Which prepackaged Medifast Diet foods are good?

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Got a question... Which prepackaged Medifast Diet foods are good? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

Comment #2


Ha! Yes 3x the water for me! I do walk before I run always walk my dogs right before I run. Only got 5 miles today though. Had something strange happen I started to taste blood in the back of my throat at mile 5. No actual blood but just the taste. It was very unnerving to say the least. I googled and it's normal if you are pushing yourself in the cold.

Weekly stats.

Op 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 6.

Weight 128..

Comment #3

DIANA - Your gorgeous graphic made my day today. It's perfect!!! Hope all's well. Thanks for coming in every week and kicking us off. We count on you!.


Comment #4

Happy Sunday Crew..

Thanks for getting us started Diana..

Be safe out there Melissa..

Waving to Debbie...

Comment #5

BARB - Tough love - YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Good reminder and I'm in for the water challenge..

PS What play are you guys doing this time?.


Comment #6

NEWBIES - HEY! there are folks posting on the intro thread but then haven't posted right here to chat with us. Come on in, we need each other to keep us encouraged and accountable and just for plain old fun. Join in, the Can-Do Crew is a great group, you'll find lots of good support here..


Comment #7


We are doing Willy Wonka. A very different kind of show for us. We usually do some real traditional types of shows. Last year was My Fair Lady and the year before was The Music Man...

Comment #8

Hi all, just stopping by to check in. It has been a nice weekend. Busy and short, but relaxing and spent with family..

Weekly Stats.


OP: 4/7.


Exercise 5/7.

Starting this week out better with an OP day today...

Comment #9

For the week:.

OP: 6.

Water: 6.

Exercise: 5.

Weight: 171..

Comment #10

Willie Wonka will be fun, hey? Sounds really good. This year our kids did Drowsy Chaperone, but as I may have said in August, the Drowsy Chaperone couldn't be drunk in a Catholic school production, so she was woozy from too much sugar, always eating cake..

Is there a 'tough love' group that you are part of? I think I'm going to go back to surfing the boards again for a while, but the Crew will always be my best go to group..

I haven't been exactly encouraging to others by staying cooped up with the Crew (my homeys) but I know I need to give back and the boards are always there to do that..


OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise - not for real, but I did move my groove thang.....

DH and I did get de-Christmased (?) and packed away, then I got woozy and had to lay down. Not coughing as much, so on the mend....I'll be at work tomorrow and plan to get some light exercise in by the end of the day, even walking inside will do...

Comment #11

Has anyone checked out Christine & her race? I'm fascinated by the SPOT can see right where she is!.


Gearing up to get back to work tomorrow and back OP. I've been drinking my water, but that's the only thing I can exercise...not OP..


- like your new sig!.


- love your new avi.


- Your new Betty Boop is da bomb!.


- Stay warm! We watched Twilight last night (after Slumdog), so your running story hit a different nerve with me. Take care!.


- You're rockin' this!!.

Time for my Sunday night tub...see y'all tomorrow!..

Comment #12

Good morning, everyone!.

Anyone weighing in today?.

I have my first weigh-in on Wednesday and I'm really excited!.

I haven't peeked at the scale even once!.

I wish I could go back and look at my old ticker/stats from the first time I did Medifast so I could see exactly how much I lost, in how long, etc. Oh well! New start anyway!..

Comment #13

Good Morning Crew! I have to get to work, so a quick fly-by. Feeling better, but planning on working a short day. If I had my druthers, I'd stay home...I could say that every day.

JAN - Yes, I'm watching Christine's progress. Hey, I, for one, have never known a musher, let alone tracked her progress! She's heading to Lake Louise - Go Christine!!!!!.

More later, everyone and have a great OP day. (already had my choc. chip pancake, yum).


Comment #14


Twlight and then my blood story. Maybe I am becoming a vampire! Muwahahaha! lol!.

I was reading more online last night and it is definitely normal that I was tasting blood after my run. Has to do with dry sinuses and tiny blood vessels breaking. Then I was having dinner with my dad last night and he said this has happened to him before as well. Then he remembered it happened to my grandfather as well. Tasting blood runs in the family! How exciting! ok not really. Hope everyone has a great OP Day!..

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Hi All, Hope you are all safe and warm. Looks like 1/2 the country is getting snow or freezing rain. Cloudy and thundering here right now..

I have been following Christne on the tracker, looks like she is doing great. Hope she is warm too..

Jan and Debbie, Hope you are both feeling better..

TOM showed up and is being a real pain right now!!! errrrrr..

