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Question I have... Which is better,Nutrisystem or NUTRISYSTEM? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Hey guys I just started posting away even though this place is cliqueish. Anyway the scoop:.

I was 230 and am now down to 221 (today). Hope to hit 220 on Monday. A lot of it in a very round belly..

I was always thin and wiry and could eat anything as a kid. 5-8 and filled out with a moderate build to 155 by end of college. Couple years after leavinv college with less exercise and more time on deck and just body changing, I found that I was up in the 170s and waist had gone from 30 to 34 (had to get ne uniforms)..

When I hit 29, I just did a willpower diet (tunafish and salad) and crashed down to 150s again. Seemed to hold for a while, but gradually built back up to 180 over the course of 4 years..

Then expanded from that to current state of 230 in next ten years..

A lot of drinking and eating out and working crazy hours and too much time on the computer. Exercised for periods, but then also not. Last few years have had to have some joint operations, which is a bummer..

Was totally not planning on doing Nutrisystem or WW (thought they were hokey and too intrustive and commercial) but read something on this blog, which said just give it a try. And talked about different needs of men/women (I sure don't like chitchat with Mom or whatever suggesting each new thing from a woman's magazine...rapping on this site is different...somehow...or maybe I'm different when dieting.).


And I realized what the heck. The money is not a huge issue (really saving over bar food every night). And it's not that you can't lose weight with any diet. But what I really needed was structure. Just a little I didn't diet one day and go to the bar the next or if work was stressful (gin really takes the edge off of a day)..

I have been very happy so far. I think it is amazing some of the changes people have made. And I am slowly getting it through my head that I was 70 pounds over, not 20 over!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Welcome to this board as well. I really like the Nutrisystem program because over the next few months you will learn what a real portion is, what a balanced diet feels like, and what progress you can make if you just stick to the program. Good luck...

Comment #2

I'm the same height, and right now at 188 with a goal of 165 by the end of the year. I should be at about 7% BF once I hit it. I don't care if it's for a day, I just want to hit the goal. Then I intend to just stay within 170-175 range afterward...

Comment #3

So, what do we call you? Cause I ain't typing out the alphabet every time I wanna rag on you for something. I guess you left that up to me. okay, I'll call you .........polly..

Welcome to the Men's Room Polly. Don't leave your pantyhose hanging on the stall door...

Comment #4

Anything is cool. Only the chicas get bent out of shape from name dimunitives...

Comment #5

Welcome Poly. Stick to the plan and everything else will fall into place...

Comment #6

So, this is kinda like one of them "artist formally known as" situations, huh? Worked for Prince, good luck with that Pol.........oh, I'm mean uh, good luck with that Mr. "Mysterious poster formally known as Poly that needs to drink his water.".

Poly wanna nutricracker?..

Comment #7

I'm TCO on other sites. That name was taken here...

Comment #8

Wlcome to the board "Polly" or whatever tag you get pinned on you....... I think you will find the longer you stay on the program and the more results you experience, you will decide to get serious on a daily basis, every day. After being on the plan for a full week, the way you feel is worth the effort..

I am 5'8". I am also about to turn 55. Unlike you, I was 225 lbs as a high school senior, and a college recruited athelete. I also had a double by-pass surgery at age 50. I figured it was time to take this weight thing seriously and get myself back in shape, or start shopping for a coffin..

Congrats on getting started. Feel free to hang around here as often as you like. It is really a BIG help to have these guys "rag" on you. I t keeps you honest to yourself.....

Comment #9

I'm guess'n that TCO doesn't stand for Total Cost of Ownership (a phrase from economics)..

Comment #10

Pics and other details are nice and help me relate to the people I'm talking to. I have found your posts interesting (if provocative)...

Comment #11

I'm taking a minor NSV. First flex dinner out (at mom's house). Felt a little lost (I'm on flex plan, but when on own stick to NS...).

I opened the book, followed directions for portions, even measured and all (my mom hates measuring...she's a "feel" cook, but she supported me for the diet). She had a pound of fish, which she would normally cook all of, but we followed directions and chopped in half, 4 oz each, and she froze the rest. I measured the green beens (raw) before we cooked them. Carb was an ear of corn. Had to have two fats: tsp of butter on the corn and tbsp regular salad dressing (she wanted to use up) on the beans. Fish was steamed on top of a bed of Vidalia onion slices (to stop fish from sticking to steamer and onions eaten as a veggie...and a little bit of cut and steamed red pepper in there for color (taking that as a free food or whatever the hens call that.).

