Which is better. Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, or La weight loss?

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My first question is Which is better. Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, or La weight loss? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... Hello all,.

My name is Shane and I'm a 24 year old Air traffic Controller. I dont know how much I weigh pretty much because I dont like scales lol. Im about 6'2" and I guess I'm around 340 but if you look at me I dont look it pretty much because ive been into football since a young age and have alot of muscle already underneath this blubber. I think I wanna lose about 100 pounds but I'm not really concerned with the weight number. I wanna lose mass more than anything. I wanna lose my stomach, thighs, and man-boobs.

I have been between a 42-44 since I was about 14 and I wanna get down to about a 34-36. Ive seen the commercials for nutrisystem and I finally decided to put it to the test. I am going to start going back to the gym but I'm not exactly sure which machines or excercises I should target to help me lose the fat the best. I look forward to sharing my success stories with you all and enjoying yours. Because of my job and my football background I understand the concept of teamwork and how it can be detrimental to anyones success and I'm here to help as many as I can in any way I can..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Welcome, Shane. You will find that this is a very manageable program. Just stick to the plan, add in your fruits, veggies, dairy/protein and water and you will see results. Cardio will be a great help and resistance training will have many benefits, among those raising your resting metabolic rate and helping you retain some fat-burning muscle mass. I would recommend talking to a trainer at your gym and getting some ideas for circuit training or other similar resistance program that will help you optimize your efforts. I web from a 64 waist to a current 44.

Believe me, the program works...

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Hey Shane-.

I'm right there with you. Just waiting on my first shipment!.

Sounds like we have similar builds and goals. I, too, come from and atheltic background and am looking to lose the flab that replaced the muscle..

I've bee reading stuff on the boards for about 3 days...eagerly awaiting the food...per some of the advice I've seen, I plan on posting often, as people have said to post often to keep you on track and more accountable!.

Good Luck!..

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Welcome. I just joined too. Trying to lose 35 pounds..

Been on Nutrisystem before and was able to get to my goal weight of 173 quickly. Trouble was... I gained it back..

No problem. I'm firing up the program again. I know it works. I know in order for it to work all I've got to do is following the directions..

Here we go.....

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Drink tons of water. Follow the plan and you will be fine. And try hard not to stray. Take all of your measurements so you have ways to notice success it can give you and added boost when you need one...

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Good luck. And get your ass on the scale. Bad things happen when people don't face truth. Good things when they do..

Have fun in the Men's Room. Bunch of good guys...

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So ive ordered a scale with a bmi counter that will be here on friday. I have started back to the gym. I currently just do a 10 minute .5 mile walk for warm up and then 2 miles on the eliptical. Im pretty sure I can be doing something else that would be more beneficial to me but I have to clue. Now I'm just waiting on my nutrisystem food and my vitamins to come and I will be shedding poundage in no time...

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While I agree the actual number of pounds doesn't matter as much as how you look and feel Im gonna agree with Poly. I did the program the first month without a scale since I didn't own one capable of handling over 350. Once I got one though I found having actual numbers to back that up very helpful. As for the workout routine a trainer couldn't hurt but more importantly any exercise couldn't hurt. Good Luck ATC..

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Welcome to all the newbies. Stay tuned for great advice from all the guys here in the Men's Room. Follow the program and you will see results..

Wow! I can't believe we have a celebrity male here now. Welcome Fred Garvin, male prostitute!..

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Very nice, Mobay. You remember. I tried to put a photo in the little avatar area but it hasn't taken yet. We'll see.....

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Welcome Shane, Fred, wheel, and any other newbies joining us! We're the Biggest Losers on the planet! Nutrisystem really DOES work. It's not just a celebrity ad campaign. Follow the planner that comes with your BBB (Big Brown Box), check off everything as you eat it. Stay On-Plan and we can pretty much guarantee you'll see results! Post here often, stay in touch. It really helps..


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That just proves that we're both old enough to remember SNL when Dan Ackroyd was on it. I don't know if that's a good thing or not...

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Good luck newbies and returnies. the program works. a lot of proof here. set a realistic goal and timetable - know it will have obstacles in many areas - friends, willpower, occasions, boredome. know you can overcome these obstacles - and you will succeed..

Tell us about your victories! a gal friend at work I dont see much said to me thursday "you are looking younger lately?!".

I thought that was a good one.....

And if you are a bengals fan, good game !..

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Welcome MrATC! The scale will become your friend when you start to see those pounds dropping!..

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Welcome... the program is pretty easy if you stick with it..

The thing that works best for fat burn is long and steady. The elliptical or the treadmill will do wonders for you...

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Ive been told told that the elliptical will work wonders. Im just curious as to what should I do on there. Should I go for miles or minutes? As far as treadmill I'm not a fan of running and if I have to do that I already know I wont. I will however run on a track. If I run on a track should I aim for miles or minutes?..

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My opinion is that it's all about time... and not miles. If you go for miles then you're likely to blast through to get the miles done. There's something about the physiology of the human body where the body kicks in to burn fat over time...

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I just placed my order today (01-10-10) so am now reading up to get prepared to start when I get my food (how long should I expect it to take?). I'll look at doing measurements and all this week. Really excited about starting and joining in. I'm currently 6' 3" and about 365lbs. I want to get down to around 200 lbs. Looking forward to this and participating in the Men's Room here...

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Welcome, Frazz! Get some "Before" pics too. You will be amazed at the before/after transformation, especially after losing over 150!! Hang on, it's a heck of a ride!.

Consider your long-term commitment, figuring on 10lbs/month. Remove all contraband from the house. Decide.

Up front.

To NOT eat out, drink alcohol, go to or host parties, etc for at least a couple months until you get your feet under you. Post here often, ask questions, and follow The Plan. It really works!.


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