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Hey Crew-.'s me!! It's been a few weeks so Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year!! I had a wonderful holiday season this year and have just been enjoying this time with family. Haven't reached goal yet, but still so close. Going through the holidays with a Medifast mindset was certainly a huge blessing this year. Being able to share my story with friends and relatives has been so fun. Now that all that is behind us and we've kicked off our Spring semester of homeschool, I'm ready to get these last few pounds off and reach goal!!.

I'll try to go back and catch up on the posts over the past 3 weeks over the next few days - so I apologize for not knowing what you all have been up to..

I did want to share a link to one of my favorite gifts that Santa brought's a 32 oz water bottle that is AmAzInG!!! Love it!! If you need a new one or want a new one...this one is PERFECT!!.


So, Jan...what's the latest challenge? Looks like weekly stats are still going on...if you don't mind catch me up or send me a link to the detailed post - love ya crew!!..

Comment #17

Hey everyone! How did everyone's day go? Mine went well, decided to take and upload a picture of myself to my Medifast blog (uck...) to make sure I keep myself accountable and so I'm embarassed enough to really want this change I'm working on making..

Comment #18

Seems to be a continuation of the last one - same format. We haven't really set the dates. I haven't even reported the final stats from the holiday challenge - you're on my list of no-reports, so if you want to report in, I'm going to try and get them out tomorrow. Time to close that one up and get going on the new one..

My cold has morphed into a sore throat/laryngitis thingy. I broke down,.


, and made a doc appt. for tomorrow. Working a whole day today and commuting used every ounce of energy I had. But I DID get in my exercise this morning - 1.5 miles on the treadmill!.

Night all - see you tomorrow!.

Looks like I never hit submit!.


Comment #19

Happy Tuesday everyone..

I just checked Christine's stats again and she is in 17th place , WOW!!.

GO CHRISTINE.... We are cheering you on!!!!!.

Are we over the first challange? I was OP yesterday.... right up until 9:00 PM. I should have went to bed, but I gave in to TOM and ate some goldfish crackers. TOM was extra hungry yesterday. I had my 5+1 + 2 snacks, then crackers + over 100 oz of water. So far today I am ok..

Hope you are having a great day. It is beautiful here in Central Florida today, but going to turn cold again...

Comment #20

Hope CHRISTINE can see the Crewsers with our pom-poms as we jump up and down and cheer her home! You are right, SHERRY, it is fun to track her. Did you see her photo with the dog on her profile? I don't know how I got it, but that page was suddenly there... I wonder what the recovery time will be like for her - and the dogs - I'll be a lot of sleeping could be involved!.


OP - not quite, even for Maintenance.

Water - yes, yes, yes!.

Exercise - uh, no..


OP - again, not quite.

Water - yes, yes, yes.

Exercise - no.

I'm drinking lots of water for Barb's 1 for 2 challenge! Glug, glug....


Comment #21

Hey, there, Crewsers! A snowy day here in southern sent home@3 to finish the day from here - gotta love it!.

Finally went to the doc for my cold which I thought was morphing into something else, but lo-and-behold, it's just a cold! She gave me a sheet which I'm submitting below:.

Who knew??!! I've been getting colds for over 50 years and never knew this! I thought for sure with my resistance down I was getting some secondary illness. But, I'm right on schedule! My throat is only slightly sore today and I can still speak in a normal voice. I was talking so quiet last night DH didn't even know I was home (I'm a loud & noisy kinda gal, usually),..

So, remember last spring/summer I was complaining the nurse didn't weigh me? Glad now that she didn't. She did today and the doc complimented me on my weight loss. I would have really hated it if it had shown WAY down then back up a bit. Anyway, she asked how I did usual response to that is.

'Diet & exercise, go figure'.

Which is exactly what I said to her with a caveat that.

'I finally found a diet I could stick with'.

Now if I could just get stickin' with it again!!.

One day at a time, one packet at a time, one meal at a time. WATER ALL THE TIME!!.

It's been easy to do the 2 for 1 - this cold makes me SO THIRSTY!! I wake up in the middle of the night to drink & pee.

DH is waiting (patiently) on dinner, so gotta run..

Drink up, Crew!!..

Comment #22

Happy Tuesday everyone. Sorry I missed posting yesterday, but I got home from work late and had dinner with my friends. When I finally got home, all I really wanted to do was go to sleep..

So here are the stats:.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes, running and sculpting.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Running and sculpting..


You will be glad to know that I had a 2.7 mile run today. No pain. Feeling great! Getting back into the swing of things..


My home is here at the crew, but I am also visiting the Tough Love 100% on plan group..

To all my crew friends, I have a confession to make.....I have to stay 100% on my plan. I have a very hard time supporting off plan behaviors. For me it just isn't ok. If I cheat, I know that I will gain weight back very quickly. I know that I've never said that here, but I think I need to be honest about how I feel about that. For me, being 100% on plan is the only way I will maintain.