Whole thing tasted great and my mom was amazed at what a complete and filling dinner it was. Had to head her off at the pass on potatos though. Drank water with meal...she had wine...I wasn't even tempted..

Waited my two hours and then had "dessert" of carb/dairy by a slice of Organic Spelt bread and 8oz milk..

All this after a YMCA workout. My doc says I can workout, lift, whatever...on the umbilical hernia..

Just proud that I stayed on plan (following the book and the measurements.) Didn't just go with whatever she cooked. But also was able to get a good meal without being very particular or annoying to her..

P.s. I'll figure out how to get an avatar, Dick...

Comment #12

Community > My Page > Edit My Page > Change picture.

I'll be glad to answer any of your techie questions relating to the Nutrisystem site since you passed the initiation hazing. Congrats on the NSV...

Comment #13

Finishing out first flexing with mom, well. Just consulted the planner and measured stuff..

Taking an SV with 217 for my Monday weigh-in (down 5 this week)...

Comment #14

-5 = Great start, Polyton! Keep it going, man!.


Comment #15

He just thought he'd insult us as a way of introduction...

Comment #16

It was the spikes on the bulldog's collar:.


Comment #17

I think this board is more cultish than cliqueish. The Cult of the Holy Water Drinkers and the frequent pissers..

Did anyone tell him about the teddy bear sacrifices?..

Comment #18

Went for the jugular there, Polyton! Just so you know, the forum is made up of individuals with distinctive personalities. Love 'em or hate 'em, but no one is "in charge". Some may be more xenophobic than others. I really enjoyed that - it did peg a personality type I've seen online in different places over the years. We make our own reality here. What it is is what we make it..


Comment #19

HUGH ????????????? Gordon, you ain't supposed to use big words like that..... I'm just a simple boy............

Comment #20


Great job, keep it up, your on your way now...

Comment #21


I'm on the Flex program. I get food for 5 out of 7 days. I spend every other weekend at my mom's house and she cooks. So I figured this would work better for me..

Even though I'm on the Flex program, I had never done it really since I had a food pileup and was just doing the regular program 24-7 for first month or so (mom was out of town, blabla). No big deal, but it felt funny actually being "off program" for the first weekend. Anyhow...felt it a victory that I stuck to the guidelines and measured and all...without being too much of a pain in the ass to mom either..

Also fixed a sliding glass door, which she was worried I would break and leave a hole in the house (I'm kind of a weenie who has minimal practical I had been delaying for months taking it on...then I just said Sofa King it and took everything off the tracks and fixed it. My friend at work asks me every Monday at work if I've fixed it (he's the kind who can build a house and rebuild an engine)...he saw me come into work and just KNEW I had done it..

The master of dieting. The master of the sliding glass door. OO-RAH!!!..

Comment #22

Weight has been hanging at 217 (one blip to 218) at morning scale "peeks" (Monday is official weigh in). I have been staying on plan exactly (I think). I don't really log the meals or the water (but am drinking plenty) and I just have memorized what items I need to have when. Have been to gym every day (tomorrow is rest day)..

Am still behind on getting a tape measure, taking picture (first step, take the camera I bought out of the box). And have not done the Mindset Makeover..

Do think I've been learning a lot (even basic things like how much food is something...and even how to steam a vegetable)..

Had to take my belt in a notch. I'm still very fat and basically my trousers are held on over my hips, but under my belly. So I don't think I've lost a true waist size (since I wear a 40 below my true waist, which is well over 40). But anyhow, was carrying some boxes (in dress slacks at work) and they started falling down over my ass...and I didn't want to drop the boxes...or walk around with no pants at we're going in a belt notch...

Comment #23

Colleague and I went out for lunch to subway. I got a 6" turkey breast on whole wheat, no cheese, all veggies (olives as my fat), with moderate spicy mustard. In past would have had a 12" club with cheese and oil and vinegar. No chips and drank water. It is 280 calories, not counting the olives and mustard (by the info on a sign). Seemed reasonable and filled me...

