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First question I have is WHICH ONE IS BETTER, THE WEIGHT WATCHERS DIET OR THE Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstinence from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Morning Rachel thanks for the coffee.

It's raining here, thank goodness because the wildfire while contained was still burning and hopefully this will put out the rest of it..

Not sure what we'll be up to today aside from I have leg day on P90XI should clean or something so maybe I will..

Comment #2

Good morning, Rachel! I'm at work in between med passes. If I can get all my peoples to keep their oxygen on I'll be a happy nurse! My doc was the doc on call last night.... it is the first time he has seen me since I started MF. He said I needed to get Steven to do whatever I'm doing! (We'll see.... DH is very supportive of my efforts but not willing to go there himself just yet! I think we'll let him tackle the smoking thing first.)..

Comment #3

G'morning Anna! I hope this put all of that wildfire out!!..

Comment #4

Morning Ella!!! How awesome to see your own doc and show off.


Comment #5

Good Sunday To you TL'er's!.

Quiet Sunday here so far... yawn..

Mmmm. Coffee. Thank you for the brew this morning Kerrigan..

Confession: I have the giddiness of a schoolgirl today...(Please Vets...indulge the newbie for just a moment) I have my very first weigh in tomorrow, and I feel SO good. I cannot wait! It's shameful, I know, I'm wishing my life away for tomorrow morning! LOL. But I am THAT excited about this..

So I do have a question, though, I got what "wheaters" are, but I'm unsure about Chopped Tofu.....

Comment #6

Good Morning Rachel, Anna, and Ella,.

I'm up earlier today than most Sundays because my dogs were so excited that it finally stopped raining...they just HAD to go outside! (They hate going out in the rain.).

I've got a whopper of a sinus headache, so might skip church today. Other than that, the day should be pretty normal..

I'm still enjoying the joy of losing 2 pounds last week and getting my new century. I'm also quite blown away by the fact that I only have 23 pounds to goal..

I'm so excited for the day I reach goal, but in some respects also NOT excited. I worry that I'll weaken when I don't have the "rush" of having that scale drop every week, so I'm hoping that the continued nsv's I'm certain I will discover at my ideal weight will keep me going..

I haven't read our whole thread for the last few days...and that will probably continue until I get my basement settled...but skimming was enough to see that some crazy stuff was going on in MC. I'm so glad I have the benefit of being warned to stay away..

I really love our group. It's funny because I have never had difficulty staying on plan...yet I feel like I belong here, but then again, that's probably because I'm a commitment person...never do anything half-way. It's just not worth the effort to sabotage yourself by not giving it the full commitment..

Here's to a great OP day...and to the possible waning of a doozy of a sinus headache!..

Comment #7

Good morning, Rachel! Thanks for the coffee! Tastes great this morning..

Anna, good luck on the leg day and I'm so glad to hear that the wildfires are getting tamped down! How scary..

Morning, Ella! Yeah for you! How cool to have your efforts validated!.

Hi, Dubah! How about you tell me what wheaters are and I'll tell you about chopped tofu?.

Chopped tofu is basically shout outs to everyone, no chopped tofu basically means hi everyone, no time for individual shout outs. At least that is my understanding of what Freya told me!.

Long thread from yesterday, still catching up. Rainy here this morning, too. It's weigh in day here and I'm down 3 lbs this week. Trying to drink Rachel's coffee fast so I can wake up for church! DSS comes to visit from TX today (or at least starts the drive, depending on what he decides!), so I have some shopping, cleaning, etc. to do. If I can get my rear in gear and get the new bathroom painted in time, he'll help us install the new fixtures.

Have a great day!..

Comment #8

Pittie, yeah on the new century, the new basement and the great attitude! This group does feel like home to me, too. I made a commitment to stay OP and just want encouragement to stay that way! MC is scary to me right now, so I'm glad you all have welcomed me here. I find it amazing that people cannot see the kindness and good will behind the TL posts about staying OP. Frankly, everyone here just seems like kind, encouraging folks to me!.

Ella...stay out of the fray! Your mental health is worth it! Some folks just aren't listening, anyway...

Comment #9

Good Morning everyone!!!! No chopped tofu (Keri, it means I love you guys but I can't do individual shout outs right now) I have to see MIL in the nursing home and I'm very pressed for time -.

Stay 100% OP!!!!!!.

Be back this evening..

Love to all,.


Comment #10

Morning everyone who popped in!.


I hope you get your basement taken care of and enjoy the newness after all the non plumbing. You are braver than I b/c I have a fear of not having a working toilet and would have been at a hotel or bunking with friends. (it's the reason I don't camp).


Great job on the loss.


I'm a daily weigher b/c I can't take waiting and am impatient, you will do great tomorrow!!!.

I just went in to see how my size 14 Eddie Bauer jeans were going to fit me ( I got them on consignment a couple of weeks ago, and while they fit they aren't wear in public jeans yet) and I left the darn toilet cleaner next to them and it spilled on them and bleached a big spot on them. BOO..

