Which website host should I use to host my website - 123 or ?

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First of all Which website host should I use to host my website - 123 or ? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... As many of you may already know direct approach is the best method to sell your domains.

The hard part is to gather all the proper emails from future buyers.

However this is something it depends on you and the time you will give to create this list.

The problem is that no matter how much filtering you apply to these lists, some emails will go to people that either compete against you or can't understand the normal email from spam.

This lead to ISP complains, replies like "F... off spammer" and various others disadvantages of the direct email approach method.

How did you deal with these issues ? .

Should we approach spam friendly smtp services to do this job ?

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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Please don't take offense but from your post it seems as though English is not your first language. If your e-mails are written with the same type of English that may account for some of the reactions you are getting. Maybe have someone proofread your e-mail letter for you. That might help. Again, I'm not saying this to offend you, just trying to offer some advice...

Comment #2

Usually I say that my fingers are faster than my brain.

(notice to my brain : don't take it personal).

As you see already from the first post I edited it the same time I wrote it to correct a typo I made.

The email has the correct spelling and grammar syntax so I don't think this is the case but thanks for your note..

Comment #3

Proper spelling and grammar are of course a big must have for the emails, but the type of language used and the way you speak can sound a bit dodgy as well. if your readers need to really concentrate to understand what you're trying to say, they probably won't trust you. for example, "some emails will go to people that either compete against you" will give the initial impression of "huh?"..

And besides, the first post still doesn't have correct grammar..

Comment #4

Often a phone call or a carefully crafted letter will yield better results..

There is so much spam around that users tend to overlook their E-mail correspondence. I have a preference for snail-mail as it is less intrusive than E-mail. Phone is fine but sometimes you may disturb people at the wrong moment...

Comment #5

OK I agree with you (of course) that spelling,grammar,syntax are essential but I assure you that the text is perfectly written and verified from a professional.

I'm the second who will say "huh" for your note.

I thought i'm speaking to domainers (when I say you) so what is wrong with this phrase..

Even if this is true, is this the only reason according to you when emails perceived from people as spam ? .

Your suggestion to avoid this problem is to write in proper english and we will avoid these problems once and for all ?

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The best thing to do is to clearly indicate straight away in your email your exact purpose and why you feel that the prospective buyer would benefit from purchasing your domain. The best way to sell a HostGator via email is to send out specificly crafted, targeted emails to the individual/company in question so there is no doubt in their mind that you are not a legitimate seller...

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The part about "who will compete against you" is the "weird" thing. a person who's first language is english would would probably explain that idea by saying something like "find another seller". describing your idea in terms of "someone who will compete against you" just seems unnatural in the english language..

As I said in my first post, no. in addition to spelling/grammar, the type of language you use, and the way you "speak" can have a huge effect..

My suggestion is to find someone who has more than just proper spelling and grammar. find someone who is actually familiar with the english language, can speak it casually (not just formally), is familiar with english sayings/idioms/etc, and is truly comfortable with the language...

Comment #8

I can't understand shockie your posts especially when I specifically said that this is not the reason you continue telling me about spelling and natural casual language judging from the first post of this topic and assuming that all the sales letters have the same type.

Thanks to : neobodhi, sdsinc, sabre for their comments..

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Pro-active sales does yield results and I do get the occasional F off reply but that hasn't happened lately. More businesses are starting to understand domains and read articles about domains..

I always include the HostGator name in the subject then my name and phone number in the email. I always send one at a time to the ceo, vp sales, vp marketing etc. It's pretty easy to figure out the email naming protocol. Just go to the press releases and see what the.


Person uses then it's a safe guess the rest of the company uses that protocol too..

Be persistent but respectful and don't be bothered by the F off types. Also, never deal with low level people. It's their job to say no...

Comment #10

Oh I see... so is your professional editor actually comfortable with the english language and have a true grasp over it?.

If yes: get them to edit your other sites..

If no: get a new professional editor..

Otherwise, you will continue to lose potential sales imo...

Comment #11

You're not helping, but I respect your opinion.

I assume then anyone with a natural speaking "gift" he makes a pile of money from HostGator sales using the email approach because he doesn't have any spam issues like the one I mentioned at the top.

You're not helping, but I respect your opinion.

I assume then anyone with a natural speaking "gift" he makes a pile of money from HostGator sales using the email approach because he doesn't have any spam issues like the one I mentioned at the top.

By the way I remembered you gave me before some time recommendations regarding my "average" site.

"only use capital letters for names, and after a period. put periods at the end of each sentence. start with those. on the homepage, although your subpages will probably have these problems too".

Capital Letters for HostGator names ? .

You assumed the subpages will have errors too but you didn't see any of them to be sure.

Anyway everyone is free to say his opinion.

Regarding sales, I don't loose any sale don't worry..

The topic was about the way we can be protected from spam complains or limit their % rate..

Comment #12

Just checked and guess what? my assumptions were correct.

Good luck with continuing your incredible sales...

Comment #13

Thanks for your good words.

I want also to wish for you to continue to be a productive member of NP community and always up to the topic as you were today.

Anyone else want to add something useful to the topic ?

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.