Which of free iPage web hosting services supports FTP and lifetime subdomain?

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My 1st question is: Which of free iPage web hosting services supports FTP and lifetime subdomain? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Hola once again. I have ben through several source background areas around the net, and have finally gotten enough info and encouragement to make my own background jpg, using PSP7. Finally after 30 minutes of play, I am pleased with a background, with a left border image. I upload the image to my server directory....then enter the addy to my background script.

This is, to say the least...

Is my jpg too large at a size of 184x1060.....???.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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<BODY BACKGROUND=http:/images/hometile1.jpg>.

Is the line of code for my background...( Mucho simple, eh?).

The iPage site location is the following.

( please bear in mind that I am trying to slowly move away from the ... pages generated by the "site builder" from the webhost. Since I found the iPage site builder was too limited for the items I wished to include on a iPage website )..

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As for the image is located at.

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The problem is the link. If you're doing an absolute reference, you need the entire thing - BODY BACKGROUND="


If it's a relative link, it'd be something like this - body background="images/hometile1.jpg".

Of course that's assuming you have your image in a subdirectory of your main iPage site called "images"...

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1. This body tag is wrong:.

<BODY BACKGROUND=http:/images/hometile1.jpg>.

It's more like this:.

2. the image doesnt exist to the link you gave us.

3. the iPage site doesnt exist..

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There was One small keystroke stuck in the teeth of the code.....It works Now...and thank you!.

Muchos Gracias!!!...*g*..

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I'd still like to see your website. What's the address?..

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Nudges upward toward the post labelled; Ay Chihuahua..

The iPage site is at:.

Thanks for wishing to take a look. I played around with changing all the "Pre-Generated" backgrounds....but for now, until I learn more in my studies of tables ( I don't like changing something until I know HOW it works ), I'm leaving the already in place, ochre (gag) background coloring..

I'd hoped to not have to study tables....but, I can now see it's an integral part of designing a webpage that I simply won't be able to get around, so.... I will read and practice

That way, in a month or so...I will feel confident of creating and editing the fabulous backgrounds that I want in my website..

I'm finally starting to get away from the "Way Too Much Info" on one page syndrome, although I am now wrestling with the best ways to keep attention focussed and get the readers of my iPage site to peruse farther, and still enjoy. Since my iPage site is aimed toward entertainment, not business; I'm simply working toward making the iPage site a pleasant and informative Romp, while still leaving enough.."bells and whistles" to set it off from the ordinary...

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I have just visted your looks great..........!!.

I have left a message in your guest book...........


P.S. I love the intro picture..........and I love the theme...............

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Thank you very much for taking time to look....and even moreso, for the compliment..

*tries real hard to blink back a tear of joy*.

What started as a project of an anticipated 2 page infosite... turned into something of a labour of love. Its very rewarding to know that it can be appreciated. Gracias..

*dashes madly off, chanting ..."Someone signed My Guestbook, Someone Signed my Guestbook!".

.....hahahahaha. Have a wonderful day...

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Thats ok, have a good week-end, I always think to give credit where it is due is better, because then at least you know what people are thinking, so good luck with it..............


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