Oh and fairly sure Wheaters are Whining Cheaters...

Comment #11

Hey Jennifer,.

Thanks for the chopped tofu explanation! Got it! I believe that wheaters is a combination of whiners and cheaters...combined into wheaters...which I think fits just right. (Not sure who coined that bad larry of a word, but super pat on the back! It's succinct and to the point. It makes a whole lot of sense (to me anyways) on a whole lot of levels. I see it like this, no one really wants to waste a whole lot of time dealing with whiners and cheaters, so it follows, why waste breath on two words? Combine to one word and be done with it!)..

Comment #12

Oh, thanks Anna. That makes sense. I was trying to make it into a carb thing...I'm not awake yet! So sorry about the jeans....

After yesterday's long MC thread, I have two people on ignore now for the first time ever. Never done that before, but abrasiveness goes both ways! Wish people would do more of that instead of incessantly arguing the day away. Of course, I could just refuse to read the thread at all!..

Comment #13

I've been posting on Internet message boards for more than 10 years so I've learned how things worked. I think it's harder to deal with the differences on all ends if you are new to internet board posting. I have no qualms about putting people on ignore, but I know it took me awhile at my other boards to do that..

Every single message board on earth has people who just just want to stir the pot and thoe who don't understand that unless there is heavy handed moderation (and there is on some boards) everyone can say what they like..

On to OP question...

What is everyone having for lean and green today?.

I think I'm doing flounder and roasted green beans..

Comment #14

Good morning everyone. No time for a lot of talk yet today, I've got a full schedule...again. Gotta go choke down some oatmeal (it's almost gone, I'm on the NO side of the great oatmeal divide) and take the dog for a bath. We go to a self-serve dog wash instead of trashing my only full bathroom..

I woke up feeling positively svelte this morning, hope everyone else did too. (Sure, what I feel and what I am aren't exactly aligned, but it is still a good feeling.).

And I forgot to say last night Penny, what a transformation. I joined recently that I've always thought of you as little and skinny, so it was weird for me to see the before and after on yesterday's thread. You've done an awesome job..

L&G- Grilled pork chops and roasted spaghetti squash...

Comment #15

I read the posts too, and while I do have the drive and the strength it takes to stay OP, I have a weak spot for reading that carp..

I just cannot believe that people coddle themselves so with this. "Own it" I say. Thats how I was raised...

Comment #16

L&G tonight I believe will be something on the grill... No doubt..

I've been having seafood since Friday (Irish Catholic/Lent) ...shrimp,then scallops yesterday. Easy and quick (and living in the Northeast, and on the coast, easy to come by)! I may need some red meat this evening, though!..

Comment #17

I have no idea what I am having for LG tonight! I've been eating leftovers for a few days! about lemon pepper tilapia and asparagus? Yum. Of course, that means I'll have to make a second meal for the picky eaters in the house, or I could just leave them to their own devices!!.

Anna, my only other message board is heavily moderated (a home school board with strict posting rules!), so I don't need to put many on ignore there! I remember doing it once and then having that person promptly permanently banned! Everyone else that posts abrasively just nicely disappears for me! I used to post on a grocery coupon board but I don't go there anymore. Too much middle aisle shopping that way!.

Off to church!..

Comment #18

Chicken, whole, backed with bok choi, frozen bag od chopped oneions,and mixed peppers, and some seasoning DH willl like. He got home last night, works Mon/Tues and then off until next Sunday. It will feel like a honeymoon..

Wheaters and Tofu. I keep learning..

Keri: we are all excited for each weigh-in, especially for all the Newbies. Your excitement and enthusiasm are contagious and better than a double espresso for motivations all around. Thanks for being here..

Anna: sorry about the pants. Will they make good shorts for San Diego?.

Kei: I am in seafood envy. A small town in IN doens't recognize any fish except catfish. I save up my seafood desires for great restaurants, who have their fish flown in daily and then shipped by truck. True. Used to visited In-laws in Boston and kids when they were in school there too. Yum!.

Coming down with another cold. Over-exhausted. Planted all those precious seeds in Earthboxes, then temp fell 40 degress. It's been in the mid20s every night since then. I hope they will be surprises, like Christmas AM..

Enjoy your days with loved ones doing something that brings you joy..


Comment #19


It was too high up to make them into shorts unfortunately. Thankfully I only paid 5 bucks for them. Get some rest and hope you feel better!..

Comment #20

G'morning all! No chopped tofu this morning - I'm running late for sunday school/church, but I wanted to pop in and say hello before the thread got out of hand!.

L&G today will probably be grilled chicken salad or Boca patties over greens..

Thanks for the coffee. It's delicious with my morning shake. Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!..

Comment #21

Good morning everyone!.

Just a carry over from yesterday:.

Bobbie, you are absolutely GORGEOUS!.

Penny, those pictures are AMAZING! I'm so happy for you!.

Thanks for the coffee, Rachel..

Ella, great NSV!.

Keri, good luck on your weigh in! I'm sure it's going to go great!.

Pittie, hooray on your weight loss!.