What I plan is for calories in = calories out. The calorie bank is there as needed, but deposits are only good for one week..

This is the key to my success. Period. There is no magic formula. There are no excuses. I am a 100% on plan person. It is very rare for me not to be.

I have to follow my rules..

I just needed to share this, as it is who I am and how I got here...

Comment #23


Are you snowed in yet? We are suppose to get about 4 inches here. I'm hoping for a delay at school tomorrow..


I had a nose bleed today. I usually use a saline solution to help in the winter. I need to make sure I keep using that..


Glad to see you back again and less than 4 pounds to go!.


Has another on plan day! You go girl! I love those on plan days..


There are many days I go to bed when I think I'm going to eat and I don't have any calories left..


I love the treadmill in the snow! Like me today. Snowing outside while I was on that treadmill today...

Comment #24


No snow here yet! (although, I haven't looked out the window in about an hour....

And apparently we're only supposed to get 1-2 inches here.

Hopefully it is enough to cause a delay so I don't have to go to my 8:50 class! (although the professor said if her.


School is closed/opening late, we will never have class. So, that would work for me too!.

How is everyone doing? I'm having a great day and eagerlyyyy anticipating my back-to-Medifast First Week Weigh In TOMORROW MORNING!!! ahhhh cross your fingers for me!..

Comment #25

Alyssa, I'm hoping for a good scale day for you. When I was 5+1 I only weighed once a week. I continue that today. I know that if I am following my plan, my weight will stay where I want it to be. Simple math. Calories in = calories out! What part of Maryland are you in?..

Comment #26

If I throw really really hard, I can probably throw a snow ball into MD. Its only about 10 miles away. Of course, if I run there, I can train for my 1/2 with Melissa. Hmmmm.......

Comment #27


OP: yes Water: yes Exercise: no.

It was a challenge to get the water in today. Had a very early dr. appointment and wasn't able to start on the 50-ounce bottle until much later, but I did it. Also very tired b/c had a hard time sleeping last night. Here's to a better sleep tonight...

Comment #28

BARB - your 'confession' is really a good motivator. I have been sloppy since before Christmas and the scale keeps reflecting that. Up 2, down 1. Obviously, the math isn't balancing out..

You are a real OP guru and I'm so thankful for your reminder. t's what I luv about you, your honesty and your no nonsense commitment!!! I was writing down my plan last night (for today) and thought, "Barb is writing hers down and she is SUCCESSFUL!" It is true, you are the voice in my head. THANK YOU!.

Today I was off plan yet again, just a little, but it may as well be a mile - and DH and I just went to dinner and I stuck to my L & G and he said that he can't believe I had made concessions (a bread or roll here and there, a couple bites of dessert here and there, a latte with whole milk here and there) - it truly has added up..

Tonight I have written down my day for tomorrow and I KNOW with no hesitation that I will not veer from it. In fact, when I had my choc. chip pancakes this morning, I felt like it was a 'comforting old friend.' FOr me, Medifast is true comfort food. I have missed that dead-on commitment..

This plan is the only way!!!! For me, at least..

COURTNEY, glad you are back..

JAN - glad you are on the mend. Stay warm and cozy!.

BARB - glad you are running with no pain now. Our new temporary office space has a full gym down the hall and I just found out today that we will have full privileges! WAHOO! (Domino's headquarters, JAN) Their cafeteria is full service with LOADS of healthy foods. Another WAHOO - although, I generally bring my meals. Thanks again, dear guru....


KITTY - Good job all around!!.

SHERRY - glad your weather is so nice and have a good OP day tomorrow..

ALYSSA - we are praying for a snow day here, too! Good luck with weigh in!.


Comment #29

Evening checkin - DH has been home with the cold for the last 2 days. His boss told him this morning BEFORE it even started snowing that tomorrow would most likely be a snow day. So, I'll continue to work from home, at least for the morning, although our road probably won't get plowed til Thursday. We'll see. It's been a nice cozy evening getting home ever so early and having a fire..

As you can see from my sig banners, I too, have been visiting the Tough Love group. Many of them are from the Posse (which seems to have dwindled away) and formerly from the Rogues where I used to lurk. I know that 100% OP is the only way although I did not follow through for the long term on this. And, I'm paying the price for it. That group is very chatty and it helps me to be able to pop in during the day and read new posts even if I don't have time to jump in. That was a key part of my success early on and I'm hoping it will revitalize my focus.

Things go in waves, I guess..


- you've been my hero all along and it was your tough love banner that got me looking for that thread...and lo and behold, there were lots of old friends there. Thanks for sticking around and telling it like it is. You continue to be an inspiration and the voice in my head, too I just gotta think 'WWBD'?.


