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Quick question... WHICH ONE IS BETTER, THE Medifast Diet OR THE SOUTH BEACH DIET? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY.


For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition;.

And those who have been on maintenance for a while..

An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (53)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Good morning loves!.

We nearly had a mess of a start again this a.m..

It is the 11th month: Check (I started with 10, but caught it in time).

It is the 6th day: Check (I had this one right).

It is Saturday.

: Check.

I tried to reformat the page...there is too much space in the wouldn't let me. I hate when it looks GREAT on the preview page and then when you post's goofy..

Apparently I am still sleepy, cuz I can't keep my eyes open all of the sudden..

I will see you all in a few hours..

My post must be done, cuz I'm all out of smileys..

Much love!..

Comment #2

I can't wait until tomorrow, so I can change my ticker. It'll be nice to be able to move it EVERY week...

Comment #3

Good morning Lauri - I love moving my ticker when it's downward, lol...

Comment #4

Good morning Sunshine!.

I hope you have a peaceful, healthy, cold free, leaf free, kind of weekend...

Comment #5

Off to lie down for a bit..

Hopefully we have some activity here today..

AFM: MORE LEAVES!!! I told Nev I was going to send him up the tree so he could shake them all down for me. lol..

Comment #6

Try and get some sleep my favorite insomniac..

AFM, I have to go out with MIL she wants help shopping for Hannakah (sp) presents for the older girls...

Comment #7

Oh Ang. I'm so sorry. Try to enjoy yourself...

Comment #8

Hi Sexies.....or should I say, ".

Good Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin' Shamrockers.



, Thanks for always having a post to make me smile first thing in the am..


, ditto that comment, if Lauri is not there you are.....AND,.


, the sexy Captain also has the Morning threads up and going when I need em most..

Left to me....sheesh...

I think I may have started the Shamrock thread twice.

I am always scared that while I am working on another thread will be started, then I wont be able to delete mine and I'll cause al sorts of caos for ya'll first thing in the morning~~~LOL.

Life has been busy to say the least....and I know that is NO excuse for at least popping in daily to see how all my favorite sexies are doing and letting ya'll know I am here. I will be mo better, promise..

Last night after work hubby came home and showered, dressed up nice and ask me if I would like to go out to eat. I had been non-stop since 5:30am and had a big 4 drawer file cabnit in the middle of my office that someone gave me. It is a very pretty Oak and much prettier then my old metal, spray painted brown one that is rusting. It matches all my office in the midst of, Painting, baby-sitting the grandbabies I took the van and went and picked it had been in the middle of my office since then. I hd to work yesterday from 6:30am till 5:30 then head to the bank. So, needless to say I didnt want to go out to eat...just wanted to transfer all the files from cabnit to cabnit and get rid of the old one..

My sweet hubby said he was going out to pick up some dinner and bring it home so I could have "A night off" from cooking. While has gone I finished the cabnit, jumped in the shower and put on a very sexy lingerie...I lit candles, set the table and wehn he got back we had the most wonderful evening..

After dinner and BCBC we watched a movie, "Oceans eleven" and then cuddled all night....which turnd out great since a cold front came in last night and I had all the windows opened..

I just got up about 1/2 hour ago and closed all the windows...I'll let Paul sleep till 7:00 then need to wake him as he is working today. I took a side job helping someone paint and start at 9:00am today. Then I will p/u the oldest granddaughter and spend the night with her. I am skipping my jog this morning...but need to go lift..

I will be back later...TTFN..

Comment #9 wear me out. But have a fun day painting!..

Comment #10

Good morning Sexy Shammies. I'm up way to early for the weekend, but I could have sworn I heard the kids up. Nope, nothing. House is black and quiet..

Lauri- Hope your sleeping. I always hated doing leaves as a kid because we had huge trees and they just kept multiplying. Finally when we got a mulching lawnmower, we just started running them over! No more bagging! Loved it!.

Ang- Yeah- have fun with MIL. Luckily people that need help for my kiddos (dad, great gma) just give me the money and then I return the presents to them for wrapping..