Anna, sorry about your pants. It just gives you a chance to go shopping again!.

Sorry about your cold, Beth. Hope you get better soon..

As for L&G tonight, we are going out to eat with the ILs for my husband's belated birthday dinner. Seafood place, so it will be easy! Not sure yet what exactly I will have, but I'm sure I will find something OP and delicious..

Hello to anyone I missed and to all that follow!..

Comment #22

Good morning everyone. Rachel, thanks for the's actually quite good. I am saying that so you don't get that needle out and chase me around with it..

I stayed out of the fray yesterday and glad I did. It's so hard for me to keep my mouth zipped when I see people berated unjustifiably. Drives me nuts. Since when did speaking straight and not condoning cheating become bullying and attacking? I see attacking coming from the "it's okay you are only human" much more often. I was thinking about it yesterday..I would say TL is more just in here than out there. Unless someone is clearly asking for TL, but those people usually come in here.

That isn't attacking and it isn't bullying. Okay, enough enough. I do enjoy the ignore button and have 4 people, if I could only resist un-ignoring them to see what nonsense they are going on about..

My dinner last night was so perfect, I am not sure what I will have tonight. Last night, I had a 3 oz prime grade BBQ'd sirloin steak and made the rest of my lean up by throwing shrimp on the barbie. For green, I had 1/2 cup roasted turnips and radishes and a big 2 cup salad. I'm telling you..there was just something about that dinner. I think tonight will be grilled salmon and a repeat of the veggies..

Costco, gym, vaccuming and the rest of the day playing and shopping for clothes...

Comment #23


It's thanks to you that I found this group,"Big Thanks"! LOL I am just south of Boston! I have been here for the majority of my life, and as much as I complain about the weather, I love it. (Although if DH said Virginia awaits, I'm in!) LOL. My Dad worked construction, and in the lean times, he would supplement the families incomes my digging shellfish. I can remember fresh steamers for lunch that had been on the ocean floor not an hour before!..

Comment #24

Not sure what we'll be up to today aside from I have leg day on P90XI should clean or something so maybe I will.


OH NOOO, not sneaky lunges! I hated them- then I started to love them. I am really looking forward to starting this again! OH man and the one leg wall squats- oh man let us know how it goes!..

Comment #25

Good morning!.

And it's looking to be an absolutely GORGEOUS one today! Getting ready to take my coffee out on the patio and get in some reading..

I call it my Stewpidity addiction. It took me 3 years to actually use the Ignore function. It also took me 3 years to learn that engaging with those people is pointless, non-productive, and not good for me. Like Steph said last night, there were times when I read it that I pretty much had blood pouring down my chin from biting my tongue..

As for l&g - Going to stick a monster chicken in my rotisserie oven and make a huge salad..

Whoever asked about Wheaters...I'm sure it had been used elsewhere before, but my first encounter with it was with the Rogues (of course) Wheaters = People who cheated, then whined about it. Chopped tofu makes no sense whatsoever, but again, another Rogueism to replace the term "chiopped liver" (which has also never made any sense) to make our vegetarian member happy..

Speaking of which - No chopped tofu from me, but my coffee is calling and I need it BAD!!.


Comment #26

Lots to read.

Good morning Rachel- thanks for the coffee..

Anna- glad to hear about the rain- sorry about the pants.

Ella- What a great compliment! You are right- this is not something you can push on someone it has to be their desire..

Keri- Good Luck Tomorrow!! I am sure you will the thrilled!.

Pittie- You are so close!!!! I hope your headache goes away.

Jennifer- Sounds like another busy day! as usual I am sure. I have not ignored anyone YET!.

Hi Melissa and Jasmine- Have a great OP day!!.

Zoe- I <3 the oatmeal- hehe Don't you love days when you wake up like this!!.

Kris- WOW thank you! I am sure the necklace has something to do with it! How is your son today?.

Susan- Way to go keeping your lips sipped in MC yesterday! I did the same thing. I think from now on if I have great advice I will just tell you guys- like the bra fitting thread. I will paste it later. I think every time I post something it is brilliant and people should just read it and let it go- IT NEVER HAPPENS!!! I am totally kidding about my brilliance but still!!.

Your dinners all sound YUMMO- I think I am having wild alaskan salmon and some veggies DD LOVES salmon and since it has only been 5 days since her birthday she gets what she likes.

We have birthday weeks at our house- of course except for the MONTH of June is ALL MINE..

Comment #27

Good morning everyone!.

Penny, what a great comparison photo! You look marv-e-lous!.

Absolutely no chopped tofuI guess I'm not as awake as I thought I was...

Comment #28

Morning Penny and De-.

Did you know that you could only have 4 images in a post? I just got an error So sorry rachel, you did not get your smiley...

Comment #29

Zoe, thanks for the compliment! I had actually reached goal in 2009, then had a very rough 2010. I didn't transition properly (I knew better) and then a rough hysterectomy left me heavy and miserable. I started working out like crazy which led to eating like crazy and gaining weight like crazy. So January found me all fat again!.