- enjoy the gym at Domino's - I'll wave to you as I pass on my way to HQ (but not tomorrow)..


- I know the scale will be good to you, so congrats in advance..


- missed chatting with you today - tomorrow should be better..


- stay warm! And OP - goal is in sight!!!.


- keep it up!.

Waving to the rest of the crew. I'll post our final stats tomorrow from our holiday challenge and get this new one rolling along. What's our time frame again? Are we on??..

Comment #30


Thanks for the support!!.


Thanks! I hope we both get our wishes for a snow day!! : ) wear your pjs inside out and backwards!.

Everyone else.

Hope tonight is going great for everyone!!!..

Comment #31

JAN - I guess that is why I mentioned yesterday that I needed to surf the boards more, I need to read more and hear the early struggles - it reminds me of where I have come - and that I continue to struggle, too. DH laughed when I said that I was excited to get back to a strict plan. He only laughed because I was so 'excited' about it, he said. Excited by a diet? Only Medifast can do that for me....

It's true..

BARB - I, too, lurked around the tough love group last night while surfing for clubs, etc..

I'm hoping to find two new groups, so I can be REAL busy on these boards, like I used to. This is my HOME CREW where everyone can feel the love....

Just need to read more..

Enjoy a cozy evening and a possible snow day everyone!.

ALYSSA - my pajamas are on backwards, but that's not unusual.

Since I always put them on in

G'Night, dear Crew - here's to tomorrow and the continuing good fight for our good health!!.


Comment #32

Good morning everyone!!!.

I know I'm up early but it was time for my first return-to-MF weigh-in! I am down.

5.5 lbs.


I feel great and that puts me 1/3 of the way to my first mini-goal! woohoo!..

Comment #33


Gotta love that first week....MF, and.


, ROCK!!..

Comment #34

Awww, Thank you.


I really appreciate the support and encouragement!!!..

Comment #35


AWESOME!!! Aren't you glad you are back? It is great to have mini goal set up. I have always had trouble setting goals..


"WWBD" LOL, I LOVE that..... definitley going remember that one!!.


You ARE inspiring!! Maybe we should have a WWBD banner..


A full gym in the same building.... that is very exciting. I am anxiously waiting for the Anytime Fitness to open just around the corner from my house. I am not familiar with them so I don't know what they offer..

Hope you all have a great day!!..

Comment #36

WOW, check out Christine, She's is in 10th place and running with the pack!!!!!..

Comment #37


Congrats, this is the fun part of MF, well and the CREW!! Keep up the good work, you deserve it...

Comment #38


We are a bloody crew around here lately! Can you explain what you do with the saline spray? Probably a stupid question but I think I could stand to benefit from it as well! I say you should throw a snowball 10miles when your knee is a little better! Glad the 2.7 went well though!.


Miss chatting with you as well.


Congrats on getting your ticker down!!.

Barbs confession has prompted me to confess as well. I do not believe in a weekly calorie bank. Feel so much better saying that! I know it works for Barb but I it doesn't work for me. I think it's because I exercise so much I don't/can't imagine storing calories away from one day to the next. Like on NYE I knew I was going to have some champagne with dinner so I just cut back on my lunch that day. I also don't add in more than 100calories for exercise.

I started weighing every other day or 3x a week so that has been helping. I do agree with Barb on being 100% OP. Only way to stay healthy is to be strict and count everything! There is no free pass when it comes to maintaining!..

Comment #39

Thanks Crew!!! Each and every one of your kind words really helps motivate me and keep me on track! You guys are the best!..

Comment #40

Happy Wednesday one and all. On plan: you bet. Exercise: as soon as I am done posting. Water: floating away. Hoping I dont freeze. Baby it is cold outside! 2 hour delay this morning.

Took the 2 hours. Now I have more time to do step aerobics and sculpting tonight. Wanted to run, but I try not to run two days in a row..


, DD is in DC as well. At Georgetown for grad school. She loves the city. Woo hoo down 5.5. I am going to celebrate your losses since I dont have any of my own to celebrate right now. Although.truth be known..I do enjoy the fact that every morning when I go in my closet, my size 4 and size 6 clothes ALWAYS fit! Oh yeah.thats a reason to celebrate and a motivation to stay on plan..


One more day on plan and water-logged!.


, thanks. I just had to say it. I realize I went off plan for a few days at Christmas. I know I gained. I know that I cant do that and be healthy and thin. When I was overweight and obese, I always said tomorrow.

The fact is that tomorrow never comes for me. I cant let my eating get out of control ever again. I know that doesnt work for everyone, but I am a food addict. I need to be in control. Some of the blogs really help me.

These three are particularly helpful to me. Sometimes Ill read some from people who are struggling. I never read ones that say, I am recommitting..

