Which is better hosting to choose - 123 reg or BlueHost?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Which is better hosting to choose - 123 reg or BlueHost? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hi everyone,.

Would you all rather have 100 good normal domains, or rather have 1 superb quality HostGator ?

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Considering that I have 100 good quality domains and i'm not exactly generating a lot of money with them, i'd opt for the 1 HostGator of superb quality...

Comment #2

If I have enough budget I would buy 1 quality domain.....

Comment #3

Interesting thread. This topic keeps popping up and could use exploring. I am still new to this game, and since I am, I am more tempted to go the safe route and say 100 good names (if they sell decently I will buy that one superb name later, lol)..

Comment #4

I think working with 100 domains is more fun. 1 quality HostGator may be the better investment decision..

I think I'd rather 100 that are valued around $1000 then a lot of the domains I see on dnjournal that sell for around $100,000..

Comment #5

If you have quality, you are king of the world. Lots of average names you are serf...

Comment #6

Same here, a superb quality name would probably bring in more money than 500+ average quality names and you'd be getting offers constantly, oh and you would only be paying one reg fee !.

I want

What's my chances ??.


Comment #7

I would like to have 100 QUALITY names.

If you had just one quality name as opposed to 100 ok names, the renewals would be a lot cheaper, so less would be better if you buy quality..

Comment #8

I would rather have the 1 hundred good quality names and here is a quote from a media company.

*Websites suchas as, don't have the instant recognizability of a large destination site such as Yahoo or Google, but collectively, our network of generic, memorable websites is so wide and compelling that it will be searched by nearly every person on the Internet at least once in the next year.*.

Thats an awsome statement to make.

Most of us dont have that many names.

But if you had 100 decent names you could redirct the traffic at your own will. Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea..

Comment #9

I personally agree with the majority of people here. 1 superb quality HostGator is better than 100 good quality domains...

Comment #10

1 quality name. For obvious reasons, renewal fees, can possibly sell for much much more, enough to retire...

Comment #11

I wish I had or rather than 1.000 domains..

Comment #12

This is one of those things that would depend on different criteria (how good the HostGator is, how much demand there could be for it, etc.)... if you have a good HostGator (3-letter; dictionary name; etc.) you'd be in a big advantage; but if you have many (100) domains of good possibilities, that would at least spread your risk and increase your chances as well (unless they're lousy in which you'd have to pay renewal fees for them anyway)..

This is important especially when you realize how, surprisingly, there are many domains that sell for which many people would agree would have been lousy but commanded (and sold!) five or six figures...

Comment #13

I would rather have 100 normal domains, why? Because I would develop them all and make more...

Comment #14

Well, considering that I already seem to lie in the 100 decent domains category, I'd have to take one very good generic name. Obviously, they're the easiest to remember, and therefore the easiest for visitor retention and marketing...

Comment #15

I wish I had then 100 HostGator names. There your answer!!!..

Comment #16

I most always go for quality over quanity, Although I have made some dumb regges, Just as everyone has-LOL...One super premuim name is far better than a portfolio full of garbage...

Comment #17

It is a comparison of one superb name to 100.


Names, not garbage. If that were the case, of course everyone would take just the one...

Comment #18

I would still go for 1 superb name, I would put all my time into one super premuim name, Rather than monetizing 100 good names, At the end of the day, That 1 superb name would make alot more revenue , Imo..

Comment #19

Well! I think myself as a human would want more of action. If I had 1 premium .com name I would naturally look out for others... thereby enlarging my portfolio continuously, I just can't stop at one..

Therefore, making a portfolio of names that are Premium, that can be developed, that have people looking for the terms in the HostGator name, having high value keyword orientation etc is a good thing to do..

It is important for us to create Multiple Streams of HostGator Income and very important for us to have a Diversified Portfolio of Domains.

Further, when by the Grace of God we sell domains for good profit or earn handsome income from domains we should invest a part of that income in other asset classes like Real Estate, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Gold, Art etc. and of course donate to charities..

Comment #20

For development 100 HostGator names are always better, 1 very good name is too risky..

Comment #21

Of course people would answer the better quality names. However the question should.

Be, in terms of probability, do you have higher chance of probability selling 1 out 1, or 1 out of 100?.