Thank you, Talien!.

Jasmine, I meant to ask you what kind of jewelry you do..

Ya know what drives me crazy? I'm typing away and my husband bursts into laughter over something he's seen on TV. His laughter is a burst, make no mistake. I jump out of my skin, shoot him "the look," then he says, "Did you see that?" Ummmm... no. I have a 17" laptop in front of my face and I am typing on it. THEN, he proceeds to explain, in long, sordid detail, what he was laughing at.

And pretend to be riveted by his blow-by-blow of some muscle car crap. I guess if that's all I have to complain about, I'm ahead of the game..

I am off to post some new photos on Etsy! Thank you Tracey! And Melissa, that's your cue!.

Oh - OP L&G today is gonna finally be the turkey that is now fully thawed! I'm having mine shredded on top of salad. I have had my protein on top of salad all week. Easy peasy Size 6 Squeezy...

Comment #30

Good morning TLers.

Coffee. Must. Have. Coffee..

Happy Sunday to all. I have no idea what I'm doing for L & G tonight. I have leftover pork roast. Maybe some of that with spaghetti squash. I am addicted to spaghetti squash. Yum..

I have no plan for today. I should make one. It looks like it's going to rain. Costco? Maybe..

Really. Absolutely no plan. I have nothing..

Must. Get. Motivated...

Comment #31

Bobbie, I agree. I am going to make a huge effort in just not even reading the crapola. The only problem is that I hate unfairness so it's really hard for me not to jump in when I hear people being disparaged unfairly. My Greek papou once told me that ignoring bad behavior is a lot like condoning it..

I love that bra fitting thread. I am going to Nordstroms when I reach goal for a fitting. I know I'll hate the process, but will love the results...

Comment #32

Thanks for the congrats on my current weight loss victory guys. It's so nice to come here and get encouragement!.

Thanks also for the encouragement on my basement challenge...its gonna be a while until it's done but will be SO WORTH IT! You should see the nastiness where the sewer pipes leaked...its horrible!.

Keri, I am so glad you joined us. I love your attitude!.

Jennifer: I don't know if I have told you that glad you are here too..

Jasmine: I didn't realize you were here! I have always enjoyed your posts and watching you reach goal. You are awesome! (And you totally look like a younger version of my sister-in-law who is awesome guess it goes without saying that I think you are gorgeous!).

Penny: I had to go look at yesterday's thread to see what Zoe was talking about...and I agree with her completely. I've also always thought of you as it was almost a shock to see you chunkier. What was I thinking? If you weren't chunky, you wouldn't be on MF!.

I also agree that chunky or not, you are beautiful!.

Bethie: Jump on that cold before it takes hold...maybe you can keep it to a minimum..

Susan: Thanks for mentioning the roasted turnips. I think I'm gonna try them..

I know I'm having a burger patty for L...probably try some roasted turnips and salad for G..

Don't feel like cooking much today, but Sunday is my "family dinner" day. Three of my children live in the area and we all eat Sunday dinner here. I love having them, just don't feel like cooking...I think I mentioned my gigantic sinus headache before? That's probably why I don't want to cook...

Comment #33

Bobbie, he is doing just fine. Wouldn't guess that he had surgery two days ago..

Today is day four on Chantix. Had really bad nightmares last night, but so far that's it. It wasn't fun waking up three or four times last night, but it's something I can handle if it helps me quit smoking...

Comment #34

Right after I hit the submit button I realized I wanted to say something about the oatmeal..

I agree with you, Bobbie. I love the oatmeal...but only the maple and brown sugar..

Here's my favorite way to eat it: I take 1 packet of the oatmeal and 1 packet of the vanilla pudding. I mix them together and divide them in half again. (They weigh 35 grams each in the packet, but I always weigh them each time I do it, just to be sure.).

Then I actually fix it as if it was the I don't cook it...but I LOVE it this way. It tastes a little bit like rice pudding. Sometimes, if I have a condiment to throw in, I'll add cinnamon...but honestly it doesn't need it...

Comment #35

That actually sounds really good! I like the warmth of the oatmeal here in IOWA- where is will be 30 degrees for another MONTH-BOOOOO...

Comment #36

I love the oatmeal. I have it every day!.

I just have one more thing to say about the wheaters. (okay, I'll probably say more later, but just one more right now). Why is it considered "self-righteous" to want to do our best? To want to stay 100%? I remember once someone up there replied to a post saying that TLers shouldn't try to be perfect. If we try to be perfect, we put ourselves up on a pedestal and have "farther to fall". Really? Since when is it wrong to try for perfection? I know I can't say it up there. But, honestly, if you plan to fail or make considerations to fail...

If you never try for 100% or perfection, you will never reach it. I don't consider myself "perfect" or "self-righteous". Did I stay 100%? Yes I did!.

Sorry. Off the soap box. I just get so tired of it. Like you all do. And I know this has all been said before by TLers and Rogues before me. It's nothing new.

No matter what the situation in life...

