Which is better: Weight watchers, Nutrisystem or LA Weightloss? Why?

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My question is Which is better: Weight watchers, Nutrisystem or LA Weightloss? Why? Thanks for any answer. Another question... I have been losing weight without exercise up to this point. I am now at the stage that I have alot of energy (Been cleaning the house, washing dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher, and I have lost count of how many times I a vacuumed sept or mopped floors this week)..

I am looking to start an exercise program to use, and from what I have read, it seems more aerobic exercise would be more beneficial than weigh-lifting. I have a few ideas of programs to use, and thought I would put it out here for input from fellow "Losers", weight losers..

I have looked at a basic calesthenics program, basically a military style daily 16, focusing on body-weight exercises and running..


I have the originally P90 workout DVDs, which seems to utilize both calesthenics and some light weight-training.

Or a weigh-lifting program a few days a week at the gym, along with some type of aerobic exercises on the alternating days..

In additional to the above, I was considering the couch to 5K running program..

Any input would be greatly appreciated...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Any of those or a combination of them should work great..

There are two schools of thought on this..

I did only aerobic work while I was losing and have just recently started weight lifting. But I also had a torn rotator cuff that pretty much limited me to doing only aerobic activities. That's fixed now..

The other school advocates lifting from the beginning. The problem I see with that is you usually have to tweak your calorie/protein intake when you are lifting and that can mess with your weight loss..

In the end I would say to do what works for you. Doing anything is probably a lot more than you were doing before you started nutrisystem...

Comment #2

I am the one that takes the pictures. I do not get my picture taken unless there is absolutely no way to get out of it...

Comment #3

I only did cardio while on the program because I didn't want to gain muscle weight at the time. Walking was pretty much it for me..

Since I've started some weight training I've put back 2lbs but it's all good..

Good luck..

Comment #4

I did have one other comment about this picture taking thing. I looked at a pic my daughter-in-law took of me a few days ago, and of course, I didn't like it. But it was so bad that it has given me some more motivation to.


So, I guess a good thing can come out of it...

Comment #5

I am not really concerned about weight-loss or weight-gain, per se. I know that I will gain weight as I put muscle on, I just prefer to lose the fat. But since it has been awhile since I have worked out, or been on any kind of structured activity, I was curious as to what the best program to start with. Obviously muscle burns more calories than fat, so weight-lifting seems a key activity, but body-weight exercises may be enough to start the process until I need more weight to off-set the weight-loss. I am not aiming for body-builder status, so bulging bi-ceps aren't the goal. Fat loss is what I am focusing on...

Comment #6

Think baout taking pictures as a documentation on how you once looked. I have alot of pictures of me at 450 pounds. I am now greatful because I use them for my business. People are visual and I can tell them I lost 200 pounds but once they see it they can identify with it. So dont be afriad to love yourself even through pictures. Look in the mirror everyday and say something nice to yourself. Love who you are now and who you will be in the future!!..

Comment #7

Cirwin - you and I are of like mind... I've been doing cardio and lifting weights, because it seems to me that the goal should be fat loss, not just weight loss..

Anyhow, even though I've decided that adding muscle while in caloric deficit is pretty much impossible, it seems important to help retain what you do have... I don't want to tell you how my routine works because it's what works for ME.. but I was in your position, not sure how to start, so I paid a trainer 40 bucks an hour for a few weeks to get me started. It was well worth it, plus it made me much more comfortable in the gym...

Comment #8

I feel the same way. I don't have any pictures of myself, and when friends happen to get me on camera, I absolutely dislike the picture and can't stand me in it. It makes me afraid that people can see how ugly I am now with all the extra weight..

The really difficult thing is currently for me is, I have been considering for a while now to sign up on a.


Website, but having pictures posted seems to be 'crucial'. That is so frustrating...

Comment #9

I would do whatever you feel safe with. I think the first two options (which are similar) are great in terms of conveneince, time-efficiency and results...don't underestimate what body weight exercises can do for you. The latter option may be a little more safe in terms of controlled movements. In any case the main thing is to start reasonably EASY and gradually build up. Given you are overweight and inactive, advise against hitting it hard from the start...

Comment #10

I have a few pics of myself that I don't mind looking at. They're usually just of me face..

When I went to my husband's family Christmas' dinner, some people took pics and posted them online..

Made me want to cry...

Comment #11

Here is my .02....

I think the key is doing something that you will keep up over the course of time. For some it is weight lifting, others it is walking..

When I started NS, I also purchase a Wii and did the Wii Fit for 30 minutes a day. I also found another program on the Wii called My Fitness Coach, which was a better workout. It focused on aerobic and core strength, which worked very well for me..

I haven't used it since the spring, since I normally play golf 3 times per week in the summer and I always walk the course. Carrying your bag of clubs (and chasing the ball right and left) made it possible to skip the workouts..

I would highly recommend plain old walking or light aerobics..

I have to agree with the thought that weightlifting while trying to lose weight can be challenging..

However, you can't go wrong with any exercise. You just may limit the speed in which you will lose weight..


Comment #12

I went to a Florida the last summer and my son took me some pictures. Really I couldn't believe that I was the lady in those pictures. I used to be slim and I feel embarresed when I see the pictures..I begged my son that never ever publish them in facebook. Now, when I see a camara RUN!..

Comment #13

My first choice was a calesthenics program for a few reasons:.

1. Cost- Cheap, since there is nothing to buy. Push-ups, jumping Jacks, running, jump-rope, etc are free. No monthly membership dues..