I would say that 1 out 100 has higher chance...

Comment #22


You would trade for your 100 good names?..

Comment #23

I think the comparison should be fair. The question implied was: if you have the same.

Fixed amount of money, which one would you buy?..

Comment #24

Yes, I agree. It must be measured as the same amount of money invested. Good point...

Comment #25

The no brainer answer is whichever generates the most revenue, as no hint to that was given let's assume that total PPC is the same and total resale value combined is the same..

Guess I'm the exception here, but I'd rather have 100 names generating the same income as the single "premium" name plus a few hundred extra for regfees. More hassle to manage, but more diversified income...

Comment #26


But I bet the very high quailty single name will zoom up in value much more each year than the whole combined sum in the portfolio. Low value names will never get any attention or will they get press coverage. Who does not know the value now of tulips, after was bid up at a recent Traffic confrence?..

My thinking is the same as a coin dealer has. If you had a mint condition 1964 Kennedy half dollar made form 90% pure silver you would have a coin worth about $10.00. Why so little? Everyone loved President Kennedy and were saddend by his loss and when the U.S government decided to mint the coin millions of Americans and other people in foriegn countries hoarded the coin. Hence the low value, almost all the coins are still in great condition as they are stuffed away in peoples desks, new like with no wear..

Buy a rare coin, not one that has millions in circulation and those millions are in mint condition..

Its like that with names, average names can be coined a dime a dozen. The high caliber names are rare..

My thinking is as investors look to safe havens for their cash, or for revenue producing ways to keep their dollars from shrinking they will continue to "bid" up or push up the value of the better domains. That push will move those names much faster and higher than the bullet approach to gaining domains..

The coin that is rare is the one that jumps the most when the markets move. Same thing for HostGator names. Not saying we will all have rare domains, but I am inclined to believe that the best name one can get will prove a better investment than buying or managing many with the same investment..

Do I follow that thinking and go with only the best name I can get?. Not really, I am not that disciplined. I am trying though..

Comment #27

Another point is: if you have only one good one, after you sell this one, what are.

You going to do?.

If you have 100, after selling one, you still have 99. And the probability of selling.

One of 99 is still pretty high..

If you find under value names, and hold it long enough, the value appreciate. I think.

All appreciation look like this:.

1. stage I: no value.

2. stage II: linear appreciation, this is a good period..

3. stage III: saturation region, appreication slows down..

4. repeat.

If you can time this, you will do well...

Comment #28

Or you can just sell that one name and retire happily...

Comment #29

Would you rather have 100 domains worth a $1,000 each or one worth $100,000 today? Will lower priced domains rise in value more than a higher valued HostGator in the next few years? Clearly a HostGator of little to no value today will always have little to no value. There are many domains that have value because the name is good but aren't yet in use. As more people want a 123 reg website they will buy what they can afford driving up the lower valued domains. The more expensive domains today will also likely rise as companies and multi-million dollar businesses buy domains. What price valued domains today will rise the most in the next few years? My guess is quality domains at the lower end. Probably a HostGator no one would pay anything for or only a few dollars a few years ago is now worth a few hundred of a thousand or more. Percent wise lower priced domains likely went up more than the ones already worth $100,000 or more...

Comment #30

And what if you come up with a need for money, but only have one "quality" (great) domain? Do you sell it? If so, it's.


And where are you? And if you don't sell it, how else would you get the money for that need?.

Now if you had 100 "good" names, and got into a position where you needed money (hey, it happens to the best of us), you could sell off a handful of your names and still have a bunch left..

So I would take the 100 good names rather than 1 superior name. If you have 100 good names, then it only makes sense that they would each gain in value anyways. Not to mention that 100 good domains likely means that there's.


Potential end users out there. Using the (100) $1k domains :: (1) $100k HostGator example...what if you found end users for a bunch of these $1k domains? I think it would be fair to assume that an end user would pay more than $1k for a "good" really in the end I think this could be looked at as (100) end users :: (1) end user = in the end I think the 100 end users would come out far ahead..

That was probably confusing, but it's getting late....

In the end, I'd just rather have a solid & diverse portfolio than have a sole quality domain...

Comment #31

I vote 1 quality...example: when I finally got to buying a $2k HostGator last winter, the very first related site I asked to link with me (a pr5) didn't hesitate for a minute to say yes...I felt like I had huge clout within that industry, and I do...makes selling advertising VERY easy....

