Which is better. Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem?

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My question is Which is better. Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: OK. I love to cook. In fact, if you ask my wife, she will admit that my abilities in the kitchen are the main reason she married me, considering we have to call the fire department every time she tries to cook..

Anyway, there were many things that contributed to my weight gain over the years, but one of the big ones was the fact that when you do the cooking in the family, you usually decide what's for dinner. That usually also means sampling lots of stuff you love to eat. A spoonful here, a taste there, and pretty soon your shoveling down half the pan before it ever hits the table..

When I started on NS, my family, while trying to be supportive, was also faced with a nightly dillemma - pizza or Chinese? I would just radiate my little cup of Nutrisystem and go in the other room..

After two months of this...last night I decided to cook for my family again. I dragged out the flour and made homemade flour tortillas, seasoned some ground beef, grilled some veggies, and shredded some cheese for one of their favorites - some really decent homemade soft tacos/burritos. Now keep in mind that in my pre-NS days, I could easily shove down five or six of these in one sitting. And while I admit I did have a taste or two of the meat to make sure the seasonings were right last night, I otherwise managed to just enjoy cooking again without feeling the need to sample everything. I eventually sat down with my family at a dinner table for the first time in two months - they with their tacos and me with my Nutrisystem Stroganoff..

And the amazing part is...I didn't miss the tacos. It may have been the first time in my entire life (and I've been cooking a long time) that I made a dinner for someone else and didn't eat any of it..

Now I may not be able to do that every night, because I think eventually it might get to me, but last was really nice..

Weighed in this morning, and I'm down another two pounds. Not too much longer and I'll be in the hundreds for the first time in 24 years...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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I too enjoy the cooking and do most of it whether it be for our family or for entertaining so I hear ya Ozona... you hit it when you say, "managed to just enjoy cooking again without feeling the need to sample everything". Certainly the key for us NS'ers...

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Very adimirable..... I also love t cook. And I am pretty good at it. I don't thin right now, I could do what you just did..

The last time I cooked for a group, I tried my hand at cooking very healthy food for everyone, I have to admit, it come out very tasty and everyone was impressed. It still was not as fun as the old fat filled high calory stuff I usually cook...

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Great job! Way to man up and keep your eyes on the prize!..

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Great job on your weightloss and resisting the dinner!.

Since you love to cook so much, maybe instead of cooking high fat/cal foods for the fam every night, you could start preparing healthy foods, that way you could taste in moderation with less guilt and even EAT some of the foods you are preparing..

This might be a better idea for when you are on maintenance, but there's no harm in starting to try out new, healthier recipes right now. Do you think your family would be up for trying something like this? Good luck..

Comment #5

Great job Kid!.

I am sure my daughter can relate to your family. I am sure she is happy her sister is home from college so someone will cook her dinner since my wife and I are both on the Nutrisystem Program...

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