Comment #37

This is also every single day of my life. I'm usually reading, or cooking, or on the computer. Just yesterday, this happened when I was typing a post and realized it needed edited. I missed the 5 minute window because I had to hear, in far more time than it took to actually happen, what had happened during a UFC fight on TV. We do have a good relationship, but I can totally, utterly, completely relate to this...

Comment #38

Penny - Our men are going to get along FAMOUSLY!!!!.


Cheri - Here's my take on the wheaters. Those who can DO. Those who can't resent those who can, which leads to the posts we've seen lately. I so often see people post that we preach 100% because of fear. WTH?? The people that I have known since I joined that do the program 100% may have some fears, but those fears are almost NEVER about doing the plan or falling off. These people (Rogues, you all) are some of the strongest and most fearless people I have ever had the privilege of getting to know.

We are also, just about every one of us, very direct people who speak their minds and are passionate and focused about every job we take on. That's what draws us together, yet separates us from the moral minority..

I have learned that while I still want people to reach their goals if that's what they REALLY want to do, those who tweak or cheat obviously really DON'T and I can't care about that any more. Being told I need to get a grip on my blood pressure before they put me on meds for it was my big eye opener. You have seen me get riled up over these threads. I NEED to stay out of the fray for my own well being. It's hard sometimes. I have to admit, having certain individuals on ignore has made my world a much quieter and happier place..

One last thing. Someone created that recipe for the sludge craver and posted a pic. It looks like something, well, if you have a strong stomach go see for yourselves. It's definitely enough to keep ME from trying it..

Laundry is started. Going to go and start plotting out where my garden is going to be so I know exactly how many blocks we need to buy...

Comment #39

Morning tl's.

Thank you for the coffee. now on to my 3rd and last cup for the day..

Staying 100% Op has been a struggle on weekends so I've been doing 4&2 this weekend. So far so good..

Tonight we are having Pork loin and some kind of vegie. I may look for spaghetti squash. It sounds so good but I have never found it. I guess I have to look harder..

Happy Sunday Everyone!..

Comment #40

Mia - At my grocery store, the spaghetti squash is by the zucchini and other squash. Yum..

De - I agree totally with everything you said. I just don't get it. I don't get their attitudes. But I guess I don't reallly have to, do I? I agree with what you said about being direct. It's kind of funny how they post that they received so many pm's agreeing with what they write or telling them what we say down here "about them". And then they call us juvenile.

Looks like we are off to costco this morning. I need to stock up on salad mix. Yum. Costco huge bag of mixed salad $1.99. Can't beat that. Get the 6 pack of bell peppers and the nice mixed packet of baby heirloom tomotoes and I am set for veggies...

Comment #41

Cheri - Your comment about the PM's and emails made me LOL! Not all that long ago, any time I would post, regardless of whether it was direct, or not, certain members of the moral majority would send out PM's to all the new members about what a big meanie I was. How do I know this? Because these newbies would respond as to how they had been "warned" about me via PM's from other members. <shaking head> And they say we're bullies and have no lives. Got something to say to me? Have the cojones to say it to my face or PM me. And guess what? NONE of those people post here much any more and several have fallen off the wagon and come back, only do disappear again...

Comment #42

I guess I agree with them (in a way for me) in that we strive for 100% out of fear. I suppose in a very creative way, that is somewhat true. When I started this process, I knew I wanted to do it efficiently and with as little angst as possible. For me, that's being 100%. I have a HEALTHY fear of having to go back into Ketosis. That is true.

I have had a mindset of that not happening from day one. In over 6 months, I have not had one BLT of anything off the plan intentionally. Have I been no. Have I strived for yes. I had a brief stint with LC light as many who know me are aware of.

When Nutrition said "if you choose to use it", I dove into "yipeee..they said it's okay". I argued with Eagle and after losing the argument, I stopped reading Nutrition's words the way my inner brattkins brat brat wanted me to. Have I had days of not enough water? Yes. Not enough sleep? Yes. Too much time at the gym? YES! Not correctly doing the math? Yes (which is why I don't do the complicated recipes). I am not perfect.

I am too busy coming up with a game plan that will allow me to avoid it in the future..

I hate it when they say we are in a race and are competitive about our losses. HUH??? So not true. I celebrate a .5 lb loss as much as an 8lb loss..

Okay, climbing off my soapbox and now I am going to enjoy my cocoa...

Comment #43

Ha ha! Zoe, if it were UFC, I 'd have been watching it along with him! (Have you taken a good look at GSP? Goodness!).

Oh, NO, De the numbers are about 3 weeks off! I can't wait another 3 weeks! and yes, they are going to have as much fun as us and the girls!..

Comment #44

Mia, the Spaghetti squash is near the winter squash at my Albertson's and Whole Foods. It looks similar to Butternut Squash, but minus the hour glass figure and it's a lighter yellow. Sorry about the sludge reference, but didn't want her to grab the sludge squash inadvertently...

Comment #45

Good morning! Errr, afternoon! I slept very late this morning and have spent the last hour or so attending to my very important FrontierVille duties..

