Which of your Medifast recipes will you NEVER divulge to anyone?

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Question I have... Which of your Medifast recipes will you NEVER divulge to anyone? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... I am post-op by 14 years. After 2 pregnancies one being a multiple birth, I have put back on all that I have lost. I have a surgeon who wants to do a revision of my.


But my husband doesn't want me to do it..

So, here I am reaching out for help getting back on track. I have lost my info sheets & would appreciate some help getting my head straight again. Medifast food ideas and such..

I do good for about one meal then life takes over and my brain shuts off and I eat the left overs of the kids PB&J on 22 carb bread PER SLICE! I have tried a menu and a list of choices of what to eat for meals and snacks but that hasn't helped at this point either. Would appreciate any suggestions...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Wow, thank you callie there was a lot of good information in there!..

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Thank you, Callie! I have forgotten some of the rules. I printed off the things I need to work on and will stick it on the fridge..

The surgeon who wants to do a revision did tell me that my original surgeon has a history of making the opening from the stomach to intestine too large so Medifast food dumps too fast. He wants to close that up a bit. He tells me he has done several revisions from this doc. I guess I need to work on the rules and if things don't turn around discuss this further with him..

He also told me that having pregnancies after bypass will sometimes cause weight gain. Has anyone ever heard of that or experienced that?.

So many questions! Thanks again for the info!..

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Excellent source of info for all things WLS...

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Keep the lines of.


Open w/ your surgeon....Callie is a wealth of information. Also check out eggface's website for meal ideas to help get you back on track.....

Resist the urge to finish the kids meals...I know it seems wasteful, but just do it (like nike says)....I have a tendancy to give my leftovers to hubby and now he's gaining weight....hang in there!!! Keep leaning on us for strengthyou can get through this!!! :).


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Thank you Thank you thank you I feel out of control and have gained about 10-15 lbs of the 185 and I cant quit snacking, what do I use instead of artificial sweetners? I constantly crave sweets never did before...

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This is a pretty interesting post...glad it was bumped to the top. I have never heard of the FLUID LOADING...I will have to ask my doc. Does anyone else do that? I think I would be afraid to gulp water that quickly. Any thoughts?..

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Nhedin - Not sure where you're at meaning that you sound soooo busy with the kids and all. I'm only six months out but know that unless I really commit to changing my life I'll be posting seeking some support for weight gain. Crazy? I don't think so... I find myself wanting to eat things for example, I just boycotted Halloween for the first time not in my life because I would've wanted to eat candy (at this point it would've made me really sick) but I wanted to... out of habit, if nothing else. Now certainly I'm not going to elminate all the fun from my life but I just didn't want another moment in my life where I needed to feel different or outed so to speak to myself or anyone else.

Hence my desire to eliminate halloween for the moment and really take some time to think about my strategy for success :).

I'm thinking, heck, I'm six months out and am feeling this - - YIPES! You are 14 years out and have more than two children... Yeah, you gained but honestly, you kept your weight off for a very, very long time and I say Congratulations to you! You can do it again!!!.

For me, I'm trying to find a balance thru spirituality to help me... I'm not a big 'meeting/12 step' kinda person... To each his own though, so whatever works for you to find balance (for yourself not the house, nor the kids) go for it... :).

I'm presently.


'Eat It Up! The complete mind/body/spirit guide to a Full Life After Weight Loss Surgery" by Connie Stapleton, PH.D and it's opening my eyes abit..

I also frequently check out.



... She's on here frequently (friend her) and she's living proof that with effort and some creativtiy you can be successful :) I kinda.




To her for the moment since I'm trying to figure out the Medifast food thing/what can I eat still... But she has a wealth of information out there and is more than willing to share..



Some of this helps :).

Hang in there!.

Thanks for the info Callie!.


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As always thank you for the information very very helpful..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.