2. Knowledge- I used to do these all the time when I was younger. No special training or knowledge required..

3. Simple- Not much to them, and they can be done anywhere. At home, in the park, in the hotel room, etc..

4. Injuries are less likely, as there are no excessive weights, or trying lift too much too fast. Simple moves..

But I like what I have heard about the P90 program, but have very little experience with it as to it's effectiveness. Again this is the original program, not the P90X that is being advertised right now..

I will most likely stick with the calesthenics program for now, and when I am in much better shape, and know I will go to a gym I am paying for, I will start a free-weights program or try a core-conditioning program..

Thanks for all the input...

Comment #14

Thanks everyone for the replies. I wanted to mention to Katze that I am also on a.


Site, and it has been a problem due to whomever they match you up with wanting pics. Of course, that is only natural that they would want them..

But another thing I have noticed is that a lot of the men will post pics even when they are overweight. They may have other physical flaws as well. So, I don't think it bothers everybody the same way..

I have been rejected due to my weight when the guy was overweight too and certainly looked his age. So, I really don't want to discourage you from doing it (I probably have). We all know if it is the person for you, they will see past just the physical, especially if you are trying to work on it...

Comment #15

The best possible combination is a solid total-body weight lifting program three times a week about 45 minutes long, followed by protein and creatine drinks, and 20-30 minutes later, 30 minutes of moderate cardio..

Have explained the science of it elsewhere. It makes the cardio several times more effective than if done on an alternate day. And you NEVER want to do cardio anytime in a given day before weight lifting. Exceptions of course, but not for any of us, here...

Comment #16

Treadmill or body pump .. i'd avoid heavy weight training since you're in a calorie deficit. not worth the effort in my experience/opinion...

Comment #17

I would advocate walking until you can jog, then when you have a cardio base you could add light weights and other general purpose core routines. Also don't push it. An injury can set you back for a month or more. Check out the Couch to 5K program on.

Comment #18

I started with the dvd that came with NS. At first I could only do about 2-minutes of it without needing to break (not joking). Now that dvd is trivial at best. I used to ride my mountain bike for about 3 miles per day - less impact on my knees and my jelly roll would start to hurt me if I jogged. Now I can fit a fatty girdle around me and am able to jog about. The more I lose the more I can do - I think it's all about your current fitness.

After awhile you will be able to do more. Just do something is all, but start small - smalls...

Comment #19

Just do it - or anything. In the beginning, anything will be better than nothing. You don't need to perfect a routine before you understand your new body, diet and energy levels when combined with exercise. Ultimately a combination of weights, cardio and stretching will be most beneficial...

Comment #20

I've been weight training a couple times a week in hopes of maintaining the muscle that I currently have..

So far it seems to be working as my first week of Nutrisystem I've lost 10 lbs and during my weight training workout this morning I did not lose any strength on any lifts (worked out arms, chest, shoulders, back and abs)..

I've also done at least a half hour per day of exercise other than weight training such as walking, elliptical, Nutrisystem DVD, and basketball (shooting baskets). That seems to be working for me so far.....

Comment #21

Walk. It's free and gets a person away from the TV and couch. I found out I actually had neighbors and the weather changed with the seasons..

I developed four routes: a one miler, a two miler, a three miler, and a four miler. The one miler got me to the library. It became a two miler when my wife would not pick me up and I had to turn around and walk home. The three miler took me out and back to the town's lakefront. The four miler was really a two miler to the grocery store where I sit for a while, get a cup of coffee, and pee ... and two miles back..

Easypeasy. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. I have walked in 90 degree heat and -5 degree winters while it is snowing. If this response shows my weight chart it will clearly show when I stopped walking regularly and when I started again. Walking = a downward slope. No walking = an upward slope..

Good luck...

Comment #22

Do cardio! Great for the heart and your health!..

Comment #23

When in doubt, DO IT ALL!!.

It's all good. Just do something. Concentrated lifting will slow your loss, but has other benefits..


Comment #24

I always espouse walking. Everyone has the equipment, and the membership fees are affordable. Just step outside your house and don't turn around until you are half tired..

I actually bike ride. Much easier on the joints...

Comment #25

I remember a woman on an informical about 10 years ago pushing her weight loss program. Her comment on exercising was "just move." It does not matter how - just move...

Comment #26

I have no problem moving. I walk a couple miles a day due to my job. Although I sit alot due to my job as well. I do move. I was looking at something that would focus on endurance and overall conditioning. I should have stayed in shape for my job, but it gets difficult when you sit most of the time, and I ended up eating out all the time, since it wasn't convenient to bring food from home.

I appreciate all the advice, now I just have to make time to get it done...

Comment #27

We have had several recommendations that say sex is the best weight loss excercise!..

Comment #28

Maybe but you are supposed to get 30 minutes of exercise, not 2 (maybe 4)..

Comment #29

Oh I am, I am...

With three kids, that's about all the time we have anyhow..

Comment #30

Reminds me of the couple that made an adult movie, when they were done she asked him "what should we put on the other hour and 58 minutes of the tape?" : )..

Comment #31

As someone else with the P90X videos I can tell you thats not a "starting point". A friend loaned me his copies and I'm just not ready for it. For a while I just did the exercises I was capable of doing but instead Ive switched to doing basic pushups and sit ups in the morning, half hour walks at night 4-5 times a week and when I hit 100 lbs lost recently I ordered myself a set of these as a reward..

Bowflex 50 lb adjustable dumbbells..

Right now Im doing moderate lifting to protect my muscle mass with the dumbbells following the instructional DVD that came with them. I plan on revisiting P90X down the road though when I'm in better shape to handle it. Its a hell of a workout...

Comment #32

Good point Met. Different workouts are appropriate at differing stages of fitness. I did not even try to run until I got under 250. Signed up for my first 5K this weekend. Goal - keep up with a 71 yr old guy from my gym..


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