Which is more expensive, Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem?

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My first question is Which is more expensive, Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... Do you guys eat everything in the planning guide each day?.

For example, I had all items for breakfast, but then I was in a meeting and was unable to have my morning snack. Frankly I was not even hungry enough to want it. BY the time the meeting was over, it was lunch time, so I had my Nutrisystem entree and a salad..

A few minutes ago I had my afternoon Nutrisystem snack. I plan to eat all of my dinner and dessert later..

Since I have not have the morning snack, should I eat it at some point today, or does it not matter?.



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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I was wondering the same thing. I'm finding it difficult to make that mid-morning snack. I've had good success over the last two weeks. According to guides, it says if you stray off plan 1 day, just pick up and start wear you left off. Does that include if you miss a meal?.

BTW Go Yankees!..

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If you miss a meal, make sure to have those calories later. Those of us that work sometimes have emergencies/meeting/crises arise. Nevertheless, since we are on a reduced caloric intake, it is best to have those calories at some point during the day. When in doubt, do call a counselor. They are very helpful...

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As a NYer that was transplanted to the south - let me start of by saying.


Eating 5 times a day prevents surprise hunger..

Before I started NS, I would skip meals then find myself famished at dinner time. That would be when I ate the 3000 calorie meal..

Do it out of habit first.... then it will make sense..

For me, I notice the hints of hunger when snack time comes around... you'll get use to it...

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I agree with all of the the above. I would add that if you are not hunger you should step up you exercise just a little...

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Exercise? What's that? hehehe I plan to start that in the next week or so once I get my workout room set up. I guess I'll be hungrier then!..

Comment #6

Eat the food! Follow the plan and you'll be successful...

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Here's my experience from another newbie....

Day 1: I've GOT to eat ALL OF THIS??? (I couldn't get in the evening snack as I was just too full).

Day 2: A little easier, but man, this is a ton of food.

Day 3: Scaled back on the salad portion sizes, and got everything in but felt really full that evening still.

Day 4: Got everything in and even notice stomach growling around the time of the afternoon snack.

So while today is only day 5, it's becoming easier, my body is adapting to the new diet (and seems to even be expecting the snacks now), and I'm learning that my idea of portion sizes is still WAY off (I now use a smaller bowl to put my salad in, as I still think I need a HUGE salad since the Nutrisystem food is "small")...

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Well, the Nutrisystem food is the portions of "normal food" you should be eating forever. put it on a normal plate. then, get used to it. when you finally reach goal, to maintain, your portions of food should be the same least that's what I hear - when we get there, I hope we can do it...

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