Jo- Sounds like you had a very nice evening. I secong Ang's post of you being so busy. Do you ever slow down? I think you're busier than me and thats hard to do..

AFM- I need to Poop! Just what you all wanted to know. You would think with all the fiber and water, we'd move a little easier but instead the opposite is true..

This morning my mom is coming over so that we can go pick up a playhouse for my nephew for Christmas. She called last night at 8:30 wanting me to go pick it up and I said no way. I was tired had just sat down and was in jammies. Somehow since we have larger vehicles (mini-van and truck) we are the family pick- up and delivery service. After that this morning we have a soccer game. Need to clean the house at some point this weekend- we'll see if that happens. Ok check back later when all the sleepyheads get up...

Comment #11

SERIOUSLY AWESOME!! She'd never do it b/c then she couldn't torture me for three hours!.

Ok, I'm off....will check back in later!..

Comment #12


That was so sweet of Paul. You needed sounds like you got your exercise in, no biggie on skippin' the jog and doing weights..

Love ya Sweets!.

I'm so glad you dropped in..

BTW: You have inspired me. I am signing up for Bible Study starting in January...the current one only has 3 weeks left...but I may go hang out just to lurk and start to feel my way around. It's the Church I went to pick up the food from the Angel Food Ministries..

Oh! As for starting the thread...I usually look at my friends list to see if anyone is up yet. I screwed it up yesterday and it bugged me all day. lol..

Comment #13

Hi Miss Lara ~ We have one of those mowers, too...but SO many leaves, I need to use the blower to get them in one spot and then vacuum them up with the blower...the blower mulches them, which is a big help. Then, I mow to get the straggers. Lastly, while I'm cleanin' up all the equipment, the leaves start falling like crazy again and I just shake my head. I'm sure my snotty neighbors think it's hysterical..

By the way...I have to poop, too! Mine is because of my medication. Apparently it slows everything down...

Comment #14

She sounds like "Marie" on Everybody Loves Raymond"..

Ok..seriously need to sleep. I can't keep my eyes open..

Love ya!..

Comment #15

Happy Weekend everyone,.

Sorry I wasn't around much yesterdayhad to do lots of running, etc. Today it's just house cleaning and football. Tomorrow it's a few hours north to visit my brother and family at the funeral home. We won't get home till late cuz viewing is from 4-7 and it's over 2 hrs. away. We won't be able to go back up for the funeral cuz we have 3 dr.

On Mon. and Doug's back and knees are so bad he's finally getting his injection and I'm getting my checked too and hopefully some cortisone. Doug also has a therapy appt. My brother said it was going to be a very short service and nothing afterwards so this will work out ok. It will be good to see my other 2 brothers who I haven't seen in years but of course we always hope it's at a wedding and not a funeral.


Comment #16

JoJo - try to relax a little bit in there. Sounds like you and Paul had a great "date" night! Have fun painting today..

Comment #17

Phew! Another busy day at Lara's house..

Hope you get to poop today and feel a little better..

I am up way too early and going to rock the gym if I could ever get my sister up to answer her phone and go with me...

Comment #18

Why can't everyone be that awesome, seriously? Hope it's not too painful today Ang...

Comment #19

Sounds like a busy weekend Barb. Hope things go well tomorrow. {{hugs}}..

Comment #20

Ok. My sister finally answered her phone. So I am off to the gym! Way too freaking early for me to be up on a Saturday usual, have a lot to do!.

Check back in later hookahs!.

Mucho love...

Comment #21

Hi Kori and yes, it's way too early for a day off. Enjoy yourself...

Comment #22

Morning Lovelies! Up with the pups and check in w/ my girls and back to bed. maybe some laundry exercise for me too.....

Comment #23

I love the ticker movement talk..

Barb - I hope you enjoy visit with family. Hope the doctor appointments go OK..

What a busy group. My DH is playing in a golf tournament and is going to be gone all day. I am going to the elliptical and practice piano. We are having two couples over for brunch tomorrow. I think it is hard to entertain while on plan. Anyway, I am way behind in my entertaining.