Waving to.


! Send us some of that Florida sunshine please..


, thanks for your words. Im not sure Im going to stay with Tough Love, but I do know that I am going to stay 100% on plan. Im having trouble keeping up. I do know that being 100% on plan is the only way for me. I just had to say it. You and I both know that the food will always be there for the day or the situation when we can handle it..


, I just spray it in. There are directions on the bottle. LOL.I just like to throw snowballs. I understand why you dont have a calorie bank. My sister doesnt have one either. She eats a certain amount of calories a week and divides it out over the days.

This helps me keep my blood sugar at a more constant rate. Thats the great thing about maintenance, we can each do it our own way and be successful!..

Comment #41

Barb - I'm at GW!.

Very close to Georgetown!.

Thank you for celebrating my loss!!! and wow! Congrats about those itty bitty clothes! Hoping I get back to that range soon..

Comment #42


Had a good day at work and then got home and started coughing again. I.

Ll be calling the doc tomorrow and probably another antibiotic. I won't mind staying in with all of this cold weather..

We are having a real food fest at work lately. One of the gals I work with insists on cooking and bringing in food for us.

In the new offices..

So far I have eaten her tomato soup two days, but it is OP for me, just tomatoes and red pepper and onion, blended and out of this world. Oh, and some skim milk. I added some celery for lunch and Medifast crackers today. These gals are very supportive of my eating plan, and know that I won't indulge in most of their food. So far so good and I have my packets ready for tomorrow, but think I will probably stay home if I cough all night..

Off to put my feet up and spend time with my little dogs, they are watching me with hope in their eyes that Iwill sit down....

I heard the weatherman say that today, 49 states had snow on the ground!.

That seems unreal, but I guess it's an unusual winter for everyone..

Stay warm and cozy and OP !!!!.


Comment #43

Hey, crewsers. I've been busier than I like and not had too much time to hang out here. Doctor did the happy dance again at my Tuesday visit; insists I add a little fruit to my program, just small amounts, for example a quarter cup of blueberries. <sigh> OK, I gotta do it. I did it at the beginning and still lost weight very nicely, then I slacked off with the fruit, now I gotta put it back in..

Wednesday OP: yes Water: yes Exercise: no..

Comment #44

Kitty, Congratulations on a good report. I love it when the doctor recognizes my weight loss...

Comment #45

Morning, Crewsers. I've been a little slack here and I haven't followed through on my stats posting. No one has responded about a time-frame for our challenge either, so here's what I'm thinking:.

It's a daily challenge to ourselves to stay OP and we come here and report it along with our weekly summaries, so we don't really need a time frame..

I'll collect the weekly summaries and report on number on days OP, etc..

Our challenge banner can have the theme of out with the with the new (original wording stored away...I'll go find it) and it won't have any dates..

We'll just keep-agoin', keep-a-goin' (or keep on swimming.


Whaddaya think?..

Comment #46


Guess I've just never heard of using saline solution. I will definitely be using it before my next run! Snowballs are fun, aren't they? You are right maintenance is definitely subjective! As long as I keep seeing the right number on my scale 3x a week I know I am doing something right!.

To be truthful I never even tried a weekly calorie bank the thought just stressed me out way to much! lol!.


I like the idea of that challenge! I'm up for anything. Even if I don't post every day....

So yesterday was my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of starting Medifast!!! Can't believe a year ago I was in my 2nd day. I thought I would never make it. I had a headache and I was so confused about everything. Also I was given wrong information the friend that had got me started on Medifast told me I could ONLY have the shakes for the first 3 weeks. Oh jeez was that torture. But I made it and now I'm 65lbs lighter.

Wed Stats.

Op yes.

Water yes.

Exercise 75 min vinyasa yoga..

Comment #47

Hey Crew,.

I'm back!!! Wow, what a race. It was kind of cool going back and reading your posts. I must say, though, I was never in 10th place unless the computer calculates rest periods differently. We have to take mandatory rest breaks and maybe it figured things based on that. I started out last and stayed that way until the end. But we had a great run over some difficult trails.

Only one other musher finished with all their dogs in harness. I officially earned the "red lantern" for finishing last but look how many people didn't finish. This race is notorious for 1/3 to 1/2 the field scratching..

I tried it last year but scratched after 2 legs. Having completed the whole thing this year, I realize I physically never could have finished it last year. It was the most physically challenging thing I have ever done. And mental as well. Had to make myself keep going, telling myself just deal with whatever happens and get to the next rest point. We had overflow on the Gakona River Saturday and the slush went over my boots and my feet got wet.

