Which is the best iPage web hosting with the best deals and more help?

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Got a question... Which is the best iPage web hosting with the best deals and more help? Thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I need to learn how to back up my store... I tried before and the disc that I put it on ... showed nothing when I went to use it again.

Also can you back up if there are errors on pages?.

Thanks for any help givin..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I have an ftp ... I just go there and tell it to download to a disc right?.



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If you mean burn it to a CD, I would just d/l it to you hard drive and burn it from there. Then you'll have 2 backups...

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Ok maybe I am not understanding the basics of this....

I tried to use an ftp server to download... but got an error message that said....

Started with the mysql folder and got this....

RETR address_book.frm.

553 Permission denied..

CWD /.

250 "/" is new cwd..


257 "/" is cwd..

Cached directory reloaded..

Grrrrr... help...

What to do now?.


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I may be missing something here, but didn't you get started by downloading the osC files to your hard drive and then uploading them to your server via ftp? In other words, you already have a "backup" of your server files on your hard drive, and you could make another backup by burning a CD from your hard drive. Why do you need to download everything from the server to make a backup?..

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No I paid for a store to be put on my server... I have never recieved any files to down load... but I did I thought make a backup of the files... but when the hurricans came threw florida my pc was destroyed and the flopy that I thought had my files on it were a dud... lol.

My store was hacked into which is to say it will probably happen again till I can figure out how to lock it... lol... so much to learn..

Hope that answered your questions..


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Hi Paula.

Sounds to me like the people who sold you your store did you wrong. Did they do any customizing for you, or is it a stock installation? If the former (seems likely), didn't they do a backup of their own work?.

Best regards...

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Merry Meet Doug,.

No they did the customizing background, products,that kinda stuff.. all I have done is gone in and changed the wording ... and added new products to the store... I had a hacker come in and mess things up... thats why I am having problems... things were miss placed...

Still... lol....

Oh well... live and learn I guess ... sigh... I guess this is gonna be a long hard lesson huh?.

Blessed Be.


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: 20 October 2004, 16:52..

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Cheers Paula:.

It'd be a lot easier if the folks who set you up could provide some support..

On the '553 Permission denied' thing, did you try other directories? You should be able to back up your database through your osCommerce adminno need to access your host's mysql directory. But if you still need to get into the mysql directory, suggest you contact your host administrator..

Regarding the customized files, I still suspect they have a backup somewhere. Talk to them!..

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Merry Meet Again Doug,.

I was told to look here for support... lol... hows that for the typical run around.. lol... that my friend is my luck in life....

Anyways... I was told not to use the admin for my back up....

As far as backing up other files... I tried... some I could others I could not...

The image folder only did about 1/2 and quit. I really need to know which files to back up... this is all so new to me ... I feel like pulling my hair out....

I guess I need to find the wiz and pay him to fix it... sigh... such as my lot in life... lolol....

Thanks for the help with this.

What is that saying... if it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all!! lol thats me!!.

Brightest Blessings Douglas.


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If you have an FTP program, (such WS FTP or Smart FTP) and all the details to be able to connect to your server -, username, password you can access all you files on your live server..

The FTP program should have 2 windows like MS Windows Explorer. You can the create a folder on you local pc, (the one you are sat at) and drag the files from your server to the folder on your local pc. The you just copy them on to CD from the local pc..

Does that help?..

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Thank you very much... I will do this straight away....


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If it helps you at all......

The stuff you need to backup falls into the following distinct categories :.

1) The PHP code that is osCommerce.

2) The product images (unless you have moved them, these tend to live somewhere in .../catalog/images/... in the PHP code directory).

3) The database files.


I am assuming that you are on a shared server, rather than your own dedicated machine. This being the case, you will almost certainly NOT be able to get direct access to the database files. It looks like you have already discovered this - this is why you get the 'permission denied' error when you try and back them up..

Why does this happen ? Well.... (assuming you know little about file permissions and users and stuff), this happens because the database files are 'owned' by the 'database' user. In contrast, your osc PHP files (and the product images) are 'owned' by some other user probably called 'paula' or something..

Now, when connect to the server machine (whether it is via FTP or whatever), you can get access to the files owned by 'paula' because that's what the system administrator has set up to allow you to do..

However, you can't get DIRECT access to the database files because 'paula' does not own the database files; the 'database' user does !.

It's not quite as cut and dry as this but I'm trying to simplify things for you..

OK, WHY is this so ? Well, it would be a huge security risk to allow you direct access to the raw database files. If you did have access (and you have o remember that the system administrator doesn't know you - you could be anybody), you could corrupt them ,delete them or access someone else's database files !.

The other issue is that you can't really backup the raw database files without first shutting down the database server program (again, this is a bit simplified but nonetheless true)..

So you are left with the only other option - you have to access the database records via the database program. This is what the 'database backup' option of osCommerce does. If you are using the easypopulate contribution, you can also do a very similar thing..


As you seem to have been left in the lurch by your helpful friend, it would seem that you do indeed need to backup you PHP files. As I said above, you should be able to get to these quite easily (probably via FTP). If you get some sort of 'permission denied' error then complain to your iPage hosting provider - they have messed up something if you can't get access to this stuff. If they insist that they haven't messed up and "that's how it is" then your service provider is **** and you need to find another one..


As with the PHP files, you should be able to back these up no problem..

No idea if this helps,.


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I did it... lol.

That was like pulling teeth... lol.

Thank you very much everyone that left a post..

Was at a loss as to what to do..

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,.

Brightest Blessings,.


Go Cubs..

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