Then I am going consignment store shopping. I need a couple of golf tops/jackets..

Hope everyone has a good day...

Comment #24

Afternoon check in..

Ang- how's it going shopping? You still alive? MIL still alive?-lol.

Lauri- At least your not raking. Hope your getting some shut eye..

Kori- Rockin the gym! WTG!!!.

Barb- Wish it were a wedding too and not a funeral that gives you family time. Hugs your way..

Sandy- hope consignment shopping is successful- let us know..

Andi- You out of bed yet?.

AFM- I got the bowels a movin' this morning- YAY, cause it made the scale go down. Can't wait for WI tomorrow morning. Soccer was exciting as they played the older girls team and gave them a run for their money. It was a scoreless game and dd had several good stops. Went to pick up that playhouse at KMart with mom this morning. They were suppose to be holding it- yeah right.

It took two people and about an hour to finally find the thing. We've had this problem with KMart before. I tell you they are all idiots there, and I will not go back. Cleaned house when I got home- well at least half way, doing real laundry and now resting. Will have to go shopping for bday presents for twins on the soccer teams parties tomorrow.

Its keeping me busy and away from anything I should not have...

Comment #25

Lara - as Andi would say - water, water, water...

Comment #26

HI Andi - hope you are having a good day..

I just got back from the elliptical. Now shower and shop. I have not been on the elliptical as much lately with all the walking on the golf course and I could tell. the elliptical was a little harder. I think once you get to a level of fitness it should just stay there. I guess I am not the maker of the rules of life...

Comment #27

Happy Sat girls. I am still having the hardest time with a very slow and wicked computer. I have been giving up and try later. =( urg....

I did get to read most of everyones week end plans and best to you all. Fun outings, sad outings, OP, exercise, sleep leaves and laundry. I am doing my 2nd load now =0..tee heee. darn the real thing. DH is in bed with a bad cold. Tim is doing ok.

DD and SIL are on their way to Vegas for a super business trip. (Jealous icon here).

I am doing ok. Not perfect, but every morning starts anew day. My rings are spinning and I am wearing size 10 pants today..

Is anyone else in a weird denial that is really is Nov? I saw the date yesterday on something and did a knee jerk that someonw put down a date from last year. Geez it really is November. I am glad that our 100 degree fall weather seems to be breaking so it might help convince me of the season..

Off to Medifast soup and then I will try run the computer gauntlet for our challenge site. I would love to quote back your great posts but I will be lucky if this single post gets online..

Hugs and great week end thoughts for everyone..

Comment #28

I've been on the water, just isn't helping the hunger. think it's really just in my head, as I'm sitting around bored, which usually doesn't happen..

Darlene- hope your able to join us again soon. Wish the darn computer would start acting right...

Comment #29

Happy Saturday to everyone..

Laura, about that ticker I was just thinking it would be nice to enter it everytime the scale moves but that would probablly be seft torture! Right? Glad it moved for you..

Webjo: sounds like you're burning alot of calories! Even just thinking about all of that. You need some more things to do! LOL.

Lara: I know about being popular when you have the big vehicle, sure is nice not to have your own-could't live without a pickup or my expedition-Of course my car always looks like a apartment on wheels!.

Barb D: sorry you are going family stuff, hope everything goes ok..

Sandy D: I'm with you on the entertaining, but I know if I'm not doing it I really, really miss it! Good luck on your party..

Hi to Kori, Darlene and Andi, and everyone else out there!.

It's my second day back on Medifast so I'm just locking myself in the house for the weekend trying to focus on 'the Plan" !!..

Comment #30

Darlene - Congrats on the spinning rings and size 10's. Almost all of my size 12's fit. I just did a try on. I have one top and one pair of pants that are still too tight. Size 10's sound wonderful..

Lara - as the Capt would say - it is 98% mental. You can do this. Do you have any SF gum? Do you want to clean my closet? I have been putting that off. It would keep you busy for a long time...