Then Sunday I had to cross a creek 12 miles from the Wolverine lodge and fell in up to my elbows at 15 below zero. My parka and mitts got soaked along with the lower half. Frost bit the toe again and it went from purple to a white swollen blister. Had extra mitts so I changed and the hands stayed warm those 12 miles to the lodge..

That was the end of the water crossings but then the real hills started. Holy cow was I pushing that sled up some long steep hills. I think I can cross that last mile off my walking goal. I had my parka and mitts off and was sweating buckets, hoping the dogs would just keep pulling so I didn't slide back down the hill. Everytime I thought it was the last hill there would be a screaming descent and another climb. We made it up to the top of the last hill and I was sure I was in heaven.

That was an awe-inspiring moment, even if I was light-headed from exhertion and lack of oxygen. I could see the lodge (a tiny speck) at the bottom by the frozen lake and realized I was almost done with that leg. We went screaming down the long descent with me standing on the brake with both feet and saying lots of Hail Mary's. That would not have been a good time to crash the sled..

Overall it was a great run for me and the dogs. The fun meter topped out a few times but I mostly enjoyed the fact that I was able to rise to the challenges presented. But boy-oh-boy did I feel some prayers coming through at some tough moments. I thank everyone that cheered me on and sent good wishes and prayers for the safety of all of us mushers and our furry friends..

So what's next? Well, I have signed up for the Yukon Quest that starts February 5. I found another dentist to cover the office for 3 weeks and I think I am going to make a run at a 1000 mile race this year. In odd numbered years the Quest starts in Whitehorse and finishes in Fairbanks. The dogs look ready and the Copper Basin race was a great training run for the Quest, just shorter..

I know, I know, I may be crazy but it seems as though everything, including me physically, is lining up for this monumental challenge. My planned trip to Hawaii in 2 weeks may have to be postponed, though..

I'll post more later..

Hope you guys are dealing with the wicked weather in the "Lower 48". I'm slowly catching up on news. Feels like I was out of touch longer than 4 days..

Jan, I can't even report stats because I was no where near OP on any of that race. But here's a funny momentat the finish banquet Tuesday night I got a cup of hot water and had some Medifast oatmeal because I missed my Medifast foods and wanted some..


Comment #48

Welcome back! Glad you and the dogs finished safely. You all deserve a big rest. I haven't started collecting for phase 2 of our challenge - heck, I haven't even posted final tallies from the original one - so not to worry!.

Off to make my tortilla soup for the weekend - DH is at a meeting tonight, so I had my L&G at lunch and will relax with a nice bowl of soup, a little salad, then my fave brownie later on.

I may even build a fire myself since I'm home early..

Comment #49

P.S. I left in the bit about the oatmeal cuz it made me smile. You're not the only one that thinks of their Medifast food as comfort food. That's what my tortilla soup is. And just ask.


....boxin' away with her latest Betty Booper..

Comment #50

Chris, holy cow, I'm speechless at what you put yourself through for fun!! LOL.



OP: yes.

Water: yes and then some.

Exercise: no..

Comment #51

Yay Chrstine!!! You did it!!!!.

Thanks for letting us get the update, we were watching your progress on the tracker site. Did you hear us cheering you on at the finish line? We even had pom-poms!.

It was a sight, and we are all so happy you are back safely. Rest up!.


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ROFLMAO.......what would Barb do? Stay on plan? Drink 1 ounce of water for every pound? Eat her on-plan chilli for lunch every day for a month? Do a chore on her refrigerator list? Fit into her jeans? Run, run, run? Write down everything she puts in her mouth, no matter how painfully honest she has to be? Oh yeah. Barb would fight the food fight (not a typo there!)!.

So here are today's stats:.

On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Massage: to take care of yourself every once in awhile. Actually, it is therapy for these muscles that actually now have definition. I never thought that would matter. Where is the old Barb? Not sure, but I'm not inviting her back!..

Comment #53


I'm glad you got a good report. Consider the transition week for fruit. You could talk to nutritional support about it. I lost another 20 pounds during transition..


Happy Anniversary! Isn't it the best!.


I will support any banner you make..


Barb would go to Hawaii. Sun, beach, water, vacation. Oh yeah. There is a reason I don't live in Maine year round. I am aching for some sun and heat right now..


Thanks for making me smile today...

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BARB - glad you liked Betty Boop fightin' the good fight!!! Couldn't help but think of you when I saw that one. Glad you enjoyed a massage, you are right about taking good care of ourselves - such a nice thing to do!.

Back on the couch with hot tea, the cough has returned and I am going to watch Julie & Julia - for the humor, not the food. Most of the stuff is too exotic for me anyway, so no temptation. The acting was SO superb!.

G'night all - see you in the OP morning!.


Comment #55

Just jumping in here to wave vigorously to all my favorite crew members!!! This is a great thread!! It will always be my first love since this is where I learned about posting, etc.........even though Heidi had to put my banner on here for me...........I remain technically challenged!!!.

