Which is the best reliable iPage web hosting service for small business website?

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Question I have... Which is the best reliable iPage web hosting service for small business website? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Dear Forum,.

We want to build a iPage website for a client and use one of the project seven templates as our starting point. If you don't know these templates, they are full blown templates with rollovers, graphics and and really nice layouts and are designed to be used with Dreamweaver..

I want to take one of these templates and make it into a iPage site with frames..

I've never actually built a iPage site with frames before but it doesn't seem too complicated. But all my books give instructions for starting with a blank page. But I'm starting with a template. Can I take a page like this and then add the frames? Can somebody advise me how to proceed?.

Modify the code directly? Start with a blank page, build the frames and then cut and paste the template into it?.



Laurie Hebditch.

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I had another thought I wanted to run by you/somebody on the same subject. On the template, where it has a white background and begins with "Welcome", we would want to link out to another site. Instead of creating frames around the entire template, couldn't I just use the IFRAME element for that one section/td cell? Does anybody know if most browsers support this html tag?.

Thanks again!.



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Hi Laurie,.

Your template looks like an easy one to convert to frames. I suggest a 3 frame layout, A top frame, left frame and main content frame. Make sure your javascript for making your mouse-over buttons on your menu is placed in that frame page and add a target to your existing menu links like so:.

<a href="index.htm" Target="main" ....


Where "main" equals the name of your main content frame name..

If you also need help creating a set of frames, let us know..

I hope this helps...

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I wouldn't suggest Iframes as they alienate netscape users, and offer no real advantage over traditional frames..

Your layout seems pretty basic, and to convert it will take a bit of graphic/ coding ability. Are you familiar with a certain grahics software?..

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Thanks to Ian and Dr. Web who have answered my questions and offered advice!.

Okay, I will stay away from IFRAMES and attempt to use traditional frames. My partner is the graphics person and the graphics software she uses is fireworks and photoshop..

(why does the graphics software package matter?).

I will do the actual coding. I'm not sure whether to try to do this in Dreamweaver or just stick to the straight html code and use a more straightfowarder editor like homesite. Do you think this will make a difference?.



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I dont mean to budge in but.. ususally hard coding looks best..just somthin I learned from front page..not shure bout dreamweaver though.....

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A graphics program will allow you to cut any existing images if that is needed when converting your page into a frameset..

Looking at your page source code, there is very little coding required, basically all the code is already there, you just need to select the parts of it and place it into each of your frame pages..

For example:.

<table width="98%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center">.

<tr align="left" >.

<td background="images/tblcntrbg.gif">.

<table width="602" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">.


<td width="161"><img src="tblhdrimg/hdr1.gif" width="161" height="63"></td>.

<td width="74"><img src="tblhdrimg/hdr2.jpg" width="74" height="63"></td>.

<td width="60"><img src="tblhdrimg/hdr3.jpg" width="60" height="63"></td>.

<td height="0" width="90"><img src="tblhdrimg/hdr4.jpg" width="90" height="63"></td>.

<td background="images/tblcntrbg.gif" width="67"><img src="tblhdrimg/hdr5.jpg" width="67" height="63"></td>.

<td background="images/tblcntrbg.gif" width="150"><img src="images/banner.gif" width="150" height="63"></td>.






Would go inside your top frame (as well as part of the preload image code inside your head and/or body tags.).

It is really just a matter of copy and paste, and knowing which parts...

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Thanks for your replies. The example about what goes into the top frame is very helpful and a good start! Will give it a try this week!.


Laurie Hebditch.

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