Which plan is cheaper? Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem?

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First of all Which plan is cheaper? Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem? Thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I have discovered that I really don't like the soy chips. I will not be ordering any of those next time..

And I really like the black bean tortilla soup..

What about you guys?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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I like the BBQ soy chips but the others just don't work for me. The black bean tortilla soup is awesome if you deliberately underfill with water and save up a bag of the nacho crisps. Nachos and bean dip, on plan! The chocolate nougat bar is definately my favorite, but the blueberry lemon bar is a very close second...

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I'm opposite. Don't much care for the soy chips either. Have given up on all the salty/savory Nutrisystem snacks and have gone 100% sweets..

The sweets are incredible good! Between my wife (she only gets 28 snacks) and I, we get over 48 of the Choc Nougat bars every month - they're like Snickers! The new Choc Mint Crisp bars are even better!! New carrot cake - yeah! We also get a smattering of Dbl fudge almond cookies, Choc caromel bars, etc..

Give it all a try. Then, go back 2 months later and try things you've rejected again. It's surprising how tastes change and every one is different..

I also disagree about sweets making it easier to go off-plan. IMO, the sweets satisfy better/faster than the salties. Also for me, salties are a trigger - I'd do a bag of soy and want "real" chips and nuts..

The point here is that there is no "right" or "wrong" and that everyone's tastes are very different. You'd be best served to keep an open mind, try everything, and find out what works for you. The good news is, it's ALL On Plan and it ALL works!!.

You're doing exceptionally well so far, Nexus! Keep it up!.


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You nailed it Gordon. Ive been on the diet nearly a year now and the nutrisystem sweets have kept me from reaching for the real ones. That new thin mint crisp bar is delicious, eating one makes you feel like you've mugged a girl scout troop. And it's "on plan"!..

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I thought I had both the sweets and the salty snacks wipped. But I learned differently over Christmas..

I like almost all of the food. I am not a real fan of the meatloaf but if they subsitute it in my box I do not complain. I was not a real fan of meatloaf pre-NS either though...

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I am better just staying the hell away from sweets. If I have one, I'll take a dozen!.

BTW, hate the cookies!..

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The only thing I really don't like is the Sweedish meatballs. Then again, I'll eat almost anything that doesn't eat me first!..

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Ya see, I love the meatloaf and don't like the cookies....

I like the nachos and I have some salsa with them. I also like the cheezy poofs. the kids do too so I never get them all..

To be honest, I guess it's a italian thing, I won't order the pizza's. i've made them taste better, but not worth it to me....i like the storganoff, you can add a slew of mushrooms to it and it's still good - that's a big trick, add tons of free veggies to the saucy meals and you get filled up - and then add salad as well....

I like the bb&r and bbt soup as well. I get the lunch bars and bring them to work, and then eat salad in the cafe - it's just easier that way - they are all pretty good. I went months losing weight and no one knew I was Nutrisystem because I ate the bar at my desk - that's a subject for another thread..

I'm not a chocolate and sweets guys. the ones I get from the free food I give to the kids..

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