Hope you are all doing well............ hero!!. are a new woman!! Transition awaits you!!. Florida sunshine friend!! Of course our record breaking temps are killing us this year!!. glad to see you back! Never know when I might need a good lawyer!.

Jan..........I think most of us are going to be here with other MFers for the rest of our lives!.

Where is the lovely Diana?????.............and Hi-Dee???????.

I know I don't know all of you, but we are related in Medifast so I just want to send lots of positive on plan thoughts your way!!.

I am currently in about my 6th week of transition and enjoying greek yogurt, fruit and a little "very high fiber" cereal..........

Like many of you, I have to be on plan..........trying to write my own rules just doesn't work!!...........wearing size 6 and 8 jeans and feeling great is reason enough to just follow the plan, one day at a time..

Continued success to the Can Do Crew!!!!!!!..

Comment #56

Barb, I'll check out your suggestion..

Dee: always great to see you wherever you pop up! LOL..

Comment #57

How's this for a banner? Kinda big, but I'm having trouble sizing background images. I'll see if one of my graphics guys at work can help me along...speaking of which, I better get out of here! I've got the long commute today - hate that on a Friday, but one of my good buddies is retiring & today's the party. I'm ever so envious - we started at this company around the same time and I'm a year older than he is....course he was with the former company his entire career for a grand total of 41 years. Pays to stay in one place, I guess. Me? I've worked at 6 different companies in my 30 years of IT, and numerous schools before that. I guess another key is sticking to one profession.

I digress....time to go!..

Comment #58

Kinda quiet in here today....this one's for you,.


Comment #59

Where is everybody? Here's another version of the banner...Still kinda big......

Comment #60

Quickly flying by. I'm trying to limit my evening screen time so it doesn't keep me awake when I'm trying to fall asleep. Somehow if I'm on the computer just before bedtime I can't fall asleep. So I'm doing an early fly-by..


OP: yes Water: yes Exercise: no..

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Happy Friday crew! Friday is accountability day for Barb. On the scale.138.oh yeah! Clothing fits. Knee is working well. Water in.water out. Ah, the good life..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


, congrats on getting to your 6th week of transition! I am very proud of you. You were there for me that first scaleless summer. I wouldnt have gotten through it without you. Gotta love those jeans..


, hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you need some sun and warm weather! I know I could use it..


, one more day on plan! That fish is going to swim right into 160 land..


, ROFL.actually, rolling down a hill laughing! Thats me in a zorb ball. What would I do? Roll down a hill, in a hamster ball, with water sloshing around on the inside, on a day when it is 8 degrees C, on a hill in New Zealand, without breaks and only a hill between me and a parking lot full of cars and people driving on the other side of the road. Oh dangerously...

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Newbie here!! How inspiring to here your success. My first week weigh in...down 7.7 lbs..

Comment #63

Good Evening,Dear Crew!!.

CALIGIRLY - way to go on the 7 lbs. This is how Medifast works!! That is, if YOU work it, which you are! Congrats. Stay right here with the Crew for the MOST inspiring group of MF'ers in the world! Honest! Welcome!.

BARB - Okay, I am SO glad you thought the 'fighting' Betty was funny, ya' never know...I though she was perfect, too!.

And thanks, I AM feeling better today..

DEE - so nice to see you right here with the Crew! I concur, Barb is our Guru - (uh, no pressure Barb, honest, you just come by it naturally the Medifast way!).

KITTY - I'm just like you, I have VOWED that I will cut off by 9:00 on the Medifast site, it just keeps me going and I don't want to 'miss anything' - turns out, all I'm missing is zzzzz's. ! I am a nightowl, so it comes naturally, but I need to start getting up early to fit in EXERCISE!!!! So glad you are here, you always inspire me, honestly..

JAN - Thanks!! I love Betty Boop and I just love that you thought of me..

How sweet..

DH & I were headed to Ruby Tuesday and I said, 'Who knows, maybe I'll see my friend, Jan." In the end, we didn't go, it's Friday and he's pooped and settled for cereal! I had leftovers from last night and a yogurt. Tomorrow will be a different story and we are heading to the show. For what? I don't know yet.....

Any suggestions on movies, Crew? He wants to see Black Swan, but as much as I'm into the Ballet, it's just tooooo dark..

JAN - THE BANNER - It's perfect, I love it and I know everyone else will. Thank you, oh dear IT guru! Let' have a L & G soon!.

BARB - again - heading to Austin, TX on the 24th, so looking forward to more warmth than you can find around here. Although we are in a very typical January for Michigan, I know that it is atypical most everywhere else..