Comment #31

My closet needs a major go through as does Timmys...Idle hands huh??..

Comment #32

Hi all..

Glad to report that I didn't kill my MIL. Came back home this afternoon and took a nap too!.

I'm off now to go get more yarn....which leads me into saying, especially to Lara....boredom eating is a right beotch. I have HUGE problems with that in the winter where we don't get out as much on the weekends...especially when the older girls are away..

My solution to this was to learn how to knit...I can't shovel food in my face if my hands are otherwise occupyed. I DVR shows that my hubby won't watch during the week and then on cold Saturdays when it's boring around these parts....I watch TV and knit in the afternoons. Last year everyone got new hats...this year I'm working on blankets for each of the girls (that's why I need the yarn, lol).

AFM, not nearly perfect today at ALL.. I ate two big handfuls of cashew nuts...I don't even know why except they were singing to me all day....needless to say, I chucked the can in trash...hubby will wonder why they went missing but I don't care...

Comment #33

Hi Darlene! Get rid of your fat clothes... I think it's a good thing to lose your safety net...I got rid of them on the advice of other MFers and I'm glad I did....I figure if I stray off the path, I'll realize it sooner if I don't have bigger clothes to get into...

Comment #34

Ang, I'm like you, ate a handful of nuts and then chucked the rest. You've done this and I gotta do it. Hi Renee, glad to see you back and getting on the bandwagon again. Trust me, it's way to easy to get sidetracked but we just gotta keep at it. Gotta go eat dinner so if I'm not back later, have a good night everyone (and I think due to inactivity here, some of you are)...

Comment #35

Think Medifast is going crazyWTHI didn't post this 5 timeshopefully only one will show up...

Comment #36

Just a reminder for Sandy (not to Sandy - for her for hte ROCKSTAR Challenge).

Please make it easy on her and post by end of the day tomorrow if you haven't already.....

Comment #37

Hi all!.

I JUST finished cleaning the gutters on the house. It hasn't been done since we moved here two years ago. The landlords insist on trimming the trees...which they haven't done since we moved they had...the damn gutters wouldn't be so full. I'm not too fond of ladders, but I survived it and I am so glad they are done. There were actually little plants growing in some areas..

I will be hurting soon. My wrists are killing me already. I may go lie down for a bit. Although I think I now have the Medifast energy. YAY!!!.

DH put the pool to sleep until next Summer..

Miss Lara ~ Congrats on the poop!.

Ang ~ Glad you survived MIL. What a sense of accomplishment..

Andi ~ Welcome to daylight..

Sandy ~ Have fun entertaining!.

Barb ~ Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit (as much as you can) with your brothers..

Lori ~ Thinking of you!.

Renee ~ Welcome back! Keep checking know we can help..

Erin ~ WTH are you??? You promised..

Dawn ~ Thoughts are with you, too. Update us when you can..

Kori ~ Don't you ever just chill? You tire me out..

I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, I'm sorry...please know I like you best. lol. to rest my body..

Much love to you all!.

It's really nice to see all the chattiness today!..

Comment #38

Quick flyby. Finished exercising and shopping. Now going to the book store with my nephew. Then hockey game tonight..

Mucho love..

Peace out...

Comment #39


I hear freakin' circus music in my head...

Comment #40

Wanna go ride on the merry-go-round with me?? Have a good night!!..

Comment #41

Lauri - you get major points today. Poor wrists. Glad the gutters are clean..

Andi - thanks for the reminder for everyone to post week 1 for the challenge..

I hit 2 out of 3 consignments stores. Found a speedo swimsuit for my laps. My suits are not staying put around the legs. A golf vest and a golf jacket which I needed. They are mediums and all my stuff is XL. All I have worn for the last 20 years, pre MF, is a XL.

I had a 25% off coupon on everything. I think I am set for awhile. I am going to try and go from a size 12 to a size 8 and skip size 10. I hope my baggy size 12's are OK and that it does not take me too long. They say at those sizes 10 lb.

