eggs which I think were very good. But I was just reading some of your blogs, and wondering how did you gain 9.5 pds. in one week, that scared me...

Comment #52

Kori is our ROCKSTAR this week..

She earned the most stars..

I am predicting a nice loss for Kori next week..

She is doing all the right things..

Many Shammies are in the race...

Comment #53

Week three..

For week three each of us is to think about Thanksgiving. For some this is a 2 hour meal for others it is a 5 day event. I want us to plan this week for next week. What are you going to do with leftovers. Andrea started us thinking about what we are going to eat for our meal. What about our water and our exercise! I want us to think about the days before and after.

This week is to plan the plan and then next week we get to execute our plan. We probably will need some backup plans. Let's share our thoughts on the main thread and each earn a star for having a plan for Thanksgiving. We can do this...

Comment #54

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.