Ah, crap, I wanted to say good luck to the person who is having their first weigh-in tomorrow and now I am forgetting the name. I'm still learning who everyone is. Ah, Keri, it is Keri. Good luck!!.

I have my first weigh-in since recommitting on Tuesday. I know that it is hard to take recommitters seriously until we get some time under our belt! I'm still looking forward to recording an official loss, although I won't be too excited until I get underr 225 which is where I was when I got spinless and caved to my inner brat..

Two birthday celebrations this weekend. One down and one to go. No birthday sludge!.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!..

Comment #46

Ha, I'm gay, so DSO is a woman, but we BOTH love GSP. He is gorgeous. I like UFC a lot, but these were 2 hours of online boring prelims before 2 more hours of Fight Night on tv. I don't have it in me to watch 4 hours of anything!..

Comment #47

Ooooo, De is like Yoda. "Do or do not. There is no try.".

We are the Jedis of MediFast!..

Comment #48

De is like Yoda.

I just went to Kohls to spend my GC. I ended up with 2 swimsuit tops and one bottom and a pair or shorts. Good trip...

Comment #49

Sipping very diluted oatmeal through a straw as I type this. Great way to dink 3-4 cups of.


I keep eveything as simple as possible. If I see recipe posting, I want to throw up..

Chicken in the oven. Will do bok choi in Microwave later. I also have some soy pasta. A 3/4 cooked portion has 28 gr. protein! If I'm together enough, I'll boil some water and try it..

I am listening to a book I downloaded on It's abridged (didn't notice that) which is probably a good thing. It's called the Athena Project, by Brad Thor. I keep picturing the Wayans from White Chicks in drag as the super spies..

It's giving the blogs a run for their money today..


Comment #50

This made my day. Maybe I need to change my avi again?.

Penny - Which numbers are off?..

Comment #51

De you have a Yoda Avi? I haven't seen it. Oh...lets see it PLEASE..I want to see that almost as much as Penny's new hair...hmmm..we still are waiting Penny...

Comment #52

So I mentioned earlier that we are joining the ILs for dinner tonight. Was looking for something to wear and for fun (knowing I couldn't wear them yet), I tried on the pair of size 9s that I had tried on last week. I couldn't even button them then, and now they are buttoned! Can't wear them in public, but I am getting there. I continued to look for something to wear and came across one of my favorite pairs of shorts, also a size 9. They fit! And fit well too! No muffin (I mean sludge) top LOL! I'm going to wear them tonight! I am sooo excited! I started out at a snug 13!..

Comment #53

Oh, I know, but lots of vegans still love the smell of a good burger! LOL!.

I agree about 4 hours being too much. Even glorious GSP-ness...

Comment #54

De, it said 198 days - shouldn't that be 178? Please tell me it should!.

I haven't even DONE my hair myself yet! I love how Janette cuts my hair, but the styling is all mine. I leave a little of my natural curl in there, where she blows it pretty straight. I washed it last night, but just let it dry naturally. It looks SUPER short when I do that! That's my glasses and a ball cap look!.

The turkey is IN THE OVEN! I'll probably have a picture of THAT before I have a picture of my hair to share! I will get a picture ASAP, though, promise...

Comment #55

Oy Veh!!! Way off Penny! SO sorry! It should say.



Comment #56

Oh, I understand Penny. I want to see it in it's most wonderfulness. Looking forward to turkey pic too...

Comment #57

Glad to make you squeal!.

Got the plot measured, now I just have to soak it for a while cause it's like digging in cement. Off to Home Depot!..

Comment #58

LOVE THIS! And love De's Yoda avi..

I'm going to change my signature to Jedi Cheri...

Comment #59

Happy Sunday everyone. The weather gods are shining on me! 40 degrees and sunshine, so I got to run my long run outside not on the treadmill. A little cold for my lungs, which are now revolting, but I am feeling very good..

Why are we here? I think when venture outside of here and the crew, I ask myself that question. When I blog and read other blogs, I ask it again. The fact is, there are a lot of people here looking for the quick fix. The don't understand that to be thin and healthy, you have to live a thin and healthy lifestyle, which does not include massive amounts of sludge..

I am sure that we have all looked for the quick fix at some point. I did for 30 years and yo-yoed back and forth. Those 30 years taught me something, there is no quick fix. Having this body means that I can't give in to my inner brat. I must follow a sensible eating plan. I must be honest with myself about everything I put into my mouth..

I have had to have a complete change in my mindset about food. I can't just diet so I can look good at a reunion. That really isn't being honest. I can't just diet to fit into a dress for a weeking. That really isn't being honest. How many people put up a front to look better? That really isn't being honest..

So perhaps people are afraid of going 100% on plan, because they are afraid to be honest with themselves. They are afraid of who they really are. Perhaps they are a little disappointed in who they are and don't want to be honest about that. Yes it is scary to be honest with yourself about your relationship with food, but it is the only way to succeed..

Of course.....I'm "preaching to the choir". We here at Tough Love know that...