But it sure is not consistent so I do not know if this strategy will work..

Hope everyone has a good night. I still need to practice piano. Rich played golf with one of the neighbors that live behind us this week. He made a point of how much they enjoy listening to me play the piano. It is the time of the year where everyone has their doors and windows open. I am sure they REALLY enjoy when I am practicing my scales and stuff like that...

Comment #42

I'm guessing everyone went to sleep, but just in case not....

Renee- Glad to see you jumping back in. Stick with us girl- we'll get you through..

Ang- Glad shopping went ok. I'm usually so busy that I had no idea what to do with myself today. Should have just enjoyed it I guess..

Lauri- I'm thinking all that gutter clenaing had to count for some exercise. Up and down! Hope it helps you sleep some..

Sandy- Yeah for your shopping finds, and love the new smaller sizes. Trust me- my own closets need some major help. Its just when I actually got to sit and relax- I didn't want to do any work..

Lori- How are you chica? Hope your doing ok..

Kori - Have fun at hockey and book store..

AFM- Happy to say that I stayed completely away from all BAD food and stayed OP. Had to take DD out shopping and decided to go run/walk on mom's TM while I was out (this was at 8pm) So I'm excited about Wi tomorrow fo sho'. Hoping it's as nice to me as I want it to be. I've rocked this plan this week..

Oh and a couple interesting tidbits from Good Housekeeping this month....

1) During the holidays, if you weigh daily, you are less likely to gain as much if you did not weigh daily..

2) A Study has shown that people that log into an interactive internet site for weight loss one time per month after they finish a diet, kept there weight off better after 2 1/2 years. see this thread is now scientificly proven to help us!.

Rest well Sexxies...

Comment #43

Evening lovelies!.

Lara - thanks for validating my daily weighing obsession..

And reminding me to get my **** to the boards regularly...

Comment #44

And - I'm heading upstairs to get the last of my take-home work done before my Dolly shift tomorrow. 9-5.

Makes me giggle. was supposed to be Princess (7a-3p) but the Dolly-shifter asked me to switch and I love sleeping in so I said YES of course!.

And remember to fall back......

Fall back to Swagger.

Fall back to Sexy.

Fall back to Sassy.

Fall back for OP and all the water you can drink!.

Fall back for the Super Sexy Swaggerin' Shamrocks!..

Comment #45

Oh yeah - fall back an hour so you don't feel silly the next time you need to be somewhere at a certain time.......

Comment #46

Sandy ~ You are doing so great! There's a pretty big difference between a size 12 and a size 8...when you're wearing them. I'm thinkin' ...consignment stores OR your friend's closet!.

As for the neighbors "enjoying" the scales and stuff...if you sing like me...things could be worse. lol.

Good night,..

Comment #47

I do, I do...cuz I know that somehow your merry-go-round stops at a CASINO!!!..

Comment #48

WTG staying OP! Even better that you went on the TM while you were out!.

1) Shhh...don't tell anyone, but I'm usually a daily weigher, too;.

2) I totally believe that about the sticking with the interactive site for weight loss...look at a lot of you guys. It works! I can't imagine just leaving you guys WHEN I get to goal..

Hey, I double dog dare you to post the 'daily weighing' thing on it's own thread on the main board. JUST KIDDING! Can you imagine...some of the people would go insane..

Night night, Miss Lara...

Comment #49

LOL. One of the guys on here had typed the word spa-r-c-e and it "******'d" it. Medifast thinks they are SOOOOOOOO smart. lol..

Comment #50

I will try to remember to post this in the a.m. Something like...if you think it's 8:00, you have an appt. at 9:00 and you have plenty of time...think again! You're LATE!..

Comment #51

Lara - love the tidbits. I am interested in anything that makes T&M a success..

Lauri - thanks for the comment on skipping a size. It will help me plan. My 12's are just fitting so it will be awhile before I have to worry about it...

Comment #52

Angel Food Ministries has posted their Nov. menu. Thanksgiving.

Meal for 10 is only $36.

Here's a picture:..

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.