Comment #24

Hey! Inch by inch anything's a cinch - get it???? lol Anyway, it seems like a long way till you reach your goal but looking back from the other side, I'm saying "Hey, that didn't take long (6 months to go from 230 to 170). I didn't declare 160 as my goal but will probably end up there. I stopped counting weight loss as one of my major goals and am using running speed as a measure of success (current goal is 2 hours for the 1/2 marathon in September). I'm also looking for improvements in body contour and know that those additional 10 pounds lost will help to remove the sagging skin I'm sporting nowadays. Measurements won't be much good to you later if you don't have anything to compare them to! Get that done right away. Also, I have taken pics once a week of myself and the visual comparisons are also very informative. Do that now also so you'll have a real before pic to throw up beside your after shots once you reach your goal...

Comment #25

If I showed you a real before pic, I can promise you will throw up...

Comment #26

Okay...I'm going to take the camera out of the box and figure out how to take a picture. I'm so lame, I didn't own or know how to use a digital camera. Need someone to hold my hand or kick my ass...

Comment #27

Dick that sounds similar to me. What's your height?.

6 months, 60 pounds is 10 pounds a month. Little over 2 a week. I guess I need to keep my motivation up. This is not a diet like Atkins or Scarsdale where you crash down. I am pretty cool with that now. Not sure if I'll get antsy later...

Comment #28

I'm 5'10". I lost plenty fast and then slowed way down. Nonetheless, the overall result has been very satisfying. I'm also doing lots of cardio (run 3-5 miles per day 5 days a week and within the last 5 weeks added resistance training). I expend about 1000 calories per day that I log (don't count the piddly stuff)...

Comment #29

Weight seems to be staying stationary. 217 last five days. Have been following plan. Wonder if I am having too much veggies. Or the extra addins counselor told me (for working out) should be ditched...

Comment #30

If you just began in June I definitely wouldn't be adding any extra food in just yet, even with moderate exercise. Go strictly by the book for a couple of months first and see what happens. Adding a protein serving and maybe a fruit serving to a person's plan because they are exercising a lot is only advisable IF they are going by the book and are stalling out..

If you began in June then your body hasn't even completely adjusted to this new way of eating yet, so it's really not time to add anything in (with all due respect to whoever your counselor was). Like I said, I'd try it by the book for a couple of months first before doing the additional stuff. That being said, there's nothing wrong with adding extra "free" veggies like lettuce, celery, and cucumbers. They won't stall you out at all...

Comment #31

What is your exercise routine? I would, at the very least, follow the plan. You may be undereating, however...

Comment #32

3 days a week: swim, lift legs.

3 days a week: bike, lift arms.

About 80 minutes per day.

I tried posting a screenshot from my worksheet (has all the details of lifts, weights, etc.), but had some technical issues (print screen created a .bmp file, and this site does not use .bmps)..

Comment #33

Cut and paste loses the formatting..

SA-MO-WE amt.

Swim 700 yds.

Elliptical (warmup) 6 mins.

Bosu squats/mil press 10#.

Single leg calf raises body weight.

Donkey kick machine (glute) 115#.

Double straight-leg, L lifts (new) BW.

Groin abduction 140#.

Groin adduction 160#.

Leg extension 80#.

Hamstring curl, seated 85#.

Swiss ball, on back, leg extensions x15 (one set).

Speed ladder (8 sets, alt style).


SU-TU-TH amt.

Bike 45 min.


Bench 125#.

Seated rows 95#.

Seated dip motion 125#.

Seated curls, (not preacher) 65#.

Straight arm, v-shaped arm raises 12#.

Crunches x30 (2 sets).

Rot cuff, bent arm abduction (alt L/R sides) 25#.

Prone shoulder stabilization flies 4#.

V-shaped straight arm (90 to overhead) raises red band.

All 6 days.

* Strength is done with 2 sets of 10, alternating exercises (e.g. dip/curl/dip/curl)..

* Hold for a ""one count"" each rep at point of max effort..

* 2 weeks mastery before moving up an increment of lowest weight (or a lap in pool or a crunch)".

"Stretching (all 6 days, 3 sets each):.

* 3 splits: (""8 and 4s"").

* quadricep standing 30 seconds, alt legs.

* 45 deg calf stretch standing, 30 seconds, alt with shin squat"..

Comment #34

This has to be the longest introduction in the world. Somebody call Guinness...

Comment #35

Based on your workout plan I would encourage you to evaluate your eating from a standpoint of getting enough calories, especially of the protein variety. When I did that I began to lose weight again after an annoyingly long stall...