Also dont forget the reg can take the money you'd spend on reg fees and use it to promote the great domain..


Comment #32

My answer is not follow most of yours..

Sure I need a SUPER name only if I am a webmaster. 100 OK domains would not help me to brand my site..

But as a Domainer, I'd like to have 100 OK domains instead of a Super one. The reason is:.

1st, all of us know that it is not possible to hand pick a SUPER HostGator now. The only way for us to get a SUPER HostGator is buy from aftermarket. But value of SUPER HostGator is not a secret to anybody so we DON'T have change to win a super HostGator at a Stolen pricing..

As a result, we must pay the marketing price for a SUPER HostGator and the vaule of it would not increase 10 or 20 folder in 6 months..

In the other hand, there are so many OK domains expire everyday. Just spend you time, you can backorder some really nice names (But not Super one) at quite low price. If you have 100 this kind of domains, it is not suprise you that 2 or 3 of them would be sold out in 3 months at the pricing 20 -30 times of invested..

So from view of business, a 100 OK domains portfolio would get better ROI than one SUPER HostGator only..

One case I can share with you is : I bough the HostGator from Enom pre-release Auction at $25, then sold it out at $2500 through Sedo in 2 months. I don't think that any SUPER HostGator could return me like the same RIO..

However, it is another senario if I need a SUPER HostGator to make me more like a professional domainer. I may purchase one when I have enough moeny. But I will continue my business philosophy to focus on OK domains only at present before be a rich domainer..

Comment #33

Maybe 99 of the "good" names will be needing renewel, year after year. Only a small percentage of the good ones will sell..

When the economy makes a move the RARE art and the RARE coins and the RARE cars jump up in value more than anything else..

The best HostGator is like a rare piece of art..

When the economy moves up, the investors flock to buy the BEST domains. That is why the one best name will make more money for a domainer, then having a bunch of average names..

But like the saying goes, "he who has the most gold wins"! So choose the basket with a whole bunch of eggs, or own only one.. a golden egg..

Good fortune for all!..

Comment #34

I have chosen to go the "100 domains" route, rather than having just 1 top-quality name. Part of the reason is that I enjoy domaining a lot and enjoy finding unregistered names that might sell at a nice profit someday..

But managing one HostGator would be much less work!..

Comment #35


You can get very rich selling (1) high quality domain. You can also make a lot of ppc revenue from a great quality domain..

You will never get rich regging average domains, or will you ever make a lot of money from parking those average domains..

If you love owning tons of Baltic Avenue type domains, knock yourself out. I understand that money may keep many of us from owning a high quality domain. That being said owning a quality or more than one quality name should be the goal of all domainers who want monetary rewards..

I have started out in the HostGator business with names that are not the best. I have tried to upgrade as my meager profits come in and I think I will stick to that plan as I am noticing that now that I own some "better" domains my HostGator business is growing much faster...

Comment #36

I would like to own 100 crappy domains like,

Comment #37

If you are rock solid in your conviction your stock is going to go thru the roof, you buy it. You do not buy mutual funds. Mutual funds are for every investor who does not take risk. When you buy a quality name you must know it is quality and have trust that it will make you big bucks. Most HostGator people will never have those kind of -alls..

Most HostGator people will take the well traveled road..

Mutual funds are for old ladies who want to make sure their investment does not erode away..

If you are forward thinking you will not be looking for SAFE and slow growth domains..

You will be investing in a name that very likely will shoot up in value. Domains that are like a mutual fund are domains that are a dime a dozen. They cost little, they are worth little and everyone has names like them..

If you are very afraid to make money then by all means register or buy common names. As the person who does that will have something to do each year as registration time rolls around..

Hopefully all will have profitable domains...

Comment #38

Mutual funds, but I see your point ....

With domains though, as that small more speculative allocation to above, I'd say having ONE super HostGator would be preferred over having 100 average - good undeveloped domains, IMHO. Over time, factoring in the annual renewals fees and the assumed increase in value/equity for that one great domain, it would make the most sense ... developing and monetizing any/all of the 100 here in this scenario is the one thing that can skew this in another direction, in my view..


Comment #39

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