Forgot to check in yesterday - Thursday: OP yes - Water yes - Exercise NO.

Today: OP yes yes yes yes yes Water yes Exercise NO.

Tomorrow, I am going to spend the afternoon at an Open House at our club near our house. They are having a sample of all of the classes they offer and I know that I will participate in 3 for sure. Also going to check in on the others and see what looks good. DH had a 'talk' with me about my commitment to exercise and how much fun I will have and how good I will feel. I really just love to walk, but not so inviting in Michigan this time of year. He has no trouble going at 6-7 a.m.

Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon and getting in the groove. Will report on what I figure out for my next move.....

***I am going to post that exercise goal as soon as I figure it out. I will post it after tomorrow's fitness open house.*** There, I've put it in writing!!!.

Best to everyone and welcome, Newbies.


To quote BARB - fight the good fight!!!!!..

Comment #64

Caligirly, welcome and congrats on a great week. May the melting begin!..

Comment #65

Shoot, I thought it was a pic from Maine. I was looking for one of your rock, without you on it - not that I didn't want you in the pic, just to be more generic. I knew that wasn't your rock, but have never heard of zorbing - I just googled it..

So, I'll transfer it from my jpeg file to something we can use as a banner...unless, Barb, you have a Maine rock picture that I can use. I think this one's a great pic - I like the sun shining through..


- is the open house at Saline Rec? I'm going to look it up right now - maybe I'll cruise over there..

In which case, I need to get moving. I'm still finishing up my breakfast Cappuccino and it's time for my mid-morning.

Guess I'll make a muffin to have with the rest of my coffee/Cap..

Later, crew!.

P.S. to.




To the Crew! We're the bomb-diggity..

Comment #66

OK, while making my muffin and reheating my coffee/capp, I got to thinking that with WWBD on there, perhaps the zorb is appropriate...What.


Barb do? Roll down a hill??.

So, here it is...When I previewed it, it looked smaller. I'll keep working on it..

Meanwhile, if you want to add it, take out the ** from this link:.


When I get it sized better, I'll just replace it so the link won't change (hopefully - this is my first first-hand experience with photo-bucket.).


Comment #67

Jan - I was trying to call you before you went over to the Rec Center, but my phone is dead, dead, dead.....hmmmmm. But this one is at Travis Pointe. Would you believe we only joined for the exercise classes and proximity to home....? DH is an exercise lover, but I only agreed because it is SO CLOSE to home, under a mile..

I just returned from the fitness open house and did 2 mini water aeroic classes. 45 minutes of good water aerobics, and the pool is WARM! THAT is worth it all to me. Not a swimmer, but I do love to get in a pool during the winter. Anyway, two sessions down and two to go. I'm going back over for a class called "Walk & Tone" and one other, whatever I can find when I get there..

This is truly my winter exercise kick-off and I just have to keep shouting it out loud to keep myself in line! I've been about 6 weeks with off and on exercise, so time to get serious..

Have a wonderful day, Crew and thanks, JAN for your banner work, I never even heard of photo bucket......


Comment #68


I didn't head over to the Rec center without looking it up (still in my jammies.

They had an open house and free classes, but it ended yesterday and it was for jujitsu.

I almost called.


If you look at the code for our regular banner, it comes from Heidi's photobucket site. It's a freebie place on the internet where you can upload, sort, organize and share all your pics. This way, they get backed up. But, it's a great place to share, too..

Off to run errand, but I'm going to hit the treadmill first....I've been WAY BAD on exercising. I'm finally back 100% OP.

So I'm just gonna get tough and DO IT!.

Still haven't added the new banner to my it's out of order...oh, well...

Comment #69

I love water aerobics in a nice warm pool in the winter.....and then you have to get out. UGH. I hate being cold..

Jan, I have a rock picture on my facebook page...

Comment #70


Thanks for the cute graphics. Good luck with the exercise. DH is right, you can feel so good, uplifted, after a good work out..

Barbas always enjoying your wise words and humor..

Janyou IT guys and gals are my heroes. It is the future and you guys that are good at computer stuff have some job security. Where do I get the new banner?.

Having a quiet weekend still resting and recovering. Dogs were looking a little skinny on day 4 of the race and am working on fattening them back up. Musher is looking a little skinny on top but all the standing and bouncing around left me with some swelling in the lower legs. A few days with the support hose has evened that back out. Appetite has been wild and the first few days after I couldn't seem to eat enough or drink enough. Settling back into rhythm now..

Thanks again Crew, for all the support..


Comment #71

WAAAAYYYY too many beautiful ones to choose from!! I'm narrowing it down.....

Comment #72

Debbie and Barb, thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to me..

Fish gotta swim!.


OP: yes Water: yes Exercise: no..

Comment #73

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.