Comment #36

I am following plan plus an additional dairy/fruit for cardio, plus an additional protein for lifting, try to eat soon after. Counselor told me I rated all that. I don't consume it on my rest day, though...

Comment #37

Dude, I was just funnin' with you. I'm a post ***** to the tenth degree...

Comment #38


How long does your training take?.

I am just starting weight work (with a trainer for one day a week to start)..

Right now, I do about one hour on elliptical, run up bleachers 10 times almost every day. Maybe walk 3 miles with wife, maybe not. I do some curls and bench press 3 times a week..

All that runs about 1 1/2 hours per day, 6 days a week on average. I want to increase the bleacher thing because my heart rate just doesn't get high enough on elliptical. For my new weight program, I want to concetrate on chest, shoulder, arms, and buns. I don't need any bigger thighs or calves..

SO, with all that training, I probably need to increase my calories, especially protein? I am 55 years old, and have almost reached my goal weight of 145 (5 foot 8 inch tall). I used to run a lot, but knee problems stopped that..

Health and beauty takes a lot of time...

Comment #39

Similar workout for me..

I take about 75-90 minutes. 75, when I show up to the Y at 2045 (close 2200)..

I do alternate the lifts (push pull) and go direct from station to station (no rest times...although I'm not running from spot to spot)..

I would talk to the counselor as you may rate some extra protein or calories. I am 5-8, 43 years old. Not sure my real lean weight. Will do some body fat measurements when I get close...but I'm so far from that now..

I would also talk to the trainer and get advise on the areas you want to develop more as well as how to avoid hurting the knee...

Comment #40

Bleachers? Yikes! That's a lot of work..

Anyway, I spend about an hour three days a week in the weight room and concentrate on upper body and core - no leg work. I'm training to complete a 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours so the legs get taken care of six days a week. I rest on Friday from running but my weight routine happens Mon, Wed, and Fri to coincide with work since I hit the weights at school. You didn't have much info on your page but I'm assuming you're male. I eat lots of protein including supplemental shakes and bars and nothing but whole fresh fruits and veggies (no canned or prepared anything). The combination seems to be working...

Comment #41

How are you going to do your body fat measurement?..

Comment #42

Calipers and nomograph with someone else doing the measurement. I bought cheap plastic calipers for 10 bucks a long time ago. Or if I get motivated, might pay for some other measurement. It's not concerning me now. I still need to learn how to operate a digital camera. Am stuck in the 80s.....

Comment #43

Just have the wrestling coach or trainer at the school take your measurements. They may even have expensive metal instruments. I don't know if your loose skin would interfere or not, but just see how it goes...

Comment #44

I took my camera to the park to get an outdoor shot. I admit it seemed a bit, though. Odd in that other park goers thought I was strange for repeatedly taking my own picture. I took a whole bunch of pics and checked them after each couple of pics to see if they were coming out okay. Some were okay some weren't. The good news here is that you just delete the ones that don't work.

I give myself 10 seconds, hit the button and get into the shot. I use rechargeable batteries and always carry a second set. I also have a duplicate card but I don't use it often since I take the pics home and download them to the computer immediately..

I use Irfanview (a free ware image processing software) to crop my pics. The ones I plan to post I also downsize significantly. The formula I use for that is to make the longest side of the pic 640 pixels. The other side gets automatically adjusted. Save the new pic with a different name if you think you might want to make a hard copy print of a pic. You'll need the higher resolution for prints..

I always take my photos at the highest resolution possible so I have something to work with when it comes to editing..

As Damon always says - suck it up, be a man! Open the box, insert the batteries and memory card and starting hitting the button. If worse comes to worse, you can always glance in the manual - but, NO READING!..

Comment #45

I like the pictures. True story I just got a Canon Powershot SX10is, I have yet to open the book and I take some killa shots..

Ps. I was gonna go SLR this time around but I think I made the right choice. I love this camera...

Comment #46

Oh...I thought I had to read it all. Like when I was 21 and bought my first car and read every inch of the manual while verifying on the automobile which switch or whatever they were referring to...

Comment #47

Once you go SLR every day is another day to empty your wallet. From news lenses, filters, grips and off camera flash you'd eventually want it all...

Comment #48

Boy, you're not just whistling Dixie there. My son fell into that hole and we haven't seen him since. Takes amazing pics but man..

