Which is better nutra systems or Nutrisystem?

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Quick question... Which is better nutra systems or Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. 12 days after the originally scheduled delivery date, my 1st box just arrived (UPS delays)..

I immediately jumped up from my desk and raced home. I'm so excited to start this...I'm like the proverbial kid in a candy store (or at least I used to be in the candy store....hence being here now.


I dont know what I expected, but the box was so packed with stuff- now I want to go to bed, just so I wake up and start tomorrow..

I've been spending these last 12 days reading so many of your stories and they are amazing- definitely an inspiration and motivation for me!!!.

Tomorrow- Wednesday, January 20 is day #1!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I remember being excited when my first box arrived too. I was going to start on May 1st back in 2008, but when my box arrived on the evening of April 14th, I started on April 15th. It works, you can do it. Stay true, you'll love the results...

Comment #2

Good luck Jo!.

Drink the water, set a long range goal and shorter range goals - 10 lbs or so at a time - you'll get there. if you get hungry - in the words of apolyton, eat huge salads.

Learn how to create a ticker like mrfrazz has above. i'm to cheap to pay for one.....

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Create a free account and pay $18 to support them for a year. I figure it's worth the few dollars to try to keep myself honest and show the track (even if you don't pay for it, you can still have the ticker it just has writing across it.)..

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Hi Jo,.

Congrats just started week three here and found these boards real helpful. The program works and it's not as tough as I thought...

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Congrats! Way to go.... it works if you stick with it and don't cheat yourself!.

There's a lot of good support here too... make this forum your best friend...

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Great! I remember that I was not so happy to see "the box". I've tried and failed so many times that I saw it as yet one more opportunity to fail, only this time it will cost a lot more. But I am in week three now and heading to week four. I have growing confidence that I can finish this race. Nutrisystem is starting to become part of my life and not something I have to think about all the time. The veggies are becoming a routine part of my meals and not something I "have" to heat.

Stick with it!!! I intend to do so, no matter what the stats say. I've beat the odds before :-)..

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Thanks for all the words of encouragement!!!.

I've been to the store, and ready to go tomorrow..

Is there anywhere to get a "free" ticker like so many of you have?..

Comment #8

I got my ticker here on the Nutrisystem site. Problem is - I don't know how to change it!..

Comment #9


(the latter is only free for a limited time)...

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Congratulations and good luck! I didn't think my food would ever get here either, but I ordered two days after Christmas and had to deal with food delays!.

I consider myself a foodie and so far the food has been pretty good. Plus this has really inspired me to learn to cook healthier!..

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Is free I believe. Just shows the total weight lost like the Nutrisystem one (but more options to fit your "style")..

[EDIT] Whoops... I see you already got on.....

Comment #12

Welcome, and I know the excitement of those box arrivals too! You can add the BMI numbers to the tickerfactory ticker, like on mine, as well if you'd like...

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Grats on starting up. That right there is a heck of a lot more than most people do. It's a great ride... eat what they tell you to, drink the water, do some mild excercise, and whammo, the pounds just fall off..

I should fork over the $18 for the w8book log. I won't really notice it over a year, and seeing the graph will keep me honest. <ponders>..

Comment #14

Ive found it well worth the price from a motivation standpoint. Just my two cents...

Comment #15

And done! Takes awhile to hunt down the old numbers and enter in the history but worth it...

Comment #16

Day 1 down. Food packed for Day 2! It's all good! Food is better than I thought it would be..

I can do this....I WILL DO THIS!!!!!..

Comment #17

Yeah, the only food I've encountered that was "bad" was the alfredo. It was a little grainy but everything else has been pretty good...

Comment #18

The graininess will put hair on your chest. LOL.

I don't like regular alfredo, Nutrisystem stuff is even worse!..

Comment #19

You lost 5 lbs in one day? Sweet! you'll be at goal in 10 days...

Comment #20

You can also set it up so it automatically does your 50 clicks. It's worth it just for that...

Comment #21

I wish...the 5lb loss was actually during the 12 day waiting period for my 1st shipment. I just ate better and started working out. My actual 1st week on Nutrisystem may be a bit disappointing after that!..

Comment #22

Yep Im with Moe, can't say I've ever been disappointed by any loss but your first Nutrisystem loss will likely be bigger or just as big. Stick to the plan and be amazed!..

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Yes sir. What's your screenname there?.

Mine is moepoker...

Comment #24

Mine is wheeljo. Still palying, but not as much as I used to...

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