Comment #60

I got an answer to why we leave the safety of this team on the sludge thread. Out of all that nastiness, one person got it. There are probably a lot more that get it that just don't post. There are also some that get it later. I've had a lot of past haters/tweakers disappear for a while, come back and PM me with comments like "I finally understand what you were trying to say". Sometimes they do get it, even though they fight it.

It's the others that keep us trying. Ultimately, the ones that DO get it, that really want to succeed, end up here...

Comment #61

De, to top off the nasty picture of fake sludge, the person who posted it isn't even on MF. She's using other products...

Comment #62

Yeah, I know. The pictures she posts are enough to keep me from trying ANY of her recipes. I'm a very visual eater.....

Loved Junebug's response...

Comment #63

Hi, everyone. Just finished reading through the thread and had to go check out that picture. I don't mean to be rude, but that thing looks like a turd! It was the best reason I've had all week to avoid that particular kind of sludge! I'm going to use it as a visual memory to keep me far, far away from all incoming Easter sludge. Oh, my.....

Comment #64

Hi everyone! I'm back from our trek to Wappinger Falls to see my mil. She's going on 88 and not doing so well. My fil is 87 and stays with her every day - so we usually take him out to lunch to a place where I used to get all sorts of really bad sludge. But the heavens smiled on me today and we learned that one of dh's newphews and his wife were coming up to take him out to lunch - JOY!!!!!! So I'm back a bit early..

Rachel, thank you again for coffee - it was just what I needed!.

Hi Anna! Sorry about the pants - consignment shops, I've got to start checking those out!.

Hi Ella, sounds like all is well in your world for now! Nice compliment from your dr..

Hi Keri - waving from down south in NY!!! Best wishes for a wonderful weigh in tomorrow!.

Hi Pittiekisses - so glad you're still floating from your New Century weigh in!!! I hope you feel better soon, I get those sinus headaches, yuck! Oh and thanks for the new recipe idea, I'm going to try that!.

Hi Jennifer - WAY TO GO on the 3 pound loss!!!!!! That's fabulous..

Anna: For L&G: Lemon Sole and fresh broccoli. YUM..

Hi Zoe! I love how it doesn't matter - our partners want our all attention at most (seemingly) riduculous moments! I can definitely relate!!!! My dh has a thing about trying to keep me from leaving the room when I really need to be doing something somewhere else. It would be funny if it weren't so infuriating! Gotta love 'em!.

Hi Jasmine! Hi Kris - I'm keeping you in my heart and prayers on your journey to give up smoking!.

Hi Susan - I LOVE my hot cocoa. I whisk it in a bowl and then nuke it and drink it out of the same bowl. YUM..

Hi Bobbie and Mia!.

Hi De! Hey Penny - LOVE the earrings... um, I might have, um, bought some... Wait, I have an excuse, my dd's birthday is next month... I MIGHT give her a pair. We'll see. But they are BEAUTIFUL.

So if anyone knows how to do that, PLEASE tell me!.

Hi Cheri - I really love this old saying I heard in the rooms: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It is the truth. And like Barb said, some can't really deal with the truth..

Hi Barb - I always wanted to try the oatmeal without cooking it but couldn't find the guts - I'm doing that first meal tomorrow!!!! Thanks for the idea!.

Ok, funny story: I'm in my local Korean market that has a lovely fresh fish department when this woman walks up and opens up the Ready, Set, Medifast pamphlet you get with your food orders. I'm thinking how funny is that? I know NO ONE who is doing this plan and here I am ordering my lean and here she is ordering her lean. What a riot - of course I tell her I'm doing this plan too. Long story short, she was just starting and didn't realize that you need to weigh your lean AFTER you cook it - she was trying to order 6 ounces of halibut - so at least I got to help her a bit. She's not on the boards but I told her to come and check us out!!!.

Sorry this is so long! I hope everyone is well!!!!.


Comment #65

Ahhh, ha! a turd! Too funny! I'm SO glad I'm a homebody! Comfy warm in the bunker!.

Melissaaaaaa... You are the best! Thank you!.

The turkey has rested (it was done SO fast) and we are all going to rip chunks from it like cavepeople. Just kidding. I've got dibbies on the white meat, though. Being a Tough Lovely and all..

I also meant to mention that I bought the coolest Sponge Coral beads! They are a delicious orange color and pretty lightweight. They're not exactly spongey, but the color and mottled veiny marks are so pretty. I made a pair of drop earrings (haven't listed yet) with these stones against copper and the result was gorgeous. I also made a very pretty peridot crystal ring using a new technique that I'll list during the week..

Barb, I had some similar thoughts yesterday. I was in the shower and was noticing many, MANY changes in my body. I was thinking about a television show where they were eating this and that and thinking about how these people wouldn't even REMEMBER eating those things. And how, in (my) real life, it's ridiculous to think that NOT paying attention to each and every morsel I eat is what gets me miserable and fat. I can whine about it, or I can just suck it up and be a skinny grownup about it. all week i've eaten salad and had a lean protein on top of it. And it's been a delicious way to have my L&G, knowing it's OP, healthy, high-water-content, and that Monday will show a good drop on the scale...