Here's one of his that I really love - I was with him when he took the pic and didn't even see the action. Amazing shot..


ApolytonGP- I'll bet you're right about the wrestling coaches having that stuff. Our wrestling coaches are twin brothers who are totally built and work out when I do. They have already been very helpful so I'll ask them...

Comment #49

Thats a fantastic shot! I've only been at it a little over a year so Im still a relative noob. I'm more into portraiture than wildlife since I can't afford the longer mm lenses on a college students budget. I do however love making the beautiful gals look good... Easiest job in the world..

Comment #50

Yeah, just talk to them. They will either have it or know someone who does. I had those measurements done in HS. Men's gymnastics teams usually get it too. The athletic trainer may also (they do more than tape ankles)...

Comment #51

Just got back from the Y. This is my first day after doing a 2 week "bump" of the weights (to what I listed). Felt good. Little teensy twinge of golfer's elbow in the pool, but went away. Will watch it...

Comment #52

Think that exercise is improving my CV system. Got rejected for giving blood couple months ago because of 100+ pulse. With 8 weeks exercise and a few less of dieting, I'm down to 75 pulse. Blood pressure down a little from 130/90 to 120/80..

I feel like I'm getting stronger...but need to remind myself I am still extremely wrong weight. Lots more to go...and body still not at proper health...

Comment #53

All of these things work together to continue to motivate you forward. You feel good, you do more, you get better at it, you get healthier, you do feel better, you do more....

One day at a time and eventually, you will look back and see how truly far one step at a time got you. Keep going!..

Comment #54

Great pics of the Bald eagle, you don't run into those very often..

That's one of the main reasons I went with the sx10is. The zoom goes from 28mm to 560mm. 20x zoom lens and 4x digital which adds up to 80x..

It's as close to an SLR as you can get with a point and shoot but without having to buy the extra lens...

Comment #55

Damon -.

You shouldn't post stuff like this. I am an absolute gadget freak. There goes another $400 (unless the better half says no)....

Dick -.

Great photos of the eagles by your son. I know from previous reading that eagles are skittish and can be difficult to approach; he must have used quite a zoom lens to get those.....

Comment #56

Nice camera. I prefer the mind boggling control of an SLR though..

Last weekend I rented my first f2.8 lens for a portrait shoot. Talk about a steep learning curve... but this is one of my learning how to use it shots from the backyard. Its now the desktop wallpaper on my Palm Pre. I'll refrain from posting pictures of people for now lol..


Comment #57

The eagle shots were taken in February. Large groups of eagles come down the Mississippi River to feed in the semi frozen water. I understand that the way the water moves here causes the fish to be easier prey. That day we counted more than fifty bald eagles along the Great River Road and several Golden Eagles. While this was the most I've ever seen on one trip we're always assured of great viewing..

Damon, I like the flamingo picks. My son got a great shot of some Rosy Spoonbills from a similar distance. He also took some incredible shots of Brown Pelicans as Hurricane Gustav passed by Sanibel Island during our visit. The Pelicans were essentially suspended in mid air and very close to us in some situations so the shots are wild..

Mesturge, The lily picture is the type of picture my camera is able to take (though not that high quality) - something close and relatively still..

He has lots of equipment and spends lots of money on his hobby..

Apolyton - you getting the idea here? Get the camera out and get to taking pics!!!..

Comment #58

I took some pictures. I think the camera I bought doesn't have a delay setting. So I just took them in the mirror...

Comment #59

What specific camera did you get? I'll check it out for you...

Comment #60

Here it is..


Features list seems to say it has a timer. Hmm...I just need to figure out from the menu or from the CD-ROM how to use it. The written manual is short...

Comment #61

Oh...I'm ready to start another to-do with the dames. I had this forum that I loved, the Recipe one. And there's this one of them (that bumps the sugar alcohol thread all the time.).

Anyhow, she bumps like an ENTIRE PAGE of recipes. No new content. Just a bunch of old dead threads. And she's done it before. Like she just wants to have the whole page 1 of threads be "de facto stickied"..

It never even occurs to her instead to create a single thread of links to those and just bump one thread. Or write them all to a file...or whatever..

And what kind of person just bumps stuff like a drone? Doesn't have anything new to add. Just mindless bumps. What a buzzkill for any kind of actual online interaction..

I know I'm going to be the bad guy again.....

Comment #62

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