Comment #66

OMG - I missed Carolyn!!!! Hi Carolyn (waving frantically!!!) :-).


Comment #67

Melissa, about your giant picture... :-).

Open it in some type of photo editing software. I use Photoshop Elements here at home. Resize your picture to no more than 300 pixels wide. That way it will fit well inside your post. You can email it to me at the address in my signature and I'll be happy to resize it and send it back to you if you want!..

Comment #68

How did you miss our Flouncing Librarian? ;-).

FYI - I love to flounce...

Comment #69

Taking a break. Going to do a 4&2 today. Lot's of manual labor going on. Garden plot is tilled and most of the supplies purchased. Now I just have to get the blocks from my car into the yard. VERY hungry right now, so waiting for my lunch to come out of the oven..

Can I say that the smaller of our turtles has almost killed me like 3 times today? Little snot is very social and likes to be where the action is. Every time turn around, the little beast is right behind one of my feet. He's going to be really ticked off when he realizes his favorite corner to sleep in is no longer going to be accessible <snicker>..

Comment #70

Penny, I still eat two lean and greens every day. One for lunch and one for dinner. Keeps me right where I want to be. Oh, I have a little wiggle room today, but it is all under control thanks to those lean and greens. The funny thing is, that after 2 years of lean and greens, I'm not sure I remember how to make any other kind of meal. When we have a dinner party, I am often complemented on the healthy but tasty meal.

Friday night I made baked scallops and crab cakes with asparagus and a wilted romaine salad for a dinner party. Lean and green and yummy!.

You hit on the reason I write everything down. I think in the past that if I avoided it, it didn't count. Oh how wrong was I!..

Comment #71

Aw..geeze..that stupid "Can I have a cocktail..just once" has come back to life. May the Force be with us all...

Comment #72

I haven't read all 9 pages yet, but just got home and wanted to post.

100% works.

12 week weigh in today. Down another -4.6 for a total of 50.6..


I had bought myself some very large and sparkly earrings for such an occasion. I gave them to my husband to give to me for my 50 lbs lost. This morning I yelled out WOOHOO and he was standing outside the bathroom door when them when I walked out..

Wore them to church and loved them!.

Oh happy day..


Comment #73

OH! Tortoises! Color me jealous! I tried to convince DH that we should get a tortoise a year or two ago. (Only halfheartedly, though, as I didn't know enough about care and maintenance etc.)..

Comment #74

OMG - YES, go ahead and have the cocktail. While you're at it, have some ST*U, too!..

Comment #75

Penny, loved your side by side photos yesterday! Congrats! How much did you lose in that time?..

Comment #76

This is her food blog:.


I don't mean to take away from her success with weight loss and she looks beautiful, but she's not on MF. To be posting recipes and not be on Medifast is... I dunno.....

Comment #77

Hi all! I had a lot to catch up on here today! Just two comments:.

That ball of sludge looks like a dog turd drying in the sun..

May the Mediforce be with you all!.


Comment #78

That is what kills me Sassy. There is maybe one person who posts recipes and runs them and each ingredient past NS. Now, I don't always agree with what they tell her, but sheesh..she does it. Others randomly come up with wild recipes and don't even check them and new people totally assume (as wrong as that is to do) they are blessed by MF. It's really a shame. Yes, we are all responsible for our own program and making sure everything we put into our mouths is on our own program, but people should be REALLY careful or put a disclaimer like "I don't pay attention to condiments and use things that Nutrition doesn't want us to, so if you care about this stuff, don't make my recipes"...

Comment #79

Amberlindemann - FABULOUS job on the loss - so happy for you. And earrrings (in my mind) are the BEST reward!!!!.

Ok Penny, let me see if I can do it (I'm a clutz, but I'm going to give it a shot!). I may be knocking on your computer door if I'm a total fail.... :-).


Comment #80

Did you look at some of the stuff she eats? I don't think I would use her recipes...

Comment #81

My NSV for the evening: I am, sadly, angry enough with my normally dear, dear, DH to spit nails. Said incident occurred at 5:30, when I am normally hungry enough to eat dirt, and I had not yet cooked dinner. I neither let him have it nor ate sludge as I normally would do when upset. Instead, I made a leftover LG (chicken with WF bbq sauce and zucchini!), sat down and ate it alone while I chilled out, and now I am preparing to take the children out for sludge while DH stays home to pull it back together..

Ah, the joys of a long, happy marriage! 16 years of bliss and we definitely know the best buttons to push to make each other nuts!..

Comment #82

Jennifer, congrats on staying the course....and taking a few deep breathes. Not always easy to do...

Comment #83

Wow! What a difference 30 pounds makes! I have just a little less than 30 until I get to goal and I'm looking at myself thinking I need to lose about 50 instead. Huh. Maybe 30 pounds can make that big of a difference...

Comment #84

Fuz...I'm trying! To distract me a little...what the heck does "fear the fuzzy" mean